Chapter 891 - Pursuit Battle

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Chapter 891 – Pursuit Battle

Nie Yan and Soaring Angel moved between the densely packed buildings of the City of Sin at high speed. Soaring Angel fired volley after volley of arrows.

Nie Yan nimbly dodged as explosions went off behind him.

Soaring Angel was hot on Nie Yan’s heels. After equipping the Wings of Sorens, his movement speed increased by 300%. This was barely enough to keep up with Nie Yan, which incredibly frustrated him. Just how overpowered were Nie Yan’s stats?

Not one arrow found its target. Soaring Angel felt his heart bleeding. These were explosion magic enchanted arrows he had specially crafted. Each one cost him 600 gold, and he only had 200 in total. It felt like Nie Yan had eyes at the back of his head, as he somehow kept dodging the arrows as they were about to hit him.

Nie Yan was also constantly ducking into different alleys, which greatly slowed down Soaring Angel.

As the chase continued, Soaring Angel saw the path up ahead was filled with stalls and people passing through. His lips curved into a fierce smile. Let’s see where you run off to this time! He let out a low grunt and activated Rapid Fire. He took out three arrows from his quiver, notched them, and pulled back his bowstring. Whoosh whoosh whoosh! The arrows came whizzing out. He repeated this two more times in quick succession. Nine arrows went flying straight towards Nie Yan.

Nie Yan raised his head to find a large crowd blocking his path, with NPC vendors on both sides of the street too. There wasn’t a single opening. He was blocked! His heart sank. This was going to be troublesome.

Nine arrows came streaking behind him. Based only on their sound, Nie Yan determined their speed and exact position.

Since his path forward was blocked, Nie Yan was left with only one option. Steeling himself, he turned around and dashed in the direction of Soaring Angel.

The first three arrows. Nie Yan leaped out of the way as they flew by his chest.

Three down, six to go. Nie Yan’s figure blurred into countless afterimages as he employed the Illusion Steps.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The three arrows flew into the crowd behind and exploded, killing over 20 players and two NPCs.

The crowd went into an uproar as curses rained out.

“Fuck! Who did that!?”

“I was almost killed! Whoever did that is going to pay!”

They suddenly went quiet, their eyes on the two fighting. One was Nirvana Flame, and the other was Soaring Angel. No one here dared to look for these two for trouble. After all, they were the Righteous Faction’s two most powerful players!

There were several more arrows flying towards them. Their faces paled as they immediately fled for their lives.

Nie Yan couldn’t turn around to see the devastation the explosions caused, but he could very well imagine.

Soaring Angel was shocked. He didn’t expect Nie Yan to dodge his attacks like this!

Just as Soaring Angel reached for more arrows, Nie Yan leaped into the air like a cannonball and landed on the side of a building. He kicked off the wall and flew toward Soaring Angel.

Seeing Nie Yan shooting towards him at astonishing speed, Soaring Angel’s heart trembled. His first instinct was to dodge! He flapped his wings and kited back, shooting another volley of arrows.

A few explosions later, more than 80% of the crowd was wiped out. The alley was a mess with craters scattered all over the ground and debris strewn everywhere. The survivors were deeply shaken. What kind of arrows were these? Their attack power was too frightening!

They raised their heads to look at the two figures clashing in the air. Soaring Angel flapped his wings and moved around like the wind, occasionally shooting volleys of arrows. Wherever these arrows struck, they would create terrifying explosions. As for Nie Yan, he used a combination of leaping, crawling, and web-swinging skills to get around. His silhouette darted left and right between buildings. Even though he didn’t have any wings, he seemed even more nimble than a person with. Most shocking was that he could even dodge Soaring Angel’s arrows in mid-air.

These two overpowered freaks! The bystanders were witnessing a battle of the highest level! This was a height they could only dream of!

While Nie Yan was pursuing Soaring Angel, a notification popped up.

Glancing at his notifications, the shadow clone had killed 13 players before finally being killed. Definitely worth it!

After spending so much effort and losing 13 comrades only to find out the enemy they killed was a clone, Nie Yan could already imagine their reactions.

News of the shadow clone’s death also quickly reached Soaring Angel. He confirmed the opponent in front of him was the genuine Nirvana Flame!

The battle became even more intense. The surrounding buildings were being destroyed by Soaring Angel’s explosive arrows.

