The Journey Starts Between the Thighs of a Princess

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Even though I just finished blasting semen all over Sam's face, I decide that my ego hasn't been fed quite enough. I reach out a single finger and brush it against my lover's cheek, scooping up a dollop of my hot load and extending it an inch away from her full, pouty lips. 

"Before we get started with what comes next, you need to be a good little Princess and clean up your mess. Is that understood?" I ask, stern and serious.

My semen isn't the only thing Sam eats up. She's down for this hard-ass Daddy roleplay, so much so that she shivers at my words. "Mmn, of course, Daddy... your pretty little slut just loves tasting your cum..." Sam coos.

"Really now?"

"Mhmm!" Sam giggles innocently, and then in a soft, dream-like haze, she eagerly swallows my pointer finger and slowly slurps it.

"So good," The brat whimpers after sliding it out of her mouth. Proving herself as the good girl she claims to be, the Princess goes on to voluntarily clean up the rest of her face in as sexy a way as she can.

Sam looks me straight in the eyes, moaning like she were a bitch in heat while scooping up every last inch of my seed and licking it off her cum-covered hands like it's the tastiest treat she's ever had the privilege of tasting.

As I watch Sam devour my cum like her life depended on it, a sensation stirs in my heart. I'm overtaken with an urge to fill this girl up with even more of my semen. Then, another tingle overcomes me that I wasn't expecting or wanting to experience again. It's the same voice I heard earlier in the day. It whispers, 'Pump more inside of her. That’s where it belongs...'

In response, I clutch my chest as the desire to deposit load after load in every one of Sam's holes develops stronger by the second.

"Daddy...?" Sam stops after swallowing the last drop. She panics after seeing me grab my heart, worried for the worst. "Yo, are ya doing okay over there? Is your heart healthy enough for sex, old man?"

"I'm just fine," I smirk to dispel her concern while ignoring her bratty comment. "For a moment, seeing you take all of Daddy's cum was just too much for me to handle."

Sam raises an eyebrow but lets it go when she sees for herself that I'm doing just peachy. "Just making sure we don't gotta go and get you a youth potion or some shit," The Princess laughs, then says, "Still, though... Daddy's cum tastes crazy good. Is that normal? Or is this just another one of your surprises?"

"I'm going to guess it's the latter,"

"...Boss, what the fuck does a ladder have to do with your jizz tasting awesome?"

"Nothing, Sam..." I hang my head and sigh at the confused dunce, and that's when I notice yet another miracle.

Despite having just cum the load of my life, I'm raring to go again against all odds. It's not even a half-chub, I'm tremendously hard, and it's only been about two minutes. No doubt more magical bullshit at work that I don't want to deal with, so I'll not look this gift horse in the mouth.

"More importantly, I'm not done with you yet, Princess." I sit up from my position on the rickety bed, and I look down at Sam. Her nude body is beautiful in the moonlight, and I feel myself twitching at the sight.

Sam looks down at my groin. Seeing my rock-hard erection, she turns back up to my face with a dirty grin. "Damn, I thought guys had to wait a bit before going again...”

“That’s usually the case, but...”

“Yeah, yeah. Magic dick, got it. Either way, ya know what to do by now, right? If you want me, ya gotta be man enough to fucking take me yourself."

Sam, this beautiful little Princess of mine, reclines back on my mattress.

Spreading her legs wide, the thrilling scent of her womanhood wafts into the air and fills my nostrils with intrigue. This is the first view I'm getting of her exposed vagina, and Gods, is it compelling.

Shining strands of lewd, wet juices run down Sam's thighs, showing me that manhandling this brat excited her even more than I expected. Droplets of that same fluid glisten on her lips, highlighting that alluring pink color and urging me forward.

Funny, she just finished up cleaning one mess, and now the shameless girl has already gone and made another.

"I don't just want to take you, Princess. I want to make you mine in every sense of the word." I lay down on my stomach before her, half of my legs dangling off the bed.

"W-Wait, what are you doing down there?" Sam lifts her head up and looks down at me.

"...What, did you think I was just going to shove it in?"

