Chapter 900 - Resurrection

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Chapter 900 – Resurrection

The number of casualties quickly rose until there were only 11 people left alive: Nie Yan, Xie Yao, Tang Yao, Lofty Shadow, Young Seven, Painted Muslin, Black Heaven, Black Hell, Lustboy, Hapless Frog, and Happy Hermit. None of the physical damage dealers dared to clash with the berserk Thunder Dragon, so only Xie Yao, Tang Yao, Lustboy, and Black Hell fought it. They were still slowly chipping away at its health.

With only four casters who could effectively attack the Thunder Dragon, the team’s damage output was severely restricted. All the while they had to avoid the Thunder Dragon’s pursuit. Not to mention keep Fallen Angel Brufut busy.

The Thunder Dragon only had 5% health remaining, but that was still over 12,000,000 health! Killing it wouldn’t be simple.

The situation was desperate. Nie Yan ordered in a grave tone, “Muslin, get out of here first. The farther, the better! Escape the battle!”

Painted Muslin immediately understood Nie Yan’s plan. Without any hesitation, she bolted toward the door of the shrine.

Fallen Angel Brufut sneered, unimpressed. “Lowly ant! Think you can run? Not so easy!” He raised his greatsword and called down a blazing meteor from the air.

Just as the meteor was about to crash into Painted Muslin, she vanished with Space Jump and reappeared 60 meters away. She fled the shrine without looking back.

BANG! The meteor struck the ground and erupted into a plume of scorching hot flames. However, it already had nothing to do with Painted Muslin.

Painted Muslin has left the battle.

Nie Yan smiled. Everything was going according to plan. He shifted his sight toward the rampaging Thunder Dragon. Now, he could focus on killing it! After, he would proceed to the next step of his plan.

“GROAAHH!” The Thunder Dragon closed in on Black Hell. It struck down with its claws, about to rip him to shreds, when Black Hell let out a loud roar. He erupted with magical energy, which became increasingly volatile until he finally exploded. A self-destruct skill!

The force of the explosion sent the Thunder Dragon flying before crashing against a wall.


This skill was also a Forbidden Magic, though it was stronger than normal ones since it required the caster to sacrifice their life.

The Thunder Dragon only had around 2% health remaining.

“Only 2% more! Come on, guys! We can do this!” Tang Yao exclaimed. He waved his staff and unleashed a fierce barrage of spells.

The Thunder Dragon pounced toward Tang Yao.

As the powerful dragon aura swept over him, Tang Yao felt his body go rigid. This aura was even stronger than before! It felt as if he were being bound by a rope.

“Cover Sparrow Hawk!”

Hapless Frog and Happy Hermit attempted to intercept the Thunder Dragon. BANG! BANG! The two were sent flying away. There was no way a couple of Thieves could stop a dragon.

The Thunder Dragon blasted Tang Yao with Dragon Breath, completing enveloping him in scorching hot flames.

The two Thieves and Tang Yao all died.

“Boss, me and Yao Yao aren’t enough. We’re barely dealing enough damage to overcome its health regeneration! We’d need hours to kill it like this!” Lustboy cried out.

“Young Seven, Lofty Shadow, you two keep Brufut busy. Buy me as much time as you can!” Nie Yan said before turning towards the Thunder Dragon.

“Got it!” Lofty Shadow said.

“Leave it to us!” Young Seven nodded.

Without Nie Yan’s help, the two of them wouldn’t last long against Fallen Angel Brufut. All they could do was give it their best!

Shadow Waltz!

Nie Yan disappeared into stealth as he dashed toward the Thunder Dragon.

Bladelight and the other melee classes, each barely dealing 2,000 damage a hit, had shown just how high the Thunder Dragon’s physical defense was. Its thick black scales with a deep gold lustre were near impenetrable with the sword. Nie Yan could only hope his damage would be higher.

Nie Yan looked like a steak of lightning as he pounced toward the Thunder Dragon’s back.

The Thunder Dragon’s damage reflection skill had worn off.


BANG! The sharp blade of the Bloody Dagger plunged into the Thunder Dragon’s spine.

Given how large and unwieldy the Thunder Dragon was, it couldn’t possibly avoid Nie Yan’s attack.

The Bloody Dagger’s piercing effect procc’d, allowing the attack to break through the Thunder Dragon’s scales. This was a Level 180 Legendary weapon. Such power was to be expected of it.


The Thunder Dragon was immobilized.

The Thunder Dragon still had around 5,000,000 health left. As long as Nie Yan could keep it CC’d, he had a chance of killing it.

Nie Yan leaned to the side and executed a Reverse Grip Backstab.

Assassinate! Backstab! Nie Yan let loose with a flurry of attacks.

1-hit, 2-hit, 3-hit…

His damage doubled with each successive hit as the combo count increased.

