Good Ending for a Bad Day

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It takes Sam and I several minutes of laying limply against each other for mutual support to recover enough energy to get up again. Thanks to my recovery period I was hard once again a couple minutes into our exhausted cuddling, but I’m still getting over that last orgasm so even if I wanted to start grinding it up into Sam I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Sam eventually rolls her body off of mine and it’s accompanied by a symphony of squicky sounds and sloppy strands of cum trailing and breaking from our hips.

“Gods. If I wasn’t on Succu-bye I would be like... super mega ultra pregnant right about now...” Sam groans happily, resting by my side with a pussy full to the brim of my cum. “Then Daddy would be a Daddy for real.” She teases and gives me a peck on the cheek. The thought intrigues me but I definitely don’t want to make things weird...

‘Are you still good to help me out, Sammy? I still wanted to try the position as well.’ Zutiria asks as she sits in front of my spread legs, right where she invaded my prostate moments before. She’s said nothing on the matter but she’s still smiling like the petite little vixen she is...

Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow but I’ll get her back for that one day. I’ve yet to do the same to her and I think the little lady has earned herself a little butt punishment when I feel up to it... and when I’m not bound by magical bondage and have tasty panties shoved in my mouth.

“Yeah, I’m good now.” Sam smiles as she sits up, wiping off a thick layer of sweat from her brow. “Let’s get this off of you-”

Zutiria raises her arms and Sam helps her strip herself of the sheer black dress so that it doesn’t get in the way, leaving me with nothing but a naked Mage staring down at me eagerly, her bald, clefted mound sopping wet at the thought of swallowing me between her thighs. 

‘Think we should relieve him of those?’ Zutiria points at my mouth still stuffed with underwear.

“I think he’s good.” Sam grins downwards and assumes a position behind Zutiria. “You ready to ride?”

The little mage pumps her fist determinedly and nods her head, making it all look a little bit sillier than it should be. 

“Alright! I’ll hold him up for you, Zuzu.” And with that, the Princess licks her lips once again and grabs my ankles just as she did before. This time she spreads and bends them back at an easier angle for the petite girl to properly mount me.

Despite having just came and being bound and gagged, or perhaps because of it, I’m all but raring to go. Zutiria makes a soft, shy expression as she stands above me naked, pointing my cock into her tiny hole.

At first contact she lets out a tiny, cautious moan before biting her lip and pushing down on my shaft a few torturous inches. Zutiria’s icy eyes go wide with shock as the blush rises even hotter on her pretty little cheeks, her tight little pussy finally moving down far enough to swallow the head of my cock in full.

‘This is... difficult...’ She says as her knees buckle. ‘I wasn’t expecting things to... be... s-so hard on me...’ The little woman pants for breath and looks over her shoulder at Sam for guidance.

“Yeah, you kinda have to be strong about it and force it down...” The Princess says before leaning in to steal a tiny kiss from the Mage’s lips. “Just ease it in and out until you can take it all.” 

‘O-Ok. Here I go, Sir...’ Zutiria looks down at me with reluctant excitement before pulling the head of my manhood out and then pushing down a few inches past that in one fell motion. I call out to her through the panties in my mouth and blush, eager for more of my littler lover’s clenching and silken pussy.

Even with the magic rune that she ‘gifted’ me, insertion is no less difficult on her. It’s more for my benefit than anything, really. It just helps make sure I’m able to bottom out no matter how small my partner’s hole is. But the battle to get there with Zutiria is still slow, especially if she’s the one in charge.

“Feel good...?” Sam whispered huskily into Zutiria’s ears, and all she can do in response is slowly nod up and down, little gasps for air peppered throughout. “Good girl.” Her Highness smiles, leaning down to kiss the nape of her neck. 

Zutiria gasps even harder and blushes, causing her body to jerk and drop down on my cock another few inches until I’m finally about halfway into her snug tunnel. ‘S-Sammy...!’ She calls out in vain, since Sam only moves on to give the silent sorceress a massive hickey. 

“AH!” She gasps out loud, surprising everyone in the room. Upon watching this teasing display I throb hard inside of Zutiria and Sam sets to work distracting the mage while holding my ankles up for her, continuing to lick and suck at her delicate neck. I sure hope Zutiria knows a spell for that, because Sam’s leaving some pretty damn deep ones and it just keeps making me more excited.

