The Last of My Virginities

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After putting on some lounge pants I head downstairs and like a man possessed I tear through the paperwork. I fill out the forms, package up the requested items, write the shipping addresses and add postage. After it’s all done I haul them all out to the shipping crate outside the guild.

In the morning the mailman will drop by and pick up everything where it will likely loiter around their office before a mail mage inevitably warps it off to the correct channels. Then the quest giver, whether it’s a local villager or the Association of Adventurers itself will then have to do the same process and payment for one quest can take several days just to arrive. 

It’s all just so horribly inefficient if you ask me, but I’m not the one in charge of things.

Personally I think instead of the down payment being just a percentage of the listed reward it should be the entire thing to create a higher barrier for submitting quests. This would help weed out silly junk listings that often plague the Guild, but I can see how that might hurt low ranking local quests. Things are much simpler when someone comes in to register a quest at the Guild itself instead of by proxy of the village chief or the AoA, but given our local reputation I’m not expecting to have a bustling front desk any time soon.

I take a short moment to bask in pride as soon as I finish hauling out the last of the drug ingredients into the shipping box. Pride in our work I mean, not in the... drug thing.

The sun has set fully and the creeping darkness of Dewhurst runs dreadfully thick in the air, so I head back into the relative safety of the Guild once more. We really need to replace the front door that Sam broke, come to think of it... I don’t think anyone in town would really go out of their way to break in here of all places but all the same, better safe than sorry.

I’m expected back in the bedroom, so instead of a full on dinner I quickly prepare a sandwich and down it with a cheap mug of mead that I spiced with mint and other breath freshening herbs. It doesn’t taste spectacular but I want to be courteous.

The walk upstairs is exciting and pulse pounding, even though it’s just going to be more sex. Does a man ever tire of this, I wonder? It feels like that would never happen to me, although that may just be the mysterious voice inside me urging to act upon my desires. It’s hardly actual words anymore, not like it was when it spurred me on towards Sam, but I feel it there in my heart telling me to love my girls and pushing me to gather more.

I open the creaking door to my bedroom and as soon as I take off my glasses I’m greeted with an astonishing sight.

Upon my bed lay exactly who I was expecting, Sam and Zutiria, but they’re wearing semi-matching and incredibly form fitting pieces of black, lacy lingerie. The sexy tops which don’t cover the breasts trickle down into a flowing sheer minidress that cuts off right at the navel, and the panties are crotchless for my pleasure.

To top it all off, the naughty-wear hugs into their bodies and accentuates both the juiciness of the Princesses' curves and the delicate frame of the Mage. The only difference between the two sets of titillating gear are the accent colors, sinful red for Sam and a gentle purple for Zutiria.

If the lingerie were the only surprise I might not be reacting as powerfully as I am, but it’s not. Sam’s typically rough and tomboyish hair, often matted with knots and lack of care, has now been thoroughly brushed and de-tangled.

Instead of her usual twintails her silky, flowing blonde hair now falls down gracefully past her shoulder blades. She’s unnaturally beautiful like this. Her skin glows, and I swear her golden strands are glimmering brightly even in the dim light of the bedside arcane lamp.

Sam really is a Princess, huh...?

The longer I stand there silently gawking at her, the redder Sam’s cheeks begin to burn. Eventually it’s too much and she leans forward on the bed in a flustered panic. “Aren’t you gonna say something, Daddy? I didn’t let Zuzu work through all those knots just so you could stare at me like a slack jawed creep!”

‘He has the Dewhurstian look, Sammy. A violent predator has entered our chambers.’ Zutiria sits beside her friend, stroking the hair she brushed so hard over and admiring a job well done.

“You two look... incredible. Where in the realms did the lingerie come from? It looks very expensive...” I ask, turning to Zutiria.

The Mage simply smiles reassuringly, ‘I may have missed Sammy’s birthday but I brought a present to make up for it. It was tough going out into Imperalis to buy them on my own, but you wouldn’t believe the amazing quality of lingerie all the castle town shops have...’ I watch as the petite cutie starts daydreaming, drifting into vivid fantasies of the many sexy undies she saw and couldn’t buy.

Sam bursts with pride and pulls the dreamy girl into her cleavage once more, her daydreams interrupted by the bouncing mounds threatening to suffocate her on both sides. “That’s why she’s the smart one, huh Boss?”

