Chapter 985 - Book of Order

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Chapter 985 – Book of Order

The Chapter of Holiness floated in the void, emanating a powerful holy aura.

The last remaining chapter! The title of Supreme Pontiff was within grasp!

Nie Yan had started to realize a certain truth over the years while playing Conviction. The strong only grew stronger! Those more skilled than their peers could complete more difficult quests and obtain better gear and skills. With this better equipment, they could naturally take on even higher difficulty quests and get their hands on even better loot. Like this, they would pull farther and farther ahead from ordinary players.

Nie Yan was a prime example. After becoming a Legend, many things became much easier to obtain, such as the final chapter from the Book of Order and the Supreme Pontiff title. After obtaining these things, his strength would rise by another level, and he would pull even farther ahead.

Nie Yan climbed up to the top of the stairs and stopped in front of the floating Chapter of Holiness. He reached out to it with his hand.

The Chapter of Holiness appeared to sense the other chapters in Nie Yan’s possession and started whirling around, giving off a gentle white light.

Nie Yan grabbed the Chapter of Holiness and placed it inside his bag. The remaining chapters slowly came together, releasing a dazzling light before merging into a complete volume. Afterwards, the six volumes fused together into a thick book. The front cover was made out of some unknown material while the edges were embroidered with gold thread. It was worn out and drab, evidence of its long history. Written on the cover in Ancient Common were the bolded words, Book of Order.

Nie Yan wondered what the stats of the completed Book of Order were. However, the stairs beneath his feet started shaking violently before he had a chance to find out. Countless cracks spread across the enormous black gate in front of him.

The whole place was about to go down!

Nie Yan’s heart shook. He didn’t dare to dally here any longer. He bolted away with Gale Step.

BANG! BANG! BANG! A cacophony of explosions rang out behind him.

The meteors, each of them hundreds of times larger than the ones summoned by Forbidden Magic, started raining down on the stairs. They obliterated large sections as they smashed through the steps.

A meteor crashed down directly below Nie Yan. BOOM! Hundreds of steps exploded into the void.

Nie Yan halted his steps. His way down was cut off!

Three notification and announcement jingles rang next to Nie Yan’s ears. He had no time to check what they were. Just as he was about to summon the Spectre Dragon and fly away, several meteors came falling right towards him.

“Crap, I’m done for.” Nie Yan despaired. Thankfully, he didn’t have anything on him that would drop on death. His several Sacred items were all bound to him. That included the Death God’s Edge, which bound to him after completing the quest in Hell, and the Book of Order which was now complete. So, he would only lose some experience.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Nie Yan felt an overwhelming heat engulfing him before all went dark.

A while later, Nie Yan revived in the graveyard. Looking at his experience bar, he felt it was well worth it. He obtained the Book of Order at a small loss of experience that didn’t even see him drop a level.

Nie Yan glanced at the notifications and announcements he received.

Nirvana Flame has completed the Book of Order. In two hours, Archangel Tallod will descend on the Temple of Light in Calore and officially bestow him the title of Supreme Pontiff in a coronation ceremony.

Nirvana Flame has opened the Entrance to the Void World.

Invasion of the Void World: Inhabitants of the Atlanta continent, for the preservation of humanity, return to your cities and fight off the invaders from a foreign world. May the God of Light be with you.

Jebiath the Great has died. You have failed the quest “Elder Redwin’s Betrayal.” Jebiah the Great’s Scepter Fragment has disappeared.

Before Nie Yan could comprehend what was going on, he received a second string of announcements.

Calore is under siege by creatures from the void. Calling all players for assistance.

Okoron is under siege by creatures from the void. Calling all players for assistance.

Nisode is under siege by creatures from the void. Calling all players for assistance.

Nie Yan received more than 30 such announcements in total. He was flabbergasted. Did him grabbing a single chapter really cause such a huge event?

Unbeknownst to Nie Yan, the trigger condition for the release of the Void World was the completion of both the Book of Order and Book of Chaos. Since Plenty had already completed the Book of Chaos, Nie Yan completing the Book of Order became the key to opening the floodgates.

Since this was a trigger event, Great Prophecy couldn’t predict it.

Invasion of the Void World, this sounded like another major expansion.

In two hours, Nie Yan had to be in the Temple of Light in Calore to be coronated as the Supreme Pontiff. However, with the invasion of the void, the entirety of the Atlanta continent was in chaos. Likely, it wouldn’t be as grand of an event as the crowning of the Chairman of the Dark Council.

