Chapter 945 - Dark Demonic Space

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Chapter 945 – Dark Demonic Space

Starting from Level 180, every 10 level difference meant an exponential increase in power for Demonic Lords. Beyond Level 200, that would be entering the realm of Legendary,

A Level 190 Demonic Lord was no joke. Three years ago, Nie Yan could at most deal with a Level 180 Demonified Lord. If he encountered a Level 190 Demonified Lord, he would be dead before he had a chance to escape.

Seeing the Chaos Keeper sweeping through the players below, Nie Yan decided to give up on the Inheritance of Life for now. Honestly, defeating the Chaos Keeper was fairly simple. All he had to do was have Guo Huai send over a few people, and he wouldn’t even have to lift a finger. However, that would defeat the purpose.

Besides, if Nie Yan wasn’t the one to kill the Chaos Keeper, the Inheritance of Life might not even drop.

The Chaos Keeper respawned once every 10 days. It appeared his objective today would end in failure.

Seeing the Chaos Keeper rampaging around, Nie Yan’s expression became resolute. Since he’d decided to climb back to the peak, it would be his first target.

If Nie Yan could defeat the Chaos Keeper, that meant he had taken one step forward on the path of power.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Nie Yan pulled open Conviction’s website and started searching for a good location for a power levelling session.

Most high level maps were filled with people. Nie Yan wanted to find a secluded place with a high mob density!

After skimming through numerous threads and guides, Nie Yan finally found a suitable place, a solo dungeon called Dark Demonic Space. There were countless Level 180 monsters inside, while only players Level 180 and below could enter. The maximum amount of time you could stay inside was two days. If you cleared it before then, you would receive a bonus reward. The current fastest clear time belonged to Howling Wind of the Satreen Empire at a little over five hours. The next best records were all over eight hours.

“Soloing a new dungeon, huh…” Nie Yan licked his lips. This dungeon was perfect for him. It could only be run until Level 180. That meant, the levelling speed would be extremely quick.

The dungeon was in the vicinity of Judgement Valley. Players from both factions could enter. Nie Yan activated Gale Step and flitted through the forest.

About 10 minutes later, Nie Yan arrived at his destination. An enormous portal in the shape of a black gate entered his vision. There was a steady stream of players constantly entering inside. Those who died in Judgement Valley and fell below Level 180 would come here to raise their level back up.

Generally, only Level 170–180 players would enter this dungeon. Any lower than that, and it would be hard to progress. However, Nie Yan still decided to go in and take a look. After all, he was convinced he could easily take on a Level 180 player in a duel. Not to mention his multiple powerful pets and summons.

“It’s time to start power levelling!” Nie Yan was filled with excitement. He’d already stagnated at Level 156 for far too long.

Nie Yan approached the gate.

Do you wish to enter the Dark Demonic Space?


The portal to the Dark Demonic Space has opened.

Nie Yan was enveloped in a brilliant flash of light. After opening his eyes, he found himself in a plain. Up ahead was a 15-meter wide bridge that stretched far into an endless void, filled to the brim with an uncountable number of humanoid monsters in dark robes.

Two angels guarded the entrance to the bridge. Clad in silver armour with a pair of white wings growing out of their backs, they looked holy and noble. Every now and then a monster would find the courage to dash past them, only to be cut down within an instant.

“Brave Adventurer, welcome to the Dark Demonic Space,” an angel greeted. He had the appearance of a 30-year-old man brimming with valor. His name was Gower. “Have you come to challenge this space?”

“I have.” Nie Yan nodded.

“Good! You may begin! Set foot on your journey to glory!” the angel exclaimed.

Nie Yan walked toward the bridge. He summoned Lil’ Gold, the Shadow Demon Wolf, the Eclipse Divine Dragon, and the Violet Eye Dragon. The latter two were still Level 0. So, they would have to sit in the back and soak up experience.

Lil’ Gold and the Shadow Demon Wolf let out roars and charged into the black swath of monsters.

Explosive Counter!

Mad Wolf Slash!

The Level 160 Elite-class Dark Demonkin up ahead instantly crumpled. Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong! One level up sound after another rang in Nie Yan’s ears as rays of light fell over the Divine Eclipse Dragon and the Violet Eye Dragon. These two pets both reached Level 20 in an instant.

The amount of experience required at the early levels was next to nothing at this point. So, they quickly gained levels.

Lil’ Gold and the Shadow Demon Wolf pressed forward at an astonishing speed. The monsters appearing up ahead got stronger and stronger, and the amount of experience they gave rose accordingly.

Nie Yan summoned Paladin Lafus and had him and Kalenna support Lil’ Gold and the Shadow Demon Wolf.

