Chapter 989 - Killing Godking

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Chapter 989 – Killing Godking

Nie Yan slaughtered everyone who came for him. These players were simply too weak, lacking even the qualifications to probe his strength. He decided to try out some of the 100 skills he could learn from the Book of Order. Even if he wasn’t familiar with them, they were still more than enough to kill these small fry.

Between killing players, Nie Yan quenched his thirst on void creatures. He made quick work of them and raised his experience all the way to Level 210, 65%. Just a bit more grinding, and he would catch up to Plenty!

A Level 220 Void Predator appeared up ahead. Nie Yan was about to engage it, when he detected the presence of a large group of players in the distant forest.

After thinking for a moment, Nie Yan summoned his shadow clone. It entered stealth and dashed toward the forest.

Before long, blood-curdling screams rang out from the forest. These players were no match for the shadow clone!

Some players attempted to approach Nie Yan, who had his dragons blast them from afar with their flames. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Their bodies were thoroughly roasted.

Nie Yan ignored the prying eyes and engaged the Void Predator.

About a hundred Mages in the greater surroundings paced back and forth in hesitation. They didn’t dare to approach Nie Yan. All those that tried before them were instantly killed. Some didn’t even get anywhere near him as they were frozen to death by the effects of Jotunheim’s Descent. Still, their job was clear. They all drank Sage-rank Ice Resistance Potions, and then closed in on Nie Yan.

Nie Yan glanced east, where a group of Mages was approaching him. Since the Thieves couldn’t handle him, they sent in the casters!

The 100 Mages were all Gold Wings. In the entire Evil Faction, no one besides Fallen Angel could mobilize such a force!

The Mages hid their appearances behind cloaks, rapidly closing in on Nie Yan with blinks.

Nie Yan shot a glance at the Mages before shifting his attention back to the low health Void Predator. He didn’t panic in the slightest. He let loose with a flurry of Hell Executions. A string of misses floated up above its head before the last one landed. The Void Predator wailed out in anguish and disintegrated into nothing.

Nie Yan gazed over at the Mages. The leader was a player in silver ashen robes. Giving a signal with his hand, the hundred players split into teams of five and moved in to surround Nie Yan.

WHOOSH! WHOOSH! WHOOSH! Magic started raining down from the sky.

Gale Step of Nirvana Flame!

Nie Yan evaded the bombardment of spells. At the same time, the Divine Eclipse Dragon fired out two spheres of light, one black and one white. The two balls spiralled around each other before colliding together. BOOOM! A massive explosion immediately swept out. Some Mages failed to escape in time and were engulfed in the flames.

“Fuck! What kind of skill is that?”

“Those were clearly instant cast spells! Why the hell was that attack so powerful?”

The two spells the Divine Eclipse Dragon fired out were Light Ball and Dark Ball. On their own, they were nothing special. However, after being combined together, their destructive potential increased exponentially, far surpassing the realm of low level magic.

Even more frightening, this combination magic could be used freely! The cooldown was near non-existent and the cast time was almost instant.

A chaotic battle broke out. Many of the Mages switched focus to the Divine Eclipse Dragon. A few others tried to surround and pincer Nie Yan, but they couldn’t keep up with his unpredictable movements.

Most terrifying though, was that Karsi had yet to take action.

With Karsi’s strength, dealing with them would be extremely easy. No one understood why he hadn’t taken action yet. Could it be that Nie Yan couldn’t command him? Of course, this was only a faint hope. The Divine Eclipse Dragon and Nie Yan alone were already too much for them.

Because of this, their objective was simply to draw out and probe as much of Nie Yan’s strength as possible. They had no hopes of actually killing him.

Unfortunately, Nie Yan appeared to have already figured out their purpose. He used only Fawne’s Phantom, Counter, Gale Step, and a few other common skills. Yet they still couldn’t get a handle on him at all.

Nie Yan’s figured blurred as he closed in on one of the Mages.

The Mage immediately felt the surrounding temperature plummet and his movement speed decrease. Staring in Nie Yan’s eyes, he blinked away. As his feet touched the ground, he heard a rupturing sound behind his back. Nie Yan had somehow followed him!

Instant kill! Blood sprayed into the air.

Even in death, the Mage couldn’t wrap his head around how Nie Yan predicted his blink.

A blink form a Gold Wing Mage was a 100% effective tool. No matter what kind of attack they faced, they could blink away to escape. However, this surefire skill was completely useless against Nie Yan!

Finally locking onto Nie Yan, the Mages immediately targeted a barrage of spells at him, like Earth Spikes, Ice Blast, and so on.

