Chapter 992 - Battle of the Pinnacle (2)

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Chapter 992 – Battle of the Pinnacle (2)

The spectators felt a powerful aura sweep out, threatening to blow them away. With pale faces, they retreated back further as they stared at the two in alarm. What powerful might!

All eyes were on the battlefield. Both sides were ready to battle!

At this moment, several hundred silhouettes came flying over and landed about 700 meters from the battle area. They were players from the Righteous Faction led by Bladelight.

“Looks like we made it just in time.” Bladelight chuckled. Nie Yan and Plenty were still standing opposite of each other.

“Like we would miss this match!” Undying Scoundrel exclaimed.

“They’re starting!” Smoke Stub said, taking a step forward to get a better look.

When the players from the Evil Faction saw Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the rest, their eyes widened in fear as they retreated another 60 meters.

Their numerical advantage meant nothing against these peak experts from Asskickers United. Fighting them was simply seeking death! Besides, Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the rest wouldn’t have to expend any effort to kill them.

Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the others didn’t bother with these players either. Their eyes were fully focused on the battle that had just started.

Apart from Bladelight and others, there were also a few guildless players from the Righteous Faction. Of course, anyone that dared to come here was a top expert.

A white robed Holy Mage holding a white leopard cat in her bosom was watching the battle. Her graceful temperament and charming appearance captivated those around her. However, no one dared to try and flirt with her. They weren’t suicidal! No one in their right mind would dared to hit on Xie Yao, the girlfriend of Nirvana Flame!

“It’s starting!” The crowd stirred.

Nie Yan entered stealth and disappeared from view. Even the murderous aura pouring out of Zennarede’s Sword seemed to wink out of existence.

This caused Plenty to feel even greater danger!

The enemy before him was the legendary Mad Rogue. Plenty didn’t dare to be careless, for the slightest lapse in concentration would result in a dagger in his throat.

In a battle between peak experts, a hair’s breadth could mean the difference between victory and defeat!

Demon Eyes!

Plenty’s black pupils glowed crimson and transformed into the shape of a diamond. As his gaze swept out, he instantly became aware of every creature in the surroundings.Yet he still couldn’t detect a single trace of Nie Yan!

How was this possible?

Plenty felt apprehension. Activating Demon Sense, he focused his senses and quickly felt a frightening cold air behind him.

What insane speed!

Nie Yan was faster than any player he’d encountered before!

After Nie Yan entered stealth, he activated Fawne’s Phantom and true to the skill’s namesake appeared behind Plenty like a ghost. Zennarde’s Sword came slashing down.

Plenty waved his staff. A large, black serpent congealed from darkness energy leaped up from the ground and wrapped itself around him. PSSFHT! Nie Yan’s attack slashed the serpent apart, causing it to vanish like a wisp of smoke. However, Plenty was gone.

Eye of Truth!

Nie Yan let out a grunt as his eyes blossomed out with a profound light. The surroundings instantly became clear as he locked onto Plenty in the distance. At the same time, a dark gloomy aura rose up from the ground. Though it was nearly indiscernible, it still didn’t escape his detection!

A giant shadowy hand shot up from the ground and moved to grab Nie Yan.

What frightening cast speed! Nie Yan had no idea when Plenty cast Shadow Bind.

If it were an ordinary player, there would be no way they’d be able to predict, nor react to a Shadow Bind right after killing the dark serpent.

However, Nie Yan had already lost count of how many battles he’d experience in both his past life and this one. His senses for danger were refined to the extreme. He activated Gale Step in the nick of time and escaped.


In the next moment, Nie Yan appeared in front of Plenty and stabbed at his chest with a Dash Strike.

Plenty’s body suddenly turned into several shadows as he avoided Nie Yan’s attack. With a wave of his staff, the ground beneath Nie Yan’s feet became soft. Everything in a 60-meter radius of the two transformed into a giant sandpit.

Nie Yan hurriedly retreated several dozen meters away, raising an eyebrow in surprise. Plenty had really grown much stronger. He was definitely the strongest enemy he’d faced to date!

The battle had only just started. So, both sides had yet to pull out their cards. They’d only used probing attacks so far. However, in the hands of these peak experts, even the most ordinary skill became extraordinary!

Be it Nie Yan or Plenty, the slightest slip-up would prove fatal.

