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While Zutiria wanders around in the kitchen downstairs, Sam and I enjoy a small moment alone after that delightful bullying session. Currently she’s cuddling up to my side while her right hand continues to caress my pleasured shaft. “You sure had fun, didn’t you?” Her smile turns into a shit eating, smug as hell grin.

“You’re fishing for compliments, aren’t you, Your Highness?”

She coyly giggles into my ear, whispering in that silky, husky tone of hers, “Was I that obvious...?”

I lean slightly over to kiss her on her forehead. “It felt amazing. Thank you.”

“No, thank YOU, Daddy. After a rough day like today it’s great coming home to a nice man like you who doesn’t mind being put in his place.” Sam sticks her tongue out at me in jest.

“I honestly don’t mind the aggression. You’ve been a bit submissive as of late and I was getting worried you lost your touch.”

My lover rolls her eyes at me, before she straddles my body and lays her warm, soft face down on my chest. “You wish.” She smiles brightly and I return the gesture, at least until it fades away. Sam’s expression becomes solemn and distant. She brings her finger to my pecs as she starts drawing little circles on my skin.

“So...” Sam starts to speak, but looks away. “Now that you know... the truth, about me and all that...” It pains her a great deal, but she flutters her eyes back in my direction with no small amount of anxiety.

If I were an asshole I would tease her, letting her know I’ve known about her identity as Crown Princess of the Realm from the start. But that’s not what she needs right now. She’s speaking from the heart, or at least trying to... So it’s my duty as her man to reply with the same intensity.

“Nothing between us has changed, Sam. You’re still my little Princess, and I’m still your Boss, your Daddy, or whatever else you need me to be for you.”

Sam blushes. “And if I wanted to put a collar on you and take you for a walk, huh?”


Her elation knows no bounds and she practically jumps out of her skin with joy, but she manages to hold back and laugh awkwardly instead. She playfully slaps me across the face, though thankfully none of her supernatural strength is behind it. “Gods, shut up! You’re awful when you try to be all romantic!” 

“Only because I’m so good at it.”

She smirks and squints her eyes at me. “Whoever said you were good at-?!” I interrupt her by swiftly taking her royal lips in mine and locking them tightly into a passionate, loving kiss. We linger in our dancing tongues for so long I worry Zutiria will be back before we’re done, but it does nothing to stop us and we kiss for as long as we feel the need to.

As Sam finally pulls away with a red blush painting her cheeks, she nervously looks away and with a single hand begins playing with her tousled golden locks. She would look like a beautiful blushing maiden were it not for the dopey grin plastered across her face, but that’s ok. It just makes her look even cuter. “I mean... I guess you’re ok, and all...”

“Before Zutiria gets back and we get to having some more fun, I did wanna hear about how things went with the wolves.” I tell her, briefly taking a more serious tone.

“Oh, yeah. Don’t worry about that. I was able to run back and forth with like four wolves each trip and I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty dang fast!” She very much DOES mean to brag.

“You mean when you aren’t lugging around a massive iron blade.”

“Don’t be a bitch!” Sam laughs. “It took me like an hour to get all the little ones out of the way, and the big bastard was a bit harder, sure, but I was able to lug it all the way to Bludman’s place. Just left it behind the building with his permission since we couldn’t get it through the front door without... you know. I also saw where you left the weapons but honestly I’m deadass tired and at that point I just wanted to get home and fuck you.”

“Fair enough.” I can’t help but smile. “And he paid, right?”

“Oh yeah we’re good, Boss. Huge ass payout! Was surprised you got him to agree to forking over so much cash. He did do something kinda weird, though.” Sam looks off to the side, trying to recollect the exact words.

“He better not have. I warned him against any funny business at all...” A threatening grumble escapes my throat and I squint my eyes. 

“Nah nothing like that. It’s just after he paid he took up one of his rustier cleavers and said about how I forgot one of the wolves or something, and that he needed to go skin it before it bled out.”

I’m not sure I like the implication here, but I’m too tired, horny and hungry to think of what it might mean.

There’s a knock at the bedroom door and we turn in unison to see Zuzu, who was courteous enough to announce her presence for us instead of scaring us with sudden blue text. She’s carrying a large bottle of mead, three glasses and, ah... a slice of bread and an apple. ‘I hope you know Sammy and I have never cooked a meal in our lives. Though my contact with others in the castle was limited, I was still served anything I wished and never had to worry about the preparation. Just eat it and be done with it so we can have more sex, Sir.’

