Chapter 938 - Recollection of the Mad Rogue

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Chapter 938 – Recollection of the Mad Rogue

The young woman walked up to the empty deck chair and sat down beside the man. She gazed at his still fast asleep face, a faint warmth in her heart. It was really hard to look back on that nightmare three years ago. Fortunately, that was all behind them now.

As long as she could be with him, even if it was just quietly staying by his side, she felt truly blessed.

The young woman fell asleep. As she opened her eyes, she found herself walking down the aisle, her father by her side. At the altar stood the young man wearing a suit, a kind smile on his face.

This beautiful dream was of her happiest moment alive. A year ago, she’d married the man of her dreams in a small private setting. After which they took their time traveling the world.

Still half asleep, she slowly woke up to a tickling sensation on her chest. Opening her drowsy eyes, she found the young man had woken up. His hands were on her breasts, softly kneading them.

“Nie Yan! You ass!” Xie Yao pouted.

“You look so sexy. How could I not?” Nie Yan whispered in Xie Yao’s ear with a teasing smile.

This was the very Nie Yan who got shot in the heart three years ago. Against all expectations, he’d pulled through. If the world were to find out, who knew what kind of large waves that would set off. Back then, Nie Yan was only an inch from death. Even with the ability of his pocket watch to alter the direction of the bullet as well as Bayonet’s warning shout, he still hadn’t had enough time to dodge. He only moved a little to the side before the bullet pierced his heart.

Nie Yan had a massive haemorrhage of the heart. Fortunately, two special forces military doctors performed an on sight procedure to seal the wounds with a special coagulant. This simple treatment preserved his life until he arrived at the hospital.

Nie Yan was fortunate to have such a strong body. If it were an ordinary person, they’d have died without a shadow of a doubt.

Huahai First Hospital unfortunately couldn’t do much for Nie Yan. His heart was too badly damaged. Even if they did all they could to patch him back up, he wouldn’t make a full recovery. There would be a loss to the function of his heart. His only hope was to find a match for a heart transplant. However, though the technology for it had advanced tremendously, hearts were in short supply. Especially since it was forbidden by law for a healthy person to offer up their heart. So, Huahai First Hospital had done what they could, then frozen Nie Yan in. The next morning, he was transported away.

Two maids walked over toward the beach before promptly turning around and bolting away, their cheeks a deep red.

Xie Yao finally found some strength and shot Nie Yan a reproachful look.

“Don’t blame me, I’m innocent. You asked for it,” Nie Yan looked at Xie Yao with a smile on his face.

“Stop it.” Xie Yao slapped Nie Yan’s chest, her cheeks a gorgeous pink.

Xie Yao draped a jacket over her shoulders, secretly glancing at Nie Yan. Maybe this time she would get pregnant. The reason she’d seduced Nie Yan with her outfit today was because she’d just ovulated. After being married for a year, their feelings for each other had grown all the more profound. She really wanted to give Nie Yan a baby. Thinking back to what just happened, she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Not to mention they’d even been spotted. Fortunately, apart from Nie Yan, there were only women on the island. Though even with them, she wasn’t sure if she could ever look them in the eyes again.

“Let’s head back.” Looking at Xie Yao’s embarrassed look, Nie Yan laughed.

One man, one woman. They walked along a trail to the middle of the island, where a castle towered over the trees. It was an auspicious and peaceful scene, as though the outside world couldn’t disturb their tranquil life.

Inside Conviction. Even after Nie Yan’s disappearance, Asskickers United still remained the ruler of the Righteous Faction. No one had managed to shake their rule. Okoron had become the heart of the Righteous Faction, its prosperity unimaginable. The streets were bustling, with players going everywhere. They could hardly breathe, it was that busy. Although Okoron was already larger than Calore after several more expansions over the last three years, there still wasn’t enough room for the players to move around freely.

Players from both the Viridian Empire and Satreen Empire visited Okoron. This meant a wide variety of races, like humans, elves, and orcs, all congregated here.

The atmosphere was bustling. The shop owners on the sides of the streets were naturally delighted with the business. All of them were raking in the profits.

Apart from the shops, the players who set up their wares on the street were also making good money, hawking at the passing crowd.

“Selling Level 170 Dark Gold Warboots! It increases movement speed and resistances. If you want to look, whisper me!”

“Selling Level 190 Gold-grade Thief chest armour. It increases skill ranks. Quickly get it before it’s sold!”

The vendors on both sides of the streets were selling all sorts of skill books, equipment, and other items.

Anyone that came here would gawk at the sight.

A player clad in black armour walked down the street. He was wearing the Morans Magic Armour Set and carried two Blackfiend greatswords on his back. He was heading in the direction of the Starry Night Potion Shop.

The players in the surroundings noticed the unrivalled aura coming off of him. They all paled in fright and parted ways to let him through.

That person continued walking normally, not paying the slightest attention to those around him.

“Whos it that guy?” a player couldn’t help but ask, looking at this person’s massive back.

“How do you not know him? He’s Asskickers United’s Smoke Stub! A Level 197 Sword Saint! He has the most potential to advance to a Legend. Apparently, he’s already in the middle of the advancement quest. One of my friends in Asskickers United told me Smoke Stub was tasked with soloing the Level 200 Demonified Lord Abyssal Blight Dragon in World’s Edge. He almost killed it!”

“No wonder! I only saw his back, so I didn’t recognize him. I was about to say, who could possibly be that fierce, wearing the Morans Magic Armour Set and the dual Legendary Blackfiend Greatswords. Damn, challenging a Level 200 Demonfied Lord. He’s really amazing!” a player exclaimed.

“Of course. Smoke Stub is one of the bigshots of Asskickers United. Most frightening is that there are people who are even stronger. Their number one expert Sparrow Hawk is Level 203. He can already solo Level 200 Demonified Lords!”

“Apparently, when Nirvana Flame was only Level 150, he could already solo Level 180 Demonified Lords with his Tyrant Abak set. If he were still here today, that number one position would definitely belong to him.”

“What a shame. He’s already been gone for three years. He’s still around Level 150. I’m guessing Sparrow Hawk and the rest have gone far ahead of him.”

They quietly chatted with each other, sighing deeply in their hearts. The Mad Rogue would never appear again, only leaving behind an unforgettable memory.

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