I Think We’re Alone Now

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The sunlight pours in from the bedroom window and I awaken in a tired, sluggish daze. Believe it or not it wasn’t the vigorous sex that tired me out. Zutiria fell asleep in my arms shortly after I comforted her in the bathroom, but her troubles didn’t end there.

For an hour or two I simply hugged the petite mage as tightly as I could, and I continued to pet her every time a hint of a bad dream reared its unwelcome head. Whenever I did her terror would quickly fade and she’d recover, falling into peaceful slumber once more.

If I could stay awake the entire night for her sake and ensure that she wouldn’t suffer, I would. But somewhere along the way I fell asleep too.


I knew there was something dark within her, she said as much herself that it was the reason she couldn’t speak, even if she was very vague about it indeed.

What in all the realms could an eight year old have possibly said that made her never want to speak again?

I feel bad that she made the effort for my sake. I’m supposed to become more selfish and start using all the tools available to me, but I can’t in good conscience feel good about breaking her silence in order to not disappoint me.

She shouldn’t worry about me so much.

I’m used to disappointment.

On my opposite side I hear a rising yawn and feel the covers shift as Sam stretches her body out nice and good. After she does so, the Princess of permanent bed head nuzzles up to me and kisses my cheek. “Mornin’ Daddy.”

She then gets a sight of me cradling the tiny mage in my arms, and it makes her grin. Giggling, she says “She’s not your favorite now, is she?” in a mock jealous tone.

I roll on to my back so I can better face Sam, while still keeping the sleeping sorceress wrapped close to my body with my right arm. Sam can instantly tell something’s up by the concerned look I can’t help expressing, and her smile falls away. “Sam... how much do you know about Zutiria?”

Sam becomes more focused, dropping any and all remaining hints of her bright and playful persona. “Not a lot. She lived with my... family. I guess you could say we’re kinda rich and we own a small mansion. My Father always told me never to go climb the west tower buuuut-”

“You were never one to follow the rules?” I hazard a teasing guess.

She giggles, and the tension eases for just a moment. “Maybe. I was like, five? Six maybe? I dunno. Point is I climbed it and inside was a beautiful room filled with more books than the roya...” Sam pauses and awkwardly coughs, knowing she almost let her blunder slip. Zutiria shifts around a bit from this but thankfully does not wake. “It had more books than my Father’s personal library. And TONS of fancy magical knick-knacks everywhere you looked.”

A thought crosses my mind. ‘Maybe I could convert one of the storage rooms into a library?’ We have more than we’d ever need even if we get the Guild running back up to full capacity someday. Maybe we could retrieve all the stuff left behind in her tower someday as well. I would love to do anything for Zutiria if I could, I want the mage to really think of this as her home from now on. Somewhere she can feel safe and be at ease.

She needs it.

“Boss? You got all focused and super serious for a second there. It was kinda cute, not gonna lie.” Sam laughs again and I smile back at her.

“Sorry, sorry. Just a stray thought. Carry on.”

“Right. There’s not much more to it though. I met her in her room, my Father gave me permission to start visiting her since I loved hanging out with her so much. Zuzu really liked me too, I guess.” The Princess nostalgically looks off with flushed cheeks, remembering all sorts of childhood memories with dear her friend, I’d imagine.

“And neither your Father or Zutiria has ever told you anything about how she came to live in the tower?”

Sam shakes her head somberly. Damn.

“I was a little brat, though I guess that hasn’t changed much.” She gives me a seductive look before laughing it off and sighing. “We only ever talked about me, now that I think about it... I would always come crying to her with my problems or with new scratches I got from rough housing, and she’d patch me up and hug me till I was done crying it out...”

Sam gives me a serious look. “Hey... What’s all this about, Boss?”

I frown and hug the sleeping mage closer to me. “Whatever made her this way was bad, Sam.”

“How bad...?”

I don’t bother answering. I just stare at Sam blankly and she gets the point.

“Shit... I mean, I always knew it was BAD but...”

I explain the gist of what happened late last night to my concerned lover, and her green eyes widen in horror and she clutches her hands over her mouth to muzzle a gasp. A small bead of sweat trails down her forehead as she gazes back at me.

“What... What do we do, Boss? She can stay here for sure but we can’t keep asking her to do magic!”

“If she wants to keep trying to talk, we have to encourage her. She’s an adult, Sam... almost twice your age. You can’t just tell her what to do.” ...Wait a second.

“Well so are you, and look at how well listening to me turned out for ya!” Shit, she noticed the irony.

