Chapter 993 - Battle of the Pinnacle (3)

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Chapter 993 – Battle of the Pinnacle (3)

Dark electricity crackled all around Plenty. Occasionally, a stray bolt would hit the ground and send rubble flying everywhere.

With his path to Plenty obstructed, Nie Yan’s heart sank. Since they were already starting to use skills of this caliber, he wouldn’t hold back either. Kalenna waved her staff as a white radiance fell over him.

Kalenna’s Guardian Barrier!

A dazzling barrier enveloped Nie Yan. After which he braved the lightning and dashed straight for Plenty.

Thunder God’s Hammer!

A giant white hammer appeared in front of Nie Yan and shot directly toward Plenty. This was the supplementary skill transferred over to the Tyrant Abak Set from Paternoster’s Warhammer! It was extremely deadly. If Plenty were hit, he would be barely clinging onto life at best. Even then, the added stun effect meant his fate was sealed!

BANG! BANG! Two electric serpents struck Nie Yan, causing the barrier around him to tremble lightly. A damage value of 200 floated up above his head.

Plenty’s heart trembled. What a sturdy barrier! At the same time, the Thunder God’s Hammer was about to smash him flat. He quickly waved his scepter and called forth a Bone Cage. Thick bone spurs resembling the fangs of an ancient beast erupted from the ground. They shone with a black, metallic lustre.

BOOM! The hammer crashed into the bone spurs before exploding. The three bone spurs were rendered into a fine powder.

Nie Yan swung out with Zennarde’s Sword and unleashed a Legendary slash.

Nightmare Beheader!

Before Plenty could even catch his breath, the frightening slash came cleaving down towards him.

The famous Annihilation Slash, which had killed scores of players, had similar visual effects. So, as soon as Plenty saw the Nightmare Beheader, he mistook it for Annihilation Slash!

Only six meters were between Nie Yan and Plenty when he cast Nightmare Beheader. In the same breath, he also targeted Plenty with Lockdown.

Plenty paled in fright. The enemy was upon him, and he couldn’t use any escape skills! He hurriedly waved his scepter.

Lich King’s Barrier!

In this life-or-death moment, the image of the Lich King appeared behind Plenty and shielded him with a black barrier.

BOOOM! The Nightmare Beheader slammed into Plenty and sent him flying like a cannonball. A damage value of 36,000 floated up above his head. BANG! The ice rupture effect was triggered too, causing him to take an additional 20,000 damage. He lost more than half of his health in this one attack!

It was a pity the ice rupture failed to deal more damage to Plenty. Even though Nie Yan had already activated Jotunheim’s Descent, it had a limited effect on Plenty. This probably had to do with Plenty’s Ice Resistance. After all, Jotunheim’s Descent was revealed a while back already. It would be strange if Plenty didn’t take measures against it.

If it weren’t for the Lich King’s Barrier, even if Plenty had twice as much health, he still wouldn’t have survived Nie Yan’s attack!

Nie Yan wasn’t surprised Plenty had a powerful skill like Lich King’s Barrier. In fact, it would be strange if a player of his caliber didn’t.

Gale Step of Nirvana Flame!

Nie Yan’s figure flashed, disappearing into stealth yet again as he pounced toward Plenty.

Plenty didn’t dare to linger. He quickly activated Shadow Mist as his body transformed into fog and disappeared with the wind.

Nie Yan concentrated his gaze, trying to pinpoint Plenty’s location.

The powerful skills displayed by both players left the spectators breathless. They didn’t even dare to blink, afraid they would miss the next move.

“My lord! This is out of this world!”

“Those two are Legends!”

“What amazing skills!”

The crowd sighed in admiration. Even though the exchange in the beginning was impressive, apart from the speed, Nie Yan and Plenty were only using ordinary skills. So, everyone felt the match was fairly normal. Now, however, Legendary skills were used left and right. They felt this was the way things should be. The skills Nie Yan and Plenty were using they had obtained through their own strength. Only those who had mastered the basics had the right to learn these powerful Legendary skills! The heavens were fair!

In order to stand at the very apex, luck alone wasn’t enough. Unrivalled skills and talents and an even stronger backing were all essential. Even with how large Conviction was, only Nie Yan and Plenty had reached these heights.

Watching the battle between Nie Yan and Plenty, the spectators felt their hearts racing with excitement. So this was the battle of the pinnacle!

Nie Yan locked onto Plenty’s position. Zennarde’s Sword and the Death God’s Edge flickered with a sharp light as he shot forward.

