Chapter 788 - Yuan Xi's Death

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Chapter 788 Yuan Xi’s Death

Ding Tong felt that Song Yunxuan was just like a ghost.

She had no idea when this ghost would get rid of the people around her.

Yuan Xi was a living example. Ding Tong felt there was nothing usual before something happened to Yuan Xi. However, her Master became blind and began to have trouble with speaking.

Now Song Yunxuan wanted her to return.

She had a strong feeling that something must have happened to her Master.

Thus, she hastily left the Song Family.

No sooner had she reached the Yuan Family than she saw that the Yuan Family’s villa was lit up as bright as day.

Many people gathered under the house, which was not far from the fountain.

And the house was exactly under the window of Yuan Xi’s room.

She halted, stunned. In the harsh wind of winter, it seemed that her feet were frozen, making her unable to move.

Screams and arguments came from the place full of people into her ears along with the icy wind.

She was now in a state of numbness and nothing could register in her brain.

There was something vaguely familiar about the scene.

She shuffled to the place where the crowd was.

There were whisperings in the crowd.

“Poor kid…”

“He fell from the fourth floor and died instantly.”

“God, what on earth happened? How did he fall?”

“Oh… His body was even out of shape. So scary…”

Ding Tong couldn’t hold back her tears anymore.

She goggled and walked towards the middle of the crowd, stunned and stupefied.

Seeing Ding Tong coming, the people gathered around the body shut up immediately as they didn’t want to be in trouble.

Then they said, “Miss Ding, sorry for your loss.”

Ding Tong frowned, not wanting to hear any rubbish from the family servants.

She just walked to the pool of blood.

Yuan Xi fell to the ground with his face up. Because his head landed first from the fourth floor, his skull broke in half and half of his face was caved.

It was just like a scene from a horror movie.

She suddenly felt that the scene had some differences.

She suddenly recalled that the scene was almost the same when Miaomiao died.

“It must be her… She must be the killer…”

Ding Tong muttered like a crazy lady.

It was Song Yunxuan… It must be Song Yunxuan who killed her Master. She must be the killer! It must be Song Yunxuan!

Instead of rushing over and holding Yuan Xi’s body in her arms,

She turned around and got into the car. Then she turned the key and the car sped away.

The Yuan Family’s servants were all shocked.

They saw that the car sped out of the gate of the Yuan Family.

Sibilant murmurings briefly pervaded the Yuan Family, “Did Miss Song get crazy because of Yuan Xi’s death?”

“Yeah… What should we do? Now only Miss Ding can call the shots in the Yuan Family. If she got crazy, who can be in charge?”

During the discussion, many family servants began to conceive the idea of leaving the Yuan Family.

However, they felt very sorry for Yuan Xi when seeing his body.

“Our Master was already the pride of the Yuan Family! Why did he jump off the building in despair?”

“Maybe he didn’t want Miss Ding Tong to marry him or tie her down for the rest of her life as he was already disabled.”

The family servants began to guess why Yuan Xi jumped off the building.

But no one would know the real reason why Yuan Xi jumped off the building.

And they would never know what he thought of or what he saw before he died.

Yuan Xi died with all these secrets.

Even Ding Tong did not know what Yuan Xi saw before he died.

Ding Tong just raced her car towards Song Yunxuan’s house.

She itched to drive towards Song Yunxuan, run her over, and tear her apart.

No one knew how much she detested Song Yunxuan now.

She wished she could settle scores with Song Yunxuan now.

Song Yunxuan was waiting for Ding Tong in the Song Family.

As soon as Mei Qi got the message of the Yuan Family from his man, he reported to Song Yunxuan, “After seeing Yuan Xi’s body, she seemed to get crazy and raced the car towards our family.”

Hearing Mei Qi’s words, Song Yunxuan smiled, replying, “It seems that she’s coming to take revenge on me.”

“It has nothing to do with you. Ding Tong shouldn’t blame you for it.”

“But we’ve got too many blood debts. No matter I did it or not, Yuan Xi’s death would only be one of the many.”

If Ding Tong was really coming to take revenge on her, let it be.

Song Yunxuan smiled, waiting for Ding Tong’s coming.

Seeing Song Yunxuan’s smile, Mei Qi said worriedly, “Manager Song, if Ding Tong came to….”

“We’ve been too lenient with her. If she comes to take revenge on me, let her stay.”

Mei Qi immediately nodded on hearing that, replying, “Got it, Manager Song.”

Ding Tong was a menace, no matter abroad in the past or in Yuncheng in the future.

There would always be hidden dangers as long as Ding Tong was alive.