I throw up my hands from resignation in case she’s leading me into a trap. “Your words, not mine.” Sam giggles as I close the door behind me and walk closer to the bed. “Get me warmed up?” I ask, pulling the hem of my lounge pants downwards in a teasing manner.

Both girls gleefully take a position on the edge of the bed, sitting on their knees and bending forward properly.

“Yes, Daddy.”

‘Of course, Sir.’

Sam takes the initiative and strips me of my pants completely, leaving me naked in the dimly lit room.

I feel my lover’s eyes slowly pouring over my masculine form before naturally landing to my growing cock. Just seeing the two of them in such dirty lingerie was already enough to get me mostly there, but together they begin to work on hurrying the rest of my length along.

Sam and Zutiria open their mouths in tandem and press their lips to my manhood all while I stare down at them in anticipation.

The girl’s tongues pass their lips and they each start playfully licking me from opposite sides. Sam’s tongue starts off slow as it wetly glides from top to bottom, but every time it reaches the tip she swirls around it aggressively. It makes me my body shudder and my breath moan in a needy, desperate way I know is driving the Princess crazy.

On the other hand, Zutiria is drowning me in consistent pleasure with her meaningful and slow technique. Her daintier tongue works just as hard in its own way to pleasure my throbbing shaft. The petite mage licks me in between deep, suction filled kisses every inch of the way down. I groan as she elegantly traces the entirety of my tip whenever Sam’s not already there, purposefully doing it as delicately and meekly as she can.

Whenever Zutiria is done licking up at my needy cockhead, Sam is there to do more of her aggressively aggressive swirling. This trade off licking is unbelievable, and it’s hard to believe they’re simply improvising. They must have planned their strategy out when Zutiria was brushing Sam’s hair... it’s too good to be mere spur of the moment.

“He’s so... happy, Zuzu... Does your cock feel good, Daddy...?” Sam says breathily in between achingly good licks.

‘I should think so, Sammy. He’s only been staring at our bodies all day while bossing us around, making us fight monsters for him... and that was before the little show we put on in the bath.’ Zutiria looks up at me with a surprisingly playful look in her calm, icy eyes. ‘Sir must be aching for a release by now...’

“You’re damn right I am.” I grit my teeth and push my hips forward, sliding it across both girl’s slippery tongues as I do so. They let me get a couple of good, long strokes in before Sam stops me from seeking my pleasure.

“This is just to warm you up, though. Don’t get ahead of yourself, Boss!” Sam takes the base of my cock in her right hand and squeezes it firmly to make sure I’m not getting too much out of it. Her force makes me groan against my will and push forward once again in desperate need of more, but Zutiria’s patient lips covering my needy shaft in soft kisses are all I get.

‘He’s cute like this. Very cute. If this little guy didn’t have places to be, I’d love to tease you like this for hours.’

“I don’t know how much I could... ngh... take...!”

‘I know. That’s why it’d be so much fun to find out.’ The little lady smirks and lowers her inviting mouth onto my cock, much to my delight.

Sam smiles happily while watching the petite girl suck me off properly. “Looks like she’s getting better, huh? Is she sucking your dick good?”

My groans get heavier, all I can do is nod and grunt in confirmation.

Zutiria starts sucking on as much of my meat as she can fit. Sure it’s a good couple of inches more than last night, but the way she pleasures it is driving me mad with lust... This pace is nowhere near enough to fully get me off and I know damn well she’s doing it on purpose.

“Are you getting teased too much? Poor, pooooor Daddy... I bet you’re starting to feel aggressive right about now, huh?” Sam huskily whispers into my ear as she leaves the side of my cock, now letting Zutiria alone see to my desires.

“I bet you’d LOVE to just grab Zuzu’s hair and use it to fuck her tight little mouth like a slut, wouldn’t you Daddy?” The Princess’s hand runs up my abs and rests atop my pecs. She playfully digs her nails into my skin while running her fingers up to my nipple, before teasing it softly with a weak pinch.

“Yes...” I groan. “Gods, yes I would love that...”

My young lover interrupts this fantasy by nipping me in the ear with her playful fang. In a low voice she continues to whisper, “Too bad she’s so small. You’d break her poor little jaw with your huge, stiff cock...” The feeling of Sam digging into my pecs grows stronger just in time to match up with Zutiria sucking down on my cock even harder. “Don’t you think we should put that bad boy somewhere it’ll actually fit?” 

