We Keep Having Sex and Not Accomplishing Anything

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After that sweet, sweet morning of bliss, things escalated with Sam more than we planned on. While it's true that we resolved ourselves to enjoy each other’s company as befitting of a man and a woman in lust, neither of us expected to end up in a frankly embarrassing sex-crazed trance which spanned the length of a whopping three whole days. That's not to say we didn't take breaks to chat, eat, shower, and use the restroom, but it was as close to nonstop as we possibly could have gotten away with.

This young, runaway Princess who entered into my life amid a cloud of dust and a broken door has brought out an animalistic, primal side of my personality which I never even knew I had in me. Under Sam's influence, I'm encouraged to act dominant, confident, even a little demanding. When I'm like this, I know what I want at all times, and I don't hesitate when it comes to getting it.

Together, my new lover and I have been thoroughly exploring this new confidence with excited vigor, ravaging each other like rutting beasts. There were no holds barred during this tumultuous display of eroticism, to the point where it’s almost a miracle that Sam didn’t drown in all the cum I shot down her throat.

This time might not have been spent adventuring or managing a Guild, but it was far from a waste. Ah, who am I kidding? It might have been a waste of our precious adventuring time, but it was a fun waste that I needed to get out of my system. The important takeaway was that I discovered all sorts of things about my new pretty little Princess during this carnival of perverse delight.

While Sam is a bratty submissive with a massive fetish for what we in the know call 'dd/lg', or 'daddy-dom, little girl' roleplay, her tastes are not strictly limited to that sort of thing. The girl is a tomboy, and a feisty one, at that. She's more than happy to take control of me from time to time. Hell, she loves being on top and teasing me out of my mind with unending dirty talk ranging from innocent, sweet nothings to downright nasty shit.

While she could have started things off with being in control, I believe Sam wanted our first time to go a very specific way. Considering how she was essentially taunting me into becoming, taking a submissive role really enforced the whole thing about taking what I want. After Sam was confident that I learned my lesson, all bets were off, and she was ready to do some role-reversal.

Since then, we’ve taken turns going back and forth on who’s on top depending on who feels like it, or in some entertaining cases, whoever can wrestle their partner into submission beneath them. Sure, Sam has to hold back her strength so that I have any chance of winning, but our wrestling is fun, even if it's fake. Like with the rope, Sam is inconsistent at holding herself back. She admittedly hurt me more than a few times, but that’s just half of the fun, I suppose.

What I'm grateful for above anything else, though, is that my sexual tastes are perfectly complementary to Sam's and that neither of us wanted something the other couldn’t provide. She's a switch who leans towards submissive, while I'm a switch who leans toward dominant. We fit each other like hand and glove- a match made in the Supernal Skies of Serenity.

It turns out I had a whole lot of stress to work through, but my younger lover was eager to help me with every little fantasy I wanted to live out. I have vast tastes owing to my erotica addiction, so there was no shortage of things I wanted to experiment with. We fooled around while role-playing different scenarios and discussing lots of fetishes.

It felt weird to be so open with someone over sexual tastes, I've essentially never talked about sexual matters with basically anyone before this, but it went smooth enough since I'm not into anything incredibly crazy.

While we didn't have much to work with, meaning things like bondage and toys were out of the picture, for now, we tried out as many of them as we could. I did try tying Sam up with some ropes I had in a storage room, but she's too strong and kept accidentally tearing them. We'd need some heavy-duty enchanted bondage, which is too bad considering how much that would cost.

One notable thing that we didn't try was anal sex. Despite our mutual interest, neither of us felt like getting dressed and heading out to the Dewhurst Market just to buy a jar of lube. It wouldn't have been that expensive, I think, but it's probably for the best. Sam probably needs to be eased into it considering how big I am, and we had enough other ideas to keep us occupied.

No matter what we tried, Sam took it all in stride. She matched my newly awakened monstrous libido with all the youthful vigor of a repressed girl who until now lived a sheltered life and was finally free to act on her desires.

There were only a few things I wanted to try that I didn’t tell Sam about.

One of them was a specific subset of femdom which I just don't think would work very well with Sam's personality. Something tells me Sam wouldn't make a very good mommy-domme. She’s a brat, not a mommy. Besides that, whenever I even thought about the idea of a mommy-domme-themed roleplay, Miss Hart's came to mind.

Since I didn't want to use Sam as a stand-in for the first woman I ever had a crush on, I kept that fantasy to myself. That wouldn't have been very kind to my new partner at all.

The only other thing I can remember that I didn't bring up is my desire to have group sex with other girls, or in other words, to have myself a harem. Sure, harems have been standard in Karnallian culture ever since the end of the Age of Heroes, but I didn't want to potentially upset my new lover by saying, 'you know, this is fun and all, but I want to fuck other women, too'.

Given how many girls in Karnalle are inexplicably bisexual, though, there's a chance Sam wouldn't have a problem with it. Still. There's a time and a place for everything, and this was neither the time nor the place to preposition Sam for threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes.