I give a soft chuckle while Sam sits up and motions for the bottle. “Aw yeah, gimme that shit, Zuzu!” 

The little mage shakes her head. ‘I will not allow you to follow your father in his unending war against his own liver. Do you know how many times he’s had to have it rebuilt over the years, Sammy? You may have a single cup and that’s that.’

Sam whines like a kid being denied a delicious treat, but knows better than to argue with the older woman.

Zutiria hands me my bread and apple then places the glasses down on the nightstand. She pours two full sized glasses and a noticeably lighter glass for the young Princess, who in response takes rare offense at her best friend. I guess it is pretty odd to see Zutiria acting her age come to think of it, given how much of a tease and a prankster she can be when she wants to.

Regardless, Sam chugs down her cheap mead while I eat what was offered quickly, leaning over the side of the bed so that I don’t get crumbs all over our already dirtied bedsheets.

A part of me feels self conscious that they have to settle for such awful quality food and drink when they both come from a background of being waited on hand and foot, but it’s just all the more motivation to start working harder. I want my women to have the nicest things after all, even if... Well, I won’t be competing with their former lives of castle luxury anytime soon, but still.

I finish up the last few bites of my meager meal and then as I down the glass of mead Zutiria’s text appears asking me, ‘Would you like some more, Sir?’

“Yes, please.” I say, thinking nothing of it.

Much to my surprise the little lady wasn’t talking about pouring me another glass at all. Instead she turns my face to hers and kisses my lips. She lets go a slow flow of sweet, love-filled mead pour down my throat.

Zutiria pulls back shyly and gives me a small, gentle smile. To her annoyance, Sam yanks her away from me and wraps her up in a hug. “What a sneaky little girl you are, Zuzu.” The Princess smirks. 

“You’re just mad you didn’t think of it yourself.” I laugh and set the emptied glass of mead down on the nightstand beside the bed, preparing myself to rejoin the middle of the mattress.

“Shut up, Boss!” It was true, apparently as she blushes and looks away, leaving Zutiria no choice but to giggle. “And lay your pretty little ass back down-” Her Highness designates my spot for me on the bed. “You aren’t done getting ‘spoiled’ for today.”

‘Assuming Sir doesn’t mind if we continue to take charge.’ Zutiria asks rhetorically.

“I have a distinct feeling I’m going to need the practice, if you two are really so insistent on me bedding the good doctor...” I say. I’m not reluctant, I think... but the thought is still hard to come to terms with. I obediently make my way to the spot Sam marked out for me and lay down.

Sam shakes out her wild and untamed hair, and seeing it shine in the dim candlelight of our room at night reminds me just how beautiful her golden strands are, regardless of being brushed or not.

“I’m first.” She says with great excitement. “Are you still hard for me, Daddy?”

‘When isn’t he?’ Zutiria remarks, taking her place by my right side and pointing at the erection I’m proudly displaying.

“Blame yourselves for being so sexy.” I state matter of factly which causes both girls to giggle. “It’s impossible to keep it down knowing I’m about to have fun with the two of you.”

“Oh, stop.” Sam laughs dismissively. “Zuzu,” She commands.

The little lady leans over to my face and much to my surprise she pulls out two pairs of wet panties. One red with black lace, and the other a tiny pair of black with purple, magical looking swirls. ‘It’s time for Sir to shut his mouth for a little while. Stop thinking and just enjoy the pleasure your women wish to reward you with after a long, hard day of work.’

Zutiria smiles as she mashes both pairs of sopping, sexy panties into my mouth, filling my tongue with the distinct, deliciously sweet taste of their respective womanhood.

“Fuck, that’s hot. He’s tasting both of us at the same time...” Sam bites her lips, “Nice thinking, Zu.” 

‘I have another idea if you’d like to hear it, Sammy. I won’t be able to do the position very easily, but... it should be right up your alley so to speak.’ Zuzu makes a cold, emotionless face that coupled with her words sends a mixed chill of fear and excitement running up my spine.

The brash tomboy roars with excitement and looks to her friend, “Hell yeah, lay it on me!”

Zutiria smirks and teasingly leans over to ‘whisper’ in Sam’s ear. I know she isn’t actually talking but she’s doing her best to play up the suspense for me. It’s working, my manhood throbs more and more with desire the longer it takes them to play with me and all I can do about it is make muffled moans for their pleasure.