Be it Nie Yan completing the Book of Order, receiving the Supreme Pontiff title, or the opening of the Void World, it triggered a huge uproar among the playerbase. So many major events were clustered together. Everyone was dumbstruck.

「Guo Huai, what’s the situation like on your side right now?」Nie Yan asked.

「It’s complete and utter chaos here. All our strongholds are under siege from void creatures. There are too many of them. We can’t hold on.」Guo Huai anxiously reported.

Nie Yan pondered for a moment. Every now and then in Conviction, a major event would rear its ugly head to wreck immense havoc, forcing players to rebuild from the ruins. It was only a matter of time for this invasion of the void to happen.

「What about the Evil Faction?」Nie Yan asked. He hoped the void creatures were also invading the underworld and not just the surface, or else it would be really unfair.

「They’re also under siege. I’m guessing Plenty is tearing his hair out trying to deal with it.」

「I see, that’s good. Since everyone is being attacked, whoever can survive this calamity will be the victor. I’ll return to Okoron immediately!」Nie Yan said. He skimmed through the guild chat and pieced together a rough picture of what happened. After he completed the Book of Order, innumerable green meteors starting raining down all over the Atlanta continent. After they crashed into the ground—obliterating many man made structures and even entire towns—they opened up to reveal hordes of void creatures. These monsters started hunting down the players in the wilderness. Before long, they found themselves without players left to feast on. Not satisfied with this, they started attacking settlements and cities too.

The weakest among these void creatures were ordinary Level 180 monsters. Among them there were countless, Void Walkers, Void Slaughterers, and Void Predators; Level 200, 210, and 220 Lords respectively. There were even Demonified Lords. The players in the cities fought back fiercely. However, taking down these void creatures required enormous manpower. On average, tens of thousands of players were required to deal with a single Void Walker!

Under the siege of the void creatures, strongholds were quickly lost; especially those of which that were hit by the meteors. The cities fared somewhat better. With countless powerful NPCS guarding them, they could put up a decent resistance.

Nie Yan was puzzled about one thing. What did Jebiah the Great’s death and Elder Redwin’s Betrayal have to do with the invasion of the void? He’d been putting off that quest for who knew how long without issue. But now he’d suddenly received a notification that he failed it. Thankfully, there weren’t any penalties, nor did the quest disappear as a new continuation opened up. Could it be that Elder Redwin had something to do with this invasion?

Nie Yan didn’t have the luxury to continue pondering this question. He would have to deal with things as they came. Plus, this was also a blessing in disguise for him. With his current strength, these high level Lords were perfect food for him. He could seize this opportunity to power level!

Nie Yan still hadn’t had a chance to check out the Book of Order. He pulled it out and examined it.

Book of Order (Sacred): Inheritance Item

Description: Only the holder of the Book of Order will receive God’s inheritance and become the Righteous Faction’s Supreme Pontiff. Your mission is to spread the glory of light. The owner of this item may mobilize the army of the Temple of Light and give out orders to all its followers.

Properties: All Stats + 300%, Experience +80%, Magic Item Drop Rate +10%, All Skills Max Rank, Dark Magic Immunity, Physical Damage Reduction +80%. Access to all skills and spells; the user may learn up to 100 of them at any time (Some effects cancelled out by the Book of Chaos).

Restrictions: Nirvana Flame

Note: Item effects are applied immediately upon entering the player’s bag.

The Book of Order was undoubtedly amazing. As an item that took effect just by sitting in the player’s bag, it could only be described as heaven defying. Then again, it was one of the ultimate items in Conviction. For it to have these kinds of properties wasn’t shocking.

Nie Yan was especially taken aback by the fact that he had access to all skills and spells and could learn up to 100 at any given time. Likely, the Book of Chaos also gave something similar. If he didn’t have the Book of Order and rashly challenged Plenty, he would’ve probably suffered a humiliating defeat. It appeared Plenty was still holding back. Thankfully, he wasn’t hot-headed.

What Nie Yan didn’t know was that the Book of Chaos was completely different from the Book of Order. But since the properties of the Book of Chaos weren’t public, he had know way of knowing what they were.

Nie Yan obtained another item that didn’t lose out to any other Sacred-grade piece of equipment. His strength soared up by another level. He could probably stand as an equal among the Legendary NPCs now.

Plenty probably saw in the void creatures the same as Nie Yan, a great opportunity to level up. Nie Yan’s heart was filled with eagerness and competitive spirit. As he tightly gripped Zennarde’s Sword in his hand, the flames blazed brightly. “Let’s see who can kill them faster, Plenty!”

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