Chapter 986 - Absolute Might!

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Chapter 986 – Absolute Might!

When Nie Yan returned to Okoron, he found the whole place in chaos. Countless players were rushing towards the city walls. However, they couldn’t stop some void creatures from breaking through the city’s defenses. They floated ominously above the ground, resembling mega sized spectres with sharp teeth and claws. The troops from Asskickers United desperately fought back against them.

A Void Walker moved through the city, toppling down buildings while completely brushing off the shower of magic raining down it.

Even though the players fighting the Void Walker were panicked and confused, they still managed to form a relatively effective resistance.

“Mages, take position to the left. Use the buildings as cover. Maintain your damage output! Warriors, protect the Mages!” a Priest from Asskickers United ordered. The players in the surroundings rallied under his leadership.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The Warriors charged forward while the Mages bombarded the Void Walker with their magic.

A Level 200 Demonified Lord was normally an untouchable existence for ordinary players. However, by throwing enough bodies at it, they slowly whittled its health down.

“HREEEEEK!” the Void Walker cried out, wrecking the surrounding buildings with one clean slash.

Just at this moment, Nie Yan arrived on the scene. Okoron was his city. He had poured an untold amount of blood and sweat on it. Seeing the Void Walker wantonly destroying everything he had worked so hard for, his expression turned ice cold.

Nie Yan disappeared from his spot and reappeared right below the Void Walker. He slashed out with Zennarde’s Sword as a string of frightening damage values floated up above its head. Three minutes later, it let out a mournful wail and collapsed to the ground.

Nie Yan glanced at his experience bar. It had only filled up by a tiny bit. As for the loot, he left it where it was. The city needed him right now, and he wasn’t about to let it fall because he was preoccupied with something as unimportant as that.

The players in the vicinity were dumbstruck. They’d been fighting the Void Walker for who knew how long and only brought its health down to 90%. Yet a single person had come around and took care of it in the blink of an eye.

“That Thief, that dagger… it’s the boss!” the Priest exclaimed as he stared at Nie Yan’s departing silhouette. “No doubt about it, the boss is here!”

This small piece of news sent waves through the players from Asskickers United as they started fighting with even greater ferocity.

The non-guild members dumbly starred in the direction Nie Yan disappeared in. So, that was Nirvana Flame? How strong! This was their first time seeing Nie Yan live in action. Under the blade of Zennarde’s Sword, a Level 200 Demonified Lord was nothing more than helpless prey!

Nie Yan was putting out fires all over Okoron, bumping into Bladelight and other familiar faces along the way. They were also working hard to drive the void creatures out of the city.

“Nie Yan, the east gate needs help! I’ll go with Smoke Stub to back up the west gate!” Bladelight said.

“Got it!” Nie Yan said before dashing off.

Okoron, east gate. Several hundred thousand Asskickers United players were on the walls, beating back the void creatures outside. The arrow towers and catapults were firing at full power.

Undying Scoundrel was the man in charge at the east gate. From atop the wall, he gravely looked at the endless sea of void creatures, with no small number of high level Demonified Lords among them. The Mages had already cast 60 Forbidden Spells to kill just one of them. They were too strong, and there were simply too many of them! Their every attack would break large chunks off the wall. It wouldn’t be long before the east gate would fall.

「Scoundrel, we can’t hold on any longer!」

「Send up the three Magisters who still have their Forbidden Magic! Cast them one after another!」Undying Scoundrel shouted.

A Level 220 Demonified Lord-class Void Predator managed to scale the walls and slashed down with its monstrous claws. BAANG! The walls shook violently as several dozen players were sent flying.

For many of them it wasn’t their first death since the void invasion. Even so, they didn’t hesitate to rush back from the graveyard and continue helping in the city’s defense. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as the walls were starting to crumble.

The players on the walls desperately tried to fend of the enemy. If worse came to worst, they could only retreat from the walls and set up a defensive line in the city. However, that meant Okoron would suffer even greater destruction.

At this moment, seven dragons appeared out of nowhere on the city wall.

The players from Asskickers United were briefly taken aback before realizing who these dragons belonged to. Their eyes lit up with joy.

A silhouette rushed forward to greet the Void Predator.

「Scoundrel, focus all your attacks on whichever monster I’m attacking!」Nie Yan ordered.

「Understood, Boss!」Undying Scoundrel relaxed someone as he passed on the message to his men.「Everyone, the boss is here! Listen to my orders!」

「It’s the boss!」

Morale instantly skyrocketed. Nie Yan’s presence was an enormous source of confidence for these players.

「Listen to Scoundrel!」

「Follow my lead! Help the boss!」Undying Scoundrel shouted.

