Heaven and Hell

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I am alone in a swirling, empty blackness. Despite the infinite dark, I hear a comforting and uniquely feminine voice unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It echoes out into the nothing not from any one direction but from all at once.

Isn’t it so nice that the milfy doctor is back in your life? She wasn’t one of the ones that I picked, but there will be a lot of girls like that.

Images of Opalina Hart spread before the inky blackness, all of them lewd. I see myself making love to her, and fucking her, unleashing every indecent desire I’ve ever had towards the woman all at once. It looks like it feels amazing, just pounding relentlessly into her holes without end... I’ve never seen Opalina naked before but if these visions are anything to go by, I’m in for an incredible treat.

You started so very late even after every nudge... Quantity is just important as quality now that it’s come to this, though your delayed awakening did open up some surprising new couplings which I’m thankful for. The Princess, for one. If you were on schedule she wouldn’t have been legal for many a year. Ah well, I suppose we should be thankful for little blessings, yes?

The titillating visions of my surrogate caretaker disappear once more and I’m left with only the comforting, feminine presence which surrounds and envelops me.

Women that I picked will still appear, the ones you feel the strongest, instant pull towards, but as a human your heart is fickle. Any woman that strikes your fancy may be yours, provided you can win them over of course.

Your eyes are of no concern, and rest assured that your bonds with such girls are not any less valid than your destined few.

Nobody knows your own heart greater than I, as I sculpted it with the same tender, divine care which I once put into sculpting the very first of hearts. Your love is equal, and there is no favoritism. You are my perfection, and my key.

While floating endlessly in this black void, I open my mouth to speak. I don’t understand what’s going on, but I have to know. “Who are you?”

There is a deafening silence and I feel the need to try again.

“Hello? Can you please explain what... any of this means?”

The voice, before now graceful and soothing, takes on a condescending and irritable tone that sounds absolutely nothing like the person who was only just talking to me moments ago. This new tone is younger, brattier, and seems to have a hell of a bone to pick with me.

... Excuse me, what the fuck are you doing?! You... you aren’t supposed to be able to talk back! Don’t you know how this sort of thing goes? I can’t tell you what any of this shit means! It’s vague and cryptic for a reason, you simpleton!

“Right. That makes sense, I guess. Can I at least ask what the general takeaway is supposed to be from this weird stress induced fever dream?”

Was I not abundantly clear? Just fucking keep doing what you’re doing! Have more sex, find more girls, train the ones you have, keep building your little Guild up...

“I see. Forgive my rudeness but I don’t see why you felt the need to use divine intervention just to tell me I need to do more of the things I was already planning on doing.”

The feminine voice grunts from increased irritation.

... Sheesh, you’ve really changed ever since growing a spine. I guess I’m proud of you in a way, but you’re also kind of a massively annoying little bitch now.

Funny, I feel the same way about my mysterious presence regardless of their presumed... divinity.

“If you’re not going to tell me anything relevant to my destiny, or give me some sort of clue as to what I need to do next could you please just let me wake up?”

FINE! But see if I ever chime in again when you need me most, you ungrateful mortal!

“I’ve done just fine my entire life without an external deity whispering in my heart, you know.”

She snickers and while I can’t see her to verify it for myself, I am absolutely certain that this goddess is rolling her eyes at me.

Oh yes, yes- you were doing JUST fine until you met that Princess, my dear. Absolutely peachy. Regardless, you are now boring and irritating me. Begone.

The unseen Goddess snaps her fingers and from within the darkness I fall for what seems like several lifetimes, my body tossing and turning from the tides of chaos swirling all about me until I somehow wind up back in my plain old bed after hurtling through time and space.

Stretching out slightly on the bed, I yawn and softly start to awaken to a flurry of soft, breathy moans and wet noises. Though still deeply tired after my strange foggy dream, I grow aware of a warm and persistent wetness coming from below.

“Nnngh...” I grumble and lift my head up to see Sam on my left and Zutiria on my right, both girls working diligently to worship my eager cock with their luscious mouths.

They’ve changed out of their battle attire, with Sam wearing one of my shirts and presumably nothing else, and Zutiria wears a black, form-fitting sheer dress.

“Daddy’s up at last.” Sam smiles, shooting a suggestive glance as she drags her tongue achingly slow up across my meat, only to swallow me at the head.

‘We thought you could use a little reward for today.’ Zutiria says. Her tiny hands are passionately cradling my hefty balls and planting delicate kisses along my shaft.

“Mmm, that’s a lovely sight to wake up to... What time is it?” 