"I mean, isn't that how this goes? I'm already wet," The girl emphasizes the fact by spreading her lips with her fingers, showcasing her delectable hole in all its glory.

"Just because you're wet doesn't mean we should skip out on foreplay," I tell her, placing my hand on her inner thigh and working it up to her soft, hairless mound.

"If that's what you want, I guess..." Sam looks away, now feeling a bit of embarrassment as I stare into her spread pussy.

It would be horribly irresponsible of me if I just shoved this thing of mine inside Sam in one go. I don't have access to any standard magical options that make penetration more accessible, and frankly, I'm huge now. I'm glad I have the self-restraint not to just press forward because if I were younger, I might very well have rushed this and shoved my cock straight ahead.

Instead, I want to make this moment last.

My hand takes away her own, and I spread Sam's pussy open with my thumb. "Mmm," She shuts her eyes.

Her cheeks are getting redder as she continues looking down at me, the girl's embarrassment becoming more pronounced now that she has lost some of her control over the situation. When she was blowing me, Sam still had plenty of agency. Now, though, she's at my mercy for the first time in our burgeoning relationship.

I trail down the middle finger of my opposite hand to push it against the entrance to her womanly tunnel. Sam makes a tiny little yelping noise and her back arches at my touch. "Shit, Daddy... that feels totally different than doing it myself..."

"I know what you mean," Laughing, I observe her face as I insert my finger up to the first joint.

"Fuck... fuck...!"

My observation is rewarded when I witness the exact moment her mouth hangs open from the explosion of pleasure. My finger is all but swallowed in her velvety hole, her lips constricting around it as I sink further.

She's so warm, tight, and dripping wet... Sam might not need as much help loosening up as I once thought.

"Such a dirty little pussy for a pretty little Princess like you," I push further in and find no resistance. That can only mean one thing. Well, two things, really, but at this point, I'm already convinced Sam is no liar. "You play with yourself a lot, don't you?"

"Of... of course, I do, Daddy," She whines, her breathing growing heavier. "Ain't it obvious that... ngh, that I'm a horny little brat? I've never done anything with anyone e-else, but I've always had such a huge sex drive ever since puberty... I-I broke my hymen ages ago if that's what you're won... der... inghh-" Sam's dirty talk brings a smile to my lips, so I deposit my digit as far as it will go and wiggle the tip. Sam's eyes open wide, and she gasps, her walls convulsing around me.

"If that's the case, then let's see how you handle this," I feel more confident in pushing her limits, so I remove myself from her wet slit. When I return, I add in pointer finger, and together they slide down the length of her twitching pussy.

Sam howls even louder than I was expecting. "Oh, fuck! Daddy...!! Your fingers are so much bigger than mine!"

"How does that make you feel, Princess?" I whisk them around inside her, watching as she raises her back.

"I like it-"

"Just like?" I tease harder, grinding both fingertips on a spot that my adorable brat seems to enjoy.

"I-I love it!!"

"Be more specific."

"Nnn, y-your little Princess loves having her Daddy's fingers fucking up her pussy... AHN- Gods!" It feels so good for her that after arching her back, she falls back onto the mattress and writhes.

"Good girl," I grin at all the power I have over Sam. This might be even more addicting than the blowjob, honestly. Using my opposite hand, I peel back the hood of her clit to find that pretty pink pearl of hers already standing at attention.

To reward her for being such an adorable little slut, I start playing around with the clit by way of my thumb. Sam shrieks right away, filling the air with her sultry lewd noises.

"W-What the fuck are you doing?!" The Princess props herself up on her elbows, looking down at me in awe.

I raise an eyebrow, still playing with her clit as I ask, "Have you never played with your clit before?"

"M-My... what...?"

Oh, this is just delicious. Looks like someone’s royal education didn’t have a very good

"Why are you smiling at me like a total creep, you perv?" Sam suddenly becomes self-conscious, trying to swat me away with her foot. I dodge it while having myself a laugh.

"It's this little button down here that I'm playing with. Every pussy has one."

Sam blinks, wincing from the ongoing pleasure. "W-What does it do?"

