Chapter 987 - Fallen Angel, Get Ready!

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Chapter 987 – Fallen Angel, Get Ready!

Calore, Temple of Light. The flames of battle couldn’t reach here, a gentle holy aura in the air.

News of Nie Yan’s coronation ceremony had quickly spread around the Righteous Faction. Even though the situation across the continent was chaotic right now, many people still came to witness this historic moment.

After all, the Supreme Pontiff held the highest authority in the Righteous Faction.

The main hall in the Temple of Light was packed with players. A red carpet was rolled out that led directly to a seat at the front of the room. The throne of the Supreme Pontiff! A symbol of absolute authority!

In front of the throne was Archangel Tallod clad in his silver white armour. The ethereal wings of light on his back fluttered back and forth. His palms rested on the pommel of his greatsword, which was pointed downward toward the ground. He appeared dignified.

After the Gates of Hell opened, many players became familiar with Archangel Tallod. Seeing his dignified expression, they knew better than to open their mouth. Even though the main hall was packed, it was deathly silent, so much so that you could hear a pin drop.

Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the others weren’t present. They were busy protecting Okoron. Besides, the coronation ceremony was merely a formality.

Nie Yan entered the hall, slowly walking over the red carpet. Looking at Archangel Tallod and the throne behind him, he still couldn’t help but feel excited. From the beginning of the game to now, from an ordinary player to the Supreme Pontiff, the journey truly wasn’t easy.

Nie Yan scanned the room before landing on a familiar face. Standing in the crowd right below the throne was Xie Yao. She had an indescribable grace about her, making her stand out like a snow lotus in full bloom.

As they met eyes, Xie Yao broke into a smile so gentle and enchanting that time appeared to come to a halt.

Whenever Xie Yao was by his side, Nie Yan felt like he could accomplish anything.

Nie Yan slowly strode forward, all eyes following his every step. The crowd felt like they were watching the ruler overlooking the world as reverence filled their hearts. He was about to officially become the Supreme Pontiff of the Temple of Light!

Nie Yan was an unreachable, god-like existence to countless players!

Many members of the crowd belonged to Asskickers United. They excitedly watched as Nie Yan approached Tallod, their eyes welling up with emotion. As they recalled the brilliance of his past achievements, they couldn’t help but feel their hearts race and boil with excitement. It was him who had led them to the peak of honour and glory!

Nie Yan stopped in front of Archangel Tallod, who placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Holder of the Book of Order, Nirvana Flame, are you willing to inherit God’s glory and spread the faith of his light?” Archangel Tallod asked.

“Yes, I’m willing,” Nie Yan said. He felt a heavy pressure just by being in Archangel Tallod’s presence. What an overwhelming aura! It was far more powerful than any Legendary NPC!

“Nirvana Flame, will you accept the title of Supreme Pontiff and become the executioner of God’s will?” Archangel Tallod asked.

“Yes, I’m willing!” Nie Yan answered. Under the weight of Archangel Tallod’s aura, he showed the utmost respect, not daring to show the slightest arrogance.

“Hereby I grant you the absolute authority to lead the followers of the Temple of Light. Fight bravely! May God’s light be with you!” Archangel Tallod finished. A dazzling radiance brimming with an unrivalled power power fell over Nie Yan,

Nie Yan felt every pore of his being surging with strength.

Within the radiance, Archangel Tallod took out a golden crown and placed it over Nie Yan’s head. His stately voice lingered in Nie Yan’s ears.

“As I bathe in the light of Heaven, God has granted me an immortal body. Archangel Tallod has bestowed upon me supreme authority. As the Supreme Pontiff of the Temple of Light, I will declare war against the darkness and make sure His light illuminates every corner of the land. I will drive off all evil from this world and dispel all of humanity’s sickness. I am this world’s king!”Nie Yan’s deep voice reverberated out.

A powerful aura swept out, causing the players in the surroundings to pale in shock. They didn’t dare to show any resistance as they knelt before him in submission.

Nie Yan’s eyes swept over the crowd. It was as if his gaze could see through all. The players felt like they were sitting on pins and needles.

Finally, the players from Asskickers United erupted into cheers.

“Supreme Pontiff! Supreme Pontiff!”

“Long live Nirvana Flame!”

Nie Yan lightly nodded. He could finally mobilize the army of the Temple of Light! Opening his status page, he noticed an additional tab for summoning NPC troops, which comprised a 200,000 strong Paladin Legion, 20,000 strong Priest Legion, and 50,000 strong Holy Griffon Knight Legion.

With the threat of the void creatures still looming over them, Nie Yan instantly mobilized them. They would help the cities across the continent in repelling this invasion.

