Fun on the Bun

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Tonight, I indulge myself in cooking.

Too long has it been since I'd had a chance to cut back and prepare something that isn't just simple tripe. A Living Fungi is far from what I'd call gourmet, but it's a step up from the stuff I've grown used to these last couple of years as money became tighter and tighter.

Since Sam killed the monster we brought back with a horizontal slash, it means that the large red, white-spotted cap is fully intact. First, I wash it in the sink to clean it thoroughly of any remaining sleep spores. The last thing we want to do is swallow any of that gunk, but it thankfully comes off real easy.

After it's dried, I start applying some herbs and spices to it, drizzle some melted butter and throw it on a pan in the oven. The heat will shrink the massive cap to about half its size, but when it's finished baking and when I've drizzled a little meat sauce on it, I’ll have transformed this Living Fungi into imitation meat comparable to steak.

On top of this, I prepare some side dishes to go along with the main course. A nice, thick Potato soup, some poached eggs, and an assortment of fresh vegetables that I picked up at the market this morning are all on the menu for tonight. As for our drinks, as much as I'd like an excuse to drink some of the more expensive stuff, I fill us both a tankard of cheap ale as a palate cleanser.

My weary adventurer was a bit more hungry than she was during the day, so it's a good thing I cooked plenty for the both of us. Sure, I didn't do any heavy lifting or anything, but I'm not used to being out and about for the entire day like this. If she doesn't eat it, I will.

Satisfied with my culinary work, I bring everything out on a large serving tray and present it all to Her Highness.

"Holy heck," Sam looks down at her plate, eyes beaming as she takes the first bite of her mushroom cap steak. "I can't believe those creepy-ass mushroom things actually taste THIS good...!" She says, her mouth watering and her cheeks red with blush.

"Right?" My heart flutters at the sight of the Princess tearing into her meal. She goes at it like a hungry lion, scarfing the food down like it were a battle. Seeing her like this, well, it really makes a man feel appreciated. "The cap was pretty big, so there's plenty more if you want extra. Don't hold back."

"Believe me, I wasn't planning on it," She smirks, then gets back to work after washing down some mushroom with her ale.

Neither of us leaves that table hungry.

After supper comes the nightly routine- dishes and paperwork. To my surprise, Sam actually volunteers to do the dishes tonight. Even if we're fucking, she's still my guest, so I don't ask such things of her. I'm a Guild Master, after all. Overseeing the housekeeping of my Guild is my job, even if I'm not the best at it.

Sam is having none of that. She tells me to cut that crap out, reminding me that she's not my guest. She’s my partner.


And she says I'm the one always saying embarrassing things, that cheeky brat.

I take her up on her offer and get the paperwork done in about fifteen minutes, then I throw all of the loot into a package and set it out for delivery. Afterward, Sam is waiting for me patiently in the entrance hall. She's ready to retire for the night and drags me into the master bathroom on the second floor.

I’d never bathed with a girl before I met Sam.

Somehow, even after all the sex we've had, it still takes some getting used to. There's just something supremely intimate about a man and a woman in a cramped little tub that makes me want to act like a feral animal.

Sam soaks in the water, relaxing after a long day of adventuring. Like the other times we’ve bathed together, Sam takes off the bandage usually covering her nose, revealing a small scar across its tip. Her freckles disappear, too, although she tells me that those are a minor glamor spell that Zutiria taught her to do. Just another trick she used when sneaking out of the ‘Castl... mansion’, in her own words.

I wish I could enjoy the situation just as much as she does, but the current situation makes it hard. The arcane tech tub is easily large enough for two or even three people, but despite this, Sam chooses to sit on my lap the entire time for some inexplicable reason...

She certainly makes the most of her time.

That damned vixen wiggles her ass every which way, teasing me as we wash each other. Even as I do my best to shampoo and condition this unruly mane of hers, she grinds away at my hard-on until I can no longer take it. I rinse off her hair, growl at the brat, stand up, and carry her over my shoulder to the bed without any warning.

