Chapter 895 - Fallen Angel Brufut

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Chapter 895 – Fallen Angel Brufut

The northern district of the City of Sin, The 1,000-strong aerial force of Angel Corps had gathered here. All kinds of large flying mounts could be seen circling in the sky.

The declaration of challenge Soaring Angel issued created a huge uproar on the forums. The relationship between the two guilds was already like fire and ice. Their fierce conflicts affected every player across the continent. With millions of troops on both sides, one could imagine the scope of this war. Both sides were preparing for the next big skirmish, to be fought in the skies above the City of Sin. Once fighting broke out, the entire map would be swept over with the flames of war!

Many unaffiliated players were setting out for the City of Sin. They wanted to witness the battle in person.

“Has there been any movements on the side of Asskickers United?” Soaring Angel asked.

“We just received word that Nirvana Flame, Bladelight, and their other Masters suddenly disappeared. We have no idea where they went,” a Mage replied.

Soaring Angel’s heart sank. He couldn’t help but wonder what Nie Yan’s group was planning.「All members, stay vigilant. If anything happens, report it immediately!」He rubbed his chin for a moment. “Apart from those you mentioned, where is the rest of Asskickers United’s troops?”

“They’ve holed up in the World’s End Bar.”

“World’s End Bar!? Tsk, those damn cowards!” Soaring Angel cursed. No matter how arrogant he was, he didn’t dare to stir up trouble there. Even though Asskickers United had accepted the declaration of challenge, the time limit was in another three hours. If they didn’t show up before then, it would count as them conceding. He could only wait for the time being.

“Boss, I’m certain they are up to something,” Evil Monarch said. He had an uneasy feeling.

“I think so too. Hm, do you think they’re trying to challenge Fallen Angel Brufut and obtain the Dragon King Fruit?” Stone Splitter asked.

“Not likely. And even if they are, Brufut is no pushover. If they try, even with their top elites, they’ll be in for a rude awakening!” Soaring Angel said. He’d experienced the might of Fallen Angel Brufut himself, and it left a deep impression in his heart.

“We should investigate anyway,” Evil Monarch suggested. If Asskickers United really was attempting that dungeon, they’d have to prepare for the worst.

Soaring Angel thought for a moment before nodding. “You’re right. I’ll send someone to investigate right now.”

A Thief from Angel Corps set out for the special dungeon. After a while, he reported back to Soaring Angel that no one had entered.

“Just where did they go off to…?” Soaring Angel muttered.

What Soaring Angel didn’t know was that Nie Yan and the others were still making their preparations to tackle Fallen Angel Brufut. Nie Yan had the Starry Night Potion Shop deliver 13 different kinds of potions—390 altogether—and distributed them. Apart from this, he also had a large amount of Tinkerer items sent over.

A sharpened blade was much better for carrying out a task. These preparations were absolutely necessary and could save the team from a wipe.

About 10 minutes after Soaring Angel’s scout left, Nie Yan and the others snuck into the dungeon. They ascended a tall flight of stairs and passed through a long, winding corridor before at an enormous shrine hovering in the air.

The shrine was over 100 meters high with towering pillars that pierced into the sky.

“This is the place,” Bladelight said.

“Damn, that shrine is huge!” Undying Scoundrel gasped in amazement. He had to tilt his head all the way back to see the top of it.

Nie Yan approached the shrine and looked inside. The interior was spacious, as the outside suggested, and the floor was crafted out of some unknown stone which glistened like the stars in the night sky. A thin membrane of light surrounded the entrance of the shrine, separating it from the outside world.

“Fallen Angel Brufut is inside. Before he comes out himself, he’ll first send out 10 waves of monsters. They’re also pretty difficult to deal with. So, stay vigilant,” Bladelight reminded. He turned to Nie Yan. “We’re ready whenever you are.”

Nie Yan walked up to the pedestal in front of the shrine entrance. Sitting on top of it was a crystal orb about the size of a basketball. He placed his palm on it and started chanting while slowly rotating it clockwise.

Click, click, click! Some sort of mechanism activated in the pedestal.

Nie Yan glanced over his shoulder and said, “Let’s go inside.”

Everyone entered the shrine.

