Chapter 988 - Heads Rolling with Every Step

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Chapter 988 – Heads Rolling with Every Step

Nie Yan summoned his dragons. The void creatures were also invading the underworld. So, he could do some levelling along the way.

Since the start of the void invasion, Nie Yan’s level skyrocketed. He caught up to Tang Yao at Level 210. Of the Level 220+ Demonified Lords that spawned in the Righteous Faction, he had single-handedly taken down more than half of them.

Nie Yan no longer hid himself behind a cloak. His azure armour flickered with a dazzling radiance within the darkness. A pair of black wings slowly fluttered on his back. These were Demon Wings he crafted from the Demon Feather. In the past few weeks, Guo Huai had helped him collect the other materials he needed for crafting them They didn’t give any stat bonuses, only the ability to fly.

Even so, these wings were still useful to Nie Yan. He now had decent aerial mobility.

Apart from his unrivalled equipment, Nie Yan also had an old man wielding the Amos Void God Staff following behind him at a steady pace. A white nebula of holy energy circulated around him.

This old man was Karsi. As a Legendary NPC, he had seen countless battles and racked up astonishing achievements on the battlefield. He was an existence countless players revered.

Karsi would only take action if Nie Yan gave him the order.

A Level 230 Demonified Lord-class Void Succubus appeared up ahead. When it discovered Nie Yan, it immediately let out a shrill cry and pounced toward him.

Nie Yan’s figure blurred, activating Fawne’s Phantom, and reappeared in front of the Void Succubus. He twisted his body to the side and executed a Reverse Grip Backstab. His blade plunged into her side, proccing ice rupture and instantly covering her body in a thick layer of frost.

The Void Succubus lashed out in a violent frenzy. But no matter what she did, she failed to land a single hit on Nie Yan.

BANG! BANG! BANG! A shower of Forbidden Magic rained down on the Void Succubus. A string of 20,000,000s floated up above her head.

Not far from where Nie Yan was battling the Void Succubus, several Thieves were flitting across the darkness.

Sensing something, Nie Yan looked in the distance and spotted several silhouettes. He smirked. It appeared Fallen Angel would find out about his arrival pretty soon.

He was going to openly slaughter a path to the capital of the Undead Empire, Necropolis!

From here to Necropolis. Meet god, slay god! Meet buddha, slay buddha! Nie Yan wanted to see who in the Evil Faction could block his path!

Beneath his feet was the territory of the Evil Faction. Fallen Angel probably didn’t expect him to announce himself in such an arrogant manner.

Under Nie Yan’s fierce assault, the Void Succubus let out a mournful cry and disintegrated into nothing.

Necropolis, Fallen Angel’s guild headquarters.

Over 200 higher-ups from Fallen Angel were holding an emergency meeting in the conference hall. They’d just received word that Nirvana Flame was spotted in the underworld. The entire guild was in an uproar. Even though Plenty was an invincible existence in their hearts, the person coming for them was the Mad Rogue! In the short span of five months, he’d gone from being pitifully weak at Level 156 to only being one level behind Plenty at Level 210! What insane levelling speed! It was practically heaven-defying! Seeds of doubt sprouted in their hearts. Could Plenty really defeat Nirvana Flame?

The showdown between Nie Yan and Plenty was unavoidable. If Plenty lost, Fallen Angel would suffer an enormous blow. Previously, Asskickers United’s peak experts had already shown their superoirty. If it weren’t for Plenty single-handedly making a comeback, they would’ve lost all face. However, as if in response Nie Yan had risen back to the top. It appeared he wasn’t content to let them have even that victory.

“That son of a bitch! Who does he think he is? Does he think we are so easy to bully? Boss, we should send our people to intercept him!” a Dark Zealot exclaimed in righteous indignation.

Sending people to intercept him? That would be the same as Fallen Angel declaring that Plenty was too afraid to fight Nie Yan! Warlance glanced at Plenty, whose eyes were closed.

Plenty wore a cloak that hid his equipment. He remained silent, causing the others players to glance at each other confidently.

Eventually, Plenty opened his eyes and replied in an indifferent tone, “He’ll come sooner or later. No need to get anxious.” There was no avoiding the inevitable. As for how sure he was of victory, he couldn’t say.

Godking joined in and asked, “Boss, should we at least send some people to probe his strength?”

Plenty pondered for a moment. Nie Yan was without a doubt the strongest enemy he’d encountered to date. He had no idea how much stronger Nie Yan had grown in this short amount of time. This didn’t bode well for his chances of victory. However, sending people to intercept Nie Yan was a show of weakness.