Sam yelps, playing the part of a damsel in distress and begging for someone to come and save her. This earns her a spank from me on her sopping wet behind, much to Sam's perverse delight.

I throw her on the bed, still wet and covered in bubbles, and hover over top of her.

Excitement is evident in her expression. She opens her mouth to tease me into action, saying, "So... you're sure we can't-"

I narrow my eyes at her. "Yes, you little slut."

"Such a hurtful word," She bites her lip, looking up at me with half-lidded emerald eyes.

"Such an accurate word, more like..." I stare back down, loving what I'm seeing. "But I want you to remember. We're only going to play a little bit tonight. Understood?"

The naked, glistening girl grumbles and crosses her arms, annoyed. "Yeah, yeah. I get the picture already..."

"Good," I do my best hungry expression, showing Sam just how much I want to play with her body. "Now, how about you spread your legs for me, you pretty little Princess?"

Hearing that, there's no way Sam can resist. "Mmmn, I thought you'd never ask..."

Her legs part like an open gate, giving me a clear view of the lips of that heavenly pink hole of hers, which I just can't get enough of. Even now, seeing it all hot and steamy as the room grows dark inspires me to grab my cock and plant myself firmly into her depths, but I can't.

If I do, I know damn well I'm not coming out until I've unleashed everything I have to give.

Better not to tempt myself more than I have to.

Sam closes her eyes and exhales as I reach down to fondle her wet breast, groping it and feeling my palm sink into its softness. I don't linger for long. My hand squeezes lightly once and then twice, then snakes down her abdomen past her equally soft little tummy, down her pelvic mound, until finally reaching her lower lips.

"You gonna use your fingers, Daddy...?" Sam wiggles her hips at the thought, brushing my fingertips against her wetness.

"Yes," I nod my head, running the length of my finger down her slit lightly. "I know how much you love it, after all."

"Only ‘cause you're so damn good," She bites her lip.

Over the last few days, I've picked up a lot about fingering Sam. Because of how many details my eyes can register at any given moment, I can see every slight twitch and twist her body makes when I'm exploring her insides. To an almost unfair degree, pinpointing Sam's weak spots like this is a walk in the park.

I slide my pointer finger into her velvety tunnel up to the first joint. Sam's more than wet enough from all the teasing in the bath to make my entrance smooth as silt. She opens her mouth wide in a silent 'o', and then, I press upwards with the tip of my finger and rub back and forth.

"Shit-" Sam squeaks, arching her back right away before I've barely even started.

For almost a minute straight, I work this one spot, trying to etch out as much pleasure as I can from it. I use all sorts of different tactics, like teasing the area around the spot before inevitably drifting back to it and applying increased pressure or repeatedly hammering away at it like mad.

With every last thing I try, Sam falls deeper into her lustful craze.

Her hands have little to do beyond grabbing onto the blanket for dear life, so to keep them occupied, she leads them to her pillowy breasts and squeezes down on them much rougher than I did. To coincide with her self-groping, I suddenly thrust my finger deeper and watch Sam squeal as I start grinding against yet another of her favorite spots further back into the reaches of her tight, drenched pussy.

"Daddy...!" She moans, letting me know how happy she is with my job thus far. Her walls clamp down on my lone finger and damn if she isn't tight as all hell.

"You like this, Princess?" I ask rhetorically, just hoping to get more of Sam's cute, sexy voice out of her.

"More... c'mon... d-don't fuck around like this..." Lifting her head off the bed to stare down at me, Sam growls at me, displeased and hungry for yet more pleasure after such a rough day of work.

"Mm. Who am I to say no to a cute, hard-working girl like you?" I tease, pulling back swiftly out of her needy vagina and then thrusting back down with my middle finger added to the mix.

"Oh, oh FUCK yeah...!" With two fingers now fully inserted, Sam's head falls back down, and her clenching becomes even tighter around me as she convulses on them like they were my cock.

Using all of my skills thus far, I grind different patterns inside of Sam's warm wetness, searching and honing in on every little move that works.

