A Beautiful Doll

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Just a week or so after the first one arrived, another beautiful girl sat atop my bed waiting for me with bated breath. Making it all the more enticing is that the first one, Sam, was alongside us and more than eager to help. In my long loneliness I’ve enjoyed a number of erotic tales and tomes where one man would be surrounded by beautiful women as far as the eye could see, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it would happen to me.

What did I do to deserve this?

Zutiria sits politely on her knees, resting her little hands on them. Her cheeks are flushed and yet the look in her eyes is just as resolute as before. She wants this, and so does Sam.

‘I have a small request, Sir.’ Zutiria says as she takes off her large, round glasses and hands them to Sam to put over on the bedside table.

“Don’t worry,” I say after tossing my vest into a nearby hamper. “I know what to do. I’ll be gentle.”

“Daddy’s dick is anything but gentle, don’t let him fool you!” Sam playfully hugs Zutiria from behind, causing the petite one to blush further.


‘I appreciate your concern but that wasn’t where I was going with this. I wanted to tell you not to worry about my first time or what have you.’ Zutiria sits up and leans over the bed to start unbuttoning my dress shirt. Her tiny fingers brush across my chest and looking down into her calm yet stunningly erotic face, I can’t help but blush at her readily apparent eagerness.

‘On the contrary, you don’t need to worry about being rough with me. I lived in a lonely tower all alone the vast majority of my life until now. There wasn’t much else to do when I got bored of studying and experimenting.’ Her lewd dictation doesn’t change the expressionless look on her face, surprisingly.

“I woulda helped if you said something!” Sam unbuckles her breast plate, and I watch as the jiggling heft of her titties drop from above into their place.

‘You were underage. Don’t make this weird for me.’ Zutiria looks back at Sam while she blushes even harder.

“It’s ok. Daddy fucked me the day after I turned 18 anyway so I think you two have a lot in common.” Sam inches closer to the edge of the bed to join us. 

“Sam, you really are such a fucking brat.” I remove my glasses and put them into my pocket, making a mental note to myself of where I left them knowing full well these pants aren’t staying on much longer. “Stop being an attention whore and remember that tonight is about Zutiria.”

Sam’s embarrassment grows exponentially and she shirks back slightly. I think I hit a submissive nerve because her next words were, “Sorry, Daddy. Sorry, Zuzu...”

“Good girl.” I reach out and pat her head, while Zutiria looks up to me in astonishment.

‘I’ve never seen Sammy like this. I didn’t know she had a submissive bone in her body, Sir.’

“My Princess is a handful, but if I’m forceful enough she knows not to misbehave.” I lift Sam’s chin up to look at me, and she nods her head smiling like a nice little pet. Yeah, she’s definitely feeling subby tonight. Guess the excitement of our company got to her.

Zuzu’s expression changes to a look of mild worry, or as close as her dulled reactions are able to make it, and turns to Sam. ‘Princess? I thought you said he didn’t... you know.’

“Such a strange fetish, a warrior asking her older lover to refer to her only as ‘Princess’, wouldn’t you say Zutiria?” I say as Sam begins to sweat nervously, drawing the attention back to myself.

The little lady looks at me with a knowing glance. I can tell she’s already figured out the gist of it. I know who Sam really is, yet I’m playing along so as not to stir up more trouble than necessary. Evidently this is good enough for Zutiria, who merely nods at me after picking up my implications.

“Daddyyyy, how much longer till you fuck her? I’m so impatient...” Sam lurks over Zutiria from behind and wraps her arms seductively around her friend’s slim waist. Zutiria falls back into the embrace, but looks at me with a quivering lip.

“We need to ease her into it.” I remove what’s left of my clothes until all that remains is my boxers, and both blushing girls are now privy to the massive tent pitching from behind the fabric.

‘May I suck you first, Sir?’ Zutiria’s words appear the same as ever, but reading them feels different. Like I can sense the yearning hidden behind and feel the anxiety, or should I say nervous excitement of what’s to come.

“Of course,” Like any man would deny such a request, I think to myself. “But first... Princess, please slowly strip my beautiful little doll of her clothes, if you would be so kind?”