The two of us are both startled and practically jump out of bed when Zutiria’s familiar text appears with no warning and spells out, ‘I came here of my own accord and I know what I signed up for. I won’t let you criticize my decisions, Sammy. Especially when I’ve never judged you for a single thing you’ve done.’

“Zuzu...!” Sam sits up and the blankets fall off of her chest, giving me the day’s first look at her bouncing beauties. “You shoulda let us know you were awake!”

Zutiria sits up naked, too, and yawns the quietest yawn I’ve ever heard. ‘I just woke up. I didn’t hear much of it but I’m assuming you were talking about me?’

“Er,” Sam looks away and blushes. “Something like that, yeah.”

“Good morning, Zutiria.” 

‘Morning.’ She cuddles up to me and sits on my lap. Using her new position she sees fit to give me a soft kiss on the cheek. Then she turns to face Sam. ‘Do you mind leaving us for the morning, Sammy? You’ve had Sir all to yourself until now so it’d only be fair for you to give us a little privacy. The adults need their alone time, sweetie.’

“WHA- I-I’m an adult now, Zuzu! Don’t treat me like a little kid anymore!” Sam blushes furiously and her instant reaction causes both me and the mage to crack a smile. “It’s just... I usually hang out with Boss in the mornings so... not sure what I’m supposed to go do, but...”

‘Please?’ Zutiria does her best to look pleadingly towards the Princess and it works because Sam gets flustered and rushes to leave the room. 

“Just let me know if you guys need anything, then...” Sam scoops up her clothing and is off on her way. The door shuts behind her and I’m left alone with the little mage.

She looks up at me devoid of any emotion and says, ‘Sir. Let’s talk.’

I feel an awkward tension creep into the room as I sit there with her, unable to gauge what her intentions might be. It’s almost unnerving how few tells her body language has, especially since I’m very much used to being able to size people up whenever I look at them.

“Is this about last night?”

‘Yes and no. I really did want some time alone with you without Sammy. Since we presumably have a lot of things to do today, I figured now was the best time.’ The corners of her mouth raise ever so slightly into a faint grin. That’s very reassuring. I was afraid she was upset at us...

“Did you sleep alright, Zutiria?” I reach up to stroke her hair just as I did the night before, and like a cat she nuzzles up into my touch.

‘I slept better than I can ever remember. Thank you for asking.’

“Happy to help.” I lean in and kiss her cheek just as she did for me only moments ago, and watch as her face loses a sliver of its icy demeanor.

‘You... really don’t hate me then, Sir?’

“Zutiria. I said I was going to make you my woman, didn’t I? Do you think I’d half heartedly change my mind that easily?”

She frowns. ‘You know that talking like this isn’t normal, Sir. People don’t feel magically pulled to one another and become bound for life just from fucking once or twice.’

I can only nod my head at this. I don’t think I’ve ever been in love before I met Sam or my lap-mage. Crushes, sure, every child had those at one time or another. But I was never close enough to another girl to develop a sense of romantic yearning for her.

I’m aware that I’m kind of rushing things...

“Yeah. I know. If you don’t mind my saying, this is all kinds of bullshit from my perspective, too. It’s more than just my egotistical desire. There’s some kind of magic or destiny involved here...”

‘I’m aware. I could sense a magical attraction pulling my attention when I first laid eyes on you, Sir. It’s hard to resist, but if I wanted to I certainly could. Don’t ever forget what that means- I chose my words carefully.’ She blushes, the atmosphere changing into one of palpable romance.

Unlike casual and rowdy Sam, Zutiria has a way of making my heart go crazy.

Both girls are amazing and I love them to the heavens and back, but I’m much less used to dealing with Zutiria’s charms than I am the Princess’s.

I decide to respond to this the only way I know how.

My hands move up to Zutiria’s waist and I push her off of my lap down onto the sheets below, already stained from the night before. She looks up at me expectantly. I don’t want to disappoint her, so I pin her to the ground and eclipse her from above.

“You had a fourth condition to being my woman. What was it?” I lean down and whisper my deep voice into her tiny ear as breathily as I can.

‘Forget it. After what you’ve already done for me, I’m all but yours at this point. N-nothing else is necessary...’ The lavender haired mage cuts off eye contact with me apprehensively. Curiously, she blushes even harder than I expected her to regarding this line of questioning.

It makes me want to push further.

“Tell me.”

‘Nnn... Sir. It’s embarrassing. Don’t make me...’

I lift Zutiria’s chin, forcing her to meet my piercing stare. Her lips are trembling and I can only smile in response.