After Sam reads the Mage’s secret message, her face contorts into such a conflicted mix of emotions the likes of which I’ve never seen. Surprise. Excitement. Apprehension. Total lust. Disbelief, it’s all there. “Girls can DO that...?!” Sam’s emerald eyes sparkle at the prospect.

All Zutiria does to confirm is give a playful thumbs up and my fate is sealed. 

Sam looks down at me with a look rivaling the perviest of old men, completely unbefitting of a Princess. “Daaaaaddyyyyy...” She coos out to me, teasingly. “This is gonna be FUN.”

I certainly hope so, as the build up is terrifying...

‘Arms out, Sir.’ Zutiria commands and points a finger at me.

I muffle something out of the panties about not having a choice, but as soon as I do so the finger begins to glow.

Wordlessly she casts a spell, but spells it out for my benefit. ‘Wristiwait.’

A small burst of circling air constricts my wrists at her spell’s command and they solidify into some sort of energy. I can’t move them at all, these fucking things are super heavy. I’m not even sure I want to.

“Perfect!” Sam beams with excitement and grabs me by my ankles and starts lifting them back towards my torso. No... it can’t be. I think I know where this is going...!

The Princess stands up on the bed and grins down at me looking like a total slut, complete with toothy grin, glazed eyes and flushed cheeks. She licks her lips and looks down at my huge, waiting cock, while I look at her in anticipation.

As stated before she’s wearing nothing but one of my sleep shirts. I won’t pretend to know why, but there’s almost nothing hotter to me than a woman wearing one of my shirts that barely fits her. It’s just so casual and familiar and adorable that it spikes my lust like crazy. I can see her tight pussy from under the shirt and as to be expected it’s absolutely drenched.

‘Spread him out carefully. Don’t use any of your strength except to keep balance.’ Zutiria says as she supervises. Thank the gods she’s here, I wouldn’t allow Sam and her brute strength to try anything even remotely like this on her own. In this position she could easily spread my legs so wide they both pop out of my hip socket and then we really WOULD need to go fetch Opalina...

“Don’t worry, I got this. It’s just doing the same thing he does to me, right?” Sam laughs and begins to descend, while Zutiria reaches out to properly line up my cock for her.

I was right. The way she’s descending onto me while holding my ankles up for her... Sam slips my huge cock into her loving tunnel in one go, taking me deep as she can using the legendary amazon position. To think it actually exists outside of fiction...! I’m stunned beyond belief, and captivated by the pleasure immediately .

I let out a deep, muffled moan as Sam begins to buck her hips down at me in a nice rhythm to start with. “Fuuuuuuck...” She leans her head back, huge tits bouncing back to meet them. “Zuzu, you’re the best...” Sam groans. “I woulda n... NEVER thought of this.”

Zutiria smiles, watching Her Highness fuck me from above with her soaked cunt like I were a delicate maiden. ‘I figured the two of you would like it.’ 

“It’s... ngh...” Sam stops to grind her hips against my pubic bone, mashing her clit up into me as much as she can. “It’s hitting so many good spooooots- AH!” She cries out after using my dick to carve out a really nice one, and her pink walls constrict me reflexively in response.

‘I’m glad...’ Zutiria smiles but looks just a little bit disappointed.

Sam picks up on the meaning behind this and laughs as she slams her cunt down on my cock again, using her muscle control to squeeze me around the base as much as she can. I quiver and tremble at the ecstasy this gives, and Sam turns to face the little lady. “After he cums, want me to hold him up for you so you can try?”

The Mage’s face lights up and blushes. Without any hesitation she nods her head. ‘I don’t believe I’m strong enough to do it unassisted, and I want to please Sir like this as well...’ She admits.

Sam looks down at me with that pervy expression of hers and squeezes my ankles even harder as she starts fucking me at a faster and harder rate. “Gods, look at him...” She smirks. “Luckiest bastard in ALL the realms and he’s just... ngh... sitting there with wet panties shoved down his throat, getting fucked in such an embarrassing position like he was some little slut.”

As she berates me I moan even harder than before, which makes her laugh at me in a loving yet condescending way. Despite her words I’m not embarrassed. I don’t care what others think, to me there’s nothing more masculine than letting your partner, or in my case partners, do whatever they want to you- gender roles be damned.

There are still a few things I’ll definitely draw the line on, but in general giving my girls all the power they want over me is a non-issue. It’s only fair knowing that they’d do the same for me.

‘I think he liked it when you called him a slut, Sammy.’ Zutiria watches my face clench and my neck jerk from pleasure, unable to move my arms thanks to the magical restraint placed on me. She’s right, too...