Zutiria blushes so madly and her mouth opens wide as if trying so desperately to speak. ‘Your... your doll...?’ After thinking about it for a moment, I see acceptance from across her body language thanks to my eyes. More so than that, I can tell she actually likes my idea for her playful nickname.

“Anything you want, Daddy. We bathed together in the roya... er, p-public bath before... haha... trust me, you’re in for a treat.” Sam loses composure for just a second before catching herself and pressing on. Her hands begin to work their way across the petite girl’s delicate and dainty body, taking off her beret, and then her blue cape, followed shortly by her frilled shawl.

“Lift your legs.” I look down at Zutiria and do my best to sound commanding, but not threatening.

‘Yes, Sir.’ She responds by lifting them both off the edge of the bed, where I kneel before her like a knight to greet them. Zutira blushes at my formality, especially when I delicately slide the tiny boots off from the bottoms of her feet.

The little lady is clearly not used to being treated like this, but then again, she’s not used to any sort of intimate contact at all. But she’s incredibly different from Sam and has her own likes and dislikes- all of which I intend to figure out on my own. But I’ll admit that I already have a bias.

I want to make Zutiria feel special. I want to take care of her- tenderly- and treat her like the most priceless treasure I’ve ever seen. My beautiful little doll. Not a toy, no, but a doll. Beautiful and perfect beyond words, a picturesque portrait of feminine frailty that I scarcely doubt could be matched by any other woman.

As my blood begins to boil just from thinking about this, my eyes meet with Zutiria’s once more. I felt it before, but now it’s certain. A definite fact stirs within me that I can’t explain, almost as if a higher power were whispering into my ear that Zutiria Syndaline was made for me, just as Sam, or should I say her Crown Princess Samantha Lundreame was made for me. I swear to the gods, this isn’t my ego talking. 

A great, or perhaps terrible purpose echoes throughout me. This looming destiny of mine, just as it involved Sam, Zutiria was a part of it. Deeper within me still, I knew Zutiria would be far from the last of my destined, if there were even a limit to them at all.

I look up to see my precious doll, my little mage, and extend my hand to her. “Hands.”

She stares down, expectantly blushing as Sam traces her slight curves from behind. With nervous reluctance, she slowly raises both of her little hands to me and I strip them of her cyan trimmed blue-black fingerless gloves. I take them into mine and marvel at how small the girl really was. My hands were twice as large as hers and it felt good to cover them.

“Sam.” I utter, my tone commanding more than any words could hope to.

“Yes, Daddy.” Sam drools a bit, lewd girl she is, and slowly rises up the frilled hem of Zutiria’s black dress to greet me with a delicious view of her partner’s supple thighs. Sam lingers just before exposing the mage’s panties to me, until finally she slips the dress up even further and reveals a lacy black set of adult looking underwear with cyan trim, matching the rest of her outfit.

Delighted, I smile at the beautiful and bashful doll. “Do you always wear such adult apparel, Zutiria?”

‘I might not look like it, but I’m a woman. I want to feel sexy and confident just as much as anyone else, even if I lack the natural assets of someone like my well endowed friend here.’ Zutiria meekly turns her gaze away from my piercing eyes and is surprised when she’s greeted by a sudden and passionate kiss from the blonde princess. It was every bit as romantic and loving as the kiss Zutiria and I had shared just a little time ago.

I watch in amazement as the two girls wrestle with their long restrained affections for one another, clearly having a lot of pent up feelings the two will need to work through even without my involvement.

Finally, Sam’s questing tongue leaves the mage’s mouth and she pulls back with a lustful gaze. “You’re just as beautiful as me, Zuzu. Probably more. So come on. Show him the rest on your own.”

The little one nods at her suggestion and meekly removes the dress from her body, revealing a matching bra in the same style as its sister below. Zutiria’s skin is pale, soft, and begging to be touched and caressed. Her nervousness only makes her all that more appealing to me and my desire rises- and it’s far from the only thing that does so.

