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The rest of the day goes by fast without a hitch.

Even though Sam and I have a new tagalong companion in the form of our petite Black Mage, we quickly settle into our familiar, practiced groove and complete quests one after another. Now that we have the backup we’re able to run two consecutive kill quests at the same time. No use having both girls working on the same five slimes after all. The abundance of monsters is plentiful within this meadow and we never seem to run out of unwitting prey to hunt, no matter how many are taken down.

Sam avoids all damage under my supervision, but Zutiria is less fortunate regarding her slimy attackers. She’s struck now and then by lucky Slimes who slip past her weak guard. Just as I assumed, Zutiria is not reliably able to get her incantations out every time and still has to fall back on the non-verbal forms of her spells, but it’s obviously a lot better than nothing.

After getting tired of genociding endless unfortunate Slimes who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, the girls move on to Living Fungi kill quests. Zutiria doesn’t have the same problems that Sam did when she first took on this enemy, since Black Mages are much better suited to fighting from a distance than a Great Blader could hope for. We get by mostly without incident and cut off a number of the dead mushroom people’s left hands to serve as proof of kill.

I’ll admit, it’ll be nice when Zutiria is comfortable enough to use teleportation magic on small items. Warping a group of people is incredibly difficult, hence why typically only mages can use Karnalle’s warp stone network, but small items are a lot easier from what I’ve been told.

Eventually we could set up a personal warp deposit box for our Guild and then Zutiria would be able to transfer our kill quests paperwork and proof of kills directly to the Association of Adventurers HQ and essentially get paid the same day for quests like these. HQ would then teleport our gold right on back after verification with no need to go through the proper mail mage channels. I assume we might already have a warp deposit box since there was no shortage of Mages in my Grandpa’s time, though needless to say if we DO have one then it hasn’t been used in a very long time.

Both Sam and Zutiria are worn out after all of the constant battling. Even if the enemies were weak and easy to handle it still takes a toll after so many rounds. Sam is covered in sweat, and Zutiria looks on the verge of dozing off.

“Come on, the day's not over yet, Girls! There’s still a big stack of fetch quests ready to go.” I do my best to pump Sam and Zutiria up and raise their lagging spirits.

Stamina, routine and the right mindset are every bit as important as ability on the battlefield. I can’t afford to be soft with them even though it’s Zutiria’s first day and even though we’re moving on to the easy part of today’s quests.

“This is nothing... Boss! I’m still raring to go. I’ll even work on more kill quests if you want!” Her Highness is still motivated, as I’d expect from her. “Though I guess if Zuzu needs a break, we can stop for a while...”

Sam can handle more quests in a single grinding session now thanks to her improving abilities, so she’s getting more tired than usual. This IS her fourth day in a row of questing after all. I think I’ll need to give the young Princess a day off soon, although knowing Sam she’ll probably still insist on working somehow.

Perhaps a day doing simple quests that don’t involve any physical activity?

‘Good to see you’re as energetic as ever, Sammy. I however am not.’ Zutiria pants and collapses down below onto the soft and grassy meadow beneath her. ‘Give me a few moments to catch breath. I don’t think I’ve spent this much energy on anything ever before... Sex notwithstanding, of course.’

“No rush. You’re doing great, Zutiria. Hard to believe it’s your first day on the job.” I smile reassuringly at her, and it seems to perk up her weary spirit enough for her to return the favor in the form of a soft smile of her own.

Just now it occurs to me that since we’ve been doing local quests I haven’t been prepping the girls with any supplies. Starting tomorrow I’ll remember to fill up some canteens at the very least for them to use from now on. Sam’s never complained about it but the little lady could use herself a drink right about now by the looks of it. Some light snacks would be good too, it’d be nice to eat out in the pleasant meadows instead of the dirty-ass guild for a change.

After Zutiria has her brief rest, the girls are both ready and willing to get on with the day’s activities.

We head out in search of medicinal herbs and the rest of the typical fetch quest agenda, along with some brand new item requests from Dewhurst. None of them were outright illegal, per se, but I certainly know what most of these items were going to be used for...

Steezweed, Excite Rock, Black Brain Root, Nerve Pepper...

Yes, the list of requested items was clearly a back alley alchemist’s wet dream. Gathering the ingredients to brew illicit potions wasn’t against the law though, as these ingredients have plenty of non drug related applications. I’m sure the Association of Adventurers wouldn’t be too happy about it if they found out but there’s really nothing they can do other than chastise and wag a finger at me. 