"Not much," I shrug. "All that matters is that it can make you feel like this-" To make my point, I start strumming Sam’s clit like she was an instrument, and I was playing a bombastic ballad. It has the intended effect, and then some. Sam starts spasming and howling away, her entire body trembling the more I massage her sensitive clitoris.

After another minute or so of fingering the pretty Princess, her pussy reaches the brink of sweet release. "Daddy, please... d-don't...!!"

"Don't what?"

"Don't stop!!" Sam's voice rises even higher, and she back arches as I thrust my fingers in and out as hard as my wrist will let me. Sloppy noises trickle out of her slit every step of the way.

I give my Princess precisely what she wishes for, my hands guiding her to a wet orgasm signaled by a sexual roar of approval.

Sam's back lifts even higher, she hyperventilates, and her big breasts jiggle endlessly as her juices flood straight out of her tight, pink hole. Sam's fluids cover not only my fingers but my whole hand as they pool down onto the sheets beneath her.

Sam’s orgasm continues on for some time, thanks to my maneuvering until she collapses against the bed with a colossal grunt.

"Fuck..." The Princess exhales as I pull my hand from her battered slit. "Sorry if I made a mess or anything, Daddy."

"No worries," I make eye contact with Sam while bringing my fingers to my lips and licking them clean of her tangy juices. "That's all part of the fun."



She laughs before sitting halfway up again. "Do ya think I'm ready to go, now?"

"As ready as you'll ever be."

"Nice. How about you, then? Are you ready to take what you want?"

I bring myself to my knees and scoot forward, holding my cock in hand with great determination. My time fingering Sam has only served to make me even more aroused than I was before. I can feel it surging with red-hot need. "Before I start, I have something to say to you, Princess."

Sam tilts her head. "Well, I'm here, so ya don't gotta go and be all weird about it. Just spit it out."

"Taking what I want isn't as simple as just having sex with you."

"Um, are... you aren't about to ask for some weird kink or something, are ya?"

"No. Not yet, at least. I'm saying that I want you to make you mine." I can't even believe I'm saying this, but it all comes out so naturally.

Her mouth opens, and her cheeks fill with color once more. "W-What?"

"I mean it," I tell her, angling the tip of my cock to brush along the sides of her dripping labia. "In just one day, you've lit a fire under my ass and compelled me to fight for what I want. There's no way I'm letting you go after that. I’m telling you I want you to remain by my side."

Sam contemplates this in total silence. It's slow, but her reaction starts appearing more and more as the seconds go by. It's an odd mix of emotions. Happiness is there, as is surprise, followed by confusion, panic, and arousal. Yes, arousal is definitely in there somewhere.

The Princess tries to find the right words to say back to me, but she becomes overwhelmed by a surprising amount of shyness. Sam reaches behind her head and grabs one of the pillows, then covers her face with it. "Gods, you're so embarrassing, Daddy...!" She says, her voice sounding a lot happier than she'd like to let on.

Pushing up my tip against her entrance even harder, I tease, "I'm not hearing a no,"

Sam lowers the pillow just enough for me to peek at her angry, embarrassed eyes. "I told ya to take what you want, didn't I? If that's what you really want, then... well... I ain't gonna go stopping you! Make me yours, damn it!"

I couldn't ask for a more perfect setup. My anticipation rises, and I push forward even further, only for a realization to set in. "Shit,"


"I don't have any protection."

"Dope, way to totally kill the mood..." Sam snorts. "Thanks for reminding me, though..." The girl reaches behind her and opens up the right-hand nightstand drawer, pulling out a small glass bottle containing a faintly luminescent pink liquid. "Bout time for this week's bottle."

"Ah, good. You're already on Succu-Bye."

"Yeah, been on it since I first started... y'know, lady time. I'll have to get some more soon. This is my last dose."

Used in just about every one of the major Realms since its creation, Succu-Bye is a revolutionary alchemical potion that works as not only a one-hundred-percent effective contraceptive but entirely does away with a woman's menstruation cycle. That's why it's so common for girls to take Succu-Bye, regardless of whether they're sexually active or not.

