The Results of Her ‘Training’

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After Zutiria and I finish up our pleasurable morning escapade we get dressed, put on our respective glasses and then head downstairs to see Sam. It’s true that I don’t need my glasses as long as either Sam or Zutiria are in view, but I don’t mind wearing them as I go around seeing to my day to day activities.

They’re a safety net of sorts and... they remind me of Grandpa.

After a brief walk down the creaky wooden stairs, the two of us find Sam sitting at a table in the entrance hall. She’s kept herself busy by sorting a big pile of new quests that must have arrived in the mail today. The Princess is placing quests she qualifies for off in their own little pile, and I can’t help but notice the huge red blush on her grumpy, flustered looking face. Her great sword is at her side, so she’s ready to head off after we get some breakfast. 

“Nice of you two to join me. Better late than never, I guess...” Sam ‘hmphs’ playfully and crosses her arms. Seems she’s in something of a mood, and her boots tap arrogantly against the creaky wood of the floor.

“Jealous, Sam?” I sit beside her and move in closer with a grin while Zutiria sits on the opposite end of the table, looking through the new quests on her own after setting down her staff beside her.

“YES!” Sam blurts loudly with no hesitation at all. “Gods, I could hear you guys fucking like wild rabbits from all the way down here...! I swear I almost thought you were going to break the damn bed at the end there! I wanna fuck like that too, ya know!”

Curse my rickety-ass floors. Yet another reminder of the endless shit that needs replacing.

Learning we had an audience the whole time causes the mage to blush brightly and cover her face behind thick sheets of quest posters, pretending to read them. ‘We’ll share him later, Sammy. I only wanted to start playing catch up on the significant head start you have on me. He’s mine too from now on.’

Sam sighs and plops over the table. “I know, I know. It’s just that I’m used to getting some action in the morning...”

“And you still will. Most days.” I lovingly stroke her blonde, tousled hair as she continues to groan. “But you’ll have to get used to going without. When you’re a higher ranked adventurer you might be gone on far away quests for weeks at a time.”

Her eyes instantly widened from shock. “WEEKS?!”

“Weeks. You need to leave the nest someday, Sam. It’s not like those quests would be that frequent, anyway.” I confirm, much to her dismay.

‘You’ll be fine. We should focus less on playful banter and more on the plan for today.’ Zutiria returns from hiding behind the papers, revealing a tranquil hint of her soft smile.

“Right. We still weren’t done testing the exact limits of my magical ‘gift’ when you arrived- the lower gift not the eye gift- and now that you’re here it has messed up our schedule slightly.”

Adjusting her glasses like the truest of academic scholars, Zutiria nods her head. ‘Catch me up.’

So I do... after adjusting my own glasses, of course. We nod in mutual respect for the power of our eyewear, while Sam just gives us a distant look.

I tell her about the twenty-four hour duration period and the difference of effectiveness depending on the orifice. I explained how Sam and I were going to test anal soon and the little lady had quite a red face after that. Moreover, now that she’s finally arrived we need to see just how much Zutiria can contribute in a quest and find out if my semen’s magic works on her as well as Sam.

The Princess’s mood perks up significantly when she remembers she’ll get to lose the last of her virginities tonight after the semen in her system wears off. It’s a good thing she didn’t get laid this morning after all, or else she’d have had to go without as we waited for the effect to wear off.

‘I’m glad I showed up when I did. I don’t think I would have wanted to wait a whole day without more... nightly activities with you, Sir.’ I blush as Zutiria gives me an idle, but inviting smile.

This slightly ticks off Sam, who wraps an arm around me as she presses her youthful, curvy body against mine. “It’s not fair. You two are already so cute and romantic with each other. Daddy, love me too! I want to be all lovey-dovey and shit with you just as much as she does!”

“Wasn’t sharing me with Zutiria your own idea? And need I remind you that it was you who suggested filling up the Guild with even more beautiful women for me to ‘manage’.” I smile teasingly at her flustered Highness. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting she would be so clingy and adorable but I’m really into it... makes me feel special, which is still a very foreign feeling.

I think I could get used to it, though.

