Chapter 936 - Number One Assassin

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Chapter 936 – Number One Assassin

In the old, run-down bar, Cao Xu sat in a corner sipping his drink. Truthfully, ever since he went into hiding and started planning out Nie Yan’s assassination, he already knew his fate. Because as long as he was alive, World Bloc, the Dragonsoar Financial Group, and Glory Financial Group wouldn’t be able to rest easy. However, even if all that awaited him was death, he refused to die a lowly death. He was still Cao Xu!

So, Cao Xu spent the entire ¥30 billion he made from selling his shares in the Century Financial Group on assassinating Nie Yan. He didn’t leave a cent behind for himself. ¥10 billion was revealed out in the open while the remaining ¥20 billion was in a notary office. So long as Nie Yan died, all of it would be transferred to the bank account of whoever killed him.

Cao Xu quietly drank his beer, a trace of spiciness flowing down his throat. He had to admit. Even if he killed Nie Yan, he had still lost. That little bit of dissatisfaction would never leave his heart.

The bustling of the bar seemed to have nothing to do with him.

Cao Xu knew the time he had left in this world was short. He took another sip of his drink.

“Server, another bottle!” Cao Xu shouted.

A moment later, a server came over with a bottle of baijiu.

“Sir, your drink,” the server said, placing the bottle on the table.

Cao Xu glanced at the server with slightly glazed over eyes. He gave a stupid grin, then muttered in a drunk stupor, “You know, you’re shit compared to Demon Fox. His disguises are far superior to yours.”

The server’s face turned cold. He subtly placed his hand into his inner breast pocket.

Cao Xu picked up the bottle of alcohol and filled up his glass. Then he downed it in one gulp.

The server was caught by surprise. If Cao Xu already recognized him, why did he drink and not run? Perhaps, he already knew his fate.

“How do you think Demon Fox became the number one hitman? It’s not because his skills in combat are superior to other world-class hitmen, but rather that his disguises are flawless. Your pathetic attempt at a disguise is garbage in comparison. None of the other servers here have a gaze as sharp as yours. Besides, you’re the only male server who isn’t checking out the pretty patrons. Your eyes have been on me for some time now, like a predator stalking its prey. It’s clear I’m your target. One more thing. This isn’t some high end establishment. You look completely out of place with your prim and proper look.” Cao Xu poured himself another glass. No one could tell whether he was drunk or sober.

Even though Cao Xu knew he was in a perilous situation, his movements were still calm and collected. He gave off an air that one couldn’t quite put into words.

“Report back to your master, and tell him this is my final gift to him. I, Cao Xu, started my career at 20 years of age by entering the Century Financial Group. At 31 years old, I climbed my way up to the ranks of general manager. At age 35, I sent my wife and children away. I brought down the chairman of the Century Financial Group and seized the position for myself. I’ve since done more despicable things than I can count, or remember. Karma finally caught up to me. My wife and children were murdered. At age 56, I only had one son and one daughter left. What lies at the end for those who pursue only fame and fortune? The same as for everyone else; the earth and dust, leaving behind only myriad emotions. Such is the meaningless of life!” Cao Xu let out a bitter laugh, looking desolate.

Looking at Cao Xu teetering on mad, the server sighed before before turning around and walking away.

Elsewhere in the bar, Shadow Killer also let out a sigh. Cao Xu collapsed on the floor. The people in the bar were in chaos. Before long, the police would come. Those hidden in the darkness gradually withdrew.

Nie Yan watched the livestream from his phone, sighing at how a ruthless and ambitious character like Cao Xu met such a pitiful end. He thought deeply on Cao Xu’s final words. In his past life, Cao Xu had committed a multitude of evils, but no one could stop him until it was already far too late. Could it be that his rebirth in this life was also Cao Xu’s retribution?

Even Nie Yan couldn’t explain how destiny tied everything together.

With Cao Xu’s death, Nie Yan finally felt the last weight in his heart disappear. This saga was finally over.

“Let’s go home,” Nie Yan said. His smile carried an indescribable feeling of relief.

“Nie Yan, watch out!” Bayonet’s voice came shouting from behind.

BANG! Nie Yan’s smile froze on his face. He gazed down at his chest with a look of disbelief. A sickly sweet, iron taste rose up his throat. Raising his hand to his face, it was covered in his blood. This wet, sticky feeling felt so familiar.

Nie Yan felt his eyelids slowly close, as if he were about to sink into an endless darkness. One silhouette after another flashed through his mind: his father, his mother, Xie Yao, Tang Yao, Guo Huai, Bayonet, and many, many others. All those who’d left a lasting impression in his life. However, at this moment, they seemed to drift farther and farther away. He reached out to grab them, but all he saw was an infinite void of black.

