Chapter 994 - Battle of the Pinnacle (4)

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Chapter 994 – Battle of the Pinnacle (4)

When Nie Yan was sent flying like a kite with its string cut, he felt a white light fall over him. Then, his body crashed into the ground. A damage value of more than 90,000 floated up above his head. If it weren’t for Kalenna’s Guardian Barrier absorbing a portion of the damage and Adjudicator of God negating the magic damage, he would already be dead. Just a small portion of the attack’s physical damage had shaved away more than two-thirds of his health! He sucked in a cold breath of air.

Plenty had put all his focus into controlling the nebula and delivering that all-out attack to Nie Yan. His body was depleted of all energy as his knees wobbled violently. Seeing the two massive hands crashing down towards him, his eyes flashed with a trace of panic. He couldn’t understand how Nie Yan managed to cast such a powerful magic in this situation. This was simply inconceivable!

However, reality was right before his eyes!

In order to control the nebula, Plenty had to give up everything else; he couldn’t move, he couldn’t cast other skills, he couldn’t do anything but watch as the two hands crashed down on him.

The only reason Nie Yan used two Death Sentences was because he was afraid Plenty would dodge the first one. The second one was insurance. If he knew Plenty couldn’t move, he would’ve only just used one!

Plenty’s gaze landed on Nie Yan on the ground. He still hadn’t died!

Plenty’s eyes flashed with despair. However, a split-second later, they became firm with resolve. I cannot lose! He used his last skill.

Sacrifice to the Dark End!

BANG! Struck by the Death Sentence, Plenty was sent crashing into the ground. The nebula around him came to a halt and gradually dispersed.

When the howling winds stopped, Nie Yan breathed a sigh of relief. Looking in the distance, he saw Plenty’s corpse on the ground.

“I won?” Nie Yan’s heart relaxed. He had won by luck. Plenty’s magic completely surpassed his expectations. At the end of the day, the other side had a three-year lead on him! This victory truly didn’t come easily!

The spectators stared at the ground in a daze. The might of the Lich King Form was too astonishing! They all thought Nie Yan was done for. What could he possibly do to defend against that invincible nebula? Never did they imagine that he would overturn their expectations again. When the dust settled, he stood while Plenty’s corpse lay on the ground.

Nie Yan was the victor!

The players from the Righteous Faction erupted into cheers.

As Nie Yan was about to turn around and leave, Plenty’s corpse turned into dark energy and circled in the air, transforming into the image of a giant Lich King. The entire world was once more enveloped in a gloomy aura.

The players were taken aback, staring at the scene in disbelief. Could it be that the battle hadn’t ended yet? Did Plenty have a second life?

Nie Yan’s heart sank. He sensed an unrivalled power, far beyond what he’d come across from a player before. This was the presence of a deity level NPC!

The Lich King! Nie Yan seemed to realize what was going on. According to rumours, the Lich King’s real body was hidden in the depths of the underworld. He was on the same level as Archangel Tallod. The one that appeared in Necropolis was simply an apparition.

Did Plenty summoning the Lich King count as violating the match’s rules?

The Lich King hovered in the air like a spectre. His body was semi-transparent. Illusory images of him covered the entire sky. A heavy pressure weighed down on the players. Some fell to their knees, while others fought their wobbling knees. No one had the strength to oppose this force.

“Kakaka, I sense the power of eternal life. I’ve revived once more. My disciple, you’ve summoned me. I will help fulfill your wish! Wretched maggot, accept your lamentable fate!” The Lich King’s enormous dark hand moved toward Nie Yan.

In the face of this absolute power, Nie Yan had no ability to resist.

Just as Nie Yan was about to be crushed to death, Karsi’s silhouette blinked over from the far distance and erupted with a dazzling radiance. A barrier of light slowly expanded outward, protecting the two within.

BOOOM! The dark hand exploded after crashing into the barrier and dissipated into nothing. However, Karsi’s barrier was also shattered, and the person himself was sent flying back.

In front of a deity level NPC, even a Legendary NPC like Karsi was powerless.

“A mere Legend. Is that all? You might be proud of your 1,000 years of life, but I’ve already existed in this world for tens of thousands of years,” the Lich King said with a look of contempt.

Nie Yan glanced back at Karsi. He was badly injured, and no match for the Lich King. Blocking one attack was already his limit.