I’ve changed a lot, thanks to Sam. I’m starting to like being a ‘bad boy’... Or something like that.

“Tell. Me.”

She whimpers, surprisingly loudly. ‘I just... thought that maybe... you should... if you really wanted me, I mean... then you could... maybe just... nnn-’

“Maybe just what?” I don’t let up and I press my morning wood downwards, taking her by surprise and causing her to whimper slightly and blush once more.

‘If you wanted me to be your w-woman then shouldn’t you be responsible and m-m-make it official or something, Sir?!’ She bites her lip and continues trembling beneath me.

“Wait.” Did she just...?

‘You see, Sir, it was just a dumb idea. A-and it’s not something that would have been fair to Sam to bring up. She found you first and... well...’

I lay down beside her and place my hand on her hip. “Polygamy is legal in Karnalle, you know. Most civilized realms don’t give a shit who you marry or who you fuck as long as it’s not hurting anyone. If you’re implying what I think you are then it’s not like Sam would have to be left out...” I would think she’d know this, but I remind myself that although Zutiria is older than me she’s still very sheltered and after last night, I’m sure she’s a bit stunted in certain areas as well.

‘Sam can’t just marry a random stranger. You know why...’ Her lips become pouty and she presses her small hand to my cheek.

“Shit. Yeah, it would... probably not be a good idea to just randomly elope with a Princess.” I casually let it slip, and Zutiria just nods. It’s not a big deal. It was fairly obvious that she knew that I knew so it’s good to get it out in the open.

‘Then again... I don’t think Theo would really care if you actually asked him.’ Zutiria raises a finger to her lips and looks away deep in thought.

Wait a fucking second.


As in Theostus Lundreame, the King of Karnalle...??

There was so much in that simple statement that I can’t be asked to unpack it right now.

‘I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t want to make this morning so weird... I just... really did want alone time with you... and... was hoping to become even more acquainted with your body.’ She blushes and rolls over on top of my torso, looking down at me with a seemingly blank expression betrayed only by the redness of her cheeks and the quivering of her lips.

‘Please tell me I didn’t make things so weird that you don’t feel up to a morning romp...?’

I’ll admit. Things were indeed made quite fucking bizarre thanks to the little lavender lady. She just casually dropped that she wants to marry me, implied I should ask the King of Karnalle himself for the Princess’s hand in marriage, and I have no idea what in the hell that would imply.

Wait a second. If I did that, and Zutiria was right and the King really wouldn’t care, then... wouldn’t that give the Guild a gigantic advantage? He’d have a reason to invest in Dewhurst’s Adventurer’s Guild again... but... no. Using Sam like that? I can’t even entertain the thought of using her as a stepping stone just to further my career. She’s a Princess, she’s probably already used to being treated like a political tool on a chessboard for all I know. She doesn’t deserve to get that from me, too.

But hypothetically, if I could marry them both... 

“Of course not.” I grin. I must look really stupid right now, smiling up at Zutiria while daydreaming about how amazing it would be to have her and the young blonde as my willing wives... “I’m still more than ready.”

My erection grows further and hits her on the back of her tiny butt, making her anticipate our coupling all the more.

‘Good.’ She smiles, and leans back to pull my boxers off.

Before you know it, Zutiria sits down on my hardness and gets to work.

My little mage continually gasps while riding atop me. Her tiny hips rock down slowly into my cock and I let her take as much control as she wants to.

I haven’t had gentle, loving sex like this before.

Zutiria is so careful and deliberate in her actions despite her inexperience that it almost matches the pleasure of bucking wildly with Sam, and with more time I know it’ll be just as good.

Despite the difference in our size she has no trouble taking my manhood into the depths of her wet folds. I know the rune she inscribed on me is part of the reason for that, but even so the way she explained it meant that it should still be hard for a girl as small as her.

She wanted this, though- and she could handle it. Zutiria was determined. Not only that, but she was an intellectual and that was made very apparent by the skillful approach she took to lovemaking.

I watched her mind at work as she shifted around experimentally with my cock buried deep inside her. She’d twitch and moan while angling her hips every which way to scrape her sensitive inner flesh in as many directions as she could. When she found a spot she liked, she’d grind my pulsing member against it and close her eyes in a trance, before forcing herself to move on to carve out yet another angle.

It’s clear from her rising breath and determined bouncing that Zutiria truly wants to understand what it means to have passionate sex. Far be it from me to stand in her way.

