Chapter 982 - Death God’s Bone

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Chapter 982 – Death God’s Bone

Under the cover of the six tornadoes, Howling Wind’s body became a blur before splitting into three clones, which dashed off in different directions.

The ground stiffened as a layer of frost spread out. THUT! THUT! THUT! A dense cluster of ice spikes erupted out.

Howling Wind’s attack was ferocious. If a player were to encounter such a frenzied assault, they would likely turn tail and flee.

Nie Yan’s silhouette flickered before disappearing from his spot.

Fawne’s Phantom!

Nie Yan was like a phantom, his silhouette flickering back and forth. It was impossible to pinpoint his exact location.

No matter how much of a seasoned expert Howling Wind was, he’d never seen a skill like this before. His heart sank. With a wave of his staff, he sent a shower of spells raining down on Nie Yan.

Eye of Truth!

Nie Yan’s eyes blossomed out with a profound light. Sweeping his gaze over the three Howling Winds, he discovered to his shock that all three were real. “Whatever, I’ll just kill them all.”

Gale Step of Nirvana Flame!

Nie Yan’s figure blurred, in the same moment appearing behind one of the Howling Winds 60 meters away. PSHFT! Blood flew into the air. Instant kill!

The speed of a Legendary Gale Step was fast beyond belief. All Howling Wind saw was a blur before one of his clones was killed.

So this is the speed of a Legend, Howling Wind inwardly muttered. Nie Yan was far faster than any player he’d met before!

The two remaining Howling Winds blinked around the battlefield, letting loose with a flurry of spells. Earth Spikes, Ice Arrows, Lightning… all his spells were instant cast. To his dejection, however, he discovered even with him completely focusing his senses, he couldn’t pinpoint Nie Yan’s position.

A Legendary skill wasn’t something ordinary skills could compete with!

Howling Wind felt death drawing ever closer from behind him. BLINK! BLINK! BLINK! He continuously blinked around the battlefield, but the feeling never disappeared, as if Nie Yan’s dagger was already on his neck.

PSFHT! The second Howling Wind died to a single attack.

Howling Wind felt deep shock battering at his heart. Just how did Nie Yan do it? How did Nie Yan have the energy to spare to deal with his other clone?

Unbeknownst to Howling Wind, Nie Yan had already toggled off Jotunheim’s Descent. If it were activated, he would’ve long since turned into an ice sculpture!

This was the difference between a Master and a Legend. The two weren’t even on the same plane! Howling Wind finally realized this was an opponent he stood no chance against. He originally thought even if he couldn’t defeat Nie Yan, he could still put up a decent fight. Now, he knew that was only wishful thinking. How hard was it to advance to a Legend? He himself had been at it for a year already, but even after 20 attempts, he still was no step closer to breaking through that final hurdle. By the time he finally became a Legend, what level would Nie Yan be at?

No matter how much Howling Wind blinked around, he could sense Nie Yan’s killing intent following him relentlessly. He couldn’t comprehend how. His Blinks were completely random. How did Nie Yan pinpoint his location every time? His prediction ability was terrifying!

Nie Yan’s comprehension of Fawne’s Phantom grew deeper as he fought Howling Wind. Apart from the unrivalled evasion ability and speed, it also provided him unmatched pursuing ability. With this skill, even if the enemy blinked away at random, he could still track the movement through the flow of their mana.

Nie Yan became increasingly confident that if Plenty wanted to stand a chance against him, he had to advance to a Legend. Unfortunately, he didn’t know whether Plenty already succeeded or not. So, rather than taking the risk of challenging him now, he would focus on increasing his strength instead.

“You’ve lost,” Nie Yan said in an indifferent tone. He had to admit that Howling Was was quite strong. However, a Master had no chance of winning against a Legend. This was a gap that couldn’t be closed with equipment nor level nor skill.

Howling Wind halted his step, looking a little lost. The strength he was so proud of was nothing in front of Nie Yan. He realized that cold chill he felt on his neck was Nie Yan’s blade, ready to chop down whenever. He’d already lost.

Nie Yan stopped about 10 meters across from Howling Wind. Seeing his opponent’s dejected appearance, he consoled, “This isn’t an issue of skill. That’s just how the game works. Legend beats Master like rock beats scissors. If you want to have a real duel, come back when you’ve become a Legend.”

Howling Wind bitterly smiled. “I’ve got to witness the might of a Legend firsthand. But to be honest, even if you were still a Master, I don’t think I could’ve won. You’ve already advanced while I’m still struggling to get past that final hurdle. This is a difference in skill. I won’t make any excuses for myself. A loss is a loss.”