The exchanges between Nie Yan and Plenty were too fast for most players to keep up with. All they saw was two blurs darting around non-stop on the battlefield. In the span of a short few seconds, the two moved between six different places. Only the experts could tell how perilous the battle truly was as they broke out in a cold sweat. If it were them there, they would’ve already died several times over.

The players who couldn’t make heads or tails of the live battle downloaded the recording and replayed it back frame by frame. They immediately felt their scalps tingle, shocked by how many times Nie Yan and Plenty had exchanged moves in such a short time frame. Even more, each move was incomparably fierce. Nie Yan’s attacks were ruthless and as fast as lightning. On the opposite side, Plenty’s reflexes were extraordinary, and the speed at which he cast his magic was astonishing. Most casters would have to wave their staff several times and chant a long incantation to cast a single spell. Meanwhile, he only had to slightly move his lips and wave his scepter to do the same. Not to mention how easily he transitioned from one spell to the next. The slightest hesitation would result in his opponent being hit.

“Seems like they’re still feeling each other out. Plenty, that bastard, has grown really strong. It’s no wonder he defeated us,” Bladelight remarked.

“What? This is still just a warm-up?” A few Asskickers United players in the vicinity gazed at Bladelight with a look of disbelief.

“Look, they’re still using the most ordinary skills. We haven’t seen any high rank ones yet!” Bladelight explained. Observing the battle between Nie Yan and Plenty, his heart was also filled with a myriad emotions. Both of them could be described as heaven-blessed geniuses. Only these two freaks could allow everyone to experience the pinnacle of PvP.

The spectators watched the match with eyes full of astonishment. Meanwhile, Plenty and Nie Yan were immersing themselves deeper and deeper into the battle until it seemed like they were the only two people in the world.

A stray fireball landed in a crowd of players. BOOOM! The resulting explosion swallowed up 30 players. The rest of the crowd quickly retreated another several hundred meters.

Nie Yan glanced at his skill bar. In less than a minute, he’d used 60 skills. If it weren’t for the Book of Order, he would be really worrying right now!

As the battle continued, Plenty was starting to feel the pressure. Many of his ordinary skills were on cooldown. It was obvious that Nie Yan had far more skills than him. With each wave of attacks being fiercer than the previous, he was forced onto his back foot.

If he kept trying to match Nie Yan blow for blow, he would be done for.

Both sides had already finished gauging the other’s strength. Since it was like this, Plenty was ready to go all out to see who was the strongest between the two of them!

Plenty retreated 100 meters. Seeing Nie Yan chasing after him, he let out a low grunt. A powerful aura surged out of him as he stabbed his scepter into the ground. BOOOM! Enormous cracks started spreading out from the earth at a frightening pace!

An enormous serpent formed out of electricity coiled around Plenty, sending bolts of lightning flying into the surroundings.

Finding the earth trying to swallow him up, Nie Yan quickly pulled back. With his hand bracing against the ground, he catapulted 60 meters back before landing on his feet. As he gazed over in Plenty’s direction, his expression turned serious.

There was no more holding back!

Nie Yan showed no signs of retreating. The true match would now starts. Everything before was only child’s play!

Plenty flapped his golden wings. He slowly started ascending in the air as his robes fluttered in the wind, resembling a demon god. He chanted out a cryptic incantation in a hoarse tone. With a wave of his staff, he sent his lightning serpent lunging towards Nie Yan.

What a fast attack! Nie Yan’s silhouette blurred as he dodged out of the way. BOOOM! A large five-meter wide crater was carved out of the earth where he previously stood.

This was the destructive might of magic!

Plenty didn’t stop here. Seeing his attack miss, he waved his scepter again as the serpent lunged toward Nie Yan once more.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Explosions rang out across the battlefield like a torrential downpour.

The spectators paled in fear. How could someone possibly dodge such a fierce attack? If they were the slightest bit slow, they would be struck by the lightning serpent and killed.

Nie Yan’s silhouette continued flickering back and forth. He used Fawne’s Phantom to barely avoid the attacks. As he tried to close in on Plenty, the attacks became even more intense.

Plenty had completely broken through the limits of his class! For him to be able to become the Chairman of the Dark Council, his strength had to be extraordinary!

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