Her cold blue eyes dart to my pulsing manhood, still constricted under the tightness of my boxers. Doing her best to help, the young Princess takes Zutiria’s hands and places them around the hem of my undergarments before releasing them- letting the mage have the pleasure of revealing my naked cock for herself. Just as slowly as she does everything else, Zutiria pulls down my pants and her eyes grow uncharacteristically wide as she sees me in my glory for the first time.

Her mouth opens and sweat beads on her forehead. Suddenly, Sam and I hear a delicate, low vibration from the back of Zutiria’s throat and we both grow concerned immediately. She’s trying to speak.

“....... w.... www...” She stutters, before frowning and closing her mouth. Wow. Her magical text appears, but she looks downtrodden that she wasn’t able to express herself vocally. I reach down and lovingly caress the soft strands of her lavender hair and smile reassuringly. No words are spoken, text or otherwise, and she smiles back.

Sam, still behind my newest lover, unhooks Zutiria’s lacy bra without any warning and I bear first witness to the mage’s pert breasts that were just as dainty, delicate and perfect as the rest of her. I am a cultured man who enjoys many body types. I would never compare the two girls before me, as they were each wonderful in their own way.

Zutiria blushes as the dull air of my bedroom, rife with the smell of Sam and I restlessly fucking each other, hits the exposed flesh of her breasts. She doesn’t hide from me as I stare at her tiny, pink, rock hard nipples, but she does bite her lip in anticipation.

The Princess is eager to get things going along, apparently in the belief that we’ve spent much too long on build up. She pushes her small friend towards the edge of the bed and grabs me by the base of my dick, pulling me towards the petite girl’s lips. “This is what you wanted, right Zuzu?” Sam smiles.

Zuzu, for her part, meekly nods and draws closer to my manhood. Her breath is warmly falling onto the red crown of my cock, making me twitch and yearn to bury myself in her mouth. I wait for her and even Sam manages to hold herself back long enough for Zutiria to make the first move on her own.

Sooner than I expected, the little mage wraps her tiny lips around the tip of my head and takes me into her. She looks up at me as she begins to suck on it ever so tenderly. ‘Like this?’ She says with her floating text.

“Yeah... That’s nice.” I grunt softly from excitement. It’s true that this little stimulation wouldn’t make me cum anytime soon, but Zutiria needed time to explore, experiment and grow comfortable. Sam was more than ready to help in the most Sam way she could.

“Man, you look even hotter sucking his cock than I thought you would, Zuzu.” She leans in real close to the side of her face, causing Zutiria to blush even harder and nervously glance at her highness. “What about you, Daddy? Do you like having another naughty girl ready and willing for you to fill her up with your magic cum? Are you that much of a perv that one little slut isn’t enough for you?”

“Fuck, you’re... ngh, such a little whore aren’t you, Sam?”

“Maaaaybe, depends. If teasing my man makes me a little whore then fuck yes, you know it.” She winks playfully and reaches over to grope Zutiria’s tiny breasts, much to my delight.

Sam’s words cause me to become even more excited, and against better judgment I push back into Zutiria’s comforting mouth. She moans against my stiffness and tears up. The petite girl is naturally much smaller than my other lover, and can’t take much of me in her mouth at all. Worriedly, she puts her hands on my hips and pulls out for a moment.

Zutiria gasps slightly for breath while Sam scoots half off the edge of the bed. ‘This is more difficult than the literature I’ve read made it out to be.’ The little mage blushes and looks down, shyly.

The young Princess is determined to see this through, however. “It’s ok, Zuzu. I can help you get Daddy off until you’re better at it.” She smiles perversely, letting it be known this act of kindness isn’t just altruistic.

‘I think I would like that. You?’ Zutiria flashes her eyes up to mine.

“I’m a man, what do you think?” Laughter escapes me while below I throb intensely with excitement and yearning.

Sam smiles, eager to put her plan to work. “Grab his balls, Zuzu. One in each hand, and slowly play with them. Don’t be too rough, or you’ll hurt him!”