“Yes... YES!”

“Somewhere like Zutiria’s tight, snug little pussy, Daddy?”

My cock throbs like a violent demon at the thought of fucking that hole with all I’ve got. I can’t take this slow blowjob any longer. I groan loudly and rattle out, “FUCKING YES, LET ME FUCK HER!” 

As soon as I do, Zutiria slides off my cock audibly with a loud ‘POP’ and shoots a coy smile my way. ‘All you had to do was ask. Sir.’

Both girls scurry further up the soft, pillowy bed and await my descent. Now that I’m finally free of that tormentingly slow, drawn out suck session I can join them. I kneel atop the bed and crawl toward my devious lovers.

“I think we pushed him too far, Zuzu. Daddy looks even scarier than usual!”

‘Good thing I’m first, then. You wouldn’t want him attacking your ass when he’s in the mood for a hard rut and nothing more would you?’

“Oh, Gods... Don’t make me answer that...” The young, busty Princess bites her lip at the thought of her ass getting reamed by my powerful cock.

‘Of course.’ The lavender haired cutie rolls her ice blue eyes as she spreads out her legs for me. Thanks to Zutiria’s crotchless black lingerie I see a glistening, dripping pink pussy laid out before my eyes. This dirty little Mage got absolutely drenched from sucking my cock, and I’m stunned by how slick her drooling cunt truly is in want of me. 

It doesn’t look like there’ll be any resistance at all.

“I’m gonna enjoy this, Zutiria.” I take my massive cock in hand and push it against the little lady’s lips. “You pushed me too far and now you’re going to have to take responsibility for it.”

She feels me start to invade the sheath between her legs, and the cheeky side of her begs her to smile up at me. ‘I’m a big girl. I can handle it, Sir.’

I groan and hilt myself all the way back in one heavy, meaningful thrust. This is what she was asking for, after all. Zutiria was teasing me and practically begging for me to just grab ahold of her tiny little hips and split her right down the middle with my massive cock. So without wasting any time at all that’s exactly what I start doing.

This is far, far from the gentle and tender lovemaking the two of us shared in this very bed earlier this morning. No, it has become a powerful and purely carnal fucking with only our mutual satisfaction as the end goal.

‘I think... I’m... ngh... getting used to... this...!’ Zutiria ‘says’ as I do my hardest to fuck her brains out.

Sam watches with growing arousal as I grunt, groan and slap my heart out into the tiny pussy offered until she can no longer take it. Luckily for my burning lust, we have a ways to go.

Finally after seeing my aggressive pace and Zutiria’s ecstasy addled expressions for long enough, her Highness stands up on the bed and then squats over her friend’s face. “Sorry, Zuzu. I can’t just wait my turn like a good little girl. Help me out, please?” She sticks her tongue out playfully and before she even has a chance to respond, Zutiria’s mouth is greeted by the exposed pussy of a very needy Princess.

“Oh, fuck yesss...!!” Sam’s emerald eyes roll backwards just as soon as the lovely girl below her starts using her tongue on Sam’s dripping slit. Sam, in response, starts humping Zutiria’s lucky face.

At this distance I’m only inches away from Sam. As soon as her eyes fall back into place she gazes at me dreamily with a wanting smile. “Hi, Daddy.” She licks her lips and flutters her eyes, twitching as her beloved Zuzu thoroughly eats her out.

“Hi, you dirty little slut.” I smile back at my Princess as I mercilessly fuck the girl she’s facesitting. 

Sam leans across the body of our shared lover to meet me in a passionate kiss, and I return the favor only with the added benefit of grabbing her two perfect tits in my palm. 

Below us, Zutiria wraps her hands around the blonde’s thighs to get a better angle on her. She grips Sam’s meat tightly, digging her fingers in as her tongue digs harder into her pussy in turn. And for me, Zutiria starts bucking her hips with a passion I haven’t yet seen out of her. Sam must taste really good right about now if it’s exciting her to this extent. Gods, the thought of that makes me even more eager to burst.

Sam begins to grow closer to her release as well, as she keeps breaking our dancing tongues apart to moan and whimper from the combined sensations of me roughly fondling and toying with her stiff pink nipples and from the tiny tongue assaulting her from below. “Daddy, I’m gonna... Nnnngh...! Daddy... Daddyyy...!!” She looks at me for my blessing and I can’t help but grunt even louder.