Xie Yao and Lustboy waved their staffs, bombarding the Thunder Dragon with several spells and shaving away some of its health.

Two notifications suddenly popped up.

Lofty Shadow has died.

Young Seven has died.

Nie Yan’s heart sank. Lofty Shadow and Young Seven had managed to hold out for about 15 seconds. Now, without a tank to lock Fallen Angel Brufut down, he could do as he pleased.

“Lustboy, Yao Yao, be careful!” Nie Yan anxiously cried out.

Fallen Angel Brufut closed in on the two in a flash. The ground erupted with black tendrils which immobilized them. He slashed down on them with his sword and turned them into rays of light.

“Shit!” Nie Yan couldn’t help but curse. He glanced at the Thunder Dragon’s health. It still had over 2,000,000 left. If he didn’t kill it now, it would kill him!

The Thunder Dragon recovered from the cripple effect. It raised its claws and slashed down on Nie Yan, who quickly evaded to the side. His combo was broken.

Even though the combo was broken now, which was a pity, Nie Yan was still determined to finish off the Thunder Dragon, no matter what!

Nie Yan staked it all to kill the Thunder Dragon, when Battle Angel Kalenna waved her staff and protected him with a shield. His eyes lit up in joy. Looking at his status bar, the shield was called Kalenna’s Guardian Barrier. She had finally used this ultimate skill!

Kalenna’s Guardian Barrier: Reduces damage by 99%.

Armour Type: Divine

Durability: 132,000/132,000

Nie Yan thought back to when he’d relied on this shield to avoid the bone dragon’s pursuit.

With Kalenna’s Guardian Barrier, Nie Yan no longer had to fear the Thunder Dragon as he started face-tanking it.

BANG! The Thunder Dragon’s attacks only caused the barrier to slightly flicker. Its durability fell by about 10,000 points.

The Thunder Dragon only had 300,000 health left.

Sacrificial Gambit!

BANG! Nie Yan sacrificed 30% of his health to deal a powerful blow.


The Thunder Dragon dropped three items. Nie Yan quickly scooped them into his bag.

“How dare you!? You lowly human!” Fallen Angel Brufut roared after witnessing the Thunder Dragon’s death. He slashed out with his greatsword, unleashing a 10-meter long sword beam.

There was no dodging it. BAM! Kalenna’s Guardian Barrier shuddered violently as it lost another 30,000 durability.

Even with this powerful shield, Nie Yan couldn’t solo Fallen Angel Brufut. He had to regroup with the team first. Fortunately, the Thunder Dragon was permanently dead. Fallen Angel Brufut couldn’t summon it again, which made it far easier to deal with him.

Gale Step!

Nie Yan turned around and fled.

Fallen Angel Brufut went into pursuit. However, he couldn’t keep up with Nie Yan, falling further and further behind.

Before long, Nie Yan disappeared behind the shrine entrance.

Fallen Angel gloomily turned back. Stepping on the corpses for good measure, he walked back up to his throne.

Black Hell revived in the graveyard. After self-destructing, his corpse was completely destroyed. So, he couldn’t run back to it or be revived by a Priest. His only option was to return to the graveyard and suffer the one-level drop penalty.

Only three players in the team were alive right now: Nie Yan, Painted Muslin, and Black Hell.

“Nie Yan, what are we going to do?” Black Hell asked.

“We’re going to see if we can revive the entire team,” Nie Yan said. The three had met back up in one corner of the dungeon. Black Hell and Painted Muslin were both Priests, so they had the Revive spell; though as a Shadow Priest Black Hell’s was on a longer cooldown. “I’ll go take a look first. You guys wait here.”

Before long, Nie Yan snuck his way back into the shrine. The corpses of the team members still lay scattered over the floor. Only a few were near the entrance. The throne where Fallen Angel Burfut sat in was on the far end. They could revive some of the members without attracting his attention. However, the others would have no choice but to run to their corpses to revive.

「Mistaken Smile, Undying Scoundrel… you guys will have to run to your corpses to revive. The rest of you, wait for Painted Muslin and Black Hell to bring you back!」Nie Yan said in voice chat.

Soon, Painted Muslin and Black Hell snuck back into the shrine. They revived Young Seven and Black Heaven first. Afterwards, the four of them began reviving the other team members. Those who died too close to the throne could only run back to their corpses to revive and try their best to avoid being noticed by Brufut.

The souls of Mistaken Smile, Undying Scoundrel, and eight others appeared in the graveyard. They immediately started running back to the shrine.

A Shadow Priest from Angel Corps was hiding in the vicinity of the graveyard with an invisibility cloak. He knitted his brows. Why were there only 11 souls? Soaring Angel clearly said 30 entered the dungeon. Seeing them rushing back towards the shrine, he quickly made a report.

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