Six Girls, Six Swimsuits

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One by one, each of the girl's bathrobes falls to the onsen floor. Their gorgeous and varied bodies showcase a different swimsuit style, all of which are as jaw-dropping as can be.

"Check this out. Am I ready to hit the beach or what?" Sam smirks, puffing out her chest to show off the bandeau and its effects on her chest. Her bra and bottoms are red with golden trim, the left breast features three yellow stripes running down the side, and the right breast showing off a stylized roaring lion. The bandeau squeezes her breasts together magnificently tight as a strapless bra, and the top half of her pillowy mounds almost spills out.

'I tried a bunch of styles, but I found this one to be the cutest. I hope you agree, Sir...' Zutiria does a lethargic little turnaround, showing me her dark blue one-piece swimsuit. It glistens from the light, revealing loads of glittery purple scales sewn into the design.

Around her hips are many layers of a frilly see-through skirt. As she turns around, I see both her sexy open back as well as the swimsuits' behind riding up her cute little butt a little more than she wanted. Seeing me blatantly check her out makes Zutiria purposefully wedges it up her crack for my viewing pleasure.

"I wanted to wear a one-piece too, b-but Sam made me wear this instead... it... it doesn't even fit me...!" Meri suffers as she hides her tummy from view with her hands and slouches, but she can't hide the swimsuit as a whole. The Shield Maiden is forced to wear a snug yellow ruffle bikini with white polka dots.

Her top, which threatens to snap at any moment, has two tiny straps which tie around her neck. The little bottom digs into Meri's gratuitous curves, drawing full attention to her wide, meaty hips. The longer I stare, the more awkwardly perverted the humiliation enthusiast's expression becomes.

I turn back to Sam to give her a silent nod of respect for forcing Meri to wear something lewder than she was comfortable with, and as Sam nods back Meri whimpers.

"We picked these out, Myaster... do you like them?" Peri purrs, pressing her squishy body into Cherry's as she wraps her tail around the other maid's waistline.

"Sorry if the matching outfit gimmick gets a little weird, sometimes... I-I don't do it on purpose, nyaa... I usually just wear whatever Peri's wearing because it's easier..." Cherry blushes as her self-conscious tendencies rear their ugly head.

The two Catfolk are wearing what I believe is called 'skirtkinis', which are really just bikini tops with bottoms that serve as seaworthy skirts. They're colored black with frilly white trim, similar to their uniforms. The skirts are mercifully short, giving me ample view of Peri's comparatively pudgy thighs and Cherry's more toned ones. Again, just like their uniforms...

Even in swimsuits, these two are really trying to appeal to my maid fetish. That's admirable and all, but I'll have to play dress-up with these cute kitties of mine sometime to show them that they don't always need to dress as maids.

For now, I just give them a genuine compliment. "Don't be so stressed, Cherry. You both look adorable."

Peri giggles to herself, rubbing her nose against Cherry's. "Told you he'd think so,"

"Uh... thank you, Myaster..." The pink-haired kitty blushes and looks away.

"You can skip the praise, Myaster. I know damn well how good I look." Snow purrs in an adorably full of herself way but poses and shows off for me anyway, hinting that she really does want praise. The head maid's swimsuit is by far the most risque out of everyone's, as it's nothing more than a silvery blue sling bikini that digs tight into her crotch while doing barely anything to cover it.

The sling part starts at the tips of her bottom, and then they transition into two spaghetti strings that crisscross in an x pattern across her navel. Reaching up to her massive breasts, two long strips of fabric cover her nipples in theory. In practice, I can still see the sides of her areolas plain as day.

"Stunning as always, my dear." Snow says nothing, but a triumphant smile materializes on her face. She's proud of herself and profoundly bad at hiding it.

'That's enough eye-candy for now,' Zutiria suggests with impatience. 'Where's the lube?'

"Right here!" Sam reaches for a couple of bottles of lube that they had readied in a nearby bucket and then tosses two containers to the other girls while keeping one for herself.

"Did you fill those from one of the vats?" I ask, concerned.

"Uh, yeah. Why's it matter?" Sam frowns, wanting to already be covered in the stuff.