“Cum for me, FUCK, just fucking DO IT!” I order Sam, my ego going mad with power as I drive the entirety of my cock up to the furthest reaches of Zutiria’s tight tunnel.

Sam closes her eyes and lets out a moan so loud that I’m afraid the whole town might have heard it.

I watch as she rides out a much shakier orgasm than normal. It makes her body tremble, causing her delicious breasts to bounce up and down as she suffers wave after wave of violent pleasure rippling throughout her, all while she drags her wetness all over the face of the lucky girl beneath her.

Below her, Zutiria gasps for air as she struggles to lap up all of Sam’s fleeing love juices. If that wasn’t hard enough on its own, I take my hands from Sam’s tits and grab the mage by her knees and plow her as hard as I’m able to. The little Mage buckles near instantly and her massive orgasm triggers my own just as soon as her tight cunt starts tightening on and off, milking my cock over the edge.

“I’m... I’M CUMMING, TOO!” I announce loudly to Zutiria in an attempt to warn her of the oncoming flood.

With a powerful impact I pound my hips all the way up to Zutiria’s pelvic bone and groan from sweet, sweet relief- the burning semen within me starts spurting out in powerful jets. She can hardly contain my overflowing seed and as she convulses around my shaft it just makes it worse, encouraging me to keep up my assault and saw my cock in and out of her mindlessly- each thrust bringing a new blast of my load until there’s nothing more to give.

The three of us are now a ragged mass of heavy breathing afterglow and the room grows silent but for the sound of our panting.

We recover after a few moments have passed, and to my happiness it seems Zutiria is getting a lot more used to being fucked hard. She’s still awake, if tired, unlike the night before where she had far too much stimulation for her virgin body to handle.

Sam on the other hand is raring to go. Getting eaten out was amazing and she came real hard from it, but it’s not what her body has been yearning for. Both of us acknowledged we were curious in trying out anal sex early on into our three day ‘getting to know each other’ session, but we never got around to it.

The time is finally now, and we need to do it to finish off the semen tests once and for all. It’s the last hole to go before we’ve discovered the effects of them all, and I’d say the both of us are eager to advance our scholarly pursuits.

“Come on up here, Daddy,” Sam gets off of Zutiria’s red, pussy juice covered face and pats down a place on the bed for me. “I wanna ride you so you can watch my ass.” Her voice is low and sultry, causing me to stir below once more.

“Sounds like a lovely idea, Princess.” I finally pull my dirty cock from Zutiria’s tight sheath, and the Mage lets a tiny gasp out in response. She misses my length already.

‘Don’t mind me. I’ll just watch you two from the sidelines this time...’ Zutiria scoots over as I lay back down at the spot that was indicated for me. When I recline, Zutiria snuggles up to my chest and reaches over to tilt my head towards her. She smiles in that soft way of hers before taking me into a passionate kiss.

My eyes are locked on Zutiria, but I’m overtaken by the sensation of Sam pouring a slick oil onto my already dripping cock. I moan into the delicious kiss as the Princess begins giving me a thorough and teasing handjob with the goal of getting me back to full hardness. It doesn’t take long at all thanks to the combined effort of Zutiria’s elegant, sweet tongue dancing against mine and the confident, firm strokes of the Princess’s soft yet strong hand.

I pull away from Zutiria’s lips with a soft moan. She tastes delicious... She tastes like Sam.

‘Thank you taking care of my body’s needs, Sir.’ The Mage leans over to give me a tender peck on the cheek once more before nuzzling her little head into the side of my neck.

“Trust me, you don’t need to go thanking me for something like that.” I laugh, knowing I got more than my fair share of enjoyment from her tight, clenching tunnel.

‘Yes. But I want to.’ She smiles before looking over to glance at Sam. ‘Right now though, I think someone else is eager to get their turn with you. Better not keep her waiting. She’s used to getting what she wants.’

“Come here, Princess. We should try and loosen you up first before you just start impaling your ass on me.”

Sam pouts like I just caught her about to do something naughty. “What, you don’t think I can handle it, Daddy?”

“Better safe than sorry.” It’s true. I don’t want to hurt her with this, no matter how eager she is.

