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Unlike the day before, nothing goes awry during our time away from home. Instead, Sam and I have a straightforward adventure where she continues improving on her basic skills against both Slimes and Living Fungi alike. The only thing that shakes up this routine is a few times where we run into a more powerful monster that we weren't expecting. Skirting so close to the Gnarled Woods like this means we can't really help the occasional Hell Bear sighting or crossing paths with a Laughing Lickslug.

Rather than panicking or running away in fear, I merely teach the adventurer what to do when confronted with these specific threats. The Hell Bear loses interest if you play dead, and the Lickslug won't want to lick you if you smear dirt all over your face. Not anything worth being scared over, although Sam is impressed with my knowledge yet again.

The other objective of the day, gathering heartroots, goes well.

In between all of her monster-slaying, we harvest twenty of the vegetables in total. They're all quite large, so I think we'll only need to keep six for ourselves. That’ll last us for a few weeks, and we'll turn in the rest for a profit of 168G.

Against my advice, Sam takes a bite out of one of the red, heart-shaped roots without even washing it off. She finds she rather likes the hearty, slightly sweet taste, and I find that I'm not kissing her until she brushes her damn teeth.

Today saw Sam defeating nine Slimes and twelve Living Fungi, earning not only 1,380G but also a full day's worth of training. Sam doesn't slip up a single time today, showing a marked improvement. Her ego is in check, her form is astute, and her footwork is on point. Gods, I want to spoil this girl and shower her in praise, especially after last night. I know she loves the attention, but I still need to treat her like a warrior when we're out together, so I make sure not to gush too much over it.

Sam helps carry back five of the mushroom men's caps to the Guild while I haul the loot bag, and that night I throw half of a chopped heartroot and half of a chopped mushroom cap into a stew together with some potatoes and beef. We eat well, and by that point, Sam is starting to feel her lowered appetite returning.

I felt this might happen, which is why I went with a stew in the first place. Not only is it filling, but we can just heat it up tomorrow and finish at supper.

Because of how successful things went today, Sam and I drink a bit more than usual tonight. With a little bit of money starting to add up, we can certainly purchase a keg or two if we start running low any time soon.

Neither of us reach blackout levels of drunkenness, but we do get pretty sloshed. That's why I find it so surprising that Sam can keep a tight lid on her identity as Princess when she’s like this. On account of my inebriation, I end up asking a few loaded questions in an attempt to make her slip up and tell me the truth.

None of them pan out, and that's probably for the best. I still don't think I'm mentally ready to come to terms with the fact that I'm in an illicit relationship with the teenaged Crown Princess of the entire Realm.

If I weren't drunk, I wouldn't have even said anything.

I don't want Sam to have to linger on her life before now if she doesn't want to, and if she wants to tell me the incredibly obvious truth about her true identity, then it will be up to her to do so. Once I force my drunk ass past this topic, we have a great hour or two of cheap ale and light-hearted conversation before we're ready to settle in for the night.

Our sexual fun is brief but enjoyable. We're both tired, so I merely eat Her Highness out. As thanks, Sam straddles me and gives me an intercrural massage with her soft, wet lower lips. I blow, we wash up, and it's back to bed.

When I finally cuddle up next to Sam and take my position as her big spoon, reality sort of hits me.

It's been six days now that we've been together. We've fallen into a comfortable routine of supporting each other, having fun, and having sex. Aside from the fact that I'm also Sam’s Boss, I can't help feeling that this is what being in a relationship is like.

Sam is paradoxical about labels, but I think that's more her being hot and cold rather than not wanting to call herself my 'girlfriend'. The fact is she says I should have a loyal harem, one which she clearly intends to be a part of, but whenever I point out that this would mean we were an official couple, she blushes and stutters, avoiding the topic. Not that I'm badgering her over it, I just find it cute the way she deflects.

As I dwell on the thought of Sam and myself being together, sleep overtakes me for the rest of the night.

The next morning rolls around as it always must, and we go through the motions of waking up groggy and having breakfast. The only major thing to note is that the Guild vault has been updated with the funds we've been waiting for. The Association has made a deposit, and the magical balance displayed on the outside of my safe reflects this. Getting paid puts our moods on the up and up, as we swell with pride over a job well done.

Finally, we find ourselves back in the training yard for the strength test. Sam performs her attack, but we confirm that her bonus strength has faded. To the best of our knowledge, it seems I was right on the mark regarding the twenty-four-hour period of my semen's effects on Sam's system.

Much to both of our excitement, phase two of the testing begins.

Without even asking, I assume Sam wants to do it outside. I move over to the nearest wooden bench and beckon her to come closer. Sam drops her sword and then my pants. She kneels down between my legs, her eyes full of hunger as they stare up into mine.