The mage follows Sam’s instructions and my swollen orbs are taken into the comfort of her tiny hands. The contact makes me let out a soft groan of pleasure, and Zutiria smiles soon after seeing the joyous reaction of my body. She does as told and begins to playfully tease my balls, and I can see the curiosity bursting at her seams as Zutiria studiously notes my each and every reaction

Sam lightly pushes Zutiria’s lips back to my waiting cock and she takes the cue, beginning to envelop me in her warm, silky mouth once more.

“Just do your best, Zuzu. Don’t force yourself to take too much right away. I’ll help Daddy cum.” Sam shoots me a sinful wink as she takes off her crimson battle gloves and tightly wraps her fingers around the base of my cock. Her grip tightens into an ‘O’ shape perfect for milking, and she slowly, but very, very firmly starts to wring me for all I’m worth.

Zutiria settles into a lovely rhythm of bobbing her head up and down my cock, and after a few more minutes of practice and experimentation she’s able to start taking me about halfway down. My moans become less sparse, and this seems to please both women, as each begins to double their efforts. Sam begins to milk faster, and Zutiria’s tiny hands tease my balls increasingly skillfully.

Sam picks up on my heightened pleasure and licks her lips. “He’s getting ready to blow. Wanna try and take it all or have some help? Be careful, he cums a LOT.”

‘I’ll try to take it on my own but if I can’t then please go ahead and help yourself, Sammy.’ Zutiria tells her, and Sam eagerly nods her head before looking up at me with half-lidded eyes.

“Come on, Daddy. Cum for us. Don’t you wanna give your new mage her first dose of the good stuff?” She calls to me in the most bratty way she can manage, and I respond by grunting louder.

“I’m almost, NGH... there...!”

Zutiria flares up with determination and closes her eyes as she sinks lower onto my cock. She touches it against the back of her throat for the first time and moans against me, her slick tongue doing its best to caress - coupled with the squeezing and the fondling, I’m sent hurtling over the edge of release into blissful orgasm.

My cock starts jetting out a powerful stream of seed into the mage’s inexperienced throat. No matter how prepared she was for my oncoming spurt, she obviously wouldn’t be able to handle it just on her own. Zutiria is a pretty, delicate little thing, she wasn’t sculpted by the gods for maximum horniness like the Princess appeared to be.

She swallows as much of my load as she can before breaking off and gasping for air, making a lot of noise in the process. Luckily for myself, Sam throats me in one fell swoop and begins sucking down all the way to my hilt. I feel her lips pressed against my pubic mound as she eagerly drinks the rest of my passionate ejaculation until my cock finally decides to calm itself down, leaving the three of us a panting, sweaty mess. And we haven’t even gotten to the sex yet.

Zutiria is in a daze, her glasses crooked and foggy with lust. My cum dribbles out of her lips and I wait for her to recover enough to start talking again.

“You’re so rude, Daddy.” I’m painfully aware of a teasing set of green eyes focusing on me like a hunter stares at its prey. “It’s her first time, are you trying to drown the poor girl? You’re lucky you have a naughty little Princess around to suck out the rest of your dirty load.”

Grabbing one of her twintails in my hand, I pull her properly sitting up. Gently of course, but still forcefully. I know this is what she wants. “You’re such a spoiled brat. You know tonight isn’t about you. Be a good girl and be thankful I let you take what she couldn’t.”

Sam bites her lip and her degenerate, perverse face contorts into an even more shameful display. “Yes, Daddy. I’m sorry.”

‘Are you two always like this...?’ We look to see Zutiria breathing normally once more. She’s recovered, but my eyes are telling me her horniness has increased even further thanks to the little show Sam and I were performing.

“No, sometimes Sam likes to be in charge.” I laugh it off and drop my grip on the soft, golden hair of my Princess.

“It’s not too weird for you is it, Zuzu...?” Sam, for the first time, shows a bit of reluctance and worry over her perverted behaviour. She truly cares about what her friend thinks about her.

As matter of factly as always, Zutiria brushes aside these concerns. ‘I mean, -I- don’t want to call him Daddy or be a little brat, but watching your dynamic as a third party is... highly arousing.’

Sam blushes brightly and pulls out one of her trusty and true fanged smiles. “Happy to hear it. Can’t help noticing, though...” She leans in and licks up my thick seed from the mage’s lips, “You gotta a little something there. Let me help you out, Zuzu.”

