Chapter 893 - Reinforcements to the Rescue

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Chapter 893 – Reinforcements to the Rescue

At the last second, the Magisters sensed something off. They tried to react, but it was too late. Cold flashes of steel streaked across their throats.

PSFHT! PSFHT! PSFHT! Blood sprayed into the air.

The three Magisters were instantly killed, their corpses dropping down from the rooftops. The Devouring Plasma Storm, not even 20 lightning strikes strong, slowly dissipated from the sky.

Sun, Mistaken Smile, and King of the World emerged on the rooftops at the same time.

“Enemy reinforcements!”

Discovering Asskickers United players flooding in from everywhere, Soaring Angel’s heart trembled. There chance of killing Nie Yan was gone!

「Kill as many as you can!」Soaring Angel drew his longbow and rained down arrows on the players from Asskickers United.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Dozens of players found themselves at the mercy of the explosions.

Lei Su, Bladelight, and Smoke Stub walked up to the edge of a rooftop, then leaped down into the middle of Angel Corps’ ranks.

A dense hail of magic and arrows rained down on Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and Lei Su, only dealing several hundred damage each. Their stats were so ridiculously high, this little was negligible; the squishiest among them, Lei Su, had well over 100,000 health. It was one of the advantages of their new class. From Level 140 onwards, they’d receive an astonishing amount of health with every level up, turning them into walking fortresses no one could hope to bring down.

“Their defense is too high. We can’t get through their armour!”

“Shit! What kind of defense is this!?”

Normally, their attacks would deal at least 6,000 damage, but against walking fortresses like these three, they were doing only a few hundred damage.

Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and Lei Su were like foxes in a henhouse. Each slashing motion of their blades unleashed powerful sword beams. They cut down dozens of players in the blink of an eye.

Angel Corps’ forces despaired into chaos. For fear of hitting their own, the Mages didn’t dare to use AoE Magic. They could only use their single target spells.

Soaring Angel looked down. Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and Lei Su swept through everything in their paths. No one could stop their advance. Angel Corps’ battle formation was broken, while Asskickers United’s forces were slowly pushing forward.

Soaring Angel couldn’t help but inwardly curse. Damn you Nirvana Flame! Though at the same time, he also envied Nie Yan. Whenever Bladelight and the others appeared, they would display astonishing battle prowess and overturn the tide of battle. Just how did Nie Yan gather all these experts? The number of players in Angel Corps that could rival Bladelight, he could count on one hand. Meanwhile, Asskickers United had over 30 players on that level.

Seeing Bladelight cutting through his forces like cabbages, Soaring Angel couldn’t hold back his anger anymore. He pulled out some arrows and drew his longbow. TWANG! With the release of his drawstring, three arrows sought their target.

Soaring Angel repeated this two more times. Nine arrows flew toward Bladelight.

“Bladelight, watch out!” Nie Yan warned, having noticed the attack in advance.

Bladelight had just cut down three players. Hearing the shout, he looked up. He forcefully threw himself to the side in an attempt to dodge the nine arrows.

Shield Bash!

 Shield Bash!

Two Angel Corps players happened to rush forward at this time and locked Bladelight down.

Bulwark of the War God!

Letting out a deep roar, Bladelight’s body lit up with a dazzling radiance, resembling an awe-inspiring war god. With a Seismic Slam, he sent the two Warriors flying back. He then raised his greatshield to block the nine arrows.

BOOOM! The first arrow struck Bladelight’s shield and exploded, causing six Angel Corps players close to Bladelight to be blown away.

Bladelight was forced several steps back by the explosion.


BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Eight more arrows struck Bladelight.

As the explosions went off, gentle rays of light fell over Bladelight, bringing his health back to full whenever it was about to bottom out. However, within all the chaos, very few people noticed it.

Nine arrows exploded in quick succession, each possessing frightening killing power. It was terrifying!.

A dozen Angel Corps players and eight Asskickers United players were caught up in the explosions and died. Only Bladelight stood. One could imagine how much pressure he was under!

After being pushed back nearly six meters, Bladelight missed a step and stumbled to the ground.

This was it. Bladelight was dead for sure this time! The Asskickers United players looked on with worry, those from Angel Corps with glee, their eyes filled with elation.

However, when the dust settled, everyone’s jaws dropped as they watched Bladelight stagger back to his feet.

