Chapter 892 - Devouring Plasma Storm

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Chapter 892 – Devouring Plasma Storm

Countless attacks ruthlessly struck Nie Yan, but they only managed to deal a little more than 20,000 damage. Within the span of a few short seconds, he pulled far away from the players of Angel Corps.

“Shit! Catch him! Don’t let him get away!”

The players from Angel Corps went into pursuit leaping from roof to roof. Soaring Angel also sped after Nie Yan.

「All Angel Corps players in or near the City of Sin, listen to my commands! Nirvana Flame is at 285.2830. None of you are to dally. Seize him immediately!」Soaring Angel ordered in voice chat.

「Yes, sir!」the players from Angel Corps replied in thunderous unison.

Roughly 3,000 Angel Corps players were currently in the City of Sin. They all moved to surround Nie Yan. It wouldn’t be long now before he was trapped.

These players were perfect for the job. They knew the City of Sin like the back of their hand, and were high level experts wearing some of the best equipment; not to mention they all had special items that could save their lives or trick the enemy.

Even Nirvana Flame would still have to hand over his life the moment he was trapped.

The commotion in the City of Sin had reached Guo Huai. He anxiously contacted Bladelight in voice chat,「Where are you guys right now!?」

「Don’t worry! We’re on our way!」Bladelight said.

Bladelight and 1,000 elites from Asskickers United, who’d been tackling a dungeon in World’s Edge, were rushing over to the City of Sin.

「I heard the Century Financial Group also mobilized 2,000 troops over. You guys be careful,」Guo Huai said, not in the least feeling reassured.

「The Century Financial Group came too, huh? Looks like we have a real party on our hands.」Bladelight knitted his brows.

「I’ll have Sleepy Fox, Fa Lan, and the others send some people over as well,」Guo Huai said.

A fight was inevitable. Both sides would suffer heavy casualties.

Reinforcements from Holy Empire, Sapphire Shrine, and the other allied guilds were already rushing over. The City of Sin had become a giant maelstrom, pulling in all the top experts from both sides. Over 80% of the Masters in the Righteous Faction were about to face off against each other.

Nie Yan was fleeing through a narrow alley. Looking up in the sky, he spotted over 20 flying mounts closely tailing him. Angel Corps players were also flooding in from everywhere.

Nie Yan created some distance and chanted an incantation. With a flash of light, Lil’ Gold appeared and blocked the alleyway with his enormous frame. Next, he pulled open Divine Recruitment and summoned Paladin Lafus.

Paladin Lafus appeared next to Lil’ Gold, ready to heal him at any moment.

“It’s Nirvana Flame’s Golden Dragon!”

“Everyone, be careful!”

“GROOAH!” Lil’ Gold blasted the Angel Corp players with Dragon Breath. BOOM! Over 10 players were burnt to cinders.

A shower of magic rained down on Lil’ Gold. However, he barely flinched. “GROOAH!” With a sweep of his head, he sent the Warriors charging towards him flying.

Lil’ Gold covered Nie Yan’s rear. However, there was nothing stopping the hundred Angel Corps players charging at him from the front. Countless spells whizzed toward him, blotting out the sky.

Beckon Doom!

Three enormous Doom Sentinels clad in spiky black armour appeared in front of Nie Yan. They brandished their flaming black swords and cut down a dozen Warriors.

Nie Yan hunkered himself down in the middle of the alleyway, having his pets and summons protecting his back and front.

The Angel Corps players were helpless against this tactic. They charged at Nie Yan in waves, but were beaten back by Lil’ Gold and the Doom Sentinels before even getting close.

「Dammit! That Golden Dragon and those Doom Sentinels are too strong! We can’t get close to Nirvana Flame!」

When the players from Angel Corps didn’t know what to do anymore, Soaring Angel finally arrived.

Soaring Angel knitted his brows. He already had a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Nirvana Flame’s Golden Dragon. However, he had no idea about these Doom Sentinels, to say nothing of the fact that there were three of them. Seeing their large frames and the bone wings on their backs, their sinister black armour and large flaming swords, his heart sank.

Lil’ Gold went berserk, beating back the forces from Angel Corps with his full might. Dozens of enemies fell to his powerful attacks. These players were all elites of Angel Corps. Seeing them dying like this, Soaring Angel felt his heart bleed. He pulled out three arrows from his quiver and fired them.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The arrows struck Lil’ Gold, the impact from their explosions causing him to stagger back.




What frightening damage!

Nie Yan hurriedly had Paladin Lafus heal Lil’ Gold.

Three Magisters stood on the rooftops above Nie Yan, forming a triangle. They started chanting an incantation, likely preparing to cast a large-scale magic.