Like a dancer that can't stop themselves from becoming a slave to the rhythm, Sam dances at my mercy. Her hips shake left and right, pushing down on my fingers and humping them herself as much as she can. Her torso, too, twists every which way as she can't control herself. Watching her big, round tits bounce from all her pleasurable spasms inspires me to take things even further.

As soon as she next screams, I take my free hand and press my thumb down on her exposed, swollen clit. Sam gasps for air, surprise overtaking her entire body. She tries to shout my name, but all that comes out is a series of cracked-voice moans as I bully this cute little pink button of hers. It throbs under my finger, desperate for attention and unable to be even slightly subtle about it.

If it's attention she wants, then it's attention she's going to get- more of it than she bargained for.

With an almost sadistic delight, I get to work pushing Sam as far as she can go. My fingers become a tornado as I whisk them around, hitting every spot I've focused on until now and more. Add this on top of pressure on her clit, and it's no wonder she cums as fast as she does.

After only a few minutes of this lavish treatment, the fearsome floodgate opens. Sam shuts her heavy, hazy eyelids before letting out an ear-splitting, scratchy shriek of pure glee at the top of her voice. "I-I'm cumming, Daddy! I'm cumming so hard! AHN-" Music to my ears. The beautiful young girl with my fingers buried inside of her soon makes good on her word.

With great violence, she orgasms all over my hand, coating it in both her thick, feminine juices and her womanly musk.

At no point do I stop.

Even as she cums and repeatedly twists beneath my power, and even as I become stickier and stickier with her sexual fluids, I keep pushing Sam past the brink of her first orgasm until she hits an even greater second one. Her legs fly into the air, twitching like mad, her thighs jiggling like so many of the Slimes she put down with her blade. Her hand rubs her nipples, then pulls on them roughly as her pleasure consumes her.

It isn't until after the third orgasm where I have to stop, and that's only because my wrist is starting to lock up.

When I finally take both of my hands away from her messy little pussy, Sam groans a thoroughly satisfied groan as her entire body melts down into the bed. Now that she's able to catch her breath, she smiles and eventually even laughs.

"How'd you like that, Princess?" I smile, proud of what I've done to my lover.

"It ain't dick," She sighs, "But it'll do."

"Is that so? Well, if you need more than I can always-"

"N-No! Gimme a break, damn it!" She falls for my bluff and summons a bit of her strength to scoot away from me while I laugh. "Besides, what about you? You're lookin' like you can split diamonds with that hard thing of yours. Don't you want some help, Daddy...?"

"Depends. Are you going to scoop up any of my cum and eat it?"

Sam tenses her eyes, looking away. "Wouldn't dream of it..."

"Of course not," I raise my eyebrow.

"C'mon, Boss. There's gotta be something pervy you want to do that we haven't already done yet. Personally, I wanted to give you some more titty-fuckin' action, but..."

"I would cum right on your face, and you'd be tempted to swallow it straight up." A shame, really. I've become obsessed with seeing Sam's breasts wrapped around my cock, and she loves doing it for me.

"Am I THAT predictable?" She blushes, sitting up as I join her naked on the bed.

"Yes, and I love you for it."

Sam reddens at the dreaded L-word, even though it also brings a momentary smile to her face. I wasn't even using it in a romantic sense, more of a teasing one, but still, she lights up like a lantern. This cute little brat is too much for me, I swear.

"W-Whatever," She barks, annoyed. "C'mon and tell me if there's anything you wanna do that wouldn't end up with me drinking all your hot, naughty, man-sauce!"

"In the future, how about we refrain from using that term, shall we?"

"No promises," The brat smirks.

Smiling right back playfully at Sam, I end up giving her a suggestion after all. "How about you turn over for me?"

"W-Wait, I thought we were gonna hold off on doing that...!" Sam gets the wrong idea but follows my command anyway. She flips over onto her stomach, presenting the glorious, full globes of her ass cheeks to me in their entirety.