At the center of the shrine was a wide open space about 400 meters in diameter. When they entered, a giant silhouette floated down from the ceiling. It was a five-meter tall angel clad in silver armour. From his appearance alone, one might mistake him for a human, if not for the two pairs of black wings growing from his back. He looked like a man in his fifties.

“That’s him! Fallen Angel Brufut!”

This four winged angel was their target!

At this moment, Battle Angel Kalenna awoke from her nap and glared at Brufut with scorn burning in her eyes.

“Brufut! You wretched traitor! If it weren’t for you, Heaven’s army would not have fallen against the dragon race!” Battle Angel Kalenna brandished her staff.

Seeing Battle Angel Kalenna’s reaction, Nie Yan became excited. With her help, their chances of succeeding would improve substantially.

Fallen Angel Brufut swept his eyes over Nie Yan’s group. “Another group of humans have come to throw their lives away. You trifling ants. When will you learn? Oh…? What is this I see? Kalenna, so you’re still alive. Truly a pity. You’ve become so small and weak. Hahaha!”

“Brufut, you disgrace! I’ll kill you if it’s the last thing I do and offer up your ashes to those who have fallen!” Kalenna’s petite figure trembled in pure rage.

“Come, Kalenna! I’d like to see you try! Just you and these puny humans? Hahaha!” Brufut’s laugh reverberated through the hall.

Bladelight and the others shifted their attention to Kalenna. They all saw the notification Nie Yan just received. Who would’ve thought she would trigger a brand new quest like this. Their goal was to kill Fallen Angel Brufut anyway. They couldn’t help but wonder what sort of additional rewards they would receive.

Nie Yan accepted the quest, and as he did Kalenna entered battle mode.

“Seems like our chances of winning will be much higher than 60% now,” Smoke Stub remarked with a smile. He’d witnessed the might of Battle Angel Kalenna before.

Brufut brandished his greatsword and shouted, “HAH!” A wave of 30 enormous black bears emerged out of thin air. They looked like tanks as they charged toward Nie Yan’s group.

“Shit! 30 bears in the first wave? Nie Yan, something’s off!” Bladelight cried out. According to the intel he gathered, Brufut would only summon these bears on the sixth wave, and there would be six not 30!

Battle Angel Kalenna’s addition had upped the difficulty by manyfold!

Their heart sank. Did that mean all their intel was meaningless now? What would come next, some monster they’d never seen before?

“Bulwark of the War God!” Bladelight roared. His body lit up with a golden radiance as he charged to intercept the bears.


A dozen bears immediately aggroed onto Bladelight.

Smoke Stub, Lofty Shadow, Monochrome, Edgeless, and Lei Su also went up. The defense of these bears was incredibly high, their skin near impenetrable. Not to mention their astonishing attack power. Angel Corps, the Century Financial Group, and everyone else who’d attempted this dungeon had had their hands full dealing with only six of these bears, but they had to deal with 30!

Young Seven, Painted Muslin, Black Heaven, and the other healers in the backline cast heals on repeat, trying their best to keep the Warriors alive. Their foreheads were drenched with sweat. They had to maintain strict focus, for the slightest mistake might cost the Warriors their lives.

The bears did over 9,000 damage a hit to Bladelight and over 13,000 to the others.

A shower of magic rained down on the bears. A blanket of 3,000s floated up into the air. That said, these bears had 6,000,000 health.

“Shit! There’s too many of them!” Undying Scoundrel shouted.

Nie Yan snuck behind a bear and stunned it with a Smothering Strike, then followed up with a Reverse Grip Backstab.



Even Nie Yan only dealt so little damage! The defense of these bears was simply too high! He knitted his brows. When he glanced at Kalenna, she finally took action. With a wave of her staff, she cast a shield on Bladelight.

A faint membrane of light enveloped Bladelight. It looked no different from a normal Radiant Shield.

BANG! BANG! Two claws landed on Bladelight.



Bladelight widened his eyes in shock. What a powerful shield!

Battle Angel Kalenna didn’t stop there, casting shields consecutively on all the other Warriors. The damage they took was instantly reduced by 90%. Next, she buffed everyone’s magic power, increasing their damage by eightfold.

Undying Scoundrel glanced at his status bar. He sucked in a cold breath of air. He counted more than 11 different blessings, increasing his magic power, cast speed, mana recovery speed, and so on. The effects of the blessings were mindblowing!

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