Not to mention the quests paid much higher than your typical issued daily fetch quests from HQ- I’d be a fool not to take the money on offer.

Look at me now, Grandpa... Supporting our local businesses and providing for the upcoming generation of Dewhurstian alchemists.

Zutiria is a scholarly mage and I’m sure she’s had some dabblings in alchemy so there’s no way she doesn’t know what we’re gathering, but she remains quiet on the matter. She’s a smart woman so I’m confident she’s jumped to the same conclusion that I did and figured we might as well.

Sam, however, is totally innocent on what any of these weird things were or what they were used for. Seems like drugs were not one of the traumatic things that the King exposed her to. Knowing our ruler is sober came as a very comforting thought, at least... considering all the things I’ve been hearing about his Highness as of late.

The three of us spend the rest of our shared afternoon gathering up every last requested item we can get our hands on and filling up our collection bags with as much as we can carry.

We return to the Guild after a quick jaunt through the streets of Dewhurst. As usual, it’s far from uneventful. I grow slightly concerned after witnessing a twisted man wearing a blood-caked apron and brandishing a butcher’s cleaver running after Milly, but we’re all too dog tired to do anything about it. He was running a lot faster than the butcher, so... I think the little catboy will be fine. Probably.

We take out everything we’ve gathered onto one of the many wooden tables of the Guild hall and now that I’m seeing it all splayed out like this, I can’t help but find pride in what an amazing haul we brought in.

When all of this is properly sorted, filed, and submitted through the proper channels we’ll easily be making three to four thousand gold from the day’s work. Not only did a second adventurer double the output, but the quests from Dewhurst’s ‘potion enthusiast’ community paid a hefty sum for their ingredients. 

Zutiria, same as Sam before her, isn’t requesting any of the gold for herself. Instead she asks that I just buy her whatever magical trinket or book she has her eye every now and then, and I’m not about to argue with a deal like that.

Honestly this progress feels amazing, and I can’t wait to expand the Guild further with their help.

I can see it now... girls of every adventurer class flooding the guild as they all lining up at the packed quest board to pick and choose their quests, only to come to me and ask what I’d recommend anyway. The hall would be packed and my attention split between many who need it, but I’d as always be working my absolute hardest to accommodate them all.

Suddenly I’m snapped back to reality as soon as Sam rests her arm over my shoulder from behind my back. “I don’t know about you two but fuck, am I sweaty. We didn’t bathe together like normal this morning, either. A certain pair of ‘grown ups’ kicked me out of the room before I could bring it up...”

‘I could go for a bath.’ Confirms Zutiria as she brushes aside the playful jab. ‘I bet the three of us could all fit in your tub, by the looks of it... but there wouldn’t be much room to spare.’

“Definitely not enough room for any shenanigans. But it could still be fun.” I begin to undo my bowstring and strip off my vest. Sam raises an eyebrow and wolf whistles suggestively, but I just laugh her off.

‘Behave yourself.’ The little mage pokes the tip of her staff into the side of Sam’s barely covered butt causing the Princess to blush.

The three of us then agree to settle in for the night and start off with a refreshing bath. Paperwork can come later. We deserve a quick break, myself included.

The bathroom tub is a fairly decent size befitting of a master bedroom. Nothing remarkable about it and I’ve certainly never had any complaints about it before today. Now, though? Now it’s just another new thing to add to the ever growing (and seemingly unending) list of things I’d like to upgrade once we have more money.

Sam and I had no trouble fitting in and having a fun time with each other in the past but even with as small Zutiria is, it’s clear that it’s not going to work out the same. So any luxurious bathing threesomes will have to wait for another day.

That doesn’t mean we still don’t have fun, though.

“When was the first time we took a bath together, Zuzu?” Sam asks. The young princess sits at the opposite end of the tub from me, and our petite lover rests in the middle. She’s currently leaning back against me, the roundness of her small and juicy little butt digging into my crotch while I try to keep my composure.

‘A long time ago. It was always fun getting to wash your beautiful hair for you and then brushing it afterwards. I must admit I think I like the added company even more, though.’ She looks over her shoulder to give me a gentle smile. That explains why Sam’s hair always looks like a barber’s worst nightmare, at least. Her personal caretaker hasn’t been around to see after her Highness's every need.

“You need to stop being so affectionate, Zutiria. Sam’s already jealous enough as it is.”

The Princess, while already steaming red from the heat of the bathwater, becomes even more flushed as she splashes a wave of warm water onto our faces. “I AM NOT JEALOUS!”