Given how I'm supposed to be acting on my desires, perhaps I was being too considerate... ah, well.

As for the setting of our various acts of obscenity, no venue was left untouched by our filth. Even the poor state of the Guild didn't deter either of us from changing up the locale, as Sam and I did it in my bed, and we did it behind the Guild in the training yard, in the entrance hall, in my office, in the kitchen, hell... when the smell of our obsessive love-making became less ripe and more rank, we did it in the bath, too. It was absolutely crazy.

The only breaks we took were little sessions in-between rounds where we laid around chatting about our lives or when we took short mealtimes.

Funnily enough, neither of us really wanted to elaborate much on our personal histories. For me, it's because I knew it would drag down the mood, and for Sam, she's still trying to be deceptive about her true identity, so the less said about it, the better. It was primarily surface-level subjects like favorite foods, hopes and dreams, and other such topics whenever we talked.

Incidentally, Sam's favorite color is red, her favorite food is any sort of meat, and she doesn't really have any hobbies. I found that fact somewhat sad, but it's understandable when I know the only thing Sam’s wanted to do her whole life was to play with swords, but for some reason, she was never allowed to.

As for our mealtimes and snack breaks, we would take little trips together downstairs whenever our hunger grew too big to ignore. Even though the front door remains broken and I won't be able to afford to get it fixed for some time, Sam would wait in the entrance hall utterly naked while I made whatever I could with what little food I had.

Often, these meals would lead to even more depraved sex.

Once fed, Sam would tempt me in some way or another, and I would end up taking the little brat right there on the dirty table we were sitting at. When that was done, I couldn't even get a break while washing the dishes. Her Highness would follow after me sneakily and take me by surprise, sucking my cock while I scrubbed our plates. Nowhere was safe from our lust.

Gods, I can only imagine what would happen if dear old Grandfather could see me now...

He would almost certainly beat me over the head with his cane for every single act of perversion I’ve so far performed beneath this hallowed Guild’s rickety roof. The funny thing is when I imagine that happening, I find myself thinking for the first time in a long while that I'm glad he's gone. Perhaps it was all the promiscuous sex occupying my time, but I was able to put his shadow out of my mind for the last couple of days.

For once, I've been actually enjoying myself and haven’t been thinking about all the depressing thoughts stirring around in my mind. It was almost like a holiday from myself.

As far as Sam goes, everything was going great with her beyond the recurring oddness of her vagina glowing pink every time she received a creampie. Admittedly, I still haven’t broached the topic with Her Highness. The mood is never right, and it’s not exactly something I can just start talking about out of the blue.

Besides, whatever's going on with that whole thing is well beyond my capacity to care at this current point in time. Sam is mysterious enough as it is, what with her status as a runaway Princess. And then there’s my sudden growth-spurt, her miraculously-timed arrival, and my eye developments, too. I can’t find it in me to waste too much brainpower on every new riddle that insists on rearing its ugly head when there’s already so much to deal with.

Speaking of the growth spurt, it turns out it came saddled with several side effects. For one, I think it’s safe to say that I no longer run out of semen. If I did have a limit, Sam and I indeed would have reached it many times over.

Not only that, but my refractory period has shrunken to a comically short wait of only a minute or two, sometimes even faster depending on Sam’s actions. Before, it used to take me twenty minutes or so to get it up after ejaculation, just like any other man. Given how much I’ve been using the damn thing lately, I’m happy to see that this is the case.

All in all, these last three days have been unforgettable, and I'll carry the memories for the rest of my life. However, all good things must come to an end. This session of pleasure is no exception, and that leads us nicely to where we're at right now.

The period of passionate sex has passed us by. Now, I lie in bed next to a gorgeous girl who is wrapped around my naked body.

This marks the fifth day that Sam has been in my life, and when the morning hits, I awaken in absolute bliss from our most recent sex coma. Looking at Sam’s still-sleeping face fills my heart with ease. We haven’t really talked about making what we have ‘official’ in any capacity, but I don’t think we really need to. I don’t want to rush things more than we already have, and honestly, it sort of feels like we’re naturally at the point of being called lovers without needing labels.

What Sam and I have isn’t just sex, even if there admittedly is a whole lot of that, too. I feel that strange connection between us growing by the day, and I know she feels the same. Drawing attention to our unnatural bond might just make it weirder than it already is, so for the moment, I’m satisfied with letting things develop in whatever way they end up doing so.

Besides, there are more pressing matters at hand than whether Sam is officially my girlfriend or not. Namely, there's the cold, hard fact that I can’t live in idle bliss with my new lover when there’s no money coming in to support us.

While it’s true that I’d like nothing more than to jolt Sam awake by initiating yet another round of morning delight, we need desperately to put a stop to all this for the foreseeable future- at least by cutting back on the amount of sex we're having. It’s such a shame, really. Just the thought of this frolicking coming to an end brings a heavy sigh to my lips.