Plenty backed away with several consecutive blinks, shooting out one powerful spell after another. From the start of the battle to now, he could sense the huge gap between him and Nie Yan. If things went on like this, he would undoubtedly lose!

Nie Yan seemed to possess an endless amount of skills, each more powerful than the previous. Who knew how many more trump cards he still had up his sleeve?

Plenty glanced at his skill bar. The skills he hadn’t used yet were mostly Forbidden Magic. However, Forbidden Magic was fairly useless in PvP since their cast times were too long. In such an intense battle, a split-second could determine victory or defeat. If he stopped to cast Forbidden Magic, it would be the same as throwing in the towel.

Looking at his last two skills, Plenty’s eyes flashed with determination. No matter what, I have to win! I’ve never lost before, and I’m not about to start losing now!

Three years ago, he might’ve felt that he stood no chance against Nie Yan and had no desire to fight him. However, things had changed and he refused to believe he would still lose!

“Lich King Form!” Plenty growled.

An enormous silhouette emerged behind Plenty. It wore ragged, ashen robes. Behind its hood was a frightening skeletal face, its eye sockets blazing with ominous crimson flames. Its body rapidly shrunk down and entered Plenty’s body.

Plenty raised his head to the sky and roared. An endless sea of magical energy formed an enormous vortex around him, resembling a boundless nebula. It rapidly expanded to several thousand meters in size, looking like it would sweep up everything.

The spectators tripped over their feet as they ran for safety. This enormous vortex of magic energy threatened to suck their very souls away!

“L-look, our mana!”

“That thing is draining our mana away!”

The casters paled in horror. They watched as their mana was sucked away by the nebula.

“Everyone, retreat! Especially the casters!” Bladelight shouted. The casters here were basically serving as an endless source of mana for Plenty!

Running for safety, Tang Yao frowned.

“Since when the hell did his Lich King Form become so strong?”

“Right, his Lich King Form back then didn’t seem so powerful!” Everyone was puzzled. They had all witnessed Plenty’s Lich King Form during the competition in Judgement Valley. It wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as it was now, though.

“I think it’s because he upgraded his equipment. He’s wearing a full set of Sacred-gear now. The supplementary skills attached to his equipment should’ve received an upgrade as well!” Bladelight surmised.

“That must be it!” Everyone had anxious expressions as they looked over at Nie Yan in the middle of the vortex. How would he deal with this powerful skill?

At this moment, Plenty became the embodiment of the Lich King himself. His entire body radiated a frightfully sinister aura. With a wave of his staff, it was as if the heavens were going to collapse and the earth would cave in. Countless cracks opened up across the ground as large pillars of black flames erupted into the air.

The magic energy from Kalenna’s Guardian Barrier was being sucked away at a rapid pace.

At this rate, Nie Yan would die within this vortex!

He had to kill Plenty kill! However, to Nie Yan’s shock, he discovered his body was basically locked down. The force of the vortex was too strong!

A light bulb flashed in Nie Yan’s head. He unfolded the Demon Wings on his back and allowed the vortex to carry him up in the air. He started swirling around Plenty, picking up greater and greater velocity.

Nie Yan was being sucked closer and closer to the center of the vortex, to Plenty. If it were an ordinary player, they would’ve probably passed out from dizziness.

However, Nie Yan’s eyes were firmly locked onto Plenty, like a predator stalking its prey. His gaze spelled murder.

“Within my nebula, I am the master! Die! I’ll peel away your flesh one piece at a time and offer it to the eternal darkness!” Plenty’s eyes flashed with a sinister light. His expression contained all the dark forces: pestilence, wrath, fear, death…

Plenty reached out with his hand. A giant hand made out of darkness energy pierced through the endless void to grab Nie Yan.

Even before this sinister energy reached him, Nie Yan felt like it was going to corrode everything in existence.

Nie Yan felt his body slowly being melted away by this corrosive darkness. Kalenna’s Guardian Barrier was on the verge of collapse.

The Lich King Form skill was actually so powerful!

However, when he unfurled his wings, Nie Yan had already decided to go for broke. He activated Shadow Clone as his body split into two.

Adjudicator of God!

Death Sentence!

Suddenly, two enormous black hands emerged from the sky. Their target wasn’t Nie Yan but rather Plenty in the middle of the nebula!

“Die!” Nie Yan’s eyes flashed with determination. If he was going down, he would take Plenty down with him!

BANG! An unrivalled power slammed into Nie Yan’s chest, instantly shattering Kalenna’s Guardian Barrier. “GUGH!” He spat out a mouthful of blood as his entire body was sent rocketing towards the ground.

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