This added, intimate sensation that the Princess gifts her with is enough to increase her lubrication below to a more violent stream, allowing her to finally force our hips to meet as she swallows up the bottom of my shaft up into her tightness. I’ll never get tired of this feeling of barely being able to fit yet being enveloped in total warmth and wetness. Zutiria’s pussy is so good that even just thinking about it makes me throb and cry out what must be the hundredth muffled moan of the night.

“HYA- Suh... sa... mmy... n... no...!” Zutiria squirms, vocalizing out loud on top of my cock after the Princess gives her neck a fierce little bite. Someone’s still feeling dominant, it seems...

“Sammy, YES!” Sam smiles and gives her another little nip, sending the snug pussy reflexively up and down my shaft.

Zuturia whimpers at this back and forth before finally accepting Sam’s bullying and reaching her hand down to begin playing with her little clit. 

‘Sir... Watch me play with my clitoris while I... fuh... fuck you... please, Sir...’ She manages to say with eyes closed from embarrassment. Zutiria is great at riding me when it’s at a slow, tender and romantic pace but this is totally new to her. Especially the dirty talk.

Seeing her try so hard for me sends my hips bucking up, eager to give her just a little bit more pleasure as she begins bullying her delicate nub in earnest.

The three of us settle into a pleasant, frenzied rhythm where very little is said, we’re all just enjoying the sensual carnival of flesh on flesh. Zutiria burying my needy shaft into her slippery slit while teasing her most sensitive spot, myself thrusting upwards with my limited mobility, and Sam holding my legs up into the air and molesting the Mage’s neck and ear with her tongue.

I watch as Zutiria’s fingers become a blur and her cunt squeezes up on me. Her cute, red face scrunches uncontrollably and her mouth opens up into a silent ‘o’, unable to get a word out as she starts cumming against my invasive and persistent manhood. 

Sam notices this and leans into her ear, “Don’t stop, Zuzu, don’t stop for Daddy. He needs to cum too. Don’t you want him to cum?” With expert manipulation she goads the lovely doll to fight against the intensity of her own orgasm and hurry her downwards pace against mine.

Because of the size of her body and the strength of her hips, Zutiria is unable to fuck me within an inch of my life ferociously like Sam can, but the unbearable tightness coupled with her lovely reactions to every little movement makes it just as thrilling to be fucked by the little lady in the amazon position. 

Two different flavors, each of them tantalizingly delicious.

Seeing Zutiria try her damned best while Sam unrelentingly teases her is enough to make me blow my load harshly into the tiny pussy of my lover from below. In a frantic rush I jerk as powerfully as I can until finally Zutiria’s magic gives out and my arms free, allowing me to arch my back higher and higher by using my hands to support my hips.

The increased depth during her orgasm makes the mage cross her eyes for the briefest moment and moan quite loudly, for her, before she topples over onto me. Luckily in the nick of time Sam drops my legs out of the air so that Zutiria doesn’t fall and bend me at a very painful angle. Instead, we’re left cuddling in a relatively normal position contrary to the rather unique way we were just making love.

‘As... as I thought, Sir... Sammy is better than me when it comes to such an adventurous and lewd position... Mages are better served in the back row, after all...’ She spells out after recovering from her devastating, eye-rolling orgasm.

Sam giggles as she plops down next to us, then reaches down to pull the as of yet unclaimed panties from my mouth allowing me to finally gasp for a decent, full lung’s worth of air. “I think you did amazing, Zuzu.”

The little sorceress looks to her side to smile at Sam, only to then bop her on the head. ‘I didn’t say you could leave marks.’ She tells the Princess with a grumpy, sour look on her face.

Sam laughs and hugs the both of us. “Whatever, you loved it!” 

I can’t help but laugh at this blissful moment of afterglow with my girls. “It’s alright Zutiria, Her Highness claimed myself a number of times as well.” I stretch my neck out for Zutiria to inspect, and to my surprise she leans down and adds a stinging, juicy love bite of her own.