Sam pulls me from her lips and makes a loud popping sound like she knows I love so much, and gasps for air. As soon as she leaves me, Zutiria is there to begin swallowing me into her own mouth, making sure not a single second goes by without my continued pleasure. “Like nine thirty. I did all the stuff though, don’t worry! I got the note... You asshole.” Sam, in a fit of revenge, smirks as she usurps my balls from Zutiria’s delicate hands, cupping them and squeezing them just a bit too hard for my liking in and reflexively arching my back from sudden, violent pleasure.

“NGH-!” I grunt and twist my hips. I knew I was going to pay for that note somehow...

Sam smiles and crawls her way up my body, flattening her sizable breasts down against my chest. “Opal’s nice, by the way... I like her a LOT.” She smiles, licking her lips. Memories of Miss Hart’s massive tits obviously float through Sam’s one track mind. “You should go visit her tomorrow night... and don’t even think about coming home until the morning after.” The Princess’s lust explodes into passionate bursts of kisses, starting roughly at my pecs and trailing up across my neck. 

Even if I told Sam I’m not sure how I feel about doing that just yet, she wouldn’t have it in this erotic mood she’s in.

Ever the aggressor, Sam makes sure to suck damn hard on the sensitive skin of my neck- planting tingling hickeys with her soft lips on her way to kiss me. When she reaches my lips she moans dreamily into our kiss and wraps her arms around the back of my head, demanding my attention like the spoiled Princess she is.

“Kiss me hard, Daddy... I want you so, soooo bad, and I know you want to use your little whores after such a stressful day... don’t you...?”

I answer her just the way she wants me to, with a passionate meeting of our lips.

As I kiss my lovely young blonde above, my little lavender love continues to suck, kiss and caress, down below seeing to my cock’s every possible desire.

We’ve been together for a week now, and Zutiria has been nothing if not studious. As expected of a scholarly Mage, I suppose. She’s taken every chance she could get to stuff her little face on my massive cock all in the aims of learning to pleasure me to even greater heights, determined not to lose to the Princess who was lucky enough to get a good head start.

“Mmm... Keep doing it... Zuzu, he likes it...”

‘Of course he does.’ She says with a proud expression and a mouth full of my fat cock.

Zutiria’s skill has increased phenomenally, as evident by the luxurious strokes her tiny tongue lavishes me with. 

“Take Daddy even farther, Zuzu...! Can’t you feel himmmm? He wants to fuck your throat, please Zuzuuuu...!” Sam begs, breaking our kiss briefly to stare at her partner in crime with both reverence and a foggy, lustful gaze. Her rowdy tomboy voice is replaced with a manipulative sing-song that spurs Zutiria into action.

Zutiria slides off my manhood, making gasps for air before struggling to force herself all the way down to deepthroat me to my base. It’s far from effortless compared to when Sam really gets down to work on my dick, but the undulations of Zutiria’s tight, tiny throat swallowing around my sheer girth form a milking sensation that can’t be matched by the Princess. Zutiria’s throat, in its attempt to reject my turgid manhood only coaxed me to thrust harder down the length and bask in the walls of her wet, constrictive flesh.

‘Sir... it’s... getting to be... painful...’ Zutiria looks at me from her place between my legs, sucking with every last bit of energy she can muster.

It feels amazing having two dedicated women who will please me at their own expense like this, it really makes one feel like a true man as bad as that sounds. I’ll chalk the slightly misogynistic ideas up to my recent dream telling me it’s ok to just fuck as many women as I want.

But I’m not like that, I swear. I don’t want Zuzu hurting herself just to force me to cum. Although her technique improves by the day it can’t do much about the mute girl’s lack of jaw strength and small mouth size... at least for now. If Zuzu can make up for this weakness, she’ll eventually be a powerful master fellatrix the likes of which could never be reckoned with.

I moan heavily and grab her Zutiria by her lavender pixie cut hair, sliding her tiny lips off of the throbbing, swollen manhood between my knees and watching delightfully as she pants. Drool tasting of my cock dribbles out the sides of her mouth and it pleases me seeing what a desperate state she put herself in in hopes of getting my cock off and claiming my semen for herself. All for me. 

If I weren’t distracted by the increasingly needy Princess licking my ears and whispering lewd ideas into them, I’d go and reward Zutiria for her efforts but alas.

“Zuzu’s getting better, isn’t she? I’ve been giving herpointers.” Sam cheekily squints her eyes at me. “And we all know how good my blowies are for you, Daddy. That just leaves one question.” A devilish intrigue flashes in her eyes. “How do you think Opal sucks cock? I’m really curious...” Sam bites her lip like a rabid pervert, “If I HAD to guess, I bet she’s the type who would overwhelm you and do what she wants.”

