Chapter 899 - Berserk Thunder Dragon

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Chapter 899 – Berserk Thunder Dragon

After 30 minutes of fierce fighting, the Thunder Dragon’s health fell to 35% while Fallen Angel Brufut still had 85% health remaining.

Everything was going smoothly. Thanks to Morphest’s Divine Blessings, Bladelight could comfortably tank the Thunder Dragon. Meanwhile, Fallen Angel Brufut was being kept busy by Lofty Shadow, Nie Yan, and Young Seven. With no mishaps occurring so far, their confidence was growing. Perhaps they really could kill Fallen Angel Brufut and the Thunder Dragon!

“We’re at the last stretch! The Thunder Dragon is almost dead!” Nie Yan anxiously shouted.

The Mages unloaded their highest damage magic. BANG! BANG! BANG! Countless spells ruthlessly bombarded the Thunder Dragon.

Only a little more and the Thunder Dragon would be dead! The situation suddenly took an abrupt turn. Fallen Angel Brufut let out a heavy roar, looking like he was about to break away. He transmitted an order to the Thunder Dragon.

“GRAAOGH!” the Thunder Dragon let out a powerful roar. After chanting an incantation in dragon tongue, a giant thunder bolt came crashing down towards the Mages.

“Get out of the way!” Tang Yao shouted.



The Mages used whatever means they had at their disposal to dodge the giant thunder bolt.

BOOOM! The thunderbolt slammed into the ground, carving out a large hole and causing cracks to spread across the floor.

So far, the Thunder Dragon had only used normal attacks. Now, it started using magic!

“Watch out for its magic!” Bladelight shouted anxiously. He could only protect the others from physical attacks. There was nothing he could about the Thunder Dragon’s magic.

“GROAAOR!” The Thunder Dragon grew even more enraged. Blue electricity started crackling around its body.

Bladelight’s forehead dripped with sweat as he started having trouble keeping the Thunder Dragon’s aggro. If it were to break free, the consequences would be unimaginable. He quickly swept over his skill bar, his gaze landing on an extremely powerful aggro generating skill.

“Black Dragon Ender!” Bladelight roared as he chopped down with his longsword. Shrouded in a black aura, his blade erupted with the roar of a dragon.

BANG! The powerful slash chopped down on the Thunder Dragon.

BAM! A powerful recoil force surged from the longsword and sent Bladelight tumbling back.

Not just Bladelight, all melee players who attacked the Thunder Dragon were knocked off their feet.

Bladelight staggered back to his feet. A gentle radiance fell over him, bringing his health which had fallen to less than a third back to full.

The others weren’t as fortunate as Bladelight. Even the other Warriors, though more offensively specialized, were instantly killed.

“It’s a physical damage reflection skill! Stop your physical attacks!” Bladelight shouted. However, his words came too late. Smoke Stub, Lei Su, Sun, King of the World, and Shadow Killer had already died.

The Thunder Dragon’s damage reflection skill dealt eight times the damage it received back to the opponent. Bladelight managed to survive because he focused primarily on his defensive stats; his offensive stats were relatively low. It was very much the opposite for Smoke Stub and Lei Su, not to mention the three Thieves.

The Warriors couldn’t keep the Thunder Dragon locked down anymore. It became a loose stallion, slaughtering the Magisters left and right.

The situation was reaching a tipping point. If they lost several more Magisters, the team’s damage output would plummet, and with that their hope of killing the Thunder Dragon.

Seeing things getting out of control, Xie Yao waved her staff. She slowly floated up in the air, her robes fluttering wildly.

Radiance Edict!

This was a buff-type Forbidden Magic. With another wave of her staff, Xie Yao shot five holy lances toward the Thunder Dragon.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The five lances struck the Thunder Dragon in quick succession, each dealing over 60,000 damage.

With every impact of a lance, the Thunder Dragon was forced back.

“GRAAOR!” The Thunder Dragon immediately locked onto Xie Yao and charged toward her.

“Let’s go all out!” Tang Yao shouted. Before, they’d given Bladelight room to secure the aggro. That was no longer a concern. There was no point in holding back anymore!

The Magisters let loose, using their highest damage skills. Tang Yao in particular resembled a gatling gun as he fired out an endless barrage of spells. Each of his attacks easily dealt 20,000 damage.

At this moment, Sunny South quietly retreated to a corner. He waved his staff, one cryptic syllables after another leaving his mouth, as magical energy spiralled around him.

The single target Forbidden Magic, Radiant Singularity!

The intense magical fluctuations in the air caused the Thunder Dragon to look up at Sunny South in hesitation.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The Magisters wouldn’t let such an opportunity slip by. They bombarded the Thunder Dragon with more powerful spells while it was distracted.