How was Bladelight still alive!? They clearly saw each one dealing 30,000-40,000 damage. Could it be that he had 400,000 health? Only a few Masters had noticed the heals in between the hits. Their eyes fell on Painted Muslin and Young Seven off to the side.

Two of Asskickers United’s Archbishops were here. No wonder Bladelight didn’t die.

Soaring Angel had seen everything from his bird’s-eye view in the sky. In between his every arrow, one of Painted Muslin and Young Seven cast a heal. Their teamwork was flawless. If any of them were a beat too slow, Bladelight would’ve died.

Soaring Angel’s nine arrows had hit in quick succession, only a fraction of a second apart. However, Young Seven and Painted Muslin still managed to sneak in their heals. This was an incredible feat.

Soaring Angel wanted to ram his head into a wall. He couldn’t even kill Bladelight like this!

Bladelight stabilized himself. Seeing his health was already back to full, he knew Painted Muslin and Young Seven had saved him!

With two Archbishops at his back, there was nothing to worry about!

Bladelight and Soaring Angel locked gazes. With a smile on his face, Bladelight flipped him off.

Off in the distance, Undying Scoundrel, Summer Bug, and the others couldn’t help but laugh. It turned out even Bladelight had some vulgarity in him.

Soaring Angel’s face turned red. He was about to blow his top. This was a bare naked provocation! He angrily pulled out several arrows, wanting to teach Bladelight a lesson, but quickly stopped himself. The enemy was baiting him, a little too obvious. If he focused all his attention on Bladelight, he’d be wasting his time; he couldn’t deal more damage than those two Archbishops could heal. Then all the other Asskickers United players would be free to do whatever they wanted.

Soaring Angel suppressed the fury in his heart. He pointed his longbow elsewhere. As he tried to snipe the Magisters from Asskickers United, he was dejected to discover his explosive arrows had no effect on them since they could blink to safety.

Bladelight shrugged his shoulder, it seemed Soaring Angel didn’t wish to take the bet, and charged toward the other players from Angel Corps.

Meanwhile, Nie Yan had already killed 30 players. With the assistance of his guildmates, he could kill to his heart’s content.

Asskickers United’s Masters were too strong. Angel Corps’ forces felt like they couldn’t breathe.

“Let’s show these trash who’s boss!” Undying Scoundrel shouted.

The morale of the Asskickers United players soared as they pressed forward with even more zeal.

Angel Corps’ forces were already falling under the pressure. This emboldened assault from Asskickers United was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. Angel Corps’ ranks were in disarray.

Seeing the situation taking a turn for the worse, Soaring Angel shouted,「Everyone. retreat!」

The players from Angel Corps lost all will to continue fighting. They beat a quick retreat. The Mages blinked away while the Thieves disappeared into stealth. Those who couldn’t run crushed their Unknown Transfer Scrolls.

Asskickers United’s forces seized this opportunity to kill several hundred more players from Angel Corps.

Before long, there wasn’t a single Angel Corps player left on the ground.

Nie Yan looked toward the sky. Soaring Angel still hadn’t left. He used his explosive arrows to kill a dozen more Asskickers United players.

“Shoot him down!” Nie Yan shouted. An archer with wings was extremely difficult to deal with, especially in an environment like the City of Sin where flying mounts couldn’t move around freely. Even Nie Yan didn’t have a good way of dealing with him.

Undying Scoundrel and five other Magisters used their blinks and short distance flight skills to reach the rooftops of several buildings. Raising their staffs, they were preparing to shoot Soaring Angel down.

Soaring Angel didn’t give them the opportunity. He flapped his wings and retreated, disappearing behind some buildings.

They had no hope of catching Soaring Angel. They could only watch as he escaped.

“Boss, he’s gone.”

Nie Yan knitted his brows. “It’s fine. Report the battle results.”

“We lost 835 members. Most of their dropped equipment has been recovered. We managed to kill 1,300 Angel Corps players, 5 of whom were Masters. We obtained 11 pieces of Sub Legendary-grade equipment and 1,731 pieces of ordinary equipment.”

It was a clear victory for Asskickers United. Nie Yan’s only regret was that they had failed to kill Soaring Angel.

“Boss, Soaring Angel’s aerial forces are gathering in the northern part of the city.”

“It looks like they aren’t willing to take this loss sitting down. What do we do?” Bladelight asked.

“If they want to go for round two, let’s entertain them!” Nie Yan glanced at the two flying mounts in his pet space. A large aerial battle between their two guilds was bound to happen sooner or later!

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