Thus, such menaces like her should be eradicated as soon as possible.

“But if we keep her, she may want to die with me.” Song Yunxuan looked at Mei Qi smilingly, saying.

Mei Qi replied, “You can rest assured, Manager Song. Ding Tong’s life is worthless now, but yours is different. We’ll keep you safe.”

“Good. Now I’m going back to my room.”

Lu Feng had returned anyway.

If Ding Tong came to take revenge on her, Song Yunxuan would be willing to keep her company.

But now it was too late. She wanted Ding Tong to suffer from Yuan Xi’s death for a whole night and then she would see how Ding Tong would be tomorrow morning.

Song Yunxuan sneered. Then she left the living room for her room.

The news that Yuan Xi died spread like wild fire.

Because the Shao Family, the Luo Family in Harbor City, and the Zang Family had been monitoring the Yuan Family.

So the Shao Family in Harbor City soon got the message that Yuan Xi died.

Shao Tianze frowned, ignoring Gu Changle’s schadenfreude, saying, “That’s not good.”

“Why?” Gu Changle replied, “The d*vil Ding Tong must hate Song Yunxuan more after Yuan Xi died. She will surely be crueler to Song Yunxuan. The only thing we need to do is to wait until the fight between Ding Tong and Song Yunxuan is over.”

She was determined to be uninvolved.

But Shao Tianze held a different opinion. He said, “Now Ding Tong must have lost her head because of Yuan Xi’s death, which is not good for her.”

“She will have a hard time in the future. Yuan Xi has already died, so she’s got nothing to stay alive for.”

Gu Changle’s words slightly stunned Shao Tianze.

“What makes you say that?”

Shao Tianze asked Gu Changle.

Gu Changle replied with a smile, “Didn’t you tell me that?”

“What did I say?”

“You said Ding Tong really loves Yuan Xi. If so, she will surely value Yuan Xi’s life more than her own life. Yuan Xi has died, so she doesn’t want to live any longer. Thus, she’ll rush to the Song Family and settle accounts with Song Yunxuan.”

With this, Gu Changle smiled darkly, adding, “I hope Song Yunxuan will be caught completely unprepared this time. Then she will soon die of the disease.”

Hearing that, Shao Tianze raised his brows. He surely agreed with Gu Changle as they had the same idea.

He also hoped that Ding Tong could get rid of Song Yunxuan.

But actually, this was impossible.

“Isn’t Yuan Xi’s death very strange?”

Hearing that, Gu Changle frowned, “You mean it was done by Song Yunxuan’s men?”

“That is a possibility.”

But Gu Changle immediately said, “That’s impossible. It can’t be done by Song Yunxuan.”

“How can you be so sure?”

Shao Tianze asked Gu Changle.

Gu Changle replied, “The one that brought back the message told you that Yuan Xi jumped off the fourth floor himself.”

“You also said Miaomiao jumped off the building.”

“That’s different.”

“How’s that different? Song Yunxuan was just taking revenge on Yuan Xi. She is Gu Changge. She knows how to take avenge on others to make them feel the same way as she did. Ding Tong is one of the persons that murdered Miaomiao. Now Song Yunxuan wants her to suffer the pain she had before.”

“But…” Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, Gu Changle narrowed her eyes with a sense of misgiving.

She didn’t finish her words.

Thus, Shao Tianze said it for her, “You want to say that you are still in one piece although the one that killed Miaomiao was you, right?”

Gu Changle pressed her lips and did not reply, which was to acquiesce in Shao Tianze’s words.

“If Gu Changge revives, none of us can survive.”

No, none of them could be a match for Gu Changge.

But Gu Changge had been exorcised by that Taoist priest.

So the plan to kill Yuan Xi should be the one Gu Changge worked out while she was alive.

Gu Changle also thought of this, comforting Shao Tianze, “No matter how Gu Changge wanted to get even with us, she has been exorcised and there’s no need for us to worry about her at all.”

“Luckily, she’s been exorcised, or we will be the victims.”

“As for me, you are the most important person. Thus, she will surely hurt you according to her plan.”

The truth was that Gu Changle killed Gu Miaomiao.

But if Gu Changge wanted to revenge for Miaomiao, according to the fact that she killed Yuan Xi and spared Ding Tong,

Gu Changge would hurt Shao Tianze if she wanted to get even with them.

Luckily, she wouldn’t hurt Gu Changle.

Gu Changle was glad about that.

However, she did not notice that her feelings for Shao Tianze had been completely suppressed by the fear of death.

She did not love Shao Tianze anymore.

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