Wake Up Revenge

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The sun pours in through the dusty window curtains as it always does when a new day begins. I awaken before the others very peacefully, which doesn’t surprise me considering I clocked out quickly after I got home yesterday and only woke up for a few hours of passionate sex with my beloved adventurers.

Our positions haven’t changed much since last night. Sam is still on my right, though now snoring like a beast, while Zutiria is still lazily draped over my chest. I’m very happy to see that she seemed to have a peaceful sleep, undisturbed from her night terrors for once. This means I got a full night’s sleep, too which is a welcome blessing.

Looking at the clock on the wall I see it’s a little over half past seven, fairly early for me to be waking up. I stretch myself out minimally to avoid disturbing the Mage too much, and start planning what needs to be done today.

Spliffert’s field needs harvesting so that we can get payment for the quest, the girls need to get their weapons back, and they can probably fit in some other quests after that if all goes well. As for me, I think I’ll be staying home today. Not out of laziness, mind you, but to handle a fair amount of paperwork that’s piled up.

I actually need to write up a report of this month’s earnings, considering we actually had some... although the Association of Adventurers is well aware by now that the Dewhurst Adventurer’s Guild is back in minimal action thanks to the completed quests we’ve submitted and payments we’ve been receiving from them, that doesn’t mean I can skip the nitty gritty and fudge the bureaucratic process. I’m not looking forward to their cut from this month, though.

Thankfully the income from Spliffert’s quest won’t count past the 17,000G since we didn’t officially amend the quest’s paperwork... and I don’t intend to. We need the money, and it’s none of the Association’s damn business if we get ‘tipped’ past the agreed upon amount.

What I’m more concerned about is how I’m supposed to report Sam and Zutiria’s earnings. Sure, on paper the fact that both girls are content to just work for free as long as I give them a place to stay is amazing but I’m going to have to jump through some hoops to justify it in documentation. I suppose it wouldn’t be TOO hard if I just deduct what would typically be their cut from each quest and deposited it into the Guild bank for them so that in theory they can use the money whenever they wish. That way it’d all be there on paper but in reality it would still be property of the Guild since they don’t intend on spending any of it.

Ah, bureaucracy.

For most of my life I’ve had very minimal interference from the Association of Adventurers, despite Dewhurst being the most important Guild in Karnalle before Perlshaw came along. This is because some Guilds are privately owned, while still falling under the greater AoA banner. In short, my grandpa owned the land and the building here which is fairly uncommon for Adventurer’s Guilds. So when he died, they couldn’t stop me from inheriting this place after his death and taking over the Guild despite my tender age.

They sure as hell tried, though. The AoA offered me a lot of gold, intending to steal the home I grew up in from under my feet and replace me with a Guild Master of their own, but I was a stubborn brat and insisted on running it despite my youth.

Yes, it didn’t turn out so well, but there’s no use dwelling on it now.

I used to have to do inspections and constantly studied just to meet the bare minimum requirements to be classified as a Guild Master, but the reality is their rules just never accounted for a situation such as mine. I was basically a legal gray area and there was very little they could do about a ten year old who suddenly had ownership of their most important franchise because no one was expecting a ten year old to ever be in that position in the first place.

Beyond any such paperwork that needs to be done, I’m also being pressured into an apparent dinner date with Miss Hart. A date that will very likely take a turn for the lewd. If teenage me knew that this would happen in the future, he would likely stain his pants on the spot...

The thought excites me unintentionally, bringing up my morning wood high enough to prod Zutiria’s naked slit. She moans softly in response, and I feel a need that must be sated. I gently whisper, “Morning. Either of you up?”

Sam grumbles and stretches. “Mmmnaahhh... fi’ more minutes...”

‘Sir... do what you... mn... need to do.’ Zutiria yawns, eyes still lidded with sleep but slowly starting to grind her tiny hips down on my cock.

