Chapter 990 - Rank 10 Legendary Darkwing Dragon!

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Chapter 990 – Rank 10 Legendary Darkwing Dragon!

By the time the reinforcements Godking called over arrived, less than 30 of the 100 Gold Wings were still alive.

Nie Yan and his dragons were absolute killing machines, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. The enemies trembled with fear.

When the 200 Gold Wings arrived, Karsi finally took action. He waved his staff, and the magic energy within a several thousand meters radius undulated violently. Lowering his head, he started chanting a cryptic incantation. His voice seemed to pierce through time and space.

“W-what’s going on?”

“I don’t know!”

The players from Fallen Angel knew they were in great danger. However, they were frozen in place with no idea on what to do. This was a strength that couldn’t be resisted.

“L-look over there! Karsi is casting magic!”

“Shit. Everyone, retreat!”

The Gold Wings scattered without hesitation. Stop Karsi? What a joke! Nie Yan would never give them the chance to even get near him! Moreover, they sensed that whatever spell Karsi was casting was already on the verge of completion. Even if they wanted to, they didn’t have the time to stop him.

Several players had Transfer Rings and directly teleported away. The rest ran as far as their legs could carry them.

At this moment, Karsi chanted the last syllable. A dazzling radiance erupted from his body, making him resemble a miniature sun. Everything in a several thousand meters radius was turned into a world of white. A divine hymn could be heard in the air as the image of a holy temple appeared.

The Gold Wings cried out in pain. The holy light threatened to purify their entire existence.

They were all Evil Faction Players. So, their bodies were filled with darkness energy. The powerful holy energy tried to cleanse this.

PSFHT! PSFTH! PSFTH! 200 Gold Wings burst into smoke and disappeared without a trace, not even leaving behind a corpse.

Even Nie Yan was taken aback. He stared at Karsi with his mouth wide open like a goldfish. So, this was the might of a Legendary Mage? Too frightening! Even though Nie Yan was also a Legend, he was a player while Karsi was an age-old NPC. They simply weren’t on the same level in terms of strength.

Nie Yan’s only advantage over Karsi was that he could revive an unlimited amount of times. However, even this advantage wasn’t enough to beat Karsi, who reached infinitely close to the realm of a god. If he tried, he would simply be beaten back to Level 0.

Nie Yan only wanted to see Karsi in action a little. He didn’t expect Karsi would use such a shockingly powerful spell on the first move. More than 200 Gold Wings wiped out in an instant! He was afraid after this, no one would dare to play with him anymore.

The viewers of the livestream felt their scalp tingling, expressions of horror plastered on their faces. They had no idea how to describe the shock in their heart. The might of a Legendary Holy Mage was beyond anything they could’ve ever imagined!

With such a powerful servant at his side, Nie Yan was pretty much invincible!

「Who would do something without being sure of themselves? Especially someone like Nirvana Flame. Since he dares to slaughter his way into the Evil Faction alone, that likely means he has confidence in winning. Plenty is probably in for a world of hurt. I don’t see him beating a Legendary NPC like this.」

「I wouldn’t be so sure. I don’t think Nirvana Flame will have Karsi join the battle. After all, it’s a 1v1 duel between him and Plenty. Still, I don’t see Plenty winning.」

The players on the forums were all voicing their opinion. Unfortunately, there was no word from Fallen Angel. Plenty chose to remain silent, not bothering to give any reply. Everyone was wondering how Plenty was going to deal with Nie Yan. Apparently, Fallen Angel was working on something in Necropolis. However, in the face of absolute power, no trick would work.

The holy light slowly faded away. Nie Yan felt like he was transported to another world, then brought back.

There wasn’t a single corpse in the surroundings. The battlefield was completely swept clean. However, there were quite a few sparkling pieces of equipment on the ground. Nie Yan collected them all and tossed them into his bag. Looking in the distance, he spotted several Thieves in hiding. Karsi’s spell hadn’t purified them. Likely, they were people from the Righteous Faction. The spell only dealt damage to those from the Evil Faction. Since they weren’t his enemies, he didn’t bother with them. They were probably just trying to get some footage of his escapades in the Evil Faction to broadcast in real time.

Nie Yan continued making his way forward. After Karsi’s display of might, no one else dared to stir up trouble with him. He easily dispatched the many void creatures he encountered on his journey. Along the way, he happened to come across five strongholds belonging to Fallen Angel. However, they were all in ruins. During the invasion of the void, Fallen Angel had also taken heavy losses. It was easy to see from all this ruin and destruction.

