Chapter 937 - Mystery of Life or Death

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Chapter 937 – Mystery of Life or Death

In a villa on the outskirts of Huahai. Xie Yao walked around restlessly, a constant worry for Nie Yan gripping at her heart. She couldn’t help but worry something bad was going to happen. Cao Xu had hired nearly 300 hitmen to kill Nie Yan. Though he also had a small army of himself protecting him, it was still impossible for her to relax.

Cao Xu was a wily old fox. Who knew if he had some sort of last ace up his sleeve.

Xie Yao prayed nothing would happen to Nie Yan. She didn’t know what she would do if something did happen to him.

Xie Yao sat on a sofa by the window. The sun shone through the window and on her face. She wore a long white dress, beautiful like a dream, indescribable. Anyone would think she was a peerless beauty. However, this peerless beauty was sick with worry.

A 25 years old woman in an office dress rushed into the room. “Miss, something bad has happened!” she said with a panicked voice.

Xie Yao’s heart sank. “What happened!?”

“Nie Yan was shot in the heart. He’s in surgery right now. Maybe-” She was about to say something, but thought better of it. “The chairman says you should go to the hospital.”

Xie Yao looked deathly pale as though she was struck by lightning. How was this possible…

No! He will be fine! Xie Yao stood up and grabbed her jacket. “Let’s go!”

Xie Yao and the lady ran out of the villa and stepped into the car waiting for them outside.

The car immediately sped away.

Every news agency jumped on the news of Cao Xu’s death. This story quickly grew wings as it crossed the world. Having lived in the spotlight for so many years, the entire world knew Cao Xu. So, his death would naturally garner a lot of attention. Police quickly arrived at the scene of the crime and conducted a thorough investigation. They found that Cao Xu had died from poisoning. According to eyewitness records, the deceased showed signs of suicidal tendencies; both in the amount of liquor he drank and the words he spoke. However, due to a satellite malfunction these reports couldn’t be confirmed, and it would be hard to convince the public of them. Nevertheless, a lot of people were happy to hear of Cao Xu’s death.

In other news, it was reported that Nie Yan, the young master of World Bloc and future son-in-law of the Glory and Dragonsoar Financial Groups, was shot in the heart and currently fighting for his life. If it were only for these titles, not many people would care. They had other things to worry about than some big shot from a large financial group. However, Nie Yan was better known under another name–Nirvana Flame! If Nirvana Flame died, who knew what great waves would wash over Conviction?

A rumour started spreading that Cao Xu had sent hitmen to take Nie Yan out. Afraid and desperate that he would be found out, he took his own life. It was unclear whether there was any truth to this rumour. It was said that one of Cao Xu’s former confidantes had requested the police to release the satellite footage. The police complied, but the videos were all noise and static. This only served to fan the conspiracy theories further.

Another rumour started spreading that some of Cao Xu’s men had attempted to enter Huahai First Hospital to confirm Nie Yan’s death. But they couldn’t find out anything. Apparently, Cao Xu had left ¥20 billion with an underworld notary. If Demon Fox successfully killed Nie Yan, the money would be his. If he failed, whoever did kill Nie Yan would receive the money. However, it seemed like Demon Fox went missing as well, never showing up to turn in the mission.

The Huahai First Hospital didn’t give any updates on Nie Yan’s condition to the public. His life and death became an unsolvable mystery.

Over the next two months, countless people eagerly followed the news, expecting an update on Nie Yan’s condition. However, none came; not from the hospital nor from World Bloc. In fact, all mentions of Nie Yan on the intensive care ward were removed as though he’d never been there in the first place.

This made everyone feel silly. All the major news outlets started writing pieces guessing as to whether Nie Yan was still alive or dead. Some people asked the doctors who were supposedly in charge of Nie Yan, but even they didn’t know. Nie Yan had indeed arrived at the Huahai First Hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest. However, early the next morning he was secretly moved to an undisclosed location. The hospital and World Bloc only kept the ruse up for the patient’s safety. Something that was proven a wise choice, as five terrorist attacks hit the hospital within these two months. Naturally, World Bloc rewarded the hospital generously for all their troubles. Some employees could even retire because of it and live a life of comfort.