Sam looks away with comical tears in her eyes. “W-Well yeah, and it IS super hot but... maybe I shoulda waited until after our sexy honeymoon period was over? I mean, we were in bliss! Every day was full of fucking, sexual tension, fucking, kinky shit, fucking and making money for the Guild! You and me against all the realms, Daddy!”

I kiss Sam’s cheek and hug her tighter. “You’ll be fine, Princess.”

Sam continues to grumble as if to say otherwise, but I know she’s happy deep down. I guess this is just her more spoiled side coming out.

‘Speaking of making money for the Guild, is there a long term plan here? I know the gist both from Sam and from context clues. Dead grandpa, you’re a creepy loner who the town hates so you never get any business... and so on. I’m not judging how this place came to be in its present state, but this is frankly awful. I found a rat in my hat when we were getting dressed.’

Sam guffaws loudly and I raise an eyebrow. I put aside the fact that she called me a creepy loner and focus on the rat part. “What?! I was right there, why didn’t you say any-”

Zutiria stares blankly at me.


With a playful smile, the mage takes off her little black beret. ‘It’s ok. I kept it.’ She overturns it revealing a large gray rat hiding inside of her hat. It squeaks happily, and I find myself facepalming as she shows the jittery little beast off to Sam. The Princess is highly amused, while I’m just stuck wondering what she’s doing about the droppings.

I once heard a story regarding a certain magical school which, in an effort to save on construction costs, had no bathrooms. Teachers and staff alike encouraged its students to just shit up and down the hallways wherever they wanted and to magic it away with teleportation spells. Needless to say, this experimental architectural cost cutting measure did not pan out.

The school was instantly lambasted by the public and closed down within a year and its former students faced endless bullying when transferring back to public magic schools. I thought perhaps Zutiria might be using a similar technique on her new furry friend.

‘I know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry. It’s gone before it ever even comes out.’ Zutiria shoots me a thumbs up and I can’t help but laugh.

I’m surprised at just how funny she can be once you get to know her, and I can’t wait to spend even more time with her.

“Anyways,” I brush aside the rat in the hat topic and it disappears back into her beret. “You and Sam are the only active adventurers this Guild has. We have some goals, sure, but we can’t do anything until we start making some actual money and we have more members I can deploy on more challenging and lucrative quests.”

Zutiria leans forward in her seat, giving me the slightest of curious gazes. ‘And how far are you trying to take this little place, Sir? What exactly is your endgame?’

Sam squeezes my hand and flexes a tomboyish grin. “Tell her, Daddy.”

I take a deep breath and look her right in the eyes. “I want Dewhurst to go back to being the best damn Guild in Karnalle, just like it used to be. Hell, I want it to be the best Guild in ALL the realms.”

As if to rain on my parade, Zutiria flatly corrects me. ‘Well most other realms don’t rely on Guilds in the first place, especially the further you get from Karnalle. Only the closest ones to us have Guilds of their own, but none of them rival Perlshaw. If they need help they’ll usually use a mage to deliver an urgent quest to our realm.’

I dejectedly sigh, and put slump over on the table just like Sam did moments ago. Zutiria seems to notice her mistake and grows worried. ‘I’m sorry, Sir, I’m not good at this conversation thing. Your determination is inspiring and... um. You looked very attractive when you declared your dreams, Sir. Very masculine and... Romantic. In the classical sense of the word, I mean.’

Sam holds back a laugh and sharply elbows me in the ribs, much stronger than I’d like. “Woah Boss, Zuzu called you masculine.”

“Jealous?” I smirk up at Sam, reflecting the taunt back to her.

‘Fret not. You are also very masculine, Sammy.’ Zutiria has my back on this and doubles the pressure skillfully.

“ZUZU!” She stands up as a deep blush overtakes her face, while Zutiria just smiles. The mage is very amused and for that matter, so am I. 

Having them both here is the best feeling in all the realms. Not only are both girls beautiful, sexy, ravishing and all that other lewd stuff, but they’re genuinely fun and amazing to spend time with. When they’re around I don’t feel like everything in the world is conspiring to make me fail.

I want to be with Sam and Zutiria.