Sensing the intense magic fluctuations above him, Nie Yan knitted his brows. Are they planning to cast Forbidden Magic!?

If they were to cast Forbidden Magic, not only him, but the several thousand Angel Corps players in the vicinity would also be done for!

Then again, it didn’t surprise Nie Yan that Soaring Angel was willing to sacrifice his own players to kill him.

Nie Yan felt the pressure weigh down on him. He had to get out of here, quickly! If those three Magisters were allowed to cast their Forbidden Magic, he would be in a world of trouble. Unfortunately, he was blocked in from all sides by Angel Corps players. There was simply no end to them.

There was no path of retreat!

“Whoever kills Nirvana Flame will be rewarded a full set of Sub Legendary-grade equipment and an additional 500,000 gold!” Soaring Angel roared, gritting his teeth.

The Angel Corps players immediately became fired up. A full set of Sub Legendary-grade equipment and 500,000 gold was an enormous temptation!

Under Soaring Angel’s rain of arrows, Lil’ Gold was forced back, unable to retaliate. Several golden armoured Warriors took the opportunity to charge toward him.

“Knock that overgrown lizard aside!”

Shield Bash!

Shield Bash!

The greatshields struck Lil’ Gold, the sounds of metal hitting metal ringing through the air.

“Demon Hunters, focus down Nirvana Flame!”

Countless arrows rained down from the sky.

Nie Yan employed the shadow steps to evade most of the arrows, but he was still struck by seven. Fortunately, they couldn’t deal much damage to him, about 10,000 health which he quickly healed back up with a potion.

Lil’ Gold couldn’t do much of anything, abused by Soaring Angel like a practice dummy. If it wasn’t for Paladin Lafus continuously healing him, he would’ve long since died. As for the Doom Sentinels, facing so many players among whom there was no small number of Masters, they were starting to falter.

Still, what worried Nie Yan the most were the three Magisters chanting over his head. He was ready to activate Adjudicator of God at any time. If it were an offensive type Forbidden Magic, he would have no other choice.

Ominous, swirling black clouds gathered in the sky, accompanied by the crackle of thunder and lightning.

The black storm clouds slowly descended. A suffocating pressure permeated the air.

A membrane of light spread in the surroundings, covering everything in a 300-meter radius like an impenetrable cage. Nothing could get in or out.

Seeing this development, Nie Yan’s face paled. It was Devouring Plasma Storm!

Nie Yan’s knowledge of this spell was limited to only a single, terrifying video in his past life. Devouring Plasma Storm locked down everything in a certain area before completely inundating it with lightning. As long as the three Magisters powering it didn’t die and the magic formation wasn’t broken, the spell could theoretically go on forever!

It appeared Angel Corps had spared no effort to deal with him, even getting their hands on something like Devouring Plasma Storm.

Nie Yan realized Adjudicator of God wouldn’t last long enough to weather the storm. I need to get out of here quick! At this moment, a lightning bolt cut through the air and came crashing down.

This place was filled with Angel Corps players. Soaring Angel was truly something. For the sake of killing Nie Yan, he was willing to sacrifice all these people!

BOOOM! The lightning bolt struck one of the Doom Sentinels. Sparks flew everywhere as it was disintegrated into ash. The six players around the Doom Sentinel didn’t fare any better.

The players from Angel Corps went into an uproar.

「All of you who die here will receive three times normal compensation! Focus on killing Nirvana Flame!」Soaring Angel said in a heavy voice.

This promise appeased his men as they steeled their hearts. Even if they died here, they wouldn’t lose out. They braved through the lightning and charged forward with reckless abandon.

As the first lightning bolt fell, two more came crashing down.

Thankfully, these lightning bolts fell over the players from Angel Corps. Nie Yan was yet to be hit.

These lightning bolts came down indiscriminately!

After the two lightning bolts, another four came crashing down, killing Paladin Lafus and the two remaining Doom Sentinels.

Nie Yan recalled the video he watched in his past life. When Devouring Plasma Storm was cast, at first only one bolt of lightning came down, then two, then four, eight, 16, and so on. Before long, everything would be annihilated.

16 lightning bolts came crashing down. One came directly for Nie Yan.

Adjudicator of God!

BOOOM! The lightning struck Nie Yan as sparks flew everywhere.

Fortunately, he was temporarily immune to all magic!

Nie Yan’s time was limited. He looked up at the rooftops. I have to kill those three Magisters first. That’s the only way to stop this spell! He suddenly spotted several silhouettes appearing behind the Magisters. His heart trembled. It’s them!

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