After the coronation ceremony, Archangel Tallod stayed in the Temple of Light. From now on, he would personally oversee the temple in Calore. With him here, Calore would never fall!

Nie Yan took his crown in his hands and inspected it. It gave zero stats, but it represented the highest position and authority!

The cheering of the players from Asskickers United could be heard all across Calore. Nie Yan faintly smiled. The coronation ceremony gave him a brand new feeling. Today marked the day that he had reached the highest peak in Conviction! From now on, he would rule over the entire Righteous Faction! Perhaps in the future, his influence would even spread to the underworld!

Staring at Nie Yan who bathed in a holy radiance, Xie Yao started reminiscing about the past. When they first met, she didn’t know why, but from the first moment she felt like they were connected by destiny. In these past seven years, countless things had happened, all of which had become her most cherished memories. While Nie Yan sought higher and higher glory, she was simply content simply being by his side.

The celebration after the coronation ceremony lasted for a few hours. The Asskickers United players in Okoron were also endlessly excited. Watching the video of the event, they wished nothing more than to be there in person. Unfortunately, they had to stay behind and defend Okoron.

The guild members shared their joy in the guild chat.

「Archangel Tallod crowned the boss Supreme Pontiff!」

「The title of Supreme Pontiff and Chairman of the Dark Council basically cancel each other out. He can definitely beat Plenty now!」

「That’s for sure!」

「Boss, we’ll follow you wherever you go! Lead us to victory against Fallen Angel!」

Nie Yan glanced at the guild chat. He was pretty much set on heading down to the Evil Faction. However, with the opening of the void, he could still raise his level a bit more first!

Lost in thought, Nie Yan’s pet space suddenly erupted with a powerful energy. His heart trembled. The Darkwing Dragon broke through to Rank 10! It had increased in size by several times over with a wing span of well over 100 meters! Nie Yan was speechless. It had practically become a flying fortress. Its scales even radiated a faint holy aura. He had probably triggered some special evolution during the coronation ceremony.

The sole Rank 10 Legendary flying mount! At this moment, the Darkwing Dragon was once more the supreme ruler of the skies!

The Spectre Dragon also showed signs of breaking through. However, it likely wouldn’t come into play in the underworld.

Karsi’s quest had a time limit of three years. However, no one had ever completed it. Nie Yan reaccepted the quest and headed out of Calore before summoning the Darkwing Dragon. Hopping on its back, he took to the air and paid a visit to the Roth Wetlands and Abyss Caverns of the Lorang Mountain Range.

This quest was rather easy to Nie Yan now. Even though Cerberus was strong, it was nothing more than a Level 200 Demonified Lord. With his current strength, he could make quick work out of it. He finished the quest in just under two hours.

After saving the eight surviving members of the Ten Holy Paladins, they joined the Temple of Light. They were all powerful NPCs that now fell under Nie Yan’s command.

As the Supreme Pontiff of the Temple of Light, even if Nie Yan didn’t finish the Ten Holy Paladins quest, he could still command Karsi to a certain extent. However, after rescuing them, Karsi directly became his servant and could be dispatched at will.

Apart from the Abyss Caverns, Nie Yan also made a trip to the Dragon Valley in the Moz Mountain Range. It took him roughly three hours to complete the Secret Treasure of the Dragon Race quest. Even though the rewards weren’t that spectacular, he did obtain two dragon runes for Zennarde’s Sword. They were ancient enchants that increased the attack power of Zennarde’s Sword by 5,000, while also boosting the effects of all its supplementary skills by an additional 20%. It was now better than the Death God’s Edge in every regard.

The void creatures surged out endlessly from the void. Even though there was chaos all over Conviction with cities collapsing, the average level and gear quality of players was shooting up. The void creatures gave an extremely ample amount of experience, far more than equal level monsters. Not to mention the equipment they dropped was of high quality.

The Righteous Faction and Evil Faction entered an arms race of sorts, with both competing to raise their levels and the quality of their gear faster than the other.

In the short span of half a month, Tang Yao reached Level 210, Plenty Level 211, and the other top experts also rapidly climbed in levels.

During this time, Nie Yan didn’t head to the Evil Faction to challenge Plenty, nor did any conflicts break out between the two great factions. There was a rare period of peace.

Of course, this couldn’t last forever. In the darkness of the underworld near the entrance to the surface a silhouette appeared. This person was naturally Nie Yan. He had teleported here with Instant Transmission.

Nie Yan looked in the distance. Even though his Night Vision stat was extremely high, he could still only see a relatively limited range. Everything beyond was covered in a veil of endless darkness. He smirked. “Fallen Angel, Plenty, get ready. I’m coming!”

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