Destruction, creation, destruction, and creation again. This was simply how the world of Conviction worked. Players would rise up from the ruins and rebuild a brand new world.

About five hours later, a crisp notification jingle rang out. Nie Yan glanced at his character page. He had reached Level 211 and caught up to Plenty!

Nie Yan smirked. At least in terms of level, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

A grand stronghold appeared over the horizon. An Advanced Stronghold!

Both Asskickers United and Fallen Angel had obtained several Advanced Strongholds and numerous Intermediate Strongholds over the last few years. Advanced Strongholds had extremely thick walls that could be compared with Intermediate Cities. They were heavily fortified and often housed a large number of siege engines. They were important strategic points.

The walls of the stronghold were packed with players. They were relying on the protection of the walls to repel the siege of the void creatures. Most of the void creatures around the stronghold had already been cleaned up. Only 30 high level Demonified Lords were still attacking the walls.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The walls groaned under the assault of these void creatures. The arrow towers and cannons were firing nonstop at them as a dense hail of arrows and shells rained down from the sky. Several hundred flying mounts were circling in the air, sweeping down regularly to attack the void creatures.

The fighting was extremely intense.

An evil grin formed on Nie Yan’s face as he watched this scene. Fallen Angel only had three Advanced Strongholds. If he razed one of them to the ground, even with how large they were, it would still be a huge blow to them.

Darkwing Dragon!

Nie Yan summoned his Darkwing Dragon. With the sound of a howling gale, the gigantic Darkwing Dragon appeared in front of him. Its 100-meter wingspan made it resemble an ancient behemoth. Ordinary flying mounts were less than a tenth of its size.

With the arrival of the Darkwing Dragon came also a powerful aura that swept out into the surroundings.

The sole Rank 10 Legendary flying mount!

Apart from the Darkwing Dragon, Nie Yan also summoned his Spectre Dragon. Although it was still fairly large compared to other flying mounts, it looked like a child next to the Darkwing Dragon. A single beat from the Darkwing Dragon’s wings could send it flying.

Nie Yan leaped onto the Darkwing Dragon. He also had his several land dragons and Karsi jump on its back. There was plenty of space.

The Darkwing Dragon flapped its wings and took to the air. A powerful gale sent the Spectre Dragon reeling several meters back. Shortly after, it also took to the air and followed behind.

As soon as the Darkwing Dragon appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of the players defending the stronghold.

“L-look over there! What’s it that?” The players on the walls gazed in horror as an enormous black beast came flying straight for them.

“It looks like a flying mount!”

“A dragon! It’s the Darkwing Dragon! Oh my God! Why is it so big?”

This was their first time seeing such a large flying mount.

“His Darkwing Dragon broke through to Rank 10!” the flying mount riders cried out in shock. They had a better understanding of the strength of flying mounts. A one rank difference, especially at the higher ranks, was like the gap between the heavens and earth.

What did a Rank 10 flying mount represent? Invincibility! Every other flying mount in the face of a Rank 10 flying mount was nothing more than an ant! Fallen Angel had more than 300 Rank 9 flying mounts. They were the ultimate weapons in the sky. It was believed Rank 10 was only a myth, so they considered themselves at the apex. So, one could imagine their shock when they saw the one and only true Rank 10 flying mount in existence!

The Darkwing Dragon was like a tempest, pouncing towards the flying mounts from Fallen Angel.

The several hundred flying mounts instantly scattered. They didn’t have the slightest will to fight.

The riders frantically tried to recall their flying mounts. However, the flying mounts wouldn’t budge. In the presence of a Legendary Rank 10 flying mount, they were frozen in terror, some even outright refusing the orders of their masters.

PSFHT! PSFHT! PSFHT! Three Rank 9 flying mounts tried to attack the Darkwing Dragon, only to be torn into pieces.

Nie Yan’s dragon pets and Karsi started casting magic. A shower of single-target Forbidden Magic rained down from the sky, instantly taking out the flying mounts from Fallen Angel.

A one-sided slaughter!

“Show them your might!” Nie Yan said.

The Darkwing Dragon raised its head to the sky and let out a roar. The powerful dragon cry swept out, carrying the aura of an invincible king.

All the Fallen Angel players on the scene paled in fright.

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