"I'm not talking about anal sex. I’m talking about me having some fun with these," I tell her, pulling apart her butt and then spitting in the crack. Sam gasps as I drag my cock along the underside of her slit, soaking up some more of her juices to use as extra lubrication. 

After plenty of teasing, I bury my length between her buns and push them together around me. Then, I start to thrust.

Sam doesn’t know what to think at first, which surprises me. I thought 

"Oh, wow... seriously? You're such a fuckin' perv, Daddy... who even does this?" She looks over her shoulder to give me a smug expression, which drives me to punish the girl with a sudden spank. She takes it with a yelp, only to follow up with laughter. "Does it really feel that good to fuck your little Princess's butt cheeks?"

Sam's playing up her brattiness, which only makes me want to thrust into her soft globes harder still. "Fuck yes, it does. Your ass is so soft, Sam..."

She smiles, showing off her sharp fang. She's delighted to know that as weird as this sort of play might be for her, it makes me feel great. "That so? Well... I guess I can let you keep going, then... it... ah... feels kinda nice for me too, I guess... feeling your big, strong hands roughing up my ass... although... I bet you wish you could fuck me back there, don't you, Daddy? Don't you wanna fuck your Princess in her tight, virgin asshole?"

"We'll get there soon enough... in the meantime, don't... ngh... don't tempt me, woman," I grunt, the lubrication sending me rocketing through her valley of ass flesh until my cockhead is scraping the small of her back.

Sam reaches back with her hands, wrapping them around my wrists and squeezing them hard. I know what it means when she gets like this. Sam won't let go of me now even if I beg. Not like that was going to happen, anyway.

"Why not? Afraid you can't handle it? I mean, I guess it's cool and all if you're pervy enough to get off from rubbing your cock all over my butt... that's not weird at all, I- AHN!" I may not be able to pull my hand up to spank her again, but I can still clench down on her ass cheeks as hard as possible while digging my nails into her flesh.

The bratty Princess shrieks from the intense sharpness attacking ass in ten different places, and that's when I really start to get serious.

I fuck myself using her soft cheeks as little more than a toy. Sam is there with me every step of the way, teasing and taunting me to bring out an even rougher and more animalistic side of me as I make use of her gratuitous booty.

"Perv! Look at you, y-you desperate... des... perate little l-loser...!" She yelps, huffing out this and that to push me even further.

"I'll show you desperate... you fucking... little..." Her words have the intended effect, riling me up more with every syllable.

Sam sneers, knowing how much I want her to play hard to get. "Is... is that all you got?!" Her hands loosen around my wrists, one of them snaking around her hips to dig into her moist honeypot while the other clutches onto the bed for support.

"C'mon, Daddy! Fuck that booty like you mean it, you pervy old man! Perv! Pe- AH, FUCK!"

Because she let go, I can now tear my hand away and spank that jiggling ass with all my strength. I do it a bit rougher than I meant to, but I felt it was necessary at the moment. Sam's voice cracks from her shrill shriek of pleasure, letting me know all too well just how much she enjoyed the roughness. I grunt in anger upon hearing her shriek, and then I give her another spanking until her flesh is red and stinging.

The clapping of Sam's cheeks echoes into the bedroom louder and louder as I heave myself in and out, in and out. The more I use her, the more the sheer plushness of her pillowy ass does wonders on my erect manhood. I feel my blood begin to rise and heat up, and my heavy balls surging with semen as they retract into my body.

Before long, my cock starts to spasm non-stop.

I groan and grit my teeth, humping away at her bubbly ass cheeks one last time as the friction brings me to a blissful and persistent orgasm. Like a fountain of perverted delight, my huge load fires off and drowns the entirety of Sam's backside. Her spine, the muscles of her shoulder blades, and her sacrum are all drenched in my burning desire.

"Fuck," Sam arches her back, having just finally reached another orgasm of her own, thanks to her skilled fingers. She plops down on the mattress as she heaves until her body settles and her face is full of tired bliss. "Ok, maybe that was... a little hotter than I gave it credit for... having your man-sauce-"

"What did I say about that term?"