Learning Nie Yan was moved to an undisclosed location within 24 hours after being shot only added to the suspense. If Nie Yan died, World Bloc shouldn’t be holding up the news but rather announcing when the funeral would be. However, if he survived, then why did they move him the next day after surgery? Everyone knew this was the most crucial moment in a recovery. Were they not worried that transport would irritate the wound and cause internal bleeding? With an injury to the heart, internal bleeding could be deathly! He’d be done for! However, if Nie Yan was already dead, there was of course nothing to worry about.

The mystery of the life or death of Nie Yan was impossible to unravel.

Many people checked Conviction every day to see if Nirvana Flame had logged on yet. However, they were left disappointed. Ever since Nie Yan, or Nirvana Flame, was shot, he hadn’t logged back online.

The Mad Rogue already started becoming a distant memory in the hearts of the players.

Some people said Nie Yan was dead. Others claimed to have spotted him with Xie Yao at some famous tourist attraction. Either way, Nirvana Flame didn’t show himself again. Perhaps he was alive and simply felt he had reached the peak in the game, deciding to leave on a high. There were many more guesses floating around online. Who knew, perhaps one of them was real.

Time slowly passed and the game changed with it. Players still spoke of the legend of the Mad Rogue. However, many more had forgotten about him. As the third anniversary of Nirvana Flame’s departure from Conviction came and went, the playerbase finally accepted the legendary Thief was gone for good.

Over the last three years, World Bloc worked together with the Glory and Dragonsoar Financial Groups to take care of the last people still loyal to Cao Xu. As for the ¥20 billion left with an underworld notary, a certain hacker had made it disappear from their account. This caused them to fall into disrepute.

The Century Financial Group, now in the hands of World Bloc, took over many businesses. They became more profitable than ever before, leaving former shareholders filled with regret.

World Bloc became one of the biggest holding companies in the world. After the Century Financial Group, they also bought shares from the Glory and Dragonsoar Financial Groups and took over hundreds of listed companies. They became an incredibly powerful business empire. In the entire world, only the Brutus Capital Group could rival them. However, unlike the Brutus Capital Group, World Bloc was completely family-owned.

As for Conviction, Asskickers United still controlled the entire Righteous Faction. Even without Nie Yan, they still had players like Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and Sun to keep the other powers in check. If anyone tried anything funny, they would simply squash them beneath their feet. The only threat came from the underworld. Fallen Angel still ruled over the underworld and was growing stronger by the day.

On a small island in the western Pacific Ocean, where it always felt like spring. The sun shined brightly, reflecting on the golden sands and blue ocean. It was a beautiful scene.

This island was originally a famous tourist center belonging to the United States of America. A year ago, however, World Bloc bought it and turned it into private property. In the middle of the island, they built a castle, which looked magnificent under the sun.

A golden beach wrapped around the island. There was only a single place in the shade, the sun blocked by a large parasol. Lounging in one of two deck chairs beneath the parasol was a fit, young man wearing only red swim shorts. He had a healthy bronze skin. His stomach was slowly moving up and down and his eyes were closed shut.

A husky jumped up from underneath his deck chair, but the young man didn’t seem to notice. It seemed he was adamant on continuing his sleep.

From the middle of the isle a girl in bikini came walking over, happily greeting the husky running at her. She was 1.65 meters tall with skin as white as curd. The water on her body quickly evaporated as she let the sun overhead shine in her face.

She wore only a bikini, her face beautiful and her body curved to perfection. Anyone that saw her would be instantly enamored. This was because there was a certain elegance to her. With each step, her buttocks slightly jumbled with grace.

Even though the young girl knew that aside from the young men in red swim shorts and a few maids there was no one else on the entire island, she still blushed. The bashfulness only added to her her charm.

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