“GROAAR!” The Thunder Dragon turned its attention back to Xie Yao. It charged at her, but she blinked away.

BOOOM! The Thunder Dragon missed its attack and struck the wall behind.

Tang Yao’s spells ruthlessly pelted the Thunder Dragon. Its aggro shifted to him.

Among all the Magisters, the two with the greatest damage output were undoubtedly Tang Yao and Xie Yao. In fact, they easily dealt 30% more damage than anyone else. This also meant it was extremely easy for them to attract the Thunder Dragon’s aggro. They worked together to keep its attention while nimbly dodging with blinks, leaving it completely helpless.

“It only has 10% health left!”

“Keep going! It’s almost dead!”

After attacking non-stop for so long, the Magisters were starting to run low on mana. They downed Specialist Mana Potions to recover their mana back to full.

After its health fell below 10%, the Thunder Dragon became increasingly enraged. Its scales started glowing blood red as a powerful aura swept out.

Sensing this change, everyone’s face paled.

“It’s going berserk!”

At this moment, an enormous glowing sphere of light flew toward the Thunder Dragon. BAAANG! It compressed into a singular point, then exploded with immeasurable force as soon as it came into contact with the Thunder Dragon’s scales. This was Sunny South’s Forbidden Magic!

“Good work Sunny South!”


Sunny South’s single target Forbidden Magic saved everyone a lot of trouble. The Mages quickly regained their wits and continued firing their magic.

The Thunder Dragon crashed into the ground before staggering back to its feet.


Its health instantly dropped by 2%.

“Anyone else have Forbidden Magic?”

“Mine is on cooldown.”

“Same here.”

Single target Forbidden Magic had massive cooldowns of two to three months on average. For Sunny South to have his off cooldown was already very lucky. It would be unrealistic to expect others to have theirs ready too.

“Dammit! If I knew we were going to end up in a fight like this, I would’ve saved my Forbidden Magic!” Undying Scoundrel cursed. Sadly, there was no medicine for regret.

The 5,000,000 damage spell had thoroughly enraged the Thunder Dragon. Its body swelled several times in size. Every step it took sent lightning crackling out across the floor.

The Thunder Dragon locked onto Sunny South. Its eyes flashed with a ray of bright crimson.

Crap! Sunny South’s heart sank. He turned to flee, only to find his feet wouldn’t move; almost as if they were made out of lead.

It was paralysis!

“I can’t move!” Sunny South cried out.

The Thunder Dragon closed in on Sunny South and slashed down on him with its claws. An instant kill!

“Shit!” Everyone trembled in fear. There was nothing they could do. They had lost all control.

After killing Sunny South, the Thunder Dragon charged toward Xie Yao who had the second highest aggro. It was three times faster than before.

Xie Yao wanted to run, but her body wasn’t reacting like normal. It was turning stiff quickly!

The closer the Thunder Dragon got, the more dangerous it was!

Bladelight suddenly charged in from the side and stood in front of Xie Yao with his shield raised.

The Thunder Dragon slammed down on Bladelight with its claws. BANG! He was sent flying like a rag doll! Instant kill! Painted Muslin and Black Heaven’s Heals landed on Bladelight’s body, but it was already too late. There was nothing to heal if the target was 100 to 0’d in one attack!

“It only has 6% health left! Even if we wipe, we have to kill it!”

“Don’t look into its eyes!” Xie Yao cried out.

Everyone quickly shifted their gaze away, heading Xie Yao’s warning. Not looking at its eyes was fairly simply. They could just look at its massive body to determine its position.

The Thunder Dragon opened its maw and spewed out scorching hot flames, setting the floor on fire.

Under the Thunder Dragon’s fierce assault, the Magisters were forced into a sorry state.

Seeing the flames coming towards him, Undying Scoundrel quickly blinked away. Just as his feet touched the ground, he saw a lightning bolt crashing down towards him.

“Oh shit!” Undying Scoundrel wanted to blink away, only to discover he couldn’t cast any magic. His only path of escape was taken from him.

BANG! The lightning came down on Undying Scoundrel and turned him into a ray of light.

Another teammate died.

Shortly after, Summer Bug, Street Vulture, and many more died one after the other.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before everyone was dead.

By now, the Thunder Dragon’s health had fallen to 5%. However, the only people still dealing damage to it were Xie Yao, Tang Yao, and a few others. The ground was littered with corpses.

“Nie Yan, we’ve failed. We can’t defeat the Thunder Dragon!” Tang Yao cried out. A wipe seemed inevitable.

The Thunder Dragon was furiously chasing Xie Yao. She quickly took out the Earth Orb and waved her staff. A dozen thick earth walls appeared in front of her. However, they were not enough to hold back the Thunder Dragon for long.

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