I feel like they both bring me hope... and that’s more valuable than any quest reward. Sentimentality aside, though. Daddy needs to get paid.

Sam, Zutiria and I settle on a plan for the day.

First, I make us a light breakfast, as always, but Sam brings up a valid point that after a bit over a week of spending time with me the menu has gotten repetitive. I try to explain how I’m not a chef and we don’t have the money to start buying lots of different food, but we all agree on one thing. The Guild is going to need a kitchen staff and a very well stocked larder when we’re further along in our restoration efforts.

When I was young I was definitely spoiled by the kitchen workers- at least until Grandpa died. along with the rest of the Guild, started looking at me differently... but before all that, it was great. I got anything I ever asked for and as much of it as I wanted. I’d love to return to that era of culinary freedom, but kitchen staff isn’t going to be super important until we have a lot more people. Especially when both of my girls consume about half as much as an ordinary person would now that they’re on the effects of my semen...

Gods, I’m never going to get used to how weird that sounds.

After breakfast I sort out the new quests for myself. It’s not that I don’t trust Sam’s judgment on picking them out, but the stack was a lot bigger than it's been in a while and it had me curious. I can quickly figure out the reason for the increased size of the pile. Many of the brand new quests are... morally questionable at best and downright illegal at worst, with the majority trending towards the latter. I think it’s safe to say Abner came through and he’s been rounding up each and every one of Dewhurst’s myriad problems for us to solve.

The problem with that, though, is that it’s specifically Dewhurst’s problems. The vast majority of the new requests are blatantly illegal and they make no attempt whatsoever at hiding it. There are requests for just about every crime I’ve heard of in here as well as a couple of particularly vile new ones that no sane person could have possibly considered before.

Fucking hell, this was one of the TAMER requests:

‘Capture Quest, 600G, bonus rewards including several pounds of delicious meat of promiscuous origin. 

The pink catboy that’s been wandering around the town for a while now... shaking his delectable ass like the cheapest of whores... bring him to me- leashed AND muzzled. I heard he ain’t got an owner and the last of my pets is no longer with us as of yesterday. I have a lovely kennel prepared for him in my basement away from prying, judgmental eyes. I hope he likes milk because I have a lot of it to feed to him... Here kitty, kitty.

Client- Butcher Bludman’

Still, making steaks out of the only good person remaining in Dewhurst aside, this is a very good development.

When illegal acts are filtered out properly it leaves us with an extra ten quests more than we would usually have. Most of it is stuff I think Sam could handle, but... I’m not enthusiastic about the idea of sending Zutiria out alone on the streets of Dewhurst. At least not when crazed butchers are roaming the streets for new sources of meat. Something tells me she can’t whack things very hard with that staff of hers and I already know can’t defend herself reliably with her magic. Setting her new pet on them would probably be her only option...

We aren’t doing any of these new quests today, anyway. I want Sam around for when we find out if my semen worked on Zutiria yet. The fact that she’s less hungry than usual is promising but we need to make sure.

Carrying a stack of bronze ranked kill quests and a number of the usual fetch quests, the three of us head to the bright and grassy outskirts of Dewhurst.

It was hardly what I’d call a pleasant stroll, the villagers looked madder at me than ever before despite the fact that many of them submitted quests to the Guild. Rather than shirk like a feeble coward, though, today I glared unflinchingly back at anyone who dared give me such a look. It made quick work of them.

When we arrive at the meadow, the place is just as crawling with easy to kill monsters as always. It’s a reassuring feeling. Like meeting up with an old friend you intend on slaughtering and turning in for gold. Not the best metaphor in the realms, sure, but I’m a Guild Master and not a poncy bard.

It’s just afternoon and it’s a typical day. Bright, sunny, the seemingly permanent drab grey overcast of Dewhurst is behind us so it actually feels nice to be outside.

I bring the girls towards a little bouncy blue slime and point at it, “You ready to do your thing, Zutiria?” I try my best to smile reassuringly and Sam pats the little mage on the back, hoping to pass along some of her can do attitude.

Just this morning Sam was concerned about pushing Zutiria too far but I assume she’s trying to make peace with her friend’s decision and encourage her. I’m still mixed on how I feel about it, myself, but I’m not going to stand in her way if she really wants to do it for my sake.