Nie Yan shrugged his shoulders, declining to express his opinion. Perhaps it really was like what Howling Wind said. Even if Tang Yao came over right now, he probably wouldn’t last more than a few moves. The difference in class rank was too great. When he defeated Howling Wind, he didn’t have to do anything fancy. All he did was rely on the overwhelming power of his skills.

“If you want to improve, go learn from Sparrow Hawk, Sun, and them. Fumbling forward by yourself can only take you so far. You’re a bit weaker than them in terms of skill.” Nie Yan had an idea. He’d first belittle Howling Wind a little. Perhaps that would get him to join Asskickers United. An expert like Howling Wind was difficult to find. If he could be pulled into Asskickers United, it would be a big win. However, after becoming a Legend, Nie Yan didn’t particularly care anymore if Howling Wind joined. One more or one less, it made no difference on the overall picture.

Howling Wind seemed dissatisfied with Nie Yan’s evaluation. He opened his mouth to argue.

“I’m going back to levelling.” Nie Yan turned around and dashed over to the Umbra Demon Kings in the distance, continuing his grind. After this match with Howling Wind, he had a rough idea of his own strength. He was confident that he had an absolute chance of victory if Plenty failed to break through in the next two and a half months.

Fallen Angel, I’ll be coming for you soon!

The video of Nie Yan battling the Umbra Demon Kings continued circulating around. Eventually, news of this mysterious expert reached the ears of Fallen Angel. However, their higher-ups remained calm, expressing no particular reaction. Plenty appeared to have vanished into thin air, while Fallen Angel’s elites were frequently spotted going in and out of Sword of the War God. According to the rumours, they were frantically collecting void metal.

Nie Yan received constant updates on the situation in Fallen Angel from Guo Huai. From that, he guessed Plenty was also crazily raising his level and the quality of his gear. Once the five-month deadline was up, he wondered how strong Plenty would be.

After grinding in Hell for three more days, Nie Yan received word from Guo Huai that Howling Wind had brought his team with him to join Asskickers United. Subsequently, he defeated Sun, Tang Yao, and the rest. Nie Yan couldn’t help but chuckle. It looked like this was Howling Wind’s way of proving him wrong. He had several powerful experts under his wing. If Fallen Angel ever tried to declare war on Asskickers United, they would now have a greater advantage.

Nie Yan recalled how Howling Wind took on Angel Corps all by himself in the previous timeline. Yet this unyieldingly proud figure was absolutely dominated by him.

Even though when the game first released Nie Yan had the advantage of foresight, he had to rely on hard work to get to where he was now.

Nie Yan eventually found the final fragment of the Death God’s Bone. After he placed all 12 fragments together in his bag, they let out a dazzling light.

The 12 fragments gradually merged together before becoming a single bone.

Nie Yan stared fixedly at the bone, wondering what it would become.

The intact Death God’s Bone was extremely smooth. There wasn’t a trace of a single crack. It looked as if it were crafted from a black metal, giving off a dark lustre.

Death God’s Bone: Special Item

Death Sentence: Target an enemy for death. If the target is not more than 20 levels above the user, this spell will instantly kill them. Cooldown: 30 days.

Death Sentence? Nie Yan was curious to see this skill in action.

A cooldown of 30 days. If Nie Yan used it, it would be back up by the time he would duel Plenty.

Looking in the distance, an Umbra Demon King happened to be moving towards him.

Death Sentence!

Suddenly, an enormous hand emerged from the sky as if it had crossed through from the void. As the index finger pointed at the Umbra Demon King, a powerful aura of death spread out.

This skill was far grander than Annihilation Slash! It also looked even more difficult to dodge.

The hand blotted out the entire sky as an immense force bore down on the ground. All the undead in the vicinity trembled in fear.

BOOOM! The Umbra Demon King appeared to be struck by a powerful force. It collapsed to the ground.

Instant kill?

Nie Yan gasped. What a powerful skill! It really was an instant kill! This skill was ridiculously overpowered. In terms of killing power, no other skill could beat it. Of course, it wasn’t invincible. At the very last moment before the attack landed, it could still be evaded. However, only the fastest and most skilled could pull that off. Especially since Nie Yan would only use it at the most opportune time, when the enemy had no chance of evading!

After gathering the 12 fragments, Nie Yan had another killer ace!

Nie Yan’s harvests were quite good. Looking around, there were still two Umbra Demon Kings left. He’d deal with them in 30 minutes. At this home stretch in Hell, a satisfied smile appeared on Nie Yan’s face. He was already Level 202, 32%, while his dragons were even higher with the Divine Eclipse Dragon at Level 211 and the other two at Level 205.

Nie Yan broke out into laughter, his voice reverberating for a long time in the air. It brimmed with confidence, just like in the past. The moment he left Hell would mark the Mad Rogue’s return to glory!

“It’s been three years. I’m back!”

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