Seeing Plenty frozen with indecision, God King and Warlance glanced at each other. They began making arrangements themselves.

Since Plenty wasn’t willing to tarnish his reputation. It could only be left to the two of them.

“Help me prepare the summoning formation. If I can’t defeat Nirvana Flame, we can only rely on that move,” Plenty said.

These words caused Godking and Warlance’s eyes lit up. With that move, they might actually stand a chance!

“Yes! We’ll prepare right away!”

Word of Nie Yan’s arrival in the underworld quickly spread. Not just within Fallen Angel, but throughout both great factions. The players couldn’t help but get excited to see what Nie Yan would pull off this time.

A post on the forums soared to the top. It contained a livestream from Nie Yan’s perspective.

“Nirvana Flame actually went to the underworld alone! He’s crazy!”

“With his skill, he can be as arrogant as he wants to be.”

“Huh? Who’s that man next to him wearing a cloak?”

“That should be Karsi, a Legendary Holy Mage. I heard a rumour that he’s Nirvana Flame’s servant.”

“A Legendary servant…”

Discussion surrounding Nie Yan filled the forum. Many people were guessing whether Plenty stood a chance. After witnessing Nie Yan’s might, would he even dare to fight? Apart from the discussion, the flame wars between Asskickers United and Fallen Angel had never stopped. However, in terms of morale, Asskickers United’s side held a clear-cut advantage. Nie Yan had killed his way into the Evil Faction by himself, and his destination was the capital of the Undead Empire, Necropolis! Even if Fallen Angel’s side wanted to argue back, there was nothing they could say.

Nie Yan glanced at the forum and smiled indifferently. These comments didn’t mean anything. In the end, strength prevailed over all!

After picking up the loot the Void Succubus dropped, Nie Yan strode forward. As more void creatures fell to his blade, he started noticing an increase in player activity near him.

As expected, Fallen Angel had sent people to intercept him!

A dozen Thieves suddenly jumped on Nie Yan. But as their blades cut down on him, they failed to connect. PSFHT! PSFHT! PSFHT! Blood splashed out as 12 bodies dropped to the ground.

The Thieves had inconceivable expressions on their faces.

What insane speed! Was this the might of a Legend?

These Thieves hadn’t even advanced to Soulweavers, yet dared to challenge him! Nie Yan sneered. Even ants would put up a better fight.

Though these Thieves weren’t wearing any guild emblems, Nie Yan was sure they were sent by Fallen Angel. After all, no one else was crazy enough to provoke him!

Nie Yan’s eyes flashed coldly as he locked onto something on a distant hill. Moments later, the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s magic struck there. Three Thieves were revealed from stealth as their bodies exploded.

Triple kill!

Every step Nie Yan took another Thief would reveal themselves. They tried a wide variety of techniques to catch him by surprise, to deal some actual damage. However, they all failed. Before they could even get close to him, they would find their health bars suddenly empty.

To Nie Yan’s surprise, there wasn’t a single Soulweaver among the Thieves that came for him. In fact, he hadn’t so much as sensed the presence of one. These Thieves were nothing more than cannon fodder, probably to make him drop his guard. He guessed the real fun was still to come.

At this moment, three Thieves came dashing towards Nie Yan, closing in with lightning speed.

They pincered Nie Yan, not even giving him the time to command his dragons.


One of the Thieves tried to lock Nie Yan down. Nie Yan quickly activated his Legendary Gale Step and used the brief moment of invincibility to evade at an unimaginable speed. He was faster than these Soulweavers by several times over.

One of the Thieves sensed a sharp killing intent washing over him. His face paled in horror. He tried to escape with Gale Step.

Lockdown! Cutthroat!

Nie Yan executed the two skills masterfully with no gap in between, almost as if he’d practiced them millions of times. The Thief didn’t even have a chance to activate Gale Step before his body was immobilized by lockdown. PSFHT! A fountain of blood jetted out from his throat.

Instant kill!

Nie Yan’s ruthless and efficient dispatching of their comrade left the other two Thieves breaking out in a cold sweat. However, in this critical moment, they had no time to hesitate or think. They’d come here with the resolve to die anyway. Their attacks were filled with an unyielding might as they staked everything on the line.

Dash Strike!

Dash Strike!

The daggers of the two Thieves streaked forward like meteors.

Nie Yan’s figure flashed. All the two Thieves saw was a blur as their attacks missed. They panicked.

Before they could react at all, Nie Yan chained Extreme Intimidate with Counter and Phantom Assassination! PSFHT! PSFHT! Two jets of blood spurted out at the same time. The Thieves wore expressions of disbelief as the light slowly faded from their eyes.

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