I’m in the mood for a little payback after last night, honestly. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it but I definitely want to show off and dominate the two, giving them a nice early morning surprise.

I take a closer look at Sam and see that she’s laying on her stomach, her round, fat ass in all its glory on full display beneath the blanket.


I softly remove the blanket from the three of us which causes slight stirring in the tired girls, but not enough to fully wake or irritate them. Next, I sit up gently while holding Zutiria in place and place her on her tummy on top of Sam’s back. This of course does cause a reaction, but it’s a minimal one as Sam stretches and Zutiria wraps her arms tightly around the Princess from behind.

I crawl out in front of the double stacked offering of pussy and ass, admiring the beauty of each girl’s charms.

Zutiria is small, as is her slit, but her hips are rather wide for her body type and she has a cute little round butt of her own. It’s deceptively big- bigger than you’d think, at least in proportion. Her little pussy is a slightly darker pink and closed tightly, lips sealed... except for me and me alone.

Sam, on the other hand, is bouncy and beautiful. Her ass is large, and her cunt is deliciously inviting. Her labia are naturally more open than Zutiria’s, making it just that more enticing to dive straight in. It’s truly a pussy that is begging deeply to be fucked... and I fully intend to make it’s wish come true.

Gods, my ego is already unchecked having two girls in bed. What sort of monster will I become as my Harem Guild grows...?

‘Accept it, Mortal. Be not afraid...’ A familiar, divine voice calls out in my heart. ‘You pussy.’ It adds in its typical brattier tone.

I ignore it. I’m not in the mood for godly intervention during my morning playtime. I have a lot of work to do today and I deserve a treat before starting the daily grind.

Neither of my girls are wet and ready for me just yet, so as a surprise I lay down on my stomach as well and starting at the bottom layer from Sam’s clit, I trace my tongue up the entirety of the pink cleft. Moving on up I repeat the process to Zutiria on the next layer.

Both girls instantly stir at the sudden contact, and I once again drag my tongue down the same path in reverse. After several more laps of gentle lashing, Sam and Zutiria become breathier, hornier, though still tired.

“Da... ddy...?” The Princess lowly moans, her eyes flickering from the sensation.

‘No wonder you like being... mmn... waken up with a blowjob so much, Sir...’ Zutiria comments a bit more lucidly than Sam.

Pleased with my work so far, I continue to tease the two delicious mounds in alternating fashions. I kissed each deeply, lingering just long enough to leave them wanting more and more. Just as their heavy breathing begins to ramp up my wet muscle invades their inner walls, swirling in and making them quiver with anticipation.

“HYA!” Sam calls out as I poke deeply into hers. “I’m up, I’m UP already! Stop fucking around and get it in me!!”

Zutiria yelps as loudly as her vocal cords will allow her when I do the same. ‘I-I’m more than wet enough, Sir! Me first!’

Smiling at a job well done, I carefully push my fingers inside both pussies just to be sure and as soon as I do hear a double moan from my penetration. Both girls are indeed now wet enough to have me visit.

“Rise and shine, girls!” Happily about to dive in to some sweet, carnal relief, I kiss both pretty pussies on the lips before sitting up on my knees.

Rather than a full round each I’m just going to make this one a quick go and make sure to get each of them off before splitting the load.

Sam got first last night so I think it’s only fair I take Zutiria first. Grabbing my pulsing cock, I line it up with the shut lips of the Black Mage and parted her cleft in one fell motion. She cries out softly as I start to thrust in and out of her, only to let out a small gasp of longing when I recede and slide myself down to Her Highness's Royal cunt and push my way as deep as I can do.

“HAAA- Daddyyyy, you’re so dirty...!! That thing was just inside of Z-Zuzu...!” She moans, doing her best to pretend that that very same fact doesn’t turn her on a hell of a lot.

‘Come back, Sir... I’ll be even tighter for you... I want it...’ From atop Sam, Zutiria wiggles her tiny butt at me. Watching it shake and jiggle itself for my benefit makes me even harder inside Sam and forces me to start sawing in and out of the Princess even harder.