“I... wouldn’t know.” I turn away, blushing. “I’ve never thought such things about her.”

‘Sammy’s right.’ Zuzu says from behind my stiff cock. ‘She’s definitely a woman who will take your poor little dick and not stop sucking until well after your climax is over and your body is a trembling wreck.’

It’s true that I saw something like that in my dream. Opalina was... very aggressive. Desperately so. I looked like I was somehow still a little boy on the inside as she pampered and smothered me in my dreams, and I don’t have it in me to lie and say I don’t want that with all my heart.

Sam grins as she kisses her way back down my chest and to my throbbing dick once more, twitching in need of more satisfaction. “Daddy, you’re such a fucking perv. Look at him, Zuzu.” 

Sam yanks my slippery cock, stroking it with real force and making me groan from the rough treatment.

‘I see him, Sammy.’ Zutiria trades places with Sam on my opposite side, now laying across my pecs and staring into my eyes with those sparkling icy blues of hers. ‘Truly a lecherous degenerate. Even though you have two beautiful young women who live with you and milk your cock on the daily any time you desire it, yet... you’re still only thinking about the next addition to your growing list of bedmates.’

“He can’t help thinking about her right now even as we take care of him.” Sam shakes her head, mocking me in a low, husky voice. “We care about you just as much as her, you know.” The Princess punctuates her words by overwhelming my swollen red cockhead, twisting and squeezing it between her soft and formidably skilled fingers. 

“FUCK! That’s... f... not fucking fair, Sam!” I moan even louder as her assault continues. “You two want to p-play with Opal just as bad as I do... that’s why you’re making me think about her so hard!”

Sam giggles and Zutiria gives me a thoroughly unconvincing ‘I don’t know why you’re talking about’ look. “I’m just a good little Princess, Daddy. I would never.” She masks these words with even more tip torture, her pointer finger slicking up and down my frenulum with increasing intensity leaving my hips to buckle back and forth with every twitch. 

‘I think we may be teasing the Master too hard. Sammy.’ The petite girl turns to face her friend with a false look of concern for my pitiable state.

“Hmm. I dunno, Zuzu. I think he likes it.” Sam grins again as she makes her point by squeezing my balls just as passionately as when she punished me for my teasing note, causing me to buck and twist again and again.

“If he didn’t like it don’t you think he would have pushed me off by now.” Her smile becomes devilish and Zutiria smirks as well. “Oh wait, he can’t. Because he’s just a weak old man compared to me”.

“I’ll... ngh... show you who’s an old man, I’m only... thirty-two...!!” My body twists back and forth as I try to escape Sam’s grip, but she surprises me by using her free hand to push down on my pelvis. Her raw power stops me from fleeing her vicious assault, I couldn’t get away even if I wanted to.

It’s true. Sam has more power in one hand than I have in my entire body, and for whatever reason right now I think that’s the hottest thing fucking ever.

‘Sir, I don’t consider myself to be that much of a ‘top’ but you’re adorable like this, you know? I think you’re awakening something in me...’ Zutiria’s eyes flicker with mischief typically reserved for Sam’s perviest ideas, and I suddenly find myself excited for whatever this mage tries on me in the future.

I have to say, I’m really enjoying this session where my beloved ladies take full control. I’ve said time and again Sam likes being in charge just as much as I do, but on a day like this I really needed it...

The fact that Sam’s willing to do this for me when she didn’t exactly have the best day either only reaffirms just how much this beautiful Princess loves me. I’m so grateful to her and the little Mage, I truly love them.

As I fall deeper into my passionate emotions I find it harder and harder to resist the urge bubbling up deep within my balls. With her hands gripped tightly around my bullied shaft, Sam is the first to notice. Her eyes light up with excitement for the seed she’s become addicted to.

“Zuzu, I think Daddy’s close now.”

‘Oh?’ Zuzu pulls herself away from the innumerable tiny, wet hickies she was gifting my pecs. ‘What makes you say that?’

“This!” Sam smirks evilly, running her powerful milking grip to the base of my penis whereupon she squeezes tightly, blocking the blood flow.

“AH- SAM...!!”

“No. Your Highness.” Sam corrects me, knowing damn well I’m enjoying the power she has over me. I guess she’s still fine with the Princess roleplay when we’re having sexy time, at least she’s consistent...