The 15-meter wide bridge was crowded with Dark Demonkin, to the extent some were standing on the edge. When Lil’ Gold and the Shadow Demon Wolf charged over, some of them lost their balance and fell down in the nothingness below. Even those gave Nie Yan experience.

Nie Yan glanced down at his level. His experience bar was slowly but surely filling up. This levelling speed was quite decent.

The Dark Demonkin didn’t drop any equipment after dying. Occasionally, one or two would drop a Dark Demonic Fragment.

Dark Demonic Fragment (Quest Item): Hand this item to Angel Gower to receive additional rewards.

Lil’ Gold’s health rapidly fluctuated up and down. The Shadow Demon Wolf was much better off. It barely lost any health. One could clearly see it was far superior in terms of combat strength.

With these two powerful pets at the front, Nie Yan didn’t have to lift a finger. He followed behind Lil’ Gold and the Shadow Demon Wolf while leisurely browsing the official site. He was catching up on what happened over the past three years as well as any balance changes.

There were big changes to skills. Many new powerful skills had come out. It appeared he would have to swap out some of the skills in his skill bar. Besides that, during his absence, everyone had realized the might of pets, especially after his showing with the Shadow Demon Wolf. Even though the Shadow Demon Wolf was a mount, it was still in the pet category. Many players started seeking out powerful pets. This completely changed the balance of the game, greatly reducing the impact of individual player strength in PvP. As a result, the number of people calling for the nerf of pets grew greater and greater. Eventually, when the Chaos Temple was released, Conviction introduced the Spirit Awe skill, which rendered all pets useless in PvP. Even some bosses possessed similar suppression skills.

Apart from pets and the changes to skills, the next largest change was Chaos Gear, which could be obtained by entering the Chaos Temple upon reaching Level 180. Generally, the level requirement for Chaos Gear was Level 180+. Their properties were a bit better than Legendary-grade equipment.

This way, if Nie Yan grinded his way to Level 180, then entered the Chaos Temple to farm a set of Chaos Gear, he would catch up to most of the high level players. He wondered which was better, Chaos Gear or the enhanced Tyrant Abak Set.

With a clear levelling plan in mind, Nie Yan felt even more motivated.

Nie Yan glanced at the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s level. It had already broken past Level 50. The number of spells it could use left his eyes slightly spinning. The Divine Eclipse Dragon was a caster type pet. It could use both light and dark attribute magic, including no small number of Forbidden Magic which could be learned after Level 100. At Level 50, it already knew many AoE spells, only that it was too low level at present to contribute any damage.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon would definitely become a mobbing machine. It would have no issue helping Nie Yan get to Level 200!

As for the Violet Eye Dragon, it wasn’t bad but it simply couldn’t compare to the Divine Eclipse Dragon. At best, it could only match Lil’ Gold.

Lil’ Gold also levelled up quite a few times, reaching Level 153. His health reached an astonishing 320,000, and his mobbing speed became visibly better.

After grinding nonstop for three hours, Nie Yan’s party had advanced about 3,000 meters on the bridge. The angels guarding the entrance were already no longer in view. It seemed as if both ends of the bridge stretched out endlessly.

Finally, a crisp notification jingle rang out. Nie Yan levelled up to Level 157.

“Man, it’s been a long time since I heard that,” Nie Yan basked in the feeling of levelling up again for the first time in three years.

After a while, the Dark Demonkin turned into Level 180 Elites. They were far stronger than their Level 160 or Level 170 counterparts. Lil’ Gold was starting to have a harder time keeping up, nearly dying on multiple occasions.

Nie Yan slowed down his pace and had the Shadow Demon Wolf lead the vanguard, alleviating some of the pressure on Lil’ Gold.

Seeing Lil’ Gold unable to hold on any longer, Nie Yan summoned his three Doom Sentinels. Even though they could only resist for a short time, it was better than nothing.

After levelling here for a whole day, the Divine Eclipse Dragon and Violet Eye Dragon reached Level 93 and 92 respectively.

After reaching Level 92, the Divine Eclipse Dragon was already as strong as Lil’ gold at Level 140. As a result, he could start dealing damage to the Demonkin.

Nie Yan pulled out some of the high rank scrolls he withdrew from the guild treasury. Crushing a Frost Torrent Scroll, icy white rain started pouring down from above. Before long, the Dark Demonkin within a 200-meter radius were frozen solid, making it difficult for them to move even an inch.

Lil’ Gold called down a meteor. BOOOM! Countless Dark Demonkin shattered into fragments of ice.

Several more rays of light fell over the Divine Eclipse Dragon and Violet Eye Dragon.

Nie Yan glanced at his experience bar. “Sweet! That was 2%!” After reaching high levels, it had been a while since he experienced this kind of levelling speed.

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