The only downside to the concoction is that it needs to be taken once a week and that it costs somewhere around 50G a bottle. Hardly a deal-breaker to anyone who can afford the recurring expense, and most apothecaries will offer discounts if you buy in bulk. Not that I would know. My only experience with the stuff is from reading about it in erotic tomes.

Sam teasingly licks her lips at me as she pulls on the potion's tightly-sealed cork. A hint of magical mist fizzles out the neck, wafting into the air before fading away, leaving behind a few sparkles. Bringing the glass to her lips, Sam tilts her head back and guzzles the pink liquid within in one gulp.

After it goes down the hatch, the girl's eyes briefly glow the same pink color as the potion. The shape of Sam's pupils momentarily morphs into a set of adorable pink hearts, signaling the brew settling into her system. She exhales, apparently satisfied with the flavor, as evident by her grin.

"There we go, now... where were we, Daddy?" Sam winks, her heart-shaped pupils going back to normal, then lays back down on the mattress.

I scoot back toward the girl, smiling. "I was just about to make you mine if you somehow managed to forget."

"Uh, shit. You're right..." Just like that, Sam's nerves return, and that cute mix of conflicting emotions shows up again on her face. "Well, don't keep a girl waiting..." She sighs, spreading out her slippery, expectant pussy for me with her slender fingers.

Sam is more in control of herself now, as she refuses to take her eyes off of me and doesn't hide behind the pillows. As embarrassed as the Princess might be, there's no doubting any longer that she wants this.

She wants me.

Seeing the sexy girl like this is all it takes to motivate me to move in, and I lean over Sam so I can push my lips to hers and line my cock up against her warm and waiting hole. Sam meets my kiss with one of her own, and as we make out, I avoid penetration for just a while longer.

She's been adequately warmed up, sure, but I enjoy seeing Sam pushed to her limits. I can't get enough of how cute this girl is, so I drag things out by rubbing my cock up and down the length of her slit and mashing it against her groin.

Once I get used to the sensation, I start to make a game of it.

I gauge Sam's reactions and focus on doing more of what she likes the most. The main thing I catch on to is whenever I mash hard while rubbing upward, I end up sliding against Sam's clit, and the brat goes wild over it. She nibbles on her lower lip, she kisses me back even harder, and she even tries pulling me closer by wrapping her legs around my back.

After grinding against my Princess and making out with her for several more minutes, Sam can no longer handle playing around. She breaks our kiss, wiggling far enough away from me to ask, "Gods damn it, Daddy... w-what the fuck are you waiting for?"

"Nothing," I take advantage of the moment to lean in and give Sam a lewd kiss on the neck, earning me a delectable moan. "Just making sure you feel loved before I make you mine."

Sam winces as I brush up against her one more time, then stares up at me. Whether it's the mounting pleasure or the anticipation, she looks demure and even a little meek. Almost like she's trying to speak but can't utter a word to save her life.

After a few seconds of awkward stuttering, Sam is able to spit out, "W-Well hurry the fuck up, already...! I... ngh... I feel plenty loved now, so... s-so... don't keep me waiting much longer?"

"Why, does this feel good?" I ask, ignoring my desire to penetrate her right away. Instead, I start sliding up and down the lips of her cleft faster and faster.

Without a second of hesitation, Sam shouts, "YES!" while gripping onto the bed sheets with both of her hands. "You know it feels good, damn... it... damn it...!! It feels so fucking good, so hurry the fuck up and fuck me already!"

Music to my ears. I knew holding out would be worth it.

Grabbing Sam roughly by her hips, I sit up and angle my fierce, pulsating cock up against the entrance of my lover's steaming cunt. Logic dictates that I be slow and steady for her first time, but I don't know how well that will go. For one, she's insanely wet, and I'm incredibly excited as well. It'll be a miracle if I don't slip all the way in with one thrust.

"Oh, fuck... I can... feel it...!" Sam watches stunned as I push forward with my hips, burying the tip inside of her body. "I-I can feel you going inside me..."