“Y-Your Highness... please... PLEASE!” I somehow manage to cry out between frenzied gasping and groaning.

“Please what?” The Princess rewards me by stroking my needy cock up and down several times, giving me just enough hope to believe my orgasm was coming. Of course Sam went on to dash these hopes by squeezing my base once again, even harder than before.

“PLEASE LET ME CUM, YOUR HIGHNESS, PLEASE!!” Sam continues to push down on my hips with her free hand, but even despite that I buck upwards with the entire force of my body. She hardly moves an inch, but... gods, that face of hers.

Sam is wracked with so much obvious bliss and contentment that she looks like a different person than the typical brash tomboy I share my bed with on a daily basis. She’s looking down on me with pity and awe, knowing that she did this to me and that if she wanted to she could have her way with me in this manner whenever she wants... because I’d damn well let her.

“Zuzu?” Sam turns for confirmation to her accomplice. Zutiria’s face is a mess of dazed lust as well and she meekly nods her head, content to watch her partner in crime. She loves seeing me in such a state and when she said it’s awakening something in her, she really meant it...

‘If you push him any further you might hurt him down there. He’s supposed to be ours tonight, Sammy, I don’t want to have to go get Miss Hart and explain we broke his dick. She wouldn’t let us have it back after she healed it.’

Sam giggles and looks back to me with that loving pity. “Guess she’s got a point, Daddy.” Her hand leaves my cock and she starts leaning down over me. “You deserve some proper loving don’t you, big boy?” Sam says to my cock.

‘I’ll help, Sir.’ The Mage leaves my upper body and crawls down to between my legs, making sure to give me a lovely look at her petite yet round butt through her sheer dress as she goes. Just like when I woke up, she wraps her tiny hands around my swollen, aching balls.

My transformation several weeks ago made my testicles double in size, or perhaps more... they’re always heavy with seed and always seem to be in desperate need of lightening their load. Zutiria, being so small, can barely grab the whole of one of my swollen orbs in her hands.

Honestly, she’s the perfect size to pleasure and fondle my balls. She’s so soft and delicate and they’re so very, very sensitive... especially after Sam squeezed them so roughly earlier. Gods, these two are such a perfect team. 

If Sam and Zutiria were even a tenth as good at adventuring as they are at milking massive, mind blowing loads out of my cock then I’d be the richest and most successful man in all the realms in no time.

As soon as Zutiria begins to properly coax my balls to release their contents, Sam impales my cock down her throat in one effortless motion.

“YOUR HIGHNESS-!!” I scream, taken fully aback by this even though I had an inkling it was coming. 

Sam’s eyes squint from satisfaction as she starts sucking well past the point of resistance. Her powerful hands rest on my hips, pushing me down in place so I can’t jerk or twist, but I scream even louder and grab the bedsheets in desperation.

Between the merciless, wet suction of Sam’s tight and slutty throat and Zuzu’s thorough ball massage that bordered on worship, my spasms begin and an explosion of my thick, burning load floods down the Princess’s throat.

With all the eagerness she can manage she chugs it down harder and harder like a dutiful slut who only thinks of my pleasure at her own expense. The swallowing constricts tighter on my pulsing cock milking even heavier of a load out. It grows so heavy and thick that eventually the Princess has to gasp for air.

Of course at the soonest chance she gets, Zutiria wraps her tiny mouth around my exposed manhood and quickly sheaths it down her own throat for my pleasure.

“Zu... Zutiria...!!” She looks up at me with tears in her eyes as she sucks and fondles until I have nothing left to give. My orgasm slowly fades, and I’m wiped thoroughly out. That was a really, really hard one... good gods above. I’m so out of breath I can barely talk.

After Sam and Zuzu drink down stray globs of semen on each of their faces and share a beautiful kiss before my eyes. They grin smugly in my direction.

“Quest completed.” I tell them with a tired laugh, causing them both to giggle.

“What’s our reward, Boss? We just took a really scary monster, after all.” Sam gleefully grabs my slightly soft dick, stroking it slowly in hopes of restoring its power. Thanks to my abnormal body, she won’t have to wait too long.

“Heh. Your reward is a round two, if you can get me something to eat and drink. I didn’t plan on sleeping so long and I didn’t eat before... Even after this I’m still pretty tired. So right now I wanna just keep fucking after a quick snack. Then I’ll sleep the rest of the night.” I yawn. “Would you mind, Zuzu? I wanted to at least discuss how things went with Sam.”

‘Of course, Sir.’ Zutiria smiles and leaves the bed, giving us a soft yet playful expression as she leaves us alone in the room.

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