Of course this leads into another passionate kiss between the two girls. They moan breathily into each other’s mouths and I can’t help noticing Zutiria’s voice gaining in volume the deeper into depravity’s depths we delve. Watching them, I grow eager to dive further- my short refractory period working overtime to get me back up and ready to fuck.

‘I think he liked that.’ Zutiria softly smiles as their kiss breaks, both girls eyes on my manhood standing eagerly at attention for the next round.

“Not as much as I’m going to like making you mine, Miss Zutiria.” I lean over onto the bed and push the small girl further back, giving me enough room to kneel over her. Looking down at her, delicate and small, I feel my desire to cum properly inside of her once more begin swell deep inside of me. My... destiny.

Her heart skips a beat as I loom above, and she looks to Sam, embarrassed to meet my gaze. ‘Is Sir always so... um. For lack of a better word, ‘manly’? Is it normal for me to feel like this...?’

Sam doesn’t answer, instead giving me a knowing wink and a playful pat on my naked butt, encouraging me to take what I want. After quickly stripping her panties off, leaving her naked but for the stockings I left on out of preference, I take her chin between my fingers and angle her face towards mine as I lean in over her, now inches away from her lips.“Zutiria.”

My piercing eyes meet her icy stare, and she returns with a faltering gaze. The petite girl is almost too embarrassed to look me back in the eyes, but I stress with my own that she needs to. So she does.

“I don’t know how, or why, but something inside me is telling me that you are mine. It happened with Sam, and it compelled me to spend my seed inside her, and now it’s happening with you. I need you to become mine, Zutiria. Are you alright with becoming my woman?”

My words caused Zutiria to blush so hard her entire face became red. I became overcome with panic that I took things too far, that I was coming off as some sort of creepy wannabe alpha male, and to be fair I totally was, but still. 

‘W-WAIT!’ Zutiria pushes against my chest and creates some distance between the two of us. She breathes heavily and her eyes flicker with worry. ‘T-t-three things, no, four before we d... do anything like that, Sir, I’m sorry, Sir.’

It occurs to me that since she’s communicating via magic floating text she probably shouldn’t be stammering, but maybe it reflects her concentration or her inner emotions affect the way her message is displayed? I put the thought aside, right now this is more important. “Yes, of course. I’m sorry if I was... ah...”

Sam leans over worriedly to stroke her friend’s lavender hair, but says nothing.

First thing. Zutiria looks to one of the bedside tables and views a bottle of Succu-Bye Sam must have left sitting out. She opens the potion and swigs it down the hatch, and I watch her eyes briefly glow pink from the birth control as per normal.

“Fair enough.” I laugh awkwardly, ashamed at myself that I was about to fuck her without preventative measures. Now that she had taken the potion, though, we’d be set for a week straight of creampies.

“Shame, you two would make such cute children.” Sam squints her eyes and smirks, both of us imagining a very pregnant Zuzu. I won’t lie. I throbbed a bit harder at this.

Zutiria, however, ignores her friend’s teasing. She’s a lot more serious than she’s been until now, and she sits up. ‘Second thing. You’re way too big, and I am very small. I would like with your permission of course, to do something that will hurt you more than anything has ever hurt in your life, but afterwards you’ll be thanking me for the rest of your days. It’s easier on you if I just do it and don’t tell you. You’ve been given medicine with a syringe before, yes? Surely Dewhurst isn’t THAT far behind the rest of the kingdom? Think of this as getting a quick shot.’

“Yeah, I’ve gotten a plague vaccine before, I guess? I’ll do whatever it takes to...-” I hold my tongue before I can say ‘make you my woman’ again, not wanting to sound repetitive. Or creepy. Or both. “Be with you.”

Sam tilts her head and looks at Zutiria quizzically. “You aren’t gonna magically make his dick smaller, are you? Because... I love you, Zu. You’ve practically been my older sis as long as I can remember but... I’m gonna have to object if that’s where you’re taking this.”