I slow down my thrust once I find out I'm right and that if I'm not careful, I'll end up slamming myself fully within her. In another few seconds, I'm happily three inches or so deep. I wish I had words for how good this feels- how good SHE feels- but I don't. I just don't.

Her pink tunnel sucks me in, clenching and surrounding me with its warmth and its affection, giving me my first glorious taste of what it means to make love.

"Why are you going so damn slow...?" Sam whines, looking up at my eyes and showing her irritation.

"Because I'm huge, and you're a virgin."

"Don't care-" The Princess takes matters into her own hands, or her own legs, to be more precise. Once again, Sam wraps her legs around my hips, only to forcibly push me forward all the way inside her. "FUUUUUCK-" She screams, my powerful erection splitting her in two.

"SAM-" I grit my teeth as I ram my Princess as hard as I can thanks to her interference. I was trying to avoid this exact outcome, but as soon as it happens against my will, I'm all for making the most of it by instinctually pushing forward into her dripping folds.

I didn't think I could fit this entire thing inside her, honestly, but dear Gods, am I so happy to be proven wrong. Every last inch of my cock is covered in such warmth and comfort that I almost doubt the sensation to be real. Even as I press up against her backmost walls, I feel a chill running through my body, begging me for more.

Looking down to check on how she's holding up, Sam's face has grown even lewder. "T-That mighta been a bad idea..." She groans. "Sit tight for a sec, Daddy..."

That's my cue to comfort, so I lean in and whisper, "You got it," before kissing her ear. I spend a while like this, teasing her ear with nibbles, licks, and kisses, all while enjoying the thrill of being fully embedded inside a woman.

My efforts relax the Princess significantly, and it isn't much longer until she tells me, "Alright... you can try and move now."

I stare into her eyes and start to pull back. At least, I try to. It almost feels impossible. Sam's vagina was over-eager when it came to letting me in, but now that I'm all the way in, she's tight as a vice. Naturally, I don't mind. It feels phenomenal to have her wet walls so insistent on not letting me go, but it does irritate my lover.

"Don't worry about taking it slow... I'm tough, I can handle it..." She says, puffing out her cheeks and pouting.

"Whatever you say, Princess," Smiling at Sam, I start forcing backward with my hips until I'm finally able to dislodge from her depths and pull my massive cock halfway out of her unbelievably tight virgin pussy. "You want me to take you however I want, right?"

Sam bites her lips, then nods her head. "You catch on fast, Daddy..." She giggles, warmth rising in her cheeks. To help me along, she pulls back with her hips, too, causing another few inches to be exposed to the open air.

My next move is to thrust right back in and see how she takes it.

Sam rolls her head backward as I thrust, letting out a deep, satisfied groan after wincing. It still hurts, but the fact that she's enjoying it is also evident. This gives me more confidence, and every one of my thrusts is just a bit faster and harder than the one that came before it.

Over the course of about five minutes, Sam and I grow accustomed to the feeling of sex. For me, I'm lost in a paradise of womanly flesh, and I find it a miracle I'm able to hold back cumming as long as I am. For Sam, her tight sheath develops a resistance to the pain until I can barely sense a trace of it in her pleasured expressions.

Sam's cries start working up to a fevered pitch as my rhythm speeds up. Her tightness doesn't ease up even a little as I fuck her at a regular pace, but I get much better at dealing with it. At this point, Sam is putty in my hands. Her arms wrap around me, her nails dig deep into the skin of my back, and she starts yelling cries of 'yes, Daddy, yes', and other such pleasantries.

These sensual screams only beckon me further into the deepening abyss of my own lust, broken only by a new discovery. After one lucky thrust, I hit a spot inside Sam that's different from all the others. It's the spot I focused on teasing when fingering her, only now, I know how to hit it with my cock by angling the head, so it scrapes the roof of her pussy.

Using this to my advantage, I carve myself against where my pretty Princess likes it most.

I grind my cockhead there, twisting my hips around, back and forth, and side to side so that with every wiggle, the ridges of my head scrape against her sweet spot. This is my chance to show Sam everything I can do for her, to prove my worth, and I do everything I can to persuade her that she made the right decision by bedding me. She's easily convinced.