Eventually the little lady runs out of stamina and leans down over my torso. She supports herself by planting her delicate little hands on top of my pecs. I shouldn’t be too surprised that she would get tired so quickly. Somehow I severely doubt exercise was much of her daily life while living alone in an isolated tower. Mages aren’t known for their physical abilities as it is.

“Would you like me on top?” I ask after craning my neck out to give Zutiria a light kiss on her lips.

She tiredly shakes her head. ‘Go slow from down below and let me recover.’

“Sounds good to me.” I grin softly, unable to show my excitement and she gives me back a cheeky grin of her own. Needless to say it’s a lot smaller than Sam’s or my own.

I reach down to her round little ass and clasp both cheeks firmly in my hand. While small, she has a very pert and juicy behind for someone of her stature. It’s so good in fact that I have to remind myself not to start wildly thrusting up into her. She’s not Sam and this is about her, not my rampant desires.

If I’m really going to keep adding more and more girls to my Guild then I need to learn how to have sex in different ways.

I may have been pounding her hard as I could the night before, but right now Zutiria wants it lovingly. My libido burns for more and more of what her small, delicious body has to offer, and I’ll oblige by taking it exactly how she asks me to. Slowly. Steadily.

Using her tiny butt as leverage I carefully glide my cock into her suffocatingly small pussy and watch as her cold, blue eyes light up with lust once more. Even without words I can tell exactly what my newest lover wants, and I begin to carefully thrust my large shaft in and out of her.

Never too fast and never too hard, I groan as the creeping ecstasy within me begins to build. This slow and loving rhythm becomes all the more pleasurable when watching her face react to every spot I grind against.

Zutiria moans louder than before, and she topples against me.

While I make love to her, her strength slowly fades and she can no longer prop herself up. She switches her goal and instead hugs me tightly. I feel the pointiness of her tiny nipples grind down against my pecs, rubbing and digging into me with every stroke of my cock. She looks so damn cute wrapped around my body but it almost feels like she’s afraid I’ll leave and never come back.

I set out to reassure her with my thrusts.

There’s no way I can stop myself from becoming more passionate and frenzied with the upward bucking of my hips. Luckily, she doesn’t tell me not to. I take this as a sign to keep going and I start pulling back farther and ramming it up her tight tunnel harder.

Each time I’m met with a different little noise muttered by the little mage. She was melting for me. Zutiria would “Ooh...” and “Ah...!” and “Nn...!!” for me and while a far cry from the loudest and dirtiest of the Princess’s frenzied pleasured sounds, Zutiria’s whispered moans were the most erotic sounds imaginable.

Suddenly, her nails dig into me and the determined look in her eyes return- though now cloudy and half-lidded thanks to growing lust. 


Zutiria starts humping me roughly from above, essentially throwing her ass down the length of my needy cock to match my movements in a frenzy. 

This is amazing.

I grip her butt even tighter and start smashing her tiny little cunt for all I’m worth. We start to really get the bed creaking properly from the force of our love.

I groan thanks to the incessant need rising up from my full, heavy balls and Zutiria nods her head. It’s time, she says without having to speak a word.

Thrusting harder and harder I just can’t take it any longer, and my back arches heavily while thrusting so hard for my orgasm that it lifts the small mage bouncing on my cock up from the force of my hips. She’s held in place by her arms wrapped tightly around my back and my large hands keeping her tight pussy pushed against me as hard as I can. 

As the rush of my semen floods her, Zutiria moans loudly and I feel her convulsions and clenching squeeze my spasming cock. Her tight hole twitches and constricts with every moment of her demanding orgasm, milking me to an absurd degree. Each grip is rewarded with a new burst of my potent, magical seed despite her pussy reaching full capacity very early into my creampie.

We fall back to the bed and pant for air, thoroughly satisfied.

Minutes pass before we’re ready to move on. The afterglow was stunning and long and we both enjoyed just laying there, basking in each other's comforting body.

‘I could really get used to this.’ Zutiria smiles. Almost as soon as she says that, though, doubt creeps in. ‘Was it... good for you, Sir?’ While she didn’t say so I can only imagine she’s comparing herself to Sam.

“It felt amazing. I’ve never had sex like that before.” I tell her the truth and kiss her softly once more. “Granted, Sam’s the only other partner I’ve had and you know how she is.”

Zutiria mods and looks away, shyly. ‘She’s never had much subtlety. Runs in the family.’

Before I can ask what she means, the mage smiles and sits up. ‘Come on, Sir. We have a busy day ahead of us and you can start by changing these sheets. You really do shoot out much more semen than you have any right to, you know?’

Zutiria closes her eyes and audibly giggles.

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