“I concur.” I just got a magic size boost a week ago- I don’t want to go back to what I had had to work with before.

‘It’s not like that. Just close your eyes if you trust me. Also, Sam, get behind him and hold him in place. There will be thrashing. Remember. It’s just like getting a shot.’

“Wait, what?”

Before I can question further, Sam all but leaps behind me and wraps her legs around mine and grabs me by the wrists. She’s already supernaturally strong, but now she’s powered up by my semen, too. I couldn’t thrash like this. Hell, I could barely breathe like this if it weren’t for Sam letting me.

“Sorry, Boss! I trust her, so just close your eyes!” The Princess whispers into my ear from behind. I gulp, worriedly and finally close my eyes.

To my shock, even with my eyes closed Zutiria’s text still appears on the black void of my eyelids. ‘Sorry, Sir.’


Arcane technology is a very fascinating thing. It’s not very widely spread due to the lack of mages learned enough to produce it, but I’ve seen some interesting things. Some of the Guild has arcane tech, such as the bath and shower system, or the lamp by the bedside, but I’ve heard of all kinds of devices out there in the richer parts of the kingdom. In particular, right now I’m reminded of something I believe was called a ‘blowtorch’. A tool that’s used to weld metal and spews flames as hot as dragonfire. Fascinating, really. 

I’m much too scared to open my eyes right now because I’m terrified of seeing what’s actually being done to me- but a blowtorch slowly circling around my dick is the closest guess I can come to. It makes a perfect ring around what used to be my cock, and then at the top side I feel a little pattern being drawn. That’s the most painful part, and I’m not sure how I keep myself from passing out but as soon as that my dick feels like nothing ever happened.

There. Zutiria’s text reappears and I open my eyes. The tip of her finger is glowing blue until she blows on it, a small burst of steam escaping as she does so.

Terrified, I look down at my little brother to be greeted with the sight of my brand new tattoo, apparently. There’s a cute little magic looking black heart in the center, and a black band circling the circumference. Before I can ask any questions, I look to Zutiria and see ‘Rune of Safe Passage. Take a guess at what it does.’

“Besides make me scream so loud that I damage my vocal cords as badly as yours?” I quip with ragged breath and an itchy throat.

Zutiria giggles, the first time I’ve heard her do so. She sounds so adorable that I almost forget the searing pain I just went through on her account. It would be rude of me to say, but I think it hurt a lot fucking more than anything she’d feel from our size difference. But if it does what all the context clues are pointing at then the little mage is right. I probably will thank her for this.

Sam lets go of me after judging that I was alright-ish. “So does it like... make him fit, or what?”

‘Yes. He’ll fit in anything now and it will remain tight no matter how long the hole is used. The girl will feel it reach the back of her natural depth, and then through arcane spatial dimension warping and perception alteration, he’ll- ok I should probably stop. The pain probably killed the mood enough without my lecturing.’ Zutiria blushes and looks away.

“So basically when I fuck girls who can’t handle my full length, when I hit the natural back my dick enters the pussy realm and I’ll be able to keep pushing.” I laugh absurdly loud, remembering what life was like just barely over a week ago. “Fucking fantastic.”

‘In cruder terms, yes. I can give you one that does the same thing for blowjobs if you’d like, Sir, I just have to-’


Zutiria playfully smiles. ‘I thought as much.’

Damn. She can be a huge tease sometimes, herself. Sam has some competition.

“What was your last condition? Surprisingly, I’m still raring to fuck you.”

Sam reaches down to my dick and starts jerking it playfully. “Can confirm. Hard as fuck down here even with the bitchin’ new ink.”

‘Well... the fourth one can wait for now. It’s not important...’ I see her become shy and reserved for all but a moment, until she swallows her meekness and looks back towards me. ‘Please don’t hold back. I want to take this opportunity to try and work on my voice. If at all possible, make love to me hard and... and get me to scream.’

Zutiria pumps her fists up determinately and Sam is very fucking into the idea. “Oh FUCK yeah, I’ll help too!”