"Fuckin' finally," She sighs, her hot breath hitting my stiffening cock. The adventurer takes off her gloves and grips one hand around my flesh, stroking softly up and down. "I missed shoving this thing down my throat..." Sam teases, leaning down to lick the tip in a slow, delicate manner.

I reach down, cupping her cheek and running my thumb across her luscious lips. "And I missed watching you work your magic down there."

"Yeah?" She seductively flutters her long eyelashes, asking in a bratty yet also sultry voice, "Does Daddy like seeing a little brat between his legs, sucking on his cock like a good girl?"

"You know damn well how much I like it," The expansion of my erect manhood speaks for itself.

Sam laughs, licks her lips, then sinks four inches of me into her steaming hot mouth.

I rear my head back from how good it feels. After not having a blowjob for two days, the return to form might as well be heaven on earth. She holds off on sucking too much right away, instead simply letting me wallow in the plush softness of her puffy red lips sliding up and down my cock. Knowing what it'd do to me, Sam makes sure to mix in expert tongue movements every so often to catch me off guard.

My manhood throbs repeatedly insider her mouth the harder Sam plays with it. The naughty girl giggles around my girth, celebrating my growing pleasure by unintentionally creating vibrations within her throat. I shudder, which acts almost like a signal for Sam to tease me further.

She starts sucking and slurping, bobbing her head up and down while incrementally increasing her tempo. Sam wasn't kidding when she said she missed doing this, as she works me hard enough to make up for lost time and then some. I watch with growing tension as her head becomes a blur, sucking tip to base like she was born to do so.

After pushing me to the brink, Sam senses my oncoming orgasm from a mile away. Looking up at me with pleading eyes, the girl begs me to do whatever I want as long as it makes me cum. Gods, Sam, you're the best. I make use of this generous offer by grabbing the back of her head, thrusting my entire length down her tight throat, and holding her in place as I cum shot after shot straight down her esophagus.

The Princess shuts her eyes tight as she fights a losing battle over herself to chug down every last drop. Sam's need for air wins out in the end, forcing her to pull herself off my pelvis and cough. As she does, she keeps jerking me until my last few spurts hit her face, splattering Sam's cheeks, nose and chin until she's a total sexy mess.

"D-Damn...!" She says between deep breaths. "We have a little less sex for like two days, and all of a sudden, it feels like you've been saving up for weeks...!"

"Oh? Surely you aren't saying it's too much for you?" I smirk, purposefully hitting one of Sam's buttons.

"Hell no!" She looks at me with a defiant glare, licking around her lips to down even more of my cum.

A thought comes to mind as Sam gulps down my semen, and I ask, "Would you do me a favor? Open up, please."

Although confused at first, Sam opens up her mouth, and I lean in closer. Sure enough, not even a few seconds later and her throat lights up with the same pink color as her vagina typically does. I guess I just didn't notice until now since she closes her mouth before it happens.

"As I thought," I shrug, once again lacking much surprise over this revelation.

"Gonna go ahead and assume that this means my throat glows?"

"You assume correctly..."

"Huh. More important question. Does this we're gonna test if my ass lights up, too? Y'know, for science?" Sam smirks while rising up from between my legs, slurping up one last bit of my cum on the corner of her lips.

"It does if your friend isn't here by tomorrow. We'll have more important things to deal with if we have company."

"Yeah, good point... man, I got no idea what's taking her so long, though" At the mention of Zutiria, Sam looks away. "I wish she'd hurry up..."

"Getting tired of my company already?" I give her a teasing smile, which she returns by laughing and shaking her head dismissively.

"No, I just... I miss her. I feel awful about leaving home without even telling her, and I feel even worse that it took so long to remember about her..." Crossing her arms, the Princess frowns. "She's probably worried sick about me..."

"You've already sent word that you're safe and sound. There's nothing else you can do about it other than wait for Zutiria to answer your call."

"Mm, yeah. You're right. I know you are, but..." Sam looks away, sighing.

The adventurer is becoming more stressed the longer she thinks dwells on the thought of her friend, so to keep it from ruining her mood completely, I remind her that we still have to do today's strength test.

This does the trick, pulling Sam out of her burgeoning foul mood.  Grabbing her sword, Sam repeats the process, even though I think the both of us are getting tired of this repetitive procedure. At this point, it goes without saying that the strength test is successful, proving that my semen has an effect whether she takes it vaginally or orally.

Good to know, but it’s time to move along with our day and get to questing. I’ve got something big in mind for Sam today, and the sooner we head out, the better.

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