"Holy fuck-" Sam cries, slamming her head back into the pillow beneath it.

"You like this," I ask, hammering down hard to emphasize my words, "My precious little Princess?"

"YES, ngh- Daddy, don't stop- AH- don't stop, don't stop, don't STOOOP!" Sam's clenching pussy squeezes, quivers, and sucks down on my cock as I bring her to her first orgasm brought on by actual sex. "Oh Gods, Daddyyy...!! I'm... I'm cumming soooo haaaard...!!"

Sam's whining becomes even higher-pitched, and she starts using her incredible strength against me by wrapping her arms around my torso and squeezing for dear life. I'd almost be worried about my ribcage if I wasn't too distracted by my own pleasure. All I care about right now is guiding Sam and myself to even higher heights.

I thrust, and I thrust as Sam orgasms, somehow resisting the urge to unleash inside of her even as her pussy gushes slick juices against my frenzied cock. I know that she wants me rougher and more primal. Sam openly admits to wanting to be used, so I want to make that happen for her.

Somehow, I'm able to wrench my arm free from her grasp, and I use it to grab a vast chunk of Sam's thick, unbrushed hair. Pulling on her head, I guide her ear to my lips, growling, "Don't you DARE stop cumming for me, Princess. Don't you fucking DARE."

Sam responds instantly by shrieking loud enough for her voice to crack, her pussy spasming without end. "Oh Gods, YES, Daddy, yes, yesss... I promise I'll be a good g-girl and cum even harder for you! I promise! I promise I will!! Just... please... Gods, MORE!"

Determined to get even more pleasure for the both of us, I convince Sam to loosen her embrace so I can sit up and lean over her body while fucking her. This allows me to give attention to something it's hard to believe I've neglected until now, Sam's huge tits.

I reach with both hands, groping her heavy globes like I was reuniting with a dear, long-lost friend. While Sam isn't the biggest I've ever seen- I don't think anyone will ever top Miss Hart- she's still huge. If I had to guess, I'd put gold on the Princess being a D-cup bordering on E.

When I handle her breasts, my hands sink into their pliable flesh like they were meant for my touch. As I continue thrusting in and out of her without pause, I fondle and tease these bountiful, jiggling mounds as Sam tosses and turns from the pleasure. Her hands shoot over the top of mine, keeping me there and forcing me to be even rougher when groping her tits.

My desire rises, and I take my hands away. Sam looks at me with confusion, wanting them back the second they're gone. Seems like my pretty Princess has herself a sensitive chest. Good, the thought makes me even harder inside her. What I'm actually aiming to do, though, is play with both of her pink, pointy nipples.

They're hard as pebbles for me when I take them between my thumb and forefinger, pinching softly at first. Sam is unimpressed, her eyes begging for more. Giving the girl what she wants, I increase the pressure significantly and squeeze like I was trying to hurt her.

This does the trick, and Sam yelps right away.

"AHN- Shit, that's more like it...!" She whines, showcasing her desire for even rougher play. Her arousal is heightened even further as it drives Sam to start bucking her hips upward with force. Just like that, it's getting hard to deny myself that oncoming orgasm on the horizon.

I clench my teeth, warning Sam over the sounds of our feverish fucking, "I'm getting close, fuck, I’m getting so... close... Princess...!"

"Y-You don't gotta tell me, ngh-! Just fucking be a man and do it... do it inside... me...!! Please, Daddy!" Sam stares up at me with tired and hazy eyes, lust dripping off her sexy, tomboyish voice grown even huskier from all the screaming. Her words are merely interruptions from steamy, breathy noises at this point, made even more arousing while watching tears of ecstasy fall down her cheeks at a rapid pace.

Urging me even further, Sam once again wraps her legs around my thrusting hips, giving me no way to pull out at the last second. Not that I would have. There's nothing I want more in this entire Realm than to give Sam the most enormous creampie I possibly can.

With all of her desperate pleading, there's nothing left to keep my self-restraint in check. 