"Your cum," Sam rolls her eyes and laughs. "all over my back is... pretty sexy. It feels like you just claimed me or something."

"And here I thought I did that days ago," I close my eyes and head back to the bathroom to find her a towel. Without my glasses, I have to fumble around like a blind man if Sam isn't in my field of vision. Nothing I'm not used to, so I find what I'm looking for pretty fast.

"You wish!" She blows a raspberry and rolls her eyes. "I'm unclaimable!" The brat proclaims. I highly doubt that, but I'll let her continue to pretend she's not all over me since I find it adorable.

When I return with the towel, I catch her Sam with a hot glob of my semen on her finger, staring at it as debating whether or not to lick it up. Luckily, I expected this. I already rolled the towel up to use as a whip if needed.

"Oh no, you don't! Bad girl, bad! Down!" Rearing my wrist back, I snap it forward and crack the towel-whip over Sam's ass. The surprised Princess shrieks and uses her hand to rub her ass.

"GYAH!" She jumps up and drops the semen. Shit, dude...! You been practicing with that thing, or what?" Sam whines as my weapon stings her flesh. A precocious grin still present on her face tells me she found the impromptu whip more exciting than she did painful.

"All the better to dominate you with, my dear. Now let's get all of that liquid temptation off of you, shall we?"

She sighs, seemingly enjoying wallowing in my sticky warmth. "If we have to..."

Sam is reluctant but ultimately allows me to use the towel to wipe off the gratuitous amount of semen I bestowed her upon my orgasm. I reach down to the floor and toss her one of my shirts, which she weasels herself into with increasing familiarity. At this point, I don't even care if we never buy her more clothes. I love seeing her like this, and Sam knows it.

Neither of us is fully satisfied with the amount of sexual attention we received tonight, but we keep it to ourselves long enough to retire into bed together. Sam joins me under the covers, and I reflexively reach into my nightstand for my sleep mask before remembering I won't need it so long as Sam is the first thing I see in the morning.

It's not a guarantee, but I'll take that risk.

I wrap my arms around her, and Sam nuzzles up into me as she lays her head back into my chest. Things grow quiet, and at first, I almost think we were going to fall into sleep without even so much as a good night. Sam eventually speaks, though, something evidently on her mind.

"So..." The Princess whispers under her breath.

"Everything ok?"

Sam is silent before she eventually shrugs. "Just wanted to know if... if I did ok today, I guess."

"What brought this up?"

"Just don't wanna disappoint you..."

"You didn't. I'm proud of you."

Right away, Sam fires back as if she doesn't believe me. "Even though I made all sorts of mistakes?"

"Damn straight. You're doing your best, and that's all I can ask of you."

Sam hesitates, wanting to say more bit fidgeting. "Um... can you maybe..."

"Do you want me to say it again?"

Sam waits a few moments before nodding her head silently in the dark.

With a melancholic smile, I lean in and whisper, "I'm proud of you, Sam." directly into her ear.

"...More," She demands, getting a little spoiled with it.

"So damn proud," I kiss her on her cheek to seal the deal.

"Mmm..." This pleases the Princess, and she nuzzles up even closer to me to show her satisfaction. "Thank you, Daddy..."

"Anytime. Now get some sleep, alright?"

"Alright..." The girl yawns, already starting to nod off in my arms. "Ni-ni..."

"Goodnight, Sam..."

Poor girl. She really, really needed this...

As tough as Sam is, I feel like I've witnessed some severe cracks in her vulnerability today. It's very humanizing, but at the same time, very upsetting to think about all this says about her life until now as the Crown Princess.

I can't even imagine how much a girl would have to go through to be this deprived of affection, but it's somehow worse than I even thought. I try not to think too much about it because, as far as I'm concerned, Sam will never be subjected to that sort of treatment ever again. I'll see to it myself, even if it one day lands me in hot water with the Royal Family.

For tonight, though, I'm merely content to hold this girl in my arms, continually whispering lovely little praises to the poor, pressured Princess until, at last, we both fall into a deep sleep.

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