Sam has other plans.

“Mmmm, nah. I think you’ve been in control lately too much for my liking, Boss.” Her emerald eyes look down into mine with smug condescension, her body taking a striking pose as she leans over my torso and pulls her slimy hands away from my cock. The frilly dress of her lingerie top spills over along with her soft, ample cleavage and the Princess smirks with great purpose.

‘Be careful, Sammy. Some battles aren’t worth winning.’ Zutiria raises a sceptical eyebrow and looks back to me, and all I can do is sigh. Sam’s gonna do what she wants no matter what either of us say to her so it’s almost no use arguing.

“If you're in a hurry about it that badly then by all means, Princess. Just don’t come crying to me about your poor little ass later.”

Sam sits back up and puffs out her chest with a successful ‘hmph!’ gesture. She’s happy she has my reluctant blessing, apparently. It’s odd- Sam usually doesn’t fall into the spoiled and bratty Princess routine except for when things get dirty... She licks her lips and angles the tight hole of her ass against my tip as she says, “I know what I’m doing!” 

Sam has no idea what she’s doing.

In one fell motion she slaps the entirety of my aching, lubed cock up into the deepest recesses of her ass.

For me it feels insanely good... A little too good in fact, as I can barely enjoy this much stimulation when the tight ring of her entrance squeezes me in such an absurdly tight manner.

For Sam, there is nothing but silence. I can’t see her face as she’s riding me reverse cowgirl style, but I can definitely see the trembles set in shortly after she forces my dick inside her.

After a moment passes and it becomes too much, I worriedly call out to her. “Sam...?”

She slowly turns to face Zutiria and I, revealing a shaky smile and a steady stream of tears pouring down her cheeks. Sam then shoots me the most unconvincing thumbs up in the history of thumbs up’s. “I... I told you I... I g-g-got this, b-boss...!!” The Princess winks insincerely.

“Fucking dumbass.” I sigh and reach out to spank Sam’s juicy, round butt and she yelps loudly. Her nubile body jerks several inches off my cock and the momentum sends her tight ring sliding back down to my base just as quickly, forcing her to let out a deep groan of pain and pleasure.

‘We tried to tell you.’ Zutiria then spanks the opposite buttcheek and the process repeats itself, Sam bouncing on my cock inch by inch.

Sam’s confidence starts to break and she tears up. “I-I thought... it’d be like... my pussy and a-as soon as it was in there... it’d... feel amazing...!!”

Zutiria and I share a mutual look of reluctant acceptance, knowing full well we’re going to give in and spoil Sam. How could we not? Even if she totally deserved this, we love her, after all... 

“That’s not how anal sex works, Sam. You can’t just shove it in in one go.” 

“S-SHUT UP, VIRGIN!” Sam yells at me.

I sigh- she’s gone full delusional.

The bed begins to shift over on my side and I hear Zutiria grumbling, forcing herself to get up. I can tell she really didn’t want to be leaving our embrace since she was still tired from her earlier round, but at least I got an amazing view of my cum leaking out of her while she crawled out in front of Sam.

‘Let’s just take it slow, alright? There, there, there, my pretty little dummy.’ Zutiria deftly inserts two of her tiny fingers into Sam’s dripping slit sending a shock of pleasure into the young girl’s body. Her breath becomes more ragged with lust when the Mage uses her free hand to massage Sam’s clit in a slow, rhythmic manner.

“Z-Zuzu...!!” Sam’s eyes clenched shut as she leaned into the other girl’s teasing touch. 

‘Don’t keep him waiting, now. Start slow. Up and down, Sammy. Up and down.’ Zutiria smiles up at the blonde Princess, reassuring her and guiding her on how to pleasure my intrusive manhood.

“Up...” Sam raises her ass a few inches off my cock, “And down...” before lowering it back to where it started.

“Good girl...” I smile and grab hold of her round ass in one hand and squeeze it.

“Mmm...! T-Thank you, Daddy...!” She whimpers.

It’s funny, she was all set to take the reigns tonight but now her highness’s meek and submissive persona is back at the forefront. Oh well. It’s her own damn fault.

“Don’t thank me yet.” I say before thrusting upwards into her tight little ass, at least as much as I can. It’s not much but it’s certainly enough to make her yelp out loud in a frenzy.