“If that’s what you want, then. You promise you’ll be mine?” I lean forward, locking the comically insane pain I just went through away into my vault of repressed memories. A sudden magic tattoo isn’t going to keep me from my destiny any longer- and by destiny I mean Zutiria’s pussy.

‘Yes. I don’t see any problem with that.’ Zutiria takes off her glasses and sets them to the side, smiling up at me. My first real look into her cold blue eyes sends a slight chill down my spine and into my heart. In a way they’re just as piercing as my own, and in them laid an undeniable darkness hidden somewhere deep below the surface of their ice cold depths.

Before I could make any further observations, Sam scoots behind the mage and pulls her head into her lap. Zutiria looks but can barely see past the heaving pillows of Sam’s chest. Regardless, the tomboy smiles and reaches out to spread her best friend’s legs out for me.

“She’s all yours, Daddy. Claim her like you did me.”

Fuck, this was hot.

Zutiria closes her eyes, steeling herself, and I can’t help but study the perfectly smooth and shaven pussy presented before me. The little lady’s is much smaller than Sam’s but equally as wanting. She’s drooling and the wetness of her pink lips urges me forward. This is no time for hesitation.

As a last bit of help the Princess reaches down and parts Zutiria’s labia for me, and I waste no time. I press my cock up to it’s new friend and grab her hips strongly, then thrust in all the way to my hilt in one go. I didn’t want to dishonor her request to give it to her good right from the start, and in response Zutiria clings to the bed sheets below so hard I worry she might tear them apart.

From her first taste of my cock her face is frozen in a silent scream- still, but wanting so desperately to make noise. Sam waits for a moment before gesturing me to start fucking her in earnest. After confirming with Zutiria that it’s alright, I start to do just that.

The frenzied slap of flesh on flesh starts to echo throughout my bedroom as I fuck Zutiria.

I’m not going to pretend I know how this magic works, but it does. I’m able to effortlessly pound my hefty meat into what has to be a very small, very tight hole. I still feel it constrict down on me, it’s much, MUCH tighter than Sam’s, but I’m still able to push further into her tunnel and bottom out.

The mage’s voice transitions from silent screaming to grunting to small moans as I start to ream my cock in and out of her. Not quite as rough as I can go, but much more than she can probably handle.

“Nothing yet.” Sam frowns and lovingly strokes her friend’s silky hair. “Guess I need to step in.” She grows with confidence and skillfully slinks out of being a lap pillow to joining Zutiria’s side and slips off her thong-like pelvic armor in the process.

Her intention is clear. As I hump against Zutiria’s little hips, with my left hand I dive in and explore the pretty pink Princess pussy. I bask in the eroticism of my current situation, never dreaming I’d be pleasuring two deeply beautiful women, both of whom are seemingly wholly devoted to me.

As Sam starts to moan at my invading fingers prodding along her sensitive pink folds, she leans into Zutiria’s lips and begins kissing them once more. Her hand sneaks to the mage’s left breast and begins teasing, groping and fondling it all in the attempt to get a rise out of her.

Zutiria does get louder, sure, but it’s still all soft moans into Sam’s lips. I’m going to have to step it up.

Zutiria’s eyes go white as I start to rut harder and harder like a man possessed. Concern for the delicate virgin goes out the window, I want to make her scream. As soon as I start, I almost get my wish-

“A....AA.....AH-” Zutiria pulls from Sam’s full, wet lips and she stutters the first note or two of a shout. Sam’s excitement rises as I also start to churn the insides of her sex rougher and meaner, poking at each spot I knew would make her go crazy.


“Come on, Zutiria. You can do it. Just try and copy my pretty little blonde whore, ok?”

Zutiria seems a little shocked by my choice of words, so I pull my hand away from Sam’s pussy to give her a massive slap on her jiggly ass. “WHAT ARE YOU.” I command, not ask.

“HAAANNGH- I’M DADDY’S WHORE, A PRINCESS WHOREEEE!” Sam twitches in shock and I look at Zutiria with a smile on my face, showing her it was all in good fun. 

I make sure to go straight back to work on Sam’s pussy, rewarding her for catching what I wanted her to do.

“A.... Aah-” Zutiria manages to squeak out, sounding less sexual and more like sticking her tongue out.