"Opalina and I had a mishap while using she took a bottle she filled herself."

Snow laughs with a knowing gaze. "Faerie Frenzy, yes? There were instructions taped to the vats we stole. It warned not to use that one in large doses..."

"That information was not properly conveyed to me fast enough."

'Lucky old witch,' Zutiria lifts her head as she dreamily fantasizes about what happened on that wild night.

"T-This one's called Slippery Siren..." Meri explains, her eyes twinkling. "It's a soapy lube used in bathhouse brothels... you know, like the one in Dungeon Sluts XV Legend of the Land of Soap?"

"Ah, of course..." That one's going to be fun. It cleans your body just as much as any soap, and it leaves your skin tingling with erotic pleasure. It’s nowhere near as potent as Faerie Frenzy, but they create unique jolts of ecstasy when the tiny soap bubbles pop. I've always wanted to try Slippery Dungeon, but using it in the bath alone was a bit too sad for my tastes. Never would have imagined I'd get a chance to have it used on me with six girls at the same time, though...

"We got to test it ourselves during a break," Peri sighs a lewd, hazy sigh, and steam trails away from her breath. "It works so well, nyaaaa..."

"I would've preferred getting to take an actual break from cleaning, but a soapy sex break wasn't too bad either..." Cherry sweats while taking a nervous glance at Snow and blushing.

"C'mon, we're wasting time! Let's get this party popping already!" Sam smirks and uncaps the bottle, pouring the soapy, seafoam-colored lube all over her breasts and hands. She whimpers from the cold liquid but then tosses the container to Meri before rubbing it all over her bikini, her tits, and her skin.

"W... Woah..." The Princess's eyes open wide the more she lathers it and the more bubbles form. "This junk makes my tits... ngh-" She stops as she rubs it overtop her bikini slow and sensually. "Everywhere feels... awesome..." Sam sighs as her eyes roll backward, her hand diving into her bikini bottoms to spread some where it's most important. As soon as the bubbles reach the sweet spot between her legs, the young blonde groans, "Oh, HELL yeah... I hope you're ready for us to clean you top to bottom, Daddy...!"

"...Yes, I could definitely use a nice, thorough cleaning," I say, transfixed by the Princess slathering magical sex lube all over her curves.

'Interesting,' Zutiria makes a lewd face as she rubs it into her tiny chest through the scaled, dark blue swimsuit. 'It works as advertised, but I must have doubted its powers... this is a... a nice surprise...' She moans as the one-piece starts shining even harder on account of the lube. It digs past the fabric and starts making her little nipples hard enough to poke through as she runs her fingers against them and bites her puffy lip.

"Do you want some help?" I ask, my libido going crazy at this sight.

'Yes,' Zutiria responds without delay.

Snow corrects her, "No. No touching. Myaster has to watch us show off for him..."

Zutiria groans. 'Normally, I'd be fine with teasing Sir a little, but...'

"Shhh," Snow gives the Mage a gentle smile. "You just let me have my fun, and I'll let you have yours, Zutiria..."

'Yes, Mistress...' She sighs as her fingers find their way past her frilly, see-through skirt and between her legs.

"And what's stopping me from standing up and helping her myself?"

"A fluffy tail to your face," Snow smirks, cracking her tail like it were a whip behind her.

"I'm failing to see a downside..."

"M-Me either," Meri stares at the mistress's gorgeous, silky, furred extremity with a desire to rub up against it.

The sadist rolls her eyes, and the other maids giggle.

Speaking of, Cherry and Peri are sharing one bottle of lube between themselves. They press themselves together and let out a soft 'nyaa' as the fluid pours onto their breasts. It collects in Peri's cleavage for the most part, but plenty of it overflows and falls into Cherry's smaller valley, too.

"You're hogging it all," Cherry whines, then starts grinding her body up and down Peri's breasts so that the soap spreads further down both of their bodies. I can't stop staring at their shiny, soapy navels in particular. Pale little Peri is just ever-so-slightly on the verge of having a tummy, while her tanned counterpart is slim and toned. The contrast makes them more appealing, and watching them makes me want to skip to the next part oh so bad.