“Don’t be greedy.” I remind the little Mage with a stern but loving spank, basking in the adorably surprised little noise she makes in response.

Sam screams when I drive my pole up into one of her good spots, before whimpering like a little baby when I pull out. “Nooo... don’t goooo, fill me back up!” She whines, pussy clenching down like a vacuum as hard as she can to stop me from leaving. Sadly for her desperate cunt, I pop out with a wet smack and after grabbing onto Zutiria’s bouncy little ass I shove it back in.

Tasting the luxury of my women’s distinct, blissful holes fills me with newfound appreciation for life and for just how damn lucky I am. I start to pick up my pace, battering the deepest walls of the tiny girl’s snug slit. Her text becomes more incomprehensible the harder I fuck, until she stops trying and just becomes an outlet for my morning lust, moaning all the while and drooling on the back of Sam’s borrowed shirt.

Zutiria cums against me, her pussy clasping and straining my manhood in desperate want for my semen, but I’m not ready to give her what she wants. Still, I fuck her nice and hard and do my best to help her properly ride the spasms of her climax to the very last moment. Her bountiful juices splash out of her little slit and fall down the cracks of Sam’s ass to cover the blonde’s already well lubricated pussy.

After Zutiria’s thrilling climax finishes, I pull out of her and in one smooth transition fuck Sam’s tense tunnel with even more savagery, truly ramping up to get me going and ready for a long, hard orgasm. Sending Sam to her peak doesn’t take long in this state. Her cries become frenzied and she struggles to say anything but “Daddy, DADDY!” as I ravage her with all my power.

As her quivering cunt squeezes down hard for its orgasm it finally wrings me just hard enough for me to clench my eyes shut and fire off a mighty stream of semen into the young Princess, much to her slutty delight. I pump it in and out of her and let the spasms of her climax milk me properly, before yanking it out and shoving it back inside of Zutiria to give the Mage her due.

I grunt harder, digging deep into Zutiria’s poor little butt with my hands as I use it as a grip to deliver the remaining amount of my torrential cumshot deep into her pink depths. As always it overflows out of the Mage’s tiny hole and it gushes downwards to mix with Sam’s love juices and her own overflowing load. After a good minute of rutting or so, eventually I run out of steam for this load and I almost fall over on my layered lovers, stopping myself just in time by propping myself up with my arms.

Both girls are a blushing, sweaty mess from their surprising morning workout but they’re both clearly satisfied.

“Boss... Holy shit... what... got you so rowdy this morning, huh big guy?” Sam asks between labored breaths.

‘I think we pushed him... too far last night, Sammy...’

Feeling just a tiny bit playful even though I’ve already had my fun, I smile and scoop up a glob of my semen to lube my pointer finger and place it against the rim of Zutiria’s tiny butt. “What makes you say that?” I ask, pushing my finger only slightly into her nether hole.

“AH-” She yelps out loud. Zutiria jumps out of her skin and rolls off of Sam, pulling my finger out in the process. She looks back at me with the most embarrassed look I’ve ever seen on her cold face and she covers her most private hole with both hands, blocking me from her butt.

Tiredly, Sam sits up. “Mn... everything ok?” She asks, wiping the sleep from her eyes.

‘Y... yes of course...’ Zutiria’s eyes dart around and she gets up off the bed and runs to the bathroom, peeking her head out when she’s already inside to scowl at me.

Something tells me she’s not as receptive to butt stuff on her own as she is towards doing it to me, and that’s ok. Like I’ve said I’m not exactly clamoring for it.

‘Let’s all wash up. Long day ahead, and we all smell absolutely unacceptable.’ Zutiria says as she disappears behind the door.

Sam giggles and under her breath quips, “Says the ball-sniffer.”

And as we all shuffle off into the bath that Zutiria begins drawing for us, another day begins.

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