‘Does it feel good?’ Zutiria asks while making her hands work harder to please Sam’s pussy.

“AHH! K-Kinda... I don’t... dislike it...? I think it’s... ngh... weird... in a good way...” Sam’s blush rises as she dwells on the mysterious sensation of my stiff cock in her ass.

‘How about you?’ Zutiria redirects the question to me now.

“It’s warm, and so fucking tight... I like it, but... definitely not an all the time kind of thing... I can hardly hold back like this, I... ugh...” I grit my teeth, I’m getting really close just from the small movements off of my shaft Sam’s making.

‘I see. More, Sammy. Don’t you want to make your ‘Daddy’ feel even better from your ass? He’s getting close. You need to fuck him better.’ After saying this the little lady expertly twists and teases the throbbing clit between her skilled fingers, prompting even further obedience from the young girl at her mercy.

“Y-YES! I’M SORRY DADDY! FUCK MY ASS, PUH-... PLEASE...!!” Sam looks back at me, pleading with tears in her eyes as she invites me to start pounding.

So I start.

“FUCK!” I roar, my hands diving out to grip the jiggling ass of my sexy Princess. With animalistic power I drag all but the head of my cock out of her tight nether hole and slam it back up all at once.

A meaty slap echoes from our sweaty hips smacking each other, and Sam almost loses herself right there. But I’m not done with her, so I don’t let her rest. 

I work myself up into a furious pace- truly carving out the tight ass wrapped around me. Sam screams with rough thrust I reward her with, and she stains the expensive lingerie with a thick, sensual coat of glistening sweat. 

“SAM... SAM!!” I can’t help it anymore- I smash her hips down onto my cock one last time as it rises to meet her impact, and as soon as I’m bottomed out my cum violently explodes into her ass.

Sam moans the loudest moan of the night yet as both my eruption and Zutiria’s expert teasing guide her into another powerful orgasm of her own.

We sit there moaning and groaning as our bodies shake with ecstasy until finally, Sam falls backward on my torso heaving for any air she can get. My well-spent cock pops out of her ass leaking a tremendous amount of my burning love as it goes.

“Daddy... that was... weird... but good...” Sam can’t muster the energy to look at me so I take it upon myself to grab her by the chin and pull her in for a romantic kiss.

After we break, I smile and close my eyes. “Yeah... I came fucking hard, though.”

The Princess giggles and rolls off to my side and wraps her sweaty arm around my chest. “Me too... but I think it was mostly Zuzu, honestly...”

“Speaking of which...” Zutiria is missing from her place in front of Sam. Before I wonder where she’s gotten off to, the bed sinks to my vacant side and I feel Zutiria cuddling up to my free half.

‘Interesting.’ Zutiria says with a contemplative look. Then she reaches out her hand and using a cantrip, she summons a wet cloth from the bathtub and uses it to clean my dirty flesh. It’s warm, and it feels nice, but after that little romp I think I’m good for the night.

“Thanks, Zu.”

‘Of course, Sir. Hygiene is important.’ She smiles and disappears the washcloth after it's done its job, at which point Zutiria wraps her arm around me properly just like Sam.

The blonde Princess yawns loudly in my ear and just from that I can tell she’s already out of it. I lean over and give her another kiss just to be sure, and she smiles adorably in her sleep, her beautiful straightened golden hair falling down onto her face framing her as truly the picturesque definition of a radiant queen-to-be.

Then, I turn to the other side. Zutiria isn’t asleep yet. We’re in the opposite scenario of last night it looks like, but I know neither of us are in the mood for another round.

‘My first day on the job wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.’ Her cold face betrays a hint of a smile that only grows bigger when I lean in to give her her goodnight kiss.

“It helps that you’re fucking the boss. I’m sure he’s giving you special treatment.”

She giggles, and I’m happy to hear the slightest trace of her soft voice.

“Before I pass the fuck out, Zutiria...” A yawn rolls out of my throat as I finish this sentence. “Wake me up if you have nightmares. I’ll take care of you again. I promise.”

The little lady blushes heavily. ‘But... Sir. I get them almost every day. I can’t expect you to lose so much sleep over me.’

“Wake me up if you get nightmares. Consider that an order from your boss.” I laugh softly under my breath, and as my eyes grow heavy with sleep the last thing I see before passing is an adorable, smiling Mage.

‘Yes, Sir.’

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