After Zutiria is done silently giggling, she looks at Sam with a dripping face. ‘Consider myself convinced.’

“HMPH!” Sam reaches over and pulls Zutiria off my lap and over to her side of the tub, hugging her tightly into her wet and dripping cleavage. “Zuzu was mine before she was yours, you know, Daddy.” A mischievous smirk appears as she looks down to tell me.

“Is that so?” I roll my eyes, pretending not to be convinced.

“Yup. We might not have ever crossed the line, but we’ve washed each other nice and clean many, many times...” Sam reaches for a rag and covers it in bubbly soap. Zutiria remains quiet, watching to see what she’ll do. She’s just as curious as I am.

“Look at you, you dirty little Mage. You think you can steal my Daddy away from me like this? You look like one of those street rats running around Dewhurst.” She leans in and nibbles Zutiria’s ear and begins to rub the soapy rag around the little lady’s body while I watch her begin to shiver. “And you’re so sweaty, too...”

Zutiria is starting to get really turned on by Sam’s antics. Her breathing becomes low and ragged, her ice blue eyes fluttering from twitchy pleasure as she leans backwards into Sam’s wet, curvy body willingly. She wants more, and the Princess is determined to give it.

“What should I do with this dirty little girl, Daddy?” Sam asks in a low, husky voice dripping with sex. Her emerald eyes glimmer with playful anticipation for my command.

“Clean her up. And clean yourself up, too Princess. I’m expecting both of you in my bed after we have dinner and I take care of the paperwork.” I relax further into the tub and stretch backwards, playing up my exaggerated ‘coolness’ and smirking.

“Yes, Daddy. Anything you want.” Sam licks her lips and begins to devilishly wash her willing partner. I hand Zutiria another rag and command her to return the favor, and I soak in the sight of my lovers washing one another as sexily as they can.

Nubile wet bodies heaving with growing lust covered only by dripping soap... hands slipping into erotic places that cry out oh so desperately to be washed... coupled all the way with expertly placed moans and gasps designed to titillate me at every turn.

Gods, these girls are good at what they do...

It almost pains me not to join in, but I remind myself what the plans are for tonight and it helps to stave my lust off for the duration of the bath. It certainly gets hard to hold back at the end though, as after they finish washing each other’s hair they drop both the rags and the pretense of bathing. My two women start groping each other’s bodies and kissing, and the hottest part is that it’s barely for my viewing pleasure at this point.

Sam and Zutiria want each other, if that wasn’t obvious by now it certainly was hammered home around the time Sam skillfully brought the little Mage to orgasm after mashing her finger nonstop into Zutiria’s pretty little clit.

I never knew it felt so good to be left out and just observe.

“Don’t wear her out too much, Princess. I’m going to want Zutiria first tonight.” Before Sam can grow any more jealous I remind her of the reasoning behind this. “Don’t forget that my plans for you are going to make me quite dirty, and we don’t want to inconvenience Zutiria do we?”

“N-no Daddy, not at all...” I can practically see Sam drooling at the thought. She remembers that I was finally planning to go balls deep in her ass tonight, assuming I can fit. We haven't experimented much with it yet and I know from certain books I’ve read on the matter that we should have worked up to it with fingers, but... 

‘If you want, Sir, I know a rune that will ward off any and all filth you might otherwise accumulate during anal sex.’ Zutiria says after recovering from her orgasm.

“NO.” Not again. I don’t care what other fucking runes she knows, I’m not going through that shit again. At least not any time soon... maybe if I’m knocked out beforehand, but even then. The psychological trauma has been done and it can never be undone.

Zutiria giggles aloud and I raise an eyebrow. “How come you know so many magic dick runes, anyway?”

At my question, she hurriedly steps out of the tub. ‘The only thing keeping me consistent company for many years was my very, very active imagination. I learned a lot in the hopes that I might one day take a lover. Do you have any idea how lonely I was, Sir...?’

I do have an idea of what that’s like, but I feel a bit bad about bringing it up. I’m sure she knows.

Sam steps out of the tub too and smiles back at me, eager to defuse the potentially awkward atmosphere. “I’m not actually hungry enough for dinner, I think. What about you, Zuzu?”

‘Indeed. Sir should do what he needs to do, have himself a light supper and return to his needy women as quickly as he can.’ The two girls wrap their dripping nude bodies together under one shared towel and start to rub themselves dry as slowly and teasingly as they can, at which point I’m speechless.

There’s only one thing for a man to do in a situation like this... yes, it’s time to hastily do some fucking paperwork.

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