“Am I really going to die like this?

“The past four years seem like a dream now. Or was this perhaps reality, continuing from that one moment?

“Maybe it was fate all along. Fate gave me the opportunity to make up for my past regrets. And now that I have, it’s taking me back. Such a mysterious thing.

“But I don’t want it to end like this. Please, dear God, give me some more time. Let me see my father and mother live out their golden years in peace, and let me see her beautiful face again!

“Am I too late? Was this wish never meant to be fulfilled?

“I finished what I came back for. My loved ones are safe, and Cao Xu is dead.

“Xie Yao, my love. There are many great guys in this world, maybe you will find one of them and fall in love all over again. I just hope you can be happy. I still remember many years ago, when the warm sunlight shone down on your fair cheeks; your beautiful sweet smile as you gazed at me.

“Farewell, my love.”

Nie Yan felt his consciousness slip, the panicked shouts by his earside growing distant until everything faded away into a deathly silence.

“Hurry! Get him hemostatics!

“Put pressure on the wound! Quickly!

“Doctor! Get a doctor already!” Bayonet madly shouted, his voice growing hoarse. His tiger-like eyes were filled with fury.

Two doctors soon rushed over and nervously started treating Nie Yan’s wound.

About 1,600 meters away, a person hidden in camouflage was peering through a scope with a cruel grin on his face. He was certain the bullet had struck the heart. A follow-up was unnecessary. Too many were crowding around Nie Yan anyway. There was no second chance even if he wanted to. He dropped his sniper rifle and dashed away.

Bayonet looked toward the east. That was the direction the bullet came from! He immediately spotted a green silhouette flash between the trees. The slightest of movements, but it didn’t escape his vision. He dashed off after it. Right now, his mind was filled with only a singular thought!

The satellite had shown that all the hitmen were killed, but someone had still slipped through the net. The enemy had disguised themselves and infiltrated their works! It was also possible something had occurred during the battle, or perhaps they were compromised long before. This kind of style, Bayonet could only think of one person—the number one assassin, Demon Fox!

Demon Fox was one of the most mysterious assassins in the world. He rarely accepted new contracts, but when he did, it would always be for ludicrous sums. Though having never failed, he was worth the price. It didn’t matter if the target was an important government figure or large tycoon. All of them had died at his hands. Not to mention he was like a ghost. No one had ever met the person.

This was Cao Xu’s trump card. All other hitmen were merely a smokescreen! Sadly, Bayonet only realized this now.

Bayonet felt like a piece of his heart had been carved out with a steak knife. Working so closely together with Nie Yan, their relationship was no longer as simply as employer and employee. He viewed Nie Yan as a little brother!

Demon Fox flitted across the woods, running for a thousand meters. Glancing back, he confirmed no one chased after him. He threw off his special forces uniform into the nearby brush, then changed into ordinary civilian clothing. He looked just like a graceful young master. It was as if everything that happened in the woods had nothing to do with him. When he’d taken action, he’d interfered with the satellite so that it wouldn’t mark him as a target. He chuckled. The mission was complete. He only had to confirm Nie Yan’s death, and the ¥20 billion could be transferred to his account. The profession of an assassin was truly lucrative. He walked over to the side of the road where a car was waiting for him.

Demon Fox reached out to open the door, when he heard a muffled bang. He felt an intense pain in his chest. He gazed down in disbelief. A large hole, with blood flowing from it. His eyes glazed over as he slumped to the ground.

A silhouette came walking out of the woods about 1,000 meters away. It was Bayonet. He arrived at the corpse with an ice-calm expression on his face. When he fired the shot a moment ago, he missed the heart on purpose. Demon Fox had suffered a serious injury, but it would take him several minutes to bleed out and die.

Demon Fox’s body was twitching in pain. He wanted to climb up.

Bayonet walked over and planted his foot on Demon Fox’s back. Demon Fox trembled intensely.

“W-who are you?” Demon Fox asked, gritting his teeth. He didn’t even have the strength to raise his head.

“I’ll give you the courtesy of knowing who killed you. I’m Bayonet,” Bayonet said coldly. He took out his pistol and aimed it at Demon Fox’s head.

“S-so it was you… hah… to die at your hands, I really can’t believe it,” Demon Fox grinned. He originally wanted to chuckle, but it came out uglier than a crying face.

Bayonet pulled the trigger. BANG! Demon Fox’s brains splattered over the ground.

Demon Fox spasmed one last time before going dead still.

Looking at Demon Fox’s corpse, Bayonet’s fury was sated, only a sense of sorrow left in his heart. That brat Nie Yan, was he really dead? He refused to believe this was reality, but he had no other choice. He raised his head to the sky and let out a thundering cry as tears dripped down his face.

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