“Closer. Try... harder.” As I say the last word, I pull myself out of her tiny pussy all but for my head, which I then drive back in as hard as I can.


She did it, she actually made a natural sounding moan!

“Good! Now keep it going!” With my left hand buried deep in Princess, I take my free one and begin to massage Zutiria’s tiny exposed clitoris with my thumb. 

“AHH...AHHH!” She violently arches her back, completely unaware she could ever even feel this much pleasure at once in her tiny body.

“Are you getting close?”

She must not be able to focus hard enough to use her normal means of communication so she bites her lip and nods rapidly up and down. I wasn’t too close to cumming, but this was as good a chance as any to really make some noise.

I feel bad for Sam but I pull out of her again and set my left hand to Zutiria’s tiny breast instead, cupping it in its entirety in my hand. I squeeze it and mash my thumb furiously up, over, down and around her clit every which way I can attack it. The mage’s eyes pool with sweet tears of pleasure and a series of moans rattle off her lips.

I bring my frenzied thrusting to a fevered pitch, eyes clenched tightly as I work the might of my cock into her clenching pussy. Sam, now devoid of pleasure, begins to cradle her little friend and nibble on her ears while whispering sexy temptations.

“Don’t you want him to cum in you? Harder, Zuzu, harder... He wants you to scream for him... please, Zuzu... cum... scream real loud as you CUM!”

“I... IIII... I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!” Zutiria’s husky, scratchy voice tears out into the world for the first time in 27 years. Out of any words it could have possibly been- it was announcing her orgasm to the man fucking her brains out, as well as an exceedingly horny princess.

She keeps screaming as I draw her pleasure out for as long as possible, never giving her clit a moment to rest and assaulting her cute little titty no matter how hard she twists and turns from her spasms. Her tight cunt eventually wrings me dry, too, and with a guttural grunt I press myself all the way back. I cum, and I cum hard.

My hot semen overflows her snug hole shortly after I start pulsing, and with just how much I cum in any given load we’re quickly left with a very dirty bed sheet, soiled by our newly professed love.

After what feels like ages of pouring out jizz that she couldn’t keep inside, my stream fades and I pant for dear life. I was really working hard for this orgasm, since I wanted to draw out as much of Zutiria’s voice as I could from it. Needless to say, I’m more than happy with the result.

“Zutiria...” I look down at my lover, and while I was expecting to see a flushed and exerted little lady I’m instead met with a passed the fuck out little lady.

“She’s out cold, Boss.” Sam giggles from my side. “But holy shit, you really did it- her voice... Your magic dick can also cure mutes too, huh?”

“Heh. I don’t quite think that’s what happened, but sure. Why not. Let me know if you have any more mutes lying around and I’ll see what I can do.” I pull myself out of Zutiria and tuck her under the blankets, like a good girl.

“Mmm, sorry Daddy. You just topped off my last one.”

“Shame.” I lay back on the bed myself, next to Zutiria and shift around comfortably. After letting a contented sigh out, I open my eyes to see a very spoiled Princess leering down at me.

“So...” Her hand reaches towards my dick. “You’re not done yet, right?”

I yawn, I am pretty tired, but after a couple of jerks Sam has me hard again. I’ll have to need to start exercising even more than I already do in order to keep my body’s stamina up with my new libdo.

“All yours.”

Sam lets flow down her golden hair, mounting me like a predator. She wastes no time at all. It’s a bit weird, fucking Sam right next to someone sleeping soundly, but it’s also very nice. Her highness understands I’m tired and thus rides me fully on her own, her entirely subby mood from earlier seemingly absent. It’s a very pleasant ride and I couldn’t have asked for a better one, honestly. It would be rude of me to send her off to bed without a quickie and soon enough Sam brings us bucking to one last orgasm for the night. Now as full of cum as her petite counterpart, she thanks me and kisses me on the cheek.

The lights go off, and we join our companion under the covers. With a satisfied tomboyish Princess nuzzling up to me on my right, and a silent, mysterious mage cuddled up to me on my left, I fell into the vast ocean of sleep headfirst.

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