Was he really going to wait helplessly for death? After he lost, what was he going to do? March onto the forums and cry out with righteous indignation, “I didn’t lose to you! I lost to the Lich King!” No. That wasn’t his style! When Plenty summoned the Lich King, didn’t he have a Legendary NPC like Karsi take action as well? He had still lost. What ground did he have to stand on?

“How did he summon that thing?” Nie Yan’s mind flashed with an idea. Right, it had to be the Book of Chaos! That was definitely it! That was the only reason Plenty could summon the Lich King! He recalled his own Book of Order. Wasn’t he able to summon an Archangel himself?

Nie Yan pulled out his skill window and scrolled down to the Summon Archangel skill.

The Book of Order and Book of Chaos were direct opposites!

“Come out! Summon Archangel!”

Another dark hand appeared in the sky and came crashing down towards Nie Yan.

The aura of death permeated outward.

As the hand approached ever closer, Nie Yan started to despair. Suddenly, a scorching white radiance enveloped him. He was like a beacon of light in the darkness. As the rays cut into the Lich King, he let out a mournful cry.

Nie Yan raised his head and saw a tall angel descending. Clad in silver-white armour with a pair of translucent wings of light flowing down his back, he wielded a large white greatsword in his hand.

Archangel Tallod!

Another deity level NPC!

A showdown between two deity level NPCs!

“I swear on my life, in the name of God, I will annihilate all darkness and illuminate the world in his light…” Archangel Tallod chanted a solemn hymn as he charged toward the Lich King while brandishing his greatsword. He was like a dazzling sun, bringing dawn to this world of eternal night.

BOOOM! A tremendous collision rang out, threatening to destroy the entire world. Even Forbidden Magic paled in comparison to this absolute strength.

The world seemed to calm to a halt as if time froze.

Those on the forums lost all colour in their faces, let alone the spectators on the scene. Just what kind of battle was this? When everyone thought the battle had ended with Nie Yan’s victory, Plenty had summoned the Lich King right before his death. Even a Legendary NPC like Karsi was sent flying by the Lich King. They all thought Nie Yan was doomed for sure. Facing a deity level NPC like the Lich King, how could he possibly win? Upturning their expectations yet again, Nie Yan summoned his own deity level NPC in the form of Archangel Tallod.

This development was completely unprecedented!

Nie Yan saw a grand holy temple emerge in the sky and heard the hymns of countless angels. He could also see countless evil spirits blotting out the sky. In the end, both these things disappeared as the world descended into a deathly silence. Archangel Tallod and the Lich King vanished as if they had never appeared in the first place.

The blinding light gradually subsided. As for what happened in the end between Archangel Tallod and the Lich King, no one knew. That could only be left up to imagination. However, the match between Nie Yan and Plenty was clear. Nie Yan was the victor!

The news spread like wildfire as the spectators gradually dispersed. Not much was left of this battlefield but the traces of the battle between two deities.

Video of this final battle was saved by countless players, immortalizing this grand spectacle. In many years from now, people would still watch it in awe, a legend that was passed down from generation to generation.

After the battle ended, a full-out war between the Righteous Faction and Evil Faction broke out. With Asskickers United as a representative for the Righteous Faction, they launched a frontal assault against the Evil Faction. As for the outcome of this war, it would take years to decide. However, the Righteous Faction had an immense advantage. It would be extremely difficult for the Evil Faction to turn the tide.

Nie Yan planned to stay in Conviction as long as the servers were still up and running. The name of the Mad Rogue would forever be a part of its history and ring out across the Atlanta continent.

On the 10th anniversary of Asskickers United’s founding, Nie Yan and Xie Yao announced the happy news of the birth of their first child. Hundreds of thousands of guild members gathered in real life in Huahai for a grand celebration. Those who couldn’t make it were holding little parties of their own.

World Bloc only kept expanding. It formed an official alliance with the Dragonsoar Financial Group, Glory Financial Group, and many other famous financial groups. Their reach spread across the entire world, surpassing even the Brutus Capital Group. It got to the point where even the federation couldn’t do anything to them.

Among its many ventures, World Bloc also joined the bidding process for the rights to develop the newest virtual reality game in collaboration with the federation. It would be built on better technology than Conviction and receive far larger funding. As to how long this project would take to complete, no one knew.

Another several years later, the Brutus Capital Group was slowly pushed to the background. World Bloc won the rights to create the next virtual reality game, but there was no news on when it would be released yet.

There was no one who could touch World Bloc anymore. Nie Yan could finally relax as his wish of two lifetimes had been fully realized.

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