“Is that so? You some kinda pervy old dude who wants to be fucked like... ngh, like a total SLUT?” Sam smashes her cunt down incredibly hard on my everything at the mention of the word. I let out my largest moan yet in response. “Oh yeah, he... haaaaah... DEFINITELY likes it... Look at you, where’d that smart... strong... business man go who- ngh- who always gets what he wants? All I see is a cute little slutty slut slut SLUT!”

Sam starts fucking me even harder and for the life of me I just want to break out of these magical restraints so I can grab Sam by the hips and ream her naughty little cunt out till she’s raw for days- but I can’t, and that just makes me harder and need it all the more.

‘I want to help.’ Zutiria suddenly announces with a glassy look in her eyes. She crawls away and disappears behind Sam, out of my view. Just as before I suddenly feel two tiny hands on my swollen orbs. The sudden touch makes me scream through the panties, my ecstasy building even higher.

Sam looks back briefly while continuing to fuck me. “Zu? I... ngh... why do you like his balls so much... Sure, playing with em and sucking em is fun, but... you’re like... ngh...”

Zutiria responds with a surprising text which is partnered with the feeling of her delicate pink tongue beginning to lash itself back and forth on my sack. ‘Yes, ah. About that...’ There’s a delay in her words as she thinks, but no delay in her hands lovingly fondling me. 

‘I feel drawn to them. They’re so rich with mana... Anatomically speaking, the semen is made elsewhere, but... the testicles make the sperm. And that’s where the overwhelming mana comes from... Touching them makes me feel so strong... and powerful... and not just because I hold his life in my hands...’ The mage giggles and gives me a firm squeeze to accentuate her point.

“Huh...” Sam raises an eyebrow. I can tell it went in through one ear and out the other, as detailed explanations often do with her. “That all?”

I can’t see Zuzu’s face but I can only imagine her blush rises harder as she manages to spell out, ‘As a woman, I... admittedly like how they smell. They’re so manly...’

Sam laughs out loud causing her to pick up speed on my cock. “Hah, really? Maybe you’re the slut, Zuzu!” She says.

If Zutiria is bothered by this comment she doesn’t make any mention of it and continues to pleasure my aching balls. Sure enough, between the squeezing and the licking I definitely feel a sniff mixed in here and there.

Sam starts to seriously work on me and herself, fucking me up above and grinding her hips into mine with each thrust. Her bouncing, huge tits are barely hidden by my shirt, which was never meant to conceal such ample assets.

“I’m... fuuuuck...” She groans, eyes rolling back, “Getting close, Daddy...!”

I muffle something similar into the panties and while I know she can’t hear me she gets the point well enough, “So am I.”

Grinning like a determined slut desperate to wring dry of everything I have to give, Sam pushes my legs back even further to the point where it feels she’s bending me in half, treating me entirely like a woman. I love it so much, and it lets her aggressively fuck me like the gorgeous blonde amazon Princess she truly is. 

Sam’s cries roar into the night as she puts all her energy into pounding my cock, smashing her clit, and owning me with everything she’s got. This coupled with Zutiria worshipping my balls causes my oncoming orgasm to spiral out of control- I feel it ready to unleash itself into Sam’s depths the second it can.

But then something unexpected happens and Zutiria takes a single hand away from its position on my bouncing orbs, and suddenly presses it into... my... behind, pressing down on a certain gland so effortlessly as if it were a button.

My eyes shoot wide open and magical restraints be damned, I twitch and turn, arching my back so hard up into Sam that I just about knock her off of me. Then the orgasm starts.

It tears through my entire body and I’m wracked with the hardest spasms I’ve ever felt, and I explode into Sam’s tight, tender tunnel. Even considering how heavy my cumshots tend to be these days, this is outright absurd. Sam screams and screams and screams as my unending ropes flood her pussy to full capacity and the rest squirts out violently over our combined pelvises, my balls, the bed, and Zuzu’s hands creating a gigantic mess of burning desire. All this made worse by Sam’s orgasm tightening, milking, squeezing every drop of it like the spoiled, bratty cunt it is.

When the last spurt escapes, I fall back to the bed so hard I worry that it might break from the impact. Sam topples on top of me in a breathless haze. “What... the... fucking... HELL, Boss...?! Did you really like it THAT much...?”

Looking behind her I see Zutiria making an innocent face. She’s wiping off her finger with a soapy, wet rag presumably conjured from the next room over, and the only indication of what just happened she gives me is a devilishly playful wink.

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