Nie Yan struck the Void Predator with his Backbreaker of Nirvana Flame. BANG! An explosion of ice ruptured out from the wound, halting its movements. Immediately after, the Forbidden Magic from the dragons along with the spells from the Mages came raining down.

An assault of more than 50,000 spells!

About a minute later, the Void Predator let out a mournful cry and collapsed to the ground.

Nie Yan glanced at the Void Predator’s remains and noticed something sparkling. “Void metal!” He reached down and grabbed it. Upon closer examination, he discovered it was Void Silver Ore! Not a bad harvest. Every ore was definitely precious!

After taking down the first Void Predator, Nie Yan immediately locked onto the next. He pounced forward with a Legendary Nightmare Beheader!

Nie Yan had taken the two Legendary skill books for Thieves that were in Asskickers United’s guild treasury. One was Nightmare Beheader and the other was Shadow Escape.

Nightmare Beheader’s range couldn’t compare to Annihilation Slash. However, its damage wasn’t any bit inferior, and its cooldown was much shorter. It worked best on a single target!

BANG! The Void Predator took a heavy blow and staggered several steps back.

The Void Predator was about to retaliate, when a locust swarm spell came whistling over. The locust swarm engulfed it, interrupting its attack. Nie Yan seized the opportunity and circled around with a Lacerate.

PSFHT! Ice rupture proc’d again!

About a minute later, the second Void Predator fell under the fierce assault.

As for the weaker Level 180 Void Wolves in the vicinity, they couldn’t endure the bitter cold of Jotunheim’s Descent and instantly froze to death.

Nie Yan had Kalenna protect him with Kalenna’s Guardian Barrier. It almost tickled as multiple Demonified Lords attacked him together.

Asskickers United’s players were left speechless. No matter how much they attacked, they couldn’t deal with a single Void Predator. However, with Nie Yan’s arrival, they killed two in the span of a short few minutes. His position in their hearts rose even higher as they once more viewed him as an invincible god.

Seeing Nie Yan’s silhouette flickering around the battlefield like a phantom, they wondered how long it would take for them to reach his level.

They could only rely on the protection of the walls to deal damage to the void creatures. Meanwhile, Nie Yan dared to charge into the frightening sea of monsters all by himself. What astonishing strength!

「M-my God! Look at our stats!」a Mage shouted.

「36 blessings! Holy crap! No wonder our damage increased by so much after the boss arrived! Before we were barely hitting in the double digits. Now, we’re hitting in the several thousands!」

Kalenna’s blessings weren’t just for Nie Yan, but for all his nearby allies too!

It was a pity the second Void Predator he killed didn’t drop any void metal. Nie Yan picked up a piece of equipment. It was a Level 200 Legendary void metal chestplate. Its stats were pretty decent. He tossed it into his bag.

Under Nie Yan’s leadership, Asskickers United launched an all-out counterattack. They focused on the Demonified Lords, which fell beneath his blade one after another. As for the ordinary Level 180 Void Wolves, they were swept away by the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s AoE magic.

As the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s light and dark Forbidden Magic rained down on the battlefield, countless void creatures were vaporized into nothing.

Ding dong! Nie Yan glanced at his level. He had reached Level 203!

What astonishing levelling speed!

Not only Nie Yan, everyone else received a lot of experience too. More than 80% of the players had at least levelled up once. Some even levelled up two or three times!

About an hour later, the void creatures at the east gate were almost completely wiped out, the ground littered with corpses. There were only a few stragglers left alive. Nie Yan didn’t stick around for them as he immediately headed elsewhere.

An hour and 50 minutes later, Nie Yan levelled up again. He smacked his lips in satisfaction. With the release of the Void World, levelling became much faster. At the same time, he also received a notification.

You have killed 36,000 void creatures and obtained the Allied Army Legion Commander title.

You have obtained a Void Silver Ore.

Nie Yan was puzzled. What was the Allied Army Legion Commander? Would it give him something useful?

That said, the Void Silver Ore was a pleasant surprise. Apart from this one, he’d also obtained five from killing Void Predators.

Nie Yan wondered if he could upgrade the Tyrant Abak Set again with the Void Silver. Then again, the Tyrant Abak Set was already quite powerful. If he couldn’t use it, he could always pass it on to Bladelight and them.

Thanks to the efforts of the players form Asskickers United, most of the void creatures around Okoron were eventually cleared away. However, there were still many void creatures in the wilderness. Sooner or later, they would come swarming over. So, they had to take advantage of this brief period of peace to strengthen their defenses and prepare for the next wave.

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