Chapter 318 - Happy Birthday, Mo Yuanxiu (6)

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Chapter 318: Happy Birthday, Mo Yuanxiu (6)

Yin Lanyi stood there and watched the two of them kiss like crazy.

She had always thought that he would not take the initiative to kiss another woman.

She had always thought that he would not have any desire for any woman.

She even suspected that the man before her, who was so crazy about Lu Manman, was not the Mo Yuanxiu she knew.

But obviously.

Everything was turning her world upside down.

Her eyes were a little red.

It was as if every time she cried, it was because of Mo Yuanxiu. It was because she could not get closer to this man.

She walked past them quietly.

She could sense his urgency towards Lu Manman.

Lu Manman really felt that Mo Yuanxiu was going crazy!

She was overwhelmed by her kiss and could only feel his domineering aura between her lips and teeth. She even felt that he was biting her tongue lightly, and it was numb from the kiss. Her body went limp for some reason.

She suddenly remembered what she had said to Wen Yun today. She had said that Mo Yuanxiu was better at kissing than him.

It was true. He was much better than him.

Much better.

Her eyes narrowed.

Her hands moved.

Mo Yuanxiu actually would not force her, so after the kiss, Lu Manman’s rejection made him let go of her at the right time. He let go of her body and her lips. He looked at her calmly with his handsome face, panting a little, but it was not obvious.

Lu Manman, on the other hand, was panting heavily.

The two of them looked at each other for a second. Before long, she suddenly hooked her arms around his neck and tiptoed to kiss him on the lips.

He furrowed his brows.

Lu Manman kissed his lips on her own accord, and she even stuck her tongue into his mouth to find his tongue.

He could feel her frantic kiss on his lips.

It was rare for her to be so wild.

The kiss lasted for a while.

Some people passed by, leaving the two of them behind.

On such an occasion, it was normal to see people kissing. Perhaps they could even watch the live telecast, so everyone was used to it.

She had no idea how long she had kissed him.

Anyway, when she let go of him, she saw that his lips were already a little swollen.

It was swollen and looked good.

Lu Manman could not help but laugh.

He looked at her smiling face and panted. “Is that enough?”

“It’s about time,” Lu Manman said. The atmosphere had been so passionate just a moment ago, but now, it felt so much more relaxed.

“Do you think I’m handsome?” he asked her.

It was a question, but it sounded certain.

“Mm-hm, you’re quite handsome,” Lu Manman answered.

“Miss Lu, I can be more handsome.” Mo Yuanxiu’s every word sounded in her ear.

Lu Manman looked at his charming face. Under the light, he looked so good.

“Is that so?” Lu Manman looked up.

Of course she knew what he meant.

In the past, she might not have been able to understand his hint at once, but after so many in-depth interactions with him, she felt that she was very smart.

“You can try,” he said very seriously.

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