I shut my eyes, grope Sam's tits to keep me upright, and rapidly fuck her sweet, pink slit until I cum. Firing off like a siege weapon, I explode inside of Sam's deepest depths as streams of surging semen flood my lover. As I do, Sam's body spasms underneath my own.

The girl savors the pleasure of being filled for the first time, and this bliss sets her off yet again. Her ongoing orgasm transforms into one sexual explosion after another. Her voice grows hoarse, and soon enough, the pleasure becomes too much for her. Sam's strength fades, her arms no longer holding onto me with her unrestrained power. Even her legs wrapped around my back loosen significantly.

The climax I brought on for her is so strong, so intensely passionate that my Princess all but melts under the might of my cock.

Pleased with this newfound sexual prowess of mine, I continue to ride the high of my own equally powerful ejaculation. Somehow, I just keep on cumming and cumming like there's no upper limit to the semen I have stored within me. It isn't long before Sam can't contain the quantity within her body, and I feel my thick seed gushing out alongside her own juices.

Finally, after what must have been an eternity of mantic thrusting, I remove myself from her snug cunt which even now clamps down, trying to keep me inside. Staring with pride at the mess with pride, I can't help enjoying the sight of Sam's pussy lips red and swollen thanks to the rabid fucking. If that weren't enough eye candy, my semen is pouring out of her like a water spout, and there's even a tiny bump in her stomach showing just how filled she truly is.

Gods, the fact that I can cum this much is both worrisome and intensely arousing. But then something happens that all-too-suddenly reminds me that there's something not right with me. As Sam's chest rises and falls with her heavy breath, her pussy starts flowing a magical pink light that only lasts for a moment.

At first, I think this might be the Succu-Bye doing its job, but... in all the erotica I've read, I've never come across something that mentioned glowing vaginas after taking birth control. Granted, I know that porn isn't the greatest metric to go off of, but...

"What're you spacing out about...? Was it that good, Daddy?" Sam asks, smiling wide even though she's a tired, sweaty mess.

I decide I don't want to go down the route of discussing this, at least not right now. I'd rather enjoy myself and not ruin the moment with talk of glowing genitalia.

"Just getting a good look at the fruits of my labor," I tell her, which is partially true.

Her Highness giggles, and then she scoots over. "Well, get used to it. You're gonna be doing this a whole lot more from now on." She pats a spot for me next to her on the bed. "First, come over here and cuddle me for a bit. I wanna have more fun, but I ain't ready yet..."

"I think I could use a quick break, too." I smile and lay across the bed, ready to cuddle. Sam instantly gets into position by my side, nuzzling into my chest while draping her leg possessively over my hips.

"Guess it's my turn to ask this, but are ya sure you're really a virgin, Boss?" Sam snorts, lifting up her head to look me in the eyes. "That was... just... it was something else, all right." She sighs dreamily, hitting my ego with a one-two knockout punch right where it counts.

I lean in and give the girl a delicate kiss on her soft lips, saying, "Trust me. At my age, I don't have anything to gain from lying about that."

She laughs to herself, then raises an eyebrow out of concern. "True, true... uh... how about me? Did I do good, too?"

"No, you were better than anything I ever dreamed of."

Sam blushes, looking away as her embarrassment rises. "Okay, Boss... ya don't gotta go and get all mushy about it..." She says before yawning softly.

"Need a nap, Princess?"

"Maybe just a little one..." She stretches out and lays her head on my chest, where I greet her with my hand and begin running my fingers through her hair. "Hope ya don't mind. I’m just gonna crash here for a bit..."

Seeing her nuzzled up to me like this fills my heart with swelling happiness. I lean down enough to kiss her forehead, saying, "That's fine, silly. Do what you want."

Sam laughs under her breath, yawns again, and passes out. I end up joining her not long after, but I wake up to Sam riding me in about an hour. We have fun for a while longer before actually turning in for the night, at which point I fall into a blissful sleep more peaceful than any I've had since I was a child. There's not one single negative thought in my mind as I drift into rest, and I couldn't be happier.

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