‘No fair. She put too many on you.’ A jealous look shines brightly in her cold eyes glaring down at me.

“And you got his first cumshot during the blowjob, so I’d say we’re even.”

Zutiria rolls her eyes. ‘I shared it with you, Sammy. If you remember.’ Without saying anything, the Mage takes her finger and taps the sheets below us and casts a wordless spell. Our sheets are dried out and cleaned, but it makes her even more tired especially after the fucking she just had.

We stain these sheets so much on a daily basis that I really need to think about asking Zutiria to cast a higher level self cleaning spell on them, sometime...

Yawning, the Princess stretches out. “I guess...” She unsuccessfully wipes the tiredness from her eyes and sits up to grab our large comforter. “You guys ready to turn in for the night? Kinda early for us buuuut...”

“Yeah.” I too drag out a yawn that lingers for a while and stretch out carefully so as to avoid rolling Zutiria off of my chest. “I’m good for now, I think. I had my fun for the night and after today I just wanna sleep it off.”

“Same...” Sam sighs and pulls the blanket over the three of us after turning out the arcane light on the bedside table.

‘Personally I just want to lay like this.’ Zutiria tells us from atop my chest, nuzzling in deeper to my pecs like a little kitten. ‘Can I... Can I sleep here instead of on your side, Sir?’ In the darkness I see her pleading eyes just barely visible, and they melt my heart. It certainly doesn’t help when she wraps her arms and legs around me, refusing to let go.

Shit, I remember something important as the Mage constricts me. “Sam, bathroom.”

Sam jolts up as she too remembers. She zip back out from under the blanket and turns the light on in the other room, leaving the door open for Zutiria just a tiny crack. “Sorry Zuzu. We don’t want you waking up in the middle of the night and getting all scared.” The Princess resumes her spot by my side and reaches over to lovingly stroke her lavender lover’s short, pixie hair.

Much to our mutual shock, we both hear Zutiria whimpering as if she’s crying.

“Zutiria?” I crane my neck out to get a better look at her, but in the darkness it’s no avail. What? I never said I had night vision. These eyes of mine have SOME limits.

“Are you ok?” Sam leans in too, but all we hear is the Mage trying to mumble something under her breath.

“L... luh... y... y... oooo...” It’s so quiet that I can’t make out a single syllable, and then it stops altogether as she coughs awkwardly. I’m not surprised she can barely after the work out her vocal cords just received during our sexual session.

“Take it easy, just rest for now.” I smile reassuringly, patting her tiny back to help take the edge off the cough.

The little lady grumbles against my chest. ‘Thanks, Sir...’ I hear a little whine from her. ‘I’ll just have to keep trying, I suppose.’ She yawns and for a final time that night nuzzles into me, quickly falling to sleep.

“Boss...” Sam calls out to me from the darkness, embracing both me and my mage with her arm and cuddling into us with her fearsome strength.

“Yes, Sam?”

“I have something serious I want to tell you...” There’s apprehension in her voice, and in the dark of the night I raise my eyebrow.


“I... I... think I’m pregnant.”


We both start laughing so loud that I’m afraid we’ll wake up Zutiria. “Fuck off, Sam.”

“Nah for real, Boss.” She giggles and leans in to kiss me on the cheek. “I dunno. You know I suck at this ‘feelings’ bullshit so uh... after today I just really feel like... saying... ugh. I dunno. Thanks for... always looking out for me. I would have died if you didn’t drag me to Opal... and it’s scary thinking about that. I was pumped full of adrenaline and shit, but like... looking back... I really, actually coulda died there... and I...”

At the risk of waking the slumbering Mage, I reach out with my arm and pull Sam into me and lean into her ear. “I will never let anything happen to you. Trust me. What happened today will never happen again, and I’ll make damn well sure of it.”

She smiles softly in the darkness before whispering, “But... Boss. You can’t keep coming to quests if they’re just going to keep getting more dangerous.”

It’s true, and I know it because I’ve spent a great deal thinking about it... these girls need me. It may not be a problem for today but one day it’ll be a massive one. I think about it in the darkness long after Sam eventually drifts off to sleep, asking myself that single question over and over again...

How can I always be there for them?

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