I just don’t want to ever see her in a worse state than she was in last night if I can help it... and if it were my fault she got like that I don’t think I’d ever be able to forgive myself.

Zutiria steps out ahead and clutches tightly onto her fancy, ornamental staff. ‘Let’s make this comparison easy, Sir. I’m going to try to do the same basic fire spell from yesterday, Burnhit.’

“Once more- with feeling!” I do my best to motivate her, but I’m worried I just came off as lame. It’s hard to tell with her when she stares as blankly as she does.

Sam and I both step a good distance away from the Black Mage, leaving her side and letting her focus on the task at hand. There’s no telling how much stronger she might end up and considering how terrifyingly strong her mana pressure already was... needless to say I felt that backing off a few paces was a good move just in case.

The little slime notices the Mage lifting her staff to point directly at it’s target. It watches, unsure of what Zutiria’s doing and studying her every move carefully. I can feel it in the air again. Perhaps I’m adjusting to the sensation or perhaps Zutiria is controlling the pressure, it’s nowhere near as suffocating as it was yesterday.

A little ball of light sparks from the tip of her staff. Sam and I watch eagerly as Zutiria opens up her mouth and closes her eyes to find her center. Then, after a sharp inhale, she strikes. “B... urhnhit...” She whispers ever so quietly under her breath. She did it. She actually said the spell!

The ball of light grows into a roaring fire the size of a small boulder and launches straight toward the slime, exploding it on impact. The hard slime core falls to the grass below and the rest of it becomes a steamy mess in the air. Sam and I watch in awe, and end up hugging each other out of shared pride for our girl.

Then we both run out to meet her and throw her up into the air in celebration. We only pull it off once before Zutiria blushes and gets annoyed. ‘Please stop.’ She says, right back to her floating text. Ah well, baby steps and all that.

“You actually pulled it off...!” I still can’t wipe the smile from my face.

“I didn’t doubt you for a second, personally!” Sam’s full of shit, but is honest about feeling good for Zutiria.

Zutiria is a lot like me, and she’s not used to being the center of attention. ‘I only did what I said I’d do... I tried. Nothing special in that.’ She tries to be humble, but neither of us are having it.

“Come on. This is your first verbal spell in twenty-eight years right? I think a little bit of pride is excusable.”

Zutiria looks to the side awkwardly. ‘I suppose. Although there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to do it every time... and if you couldn’t tell, the spell was much weaker than it was supposed to be- especially used by someone as powerful as myself. I couldn’t raise my volume loudly enough to put more mana behind it. Really, I don’t think that puny fireball was even 1/1000th of its full power...’

“Damn, Zuzu. You went from ‘it was nothing’ to ‘you have yet to see my final form’ in no time at all!” Sam bellows a rowdy laugh which makes Zutiria blush even further.

Zutiria’s words bother me, though.

She makes me think back to the day before and remember how strong I could feel the oncoming spell was going to be. I’m... almost unsure if I would even want to witness a ‘basic fire spell’ at her full power. It already felt like it was going to burn down the entire meadow, and knowing she had even stronger spells in her magical arsenal was an even more terrifying thought.

After the initial test we also tried a version where Zutiria used a non-verbal version of Burnhit. While obviously much weaker than with its incantation, even this scaled down version was much more powerful than the hot take she produced yesterday.

This time it was about the size of a closed fist. It took roughly five shots to completely kill the slime but it certainly looked like Zutiria would at the very least be able to defend herself out on the streets of Dewhurst if she should ever need to. Good to know that my ‘blessing’ would power up her non-verbal spells as well since I’m sure earlier was an exception and not the norm.

The truth is I can’t come along with these girls much further than the outskirts. I have a sneaking suspicion that my presence is what inspired Zutiria to be able to speak her incantation in the first place. If I’m not around I don’t think she’ll be able to cast them as easily... and there’s no work around to that. We just need to keep working on her speech until she can say things confidently, no matter how long it takes.

I’m still very much afraid of letting my girls out into the wild on quests without my direct supervision, but thank the gods that's a bridge we don’t need to cross for a while yet.

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