Nie Yan’s figure blurred and disappeared without a trace.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The barrage of spells failed to hit their target.

Nie Yan used Gale Step to appear behind another Mage. Sensing a cold chill behind their neck, the Mage panicked.They tried to blink, but discovered their skill bar was grayed out.

PSHFT! Nie Yan stabbed through the Mage’s chest with Zennarde’s Sword. Another instant kill!

The Mages were dropping like flies, unable to put up any form of resistance.

Watching his men dropping like flies, the leader ordered, “Have the 200 on standby come forward!”

Nie Yan had come to the Evil Faction alone. A hundred Gold Wings fighting him was already pushing it. It would be difficult to avoid rumours that Fallen Angel was unscrupulous, sending so many players to gang up on one person.

Fallen Angel originally believed these 100 Gold Wings were enough to force Nie Yan to pull out his cards. Never did they expect that he could take them out without breaking so much as a sweat. This was unacceptable! So, the leader called more players over.

As the leader of the Mages called for reinforcements, Nie Yan locked onto him among the crowd.

Nie Yan’s silhouette blurred into motion as he shot forward.

Feeling the temperature around him plummet, the leader of the Mages froze. Even though there were seven other Gold Wings around him, he knew Nie Yan was after him.

The leader of the mages waved his staff. Darkness Burst! A dark explosion swept out from around him.

Nie Yan activated Shadow Escape, taking advantage of the brief invincibility to nullify the attack. As he pounced forward, Zennarde’s Sword blazed brightly as he slashed down on the leader of the Mages.

The leader of the Mages quickly waved his staff. A thick layer of stone formed around his body. This Stone Sculpture spell had incredible defensive properties.

Nie Yan’s attack landed on the statue. BOOM! It instantly shattered into a million pieces as debris flew everywhere.

The statue was destroyed in one hit!

At this moment, the leader of the Mages appeared 30 meters away, his chest heaving up and down heavily as he gasped for air. Nie Yan’s attack was too fast and too fierce. It was impossible for him to dodge it physically!

Stone Sculpture was actually an escape skill.

Nie Yan raised an eyebrow in surprise before his lips curved into a faint smile. The Mage in the silver ashen cloak was actually Godking! No wonder he could escape his ferocious assault!

Godking was once the guild leader of Pantheon, a former rival that stood on equal footing with Plenty. His strength wasn’t to be underestimated.

Godking knew his identity was exposed after using Stone Sculpture. The number of players in the Evil Faction with this skill could be counted on one hand.

Godking started waving his staff to shield himself, when Lil’ Gold blasted him with a jet of flames.

Lil’ Gold was already Level 230. If Godking were hit by the attack, even if he didn’t die, he would be barely clinging onto life.

Godking quickly blinked away. BOOOM! The flames blasted the ground where he previously stood, sending rubble flying everywhere.

What destructive might!

Godking had Spirit Awe active, but the effective range was only 120 meters. Meanwhile, the Level 230 Lil’ Gold’s attack range was an astonishing 300 meters!

The other players with Spirit Awe tried to close in on Lil’ Gold, the Divine Eclipse Dragon, and the Violet Eye Dragon. However, the dragons’ firepower was too fierce. They couldn’t enter anywhere within a 200-meter range. Even though they could exchange fire with the Divine Eclipse Dragon from afar and try killing it that way, it was the equivalent of using a pistol to go against a turret! One player after another was transformed into white rays of light.

Godking had just dodged Lil’ Gold’s flame breath, when a light and dark combination spell from the Divine Eclipse Dragon came whizzing over. BOOOM! An enormous explosion swept out.

Godking had already used several consecutive blinks to escape the range of the blast. Just as his feet touched the ground, he felt the temperature around him plummet.

Nie Yan was after him again!

Godking blinked away again. In his place, a demon in black armour emerged out of thin air and came slashing out with its blade.

Nie Yan’s silhouette flickered, instantly engulfed in a cloud of smoke and debris.

“Did it hit?” Godking felt the temperature around him returning to normal.

He’d seen the Archfiend’s attack land on Nie Yan!

In this brief moment of hope, Godking felt an ice-cold aura lock onto him. His body immediately froze up, unable to move.

No! Godking’s heart trembled.

The last thing Godking saw was a dagger shrouded in black flames slashing down on his chest. These ominous flames seemed to want to devour him completely, both body and soul. His pupils shrank.

PSFHT! Instant kill!

Nie Yan’s figure slowly materialized over Godking’s corpse.

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