Even though Nie Yan was extremely quick, he couldn’t move as freely in the air as Soaring Angel. So, he was having trouble catching Soaring Angel.

Elsewhere in the city, an orc Warrior clad in gold armour was running through an alleyway. He stopped in front of a group of 20 Angel Corps players.

“Where’s the boss?” the orc Warrior asked.

“Evil Monarch, the boss is chasing Nirvana Flame somewhere in the city. Just follow the explosions. We don’t know more than you do,” a Magister said.

The other players from Angel Corps couldn’t help but glance over at Evil Monarch. This man was a mystery to them, rarely ever revealing himself. Many had heard of him, but very few had actually seen him. They had no idea what he was about.

Evil Monarch knitted his brows. “Everyone, summon your flying mounts. Follow me!” He was worried something would happen to Soaring Angel. After all, the Mad Rogue couldn’t be judged with common sense.


Evil Monarch’s status in Angel Corps was extremely high. Even Soaring Angel was respectful toward him, let alone these random elites.

Everyone summoned their flying mounts. The 20-plus players took off in the air and headed toward the battle between Nie Yan and Soaring Angel.

Nie Yan gradually closed in on Soaring Angel—only five meters of distance between them. He stuck to the wall and pounced toward Soaring Angel from behind.

Nie Yan stabbed his dagger toward the back of Soaring Angel’s head. Die! His dagger was as fast as lightning.

In this life or death moment, Soaring Angel suddenly swung around, a short sword appearing in his hand. He raised it to parry.

KLANG! The Bloody Dagger and the short sword clashed. Soaring Angel was sent reeling by the force of the impact.

Gravity took hold of Nie Yan again, dragging him back to the ground.

Soaring Angel was quite crafty. He’d actually pulled out a short sword to parry the attack!

After Soaring Angel regained his balance, he looked over. The two locked eyes as their gazes flashed with killing intent.

Both knew that if they lost their cool, they would lose.

Soaring Angel flapped his wings and shot out another volley of arrows.

As Nie Yan fell from the air, he grabbed onto a nearby roof and flipped himself onto it, evading the three arrows. He once more pounced toward Soaring Angel.

Soaring Angel beat his wings back in retreat again.

Nie Yan glanced up, his legs still moving fast as lightning. There were 20 flying mounts circling in the air above him. They blotted out the sky. Thankfully, he and Soaring Angel were fighting in a confined alleyway. There was no way they could descend!

Nie Yan didn’t spare the flying mounts a second glance and continued pursuing Soaring Angel.

Evil Monarch was riding on top of a large, blue bat. Looking down and seeing Soaring Angel being pressured by Nie Yan, he ordered, “All Magisters and Dark Demon Hunters, go down and help the boss!”

Three Magisters and one Dark Demon Hunter jumped down from their flying mounts.

“Be careful. Remember the enemy is Nirvana Flame!” Evil Monarch said.


As their feet touched the ground, the three Magisters waved their staff, rapidly conjuring their magic, while the Dark Demon Hunter drew his longbow and locked onto Nie Yan, firing three arrows.

Nie Yan spotted the four silhouettes landing on the roofs of several nearby buildings. His heart trembled. Soaring Angel alone was already hard enough to deal with. Now he had to face three Magisters and a Dark Demon Hunter on top of that. The small advantage he’d gained was gone in a second.

Nie Yan was outnumbered, and Soaring Angel had also improved by a significant margin. He decided to retreat.

Nie Yan leaped back down to the ground and broke away from Soaring Angel.

Seeing Nie Yan trying to run, Soaring Angel immediately went into pursuit. A shower of magic and spells rained down toward Nie Yan.

Nie Yan activated Holy Descent from the Medal of the Ten Holy Paladins, taking 15 spells and six arrows head-on. A string of 5,000s rose up above his head. This was the damage from Soaring Angel and the Dark Demon Hunter’s arrows. He was immune to all Magic for the three-second duration of Holy Descent. Even the explosive magic on Soaring Angel’s arrows were rendered useless.

Their jaws dropped in shock.

“Shit, what kind of defense does he have!? My attack only dealt 5,000 damage!”

“He has over 50,000 health!”

“My magic didn’t work. He activated a magic immunity skill!”

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