Chapter 91 – Trembling Milo’s House

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Chapter 91 – Trembling Milo’s House

Sleepy Fox pondered for a moment before coming to a decision. He turned around and swept his strict gaze over each and every member, quelling the uproar with but a glance.

This very scene evidenced just how influential Sleepy Fox was to his team.

“Everyone, listen up! I’m going to dissolve our team and have Brother Nie invite you into his own. Today, he’ll be acting as the leader of this run in my stead,” informed Sleepy Fox to his team.

Another commotion erupted from the crowd as players looked at each other in dismay. For their captain to allow a complete stranger to lead them through a run, this was the first time such an event had ever occurred. What if he didn’t know what he was doing and caused them to wipe? If that happened, then wouldn’t they all end up losing twenty percent of their experience bar?!

“Captain, how is that alright? Please reconsider!”

“Yes, please reconsider! What’ll happen if we end up getting wiped?”

“Can we trust in his ability? Does he even have any?”

“If I say it’s alright, then it’s alright. Now enough chit chat, hurry up and accept the invite. I want you all to follow Brother Nie’s orders as if they were mine. If you still refuse to listen, then don’t blame me for kicking you out of the team. Also, to anyone who doesn’t put in their full effort and causes us to fail the run… Well, I’m sure you already understand what the consequences are,” Sleepy Fox replied sternly. He followed a simple principle: Those he felt were incompetent would never be relied upon, and those he relied upon would never be doubted! If Nie Yan was going to act as team captain, a role which required Sleepy Fox to put his faith in him, then he would grant him the highest authority.

After watching the video of him leading another team through Treant Forest, Sleepy Fox also felt a veil of mystery hanging over this person.

When their captain responded in such a way, they had no choice but to accept his decision, and the members who had expressed dissatisfaction promptly fell into silence. They all understood an order given by their captain could not be violated lest they be expelled from the guild. From the very beginning, Sleepy Fox had always ruled over his subordinates with an iron fist.

Nie Yan slightly nodded his head in approval. In both discipline and strength, Holy Empire’s elite team was far above Yu Lan’s (Blue Feather) team. The difference in atmosphere and quality was almost palpable. They certainly didn’t have a smug bastard like Chen Bo who put everyone beneath his eyes. Even though several Thieves were rather unhappy with their captain’s arrangements with Nie Yan, they absolutely wouldn’t dare to voice their dissatisfaction.

「System: Sleepy Fox has joined your team.」

「System: Flying Stone has joined your team.」

In a brief few moments, a thirty-player team was formed. Although Nie Yan was the captain of the team, it was still under Holy Empire’s name.

“Alright, now to inspect your stats. Mages, announce your magic damage; Fighters, announce your defense; and Priests, announce the strength of your Lesser Heal.”

And so, in a quick and orderly fashion, each member reported their respective stats. Nie Yan reviewed the information of these players. All of their equipment was excellent, and except for three players who were slightly lacking, everyone’s stats met the minimum requirements for clearing Agmota Muddy Swamplands on expert difficulty. Before they set off, Nie Yan ordered those three players to purchase a few scrolls.

“Is there anything else we need? We’ve already bought enough Anti-Paralysis Potions,” asked Sleepy Fox. He had a certain premonition, which made him believe Nie Yan wouldn’t merely be leading them through Agmota Muddy Swamplands on easy or normal. Otherwise, why else would he have had ordered some of their players buy scrolls to supplement their stats? Their team absolutely possessed the raw stats to conquer the dungeon on those difficulties without using such items.

“Which of you Fighters have Demoralizing Shout?” Nie Yan swept his gaze over the group but received no response.

“I have it,” Sleepy Fox answered. He felt bewildered and surprised by Nie Yan’s sudden question. Did clearing Agmota Muddy Swamplands really require such a high-level skill?

“Alright, not bad!” Nie Yan nodded. He didn’t explain himself and proceeded to the Priests. “How many of you have Dispel?”

All five Priests in the crowd promptly raised their hands in response.

Sleepy Fox did have some brains. He understood Dispel was extremely useful and didn’t spare expenses to obtain the skill for each of his Priests. Naturally, the only reason he could do so was because his guild had a strong foundation since even a single Dispel skill book cost quite a pretty penny.

“How many of your Paladins have Repel Evil?”

“One,” Sleepy Fox answered.

Nie Yan wrinkled his brows.

“It’s not enough?” asked Sleepy Fox after seeing Nie Yan’s change in expression.

“Then what about Remove Blind?”


“We’ll need to purchase two Repel Evil skill books and a Remove Blind skill book then. It’s also best if you have your Shadow Priest learn Ensnare, but unfortunately, that skill book is a bit too rare. So even if we don’t have it, we’ll just have to make do.”

“I need to buy a few things. So once you find those items, notify me, and I’ll be over shortly,” Nie Yan just recalled there was an essential item required to clear the dungeon. Following the end of their conversation, he left the transfer point area and headed for the northeast district.

Nie Yan wanted to buy two different items that were exceedingly useful at this early of a stage in the game. If not for the dungeon run being moved to today, he would’ve nearly forgotten about it.

The northeast district of Calore was basically one giant slum, and rows of dilapidated buildings ran along every street and pathway. Just about any point in the slum was accessible through an alleyway. The infrastructure of the district was incredibly complex, resembling one giant labyrinth, and it was quite easy for players who entered the area to lose their way in these narrow paths. Even the largest streets were merely two meters across while the much more numerous alleyways could only fit a single person.

Nie Yan entered the winding and twisting paths of the district. The alleys were paved with slabs of stone while trash collected at the sides of the buildings.

I wonder if I’ll still able to find it, Nie Yan pondered.

Countless forks in the path connected with each to form one giant, confusing network. It had been quite a while since he last visited this area, so his memories of it had become fuzzy and indistinct. Though no matter how vague these recollections were, he could only rely on them and fumble his way through while hopefully going along the correct path toward his destination.

The location he seeked was extremely remote, so finding it wasn’t a simple matter, especially since he only remembered the general direction it was in.

Hidden within this slum was actually a secret shop. The items sold there were decent, but they were too expensive and were only useful at the lower levels. He himself had only been to this shop two or three times in his previous life, specifically when he planned to run Agmota Muddy Swamplands and needed to purchase the necessary items. This was the main reason why he had suddenly recalled the existence of this shop when they were about to run the dungeon.

He meandered around the alleys for ten minutes, taking a wrong turn several times, before finally finding a certain house. He gazed over at the plaque that hung over a giant wooden gate.


I think it’s this place… Nie Yan was slightly hesitant. He vaguely recalled that it did seem to have such a name.

No, this should be the place, Nie Yan reassured himself. He slowly pushed opened the gate and entered the courtyard where he was greeted by the sight of a broken down thatch building.

His vague memories began clearing up. He had found the right place!

He walked past the dark hallways, down the staircase, and entered the basement. At the bottom, aged magic lamps shone through the darkness with a pale yellow glow.

Rather than saying this was a cellar, it was better to call it a display room for trash. The walls were lined with shelves that stocked with goods and various potion bottles filled with green, blue, red… liquids of all colours.

There, an unkempt old man with a scraggly beard in a worn robe was examining a potion bottle that he had just shaken in his hand. The old man noticed Nie Yan just as he walked down the staircase. “What do you want?” the old man greeted in a somewhat rude tone.

Then, a small window appeared in front of Nie Yan, displaying an assortment of special items.

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