Peri becomes awash with pleasure as the Slippery Siren bubbles pop all over her and Cherry's chests, making her move faster and faster just to rub out a bit more mutual ecstasy from her partner's body. Eventually, their paws find each other’s shoulders and trail down, spreading the lube through their arms. Then, they run it down the sides of each other's bodies, hike up their respective skirts, and start rubbing the lube on their partner's butts. "Nyaa... keep doing that, it feels niiiice... and Myaster loves watching us, too..."

"I do, but I don't know how much longer I can wait..."

"U-Um... can someone maybe help me, please?" Naive and adorable, Meri pipes up as she stands around with the bottle. She's distracted watching everyone else, and she fumbles her words. "I don't think I can do a s-sexy little show on my own..."

Like a bee to honey, Sam practically teleports behind Meri at the slightest chance to mess with her favorite toy. "You called?" She smiles, sharply showing off her fang as her hands glide across Meri's chubby tummy up into her cute ruffle bikini top.

"A-Ah! Sam! Nooo!" Meri protests, but in that specific Meri way of protesting where you can tell her humiliation kink is actually screaming 'yes'.

"Shut up, slut, you know this is what you wanted..." Her Highness playfully growls into Meri's ear, then gives the Shield Maiden's hidden nipples a pinch from under her yellow ruffle bikini top.

"Hwah!" Meri shrieks and her head falls backward against Sam's neck, the sudden pinch creating a crashing force of joy down Meri's spine, which she wasn't prepared for. The lube does its job as Sam lathers it all over Meri's naked skin, the foamy bubbles forming as she massages the brunette before bursting and sending little jolts all throughout the Shield Maiden's body. Each and every one of the small explosions makes her shiver and twist back and forth, forcing Meri's tummy, breasts, and curvy thighs to keep on jiggling endlessly like a plate of pudding during an earthquake.

Her shame and pleasure increasing in equal measure, Meri pleads, "D-Don't look at me like this...!" before Sam licks her lips and invades her friend's bottoms to rub in the soapy lube past Meri's mound. "NO!"

"Nothing sexier than a good 'no', in the right context at least..." Snow giggles, her arousal over watching the Princess tease the masochist obvious. The head maid has barely even started lubing herself, and her nipples are already rock hard, perky, and desperate for attention. Knowing that my eyes are suddenly on her, Snow smiles, bends over, and gets to work.

She rubs the soap all over her beautiful, white-furred legs until she reaches her milky thighs. The tricky woman makes a show of lifting her bushy tail out of the way so I can see her slowly massage her own ass. It must feel good, as Snow starts sensual purring deep the harder she rubs it in. Not wanting to linger too long, she moves on to trail her paws up against her navel and finally under the skimpy slings struggling to hold in her massive mammaries. Her purring gets even louder as she squeezes both breasts for my pleasure, and I let out a small sigh as the sight becomes too much to bear.

Taking a step forward, Zutiria interrupts the girls in their various pleasures. 'Careful, everyone. Sir is making cute sounds. It looks like he's going to burst.'

"Heh. Little too much stimulation, Daddy?" Sam gives Meri a break, finally removing her explorative fingers from her harem sister's dripping snatch. The brunette has mixed feelings about the sudden lack of attention, making her prior protesting look even more hollow.

"Just a bit," Watching six girls rub bubbly lube all over every nook and cranny of their young, supple bodies and asking me to just sit here as it happens isn't something I can be expected to do for very long. My willpower is not that strong, Goddesses help me. "Someone get over here and start washing me, already. Please."

"Master..." Meri stares at me and then Snow, rubbing her thighs together as her hand slowly reaches for the area Sam left behind.

"C'mon, Snow..." Peri whines, pulling her squishy boobs away from Cherry long enough to beg.

Cherry whimpers, "Yeah, Snow... teasing Myaster is fun and all, but... we all want more...!"

The head maid breaks from peer pressure, showing a softer side. "Well, a maid can't ignore her Myaster's orders now, can she...?" Snow teasingly sighs, making it clear she wishes to continue but will cave to make everyone else happy. "Let's do this how we planned, girls. Take your positions."


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