Her Highness was already on the verge of awakening as it was, and my melancholic sigh is what brings her to wake. After hearing my lamentation, Sam sits up and throws the blanket off her nude body in a dramatic fashion, revealing her groggy state to the world like she was showing her sluggishness off. She fluffs out her hair, cracks her neck, and belts out a huge, deep yawn while stretching her royal self out.

“The heck’s got you so down in the dumps this early in the morning, Boss?” Sam asks, her voice trailing off into a yawn brought on from her tiredness.

“Nothing too serious. You can go back to bed for a while longer if you still need rest."

"C'mooooon," She pesters. "Talk to me."

"It’s just that I suddenly remembered you came all the way to Dewhurst so you could become an adventurer, and then I realized we haven’t done all that much to accomplish your goals.”

The girl rubs some of the sleep from her eyes, then raises a brow. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Yes. As sad it might be, I think today is the day we should officially get back into the swing of things, my dear.”

“S’pose you’re right,” Sam shrugs before snuggling up to my side and grabbing my morning wood through the blanket. With a teasing grin, she looks back at me, asking, “But we could definitely start tomorrow, too. What’s one more day of messing around, Daddy?”

I grab Sam’s hand off of my dick and place it to her side despite my obvious interest. The girl makes a pouty face, but I can see she understands. “We both know that we’ve had more than enough messing around, for now, Princess.”

She must have been more tired than I thought because Sam forgets all about our role-playing for a moment. “P-Princess? Where?” I sigh, knowing this girl is nothing if not consistent.

“There’s a Princess right here in this very room, silly. It’s the nickname you wanted so badly. Ring any bells?”

“Gah-“ Sam recoils, blushing. “We were up late, alright? Your Princess is groggy as fuck.” She justifies her slip up, making me chuckle.

“Groggy or not, I adore her all the same.”

I watch her become even more embarrassed before she groans and admits, “I guess you’re right about actually doing stuff today, though. I’ve been setting a bad example, seeing as how I did kinda yell at you to get your shit together before, y’know... encouraging you to basically do fuck all for a few days straight.”

“Don’t feel bad, Sam. You were the one who told me to start doing what I wanted, so you can’t blame me for choosing to thoroughly enjoy our time together thus far. Making love with you in an endless loop has technically only been me following your advice.”

Sam rolls her eyes. “So smooth, and ya ain’t even had your coffee yet...” She says, giving my pec a little love-tap with her fist. “Since you’re the one who wants to get the ball rolling, I’m guessing you already got something in mind?”

“Believe it not, some of my spare thoughts here and there over the past few days have been dedicated to figuring out the first steps we need to take care of how to start getting the Guild back up to snuff.”

Upon hearing this, Sam playfully gasps and leans in close to me, furrowing her brow. “Wait, what? I’m insulted!” She insists, mock disgust on her face. “How dare you! Your full attention should have been on me every minute of the day!”

“Silly girl,” I reach out and ruffle her messy bed head. “Only five percent at most of my attention was going towards Guild-related matters. The rest of me was thinking about you, I promise.”

She squints her eyes at me with playful suspicion before breaking character and flashing me that toothy smile of hers which I’ve come to adore. “That so? Well, I s’pose I can settle for ninety-five percent if I have to,” Sam teases. “Carry on.”

I scoff at the permission I’ve been given. “There's a whole mess of things we must do to get the Guild going. First and foremost, we need to get you earning gold. To do that, we’re going to put you through the wringer.”

Sam teases me by chirping, “Been there, done that.”

“This next wringer isn’t going to be a sexual one.” I clarify, much to Sam’s dismay.

“Damn it!” The naked tomboy collapses backward onto the bed, suddenly acting like more of a drama queen than a supposed Princess.

“Indeed. What I’m getting at is you’re going to need to start doing lots and lots of low-level kill quests. We’ll start with more Slimes and move up to more challenging targets when you’re ready.”

“Really? More Slimes...?” The young adventurer groans as her head falls backward, dreading her subsequent encounter with the infamous blue goo.

“Yes, more Slimes. You showed major improvement by the time we were done the other day, but you can still barely swing your sword without my advice. We could just spend all day out in the training yard having you hit the dummies, but why do that when we could monetize your training? Slimes are largely immobile and pose little threat making them the best possible target practice for working on your form. We’ll take a day or so to grind out your basic skills some more.”

“Can’t say I’m thrilled about having to face down more of those fuckers, but you’re right. I gotta keep working on the fundamentals. No, scratch that. I want to keep working on ‘em!” The naked Princess summons up her determination and pumps her fists into the air. “Just wish there was a way to get better even faster...”

“There is.”

As expected, this gets me Sam’s full attention. “No way! Are you shitting me? C’mon, Boss. Spit it out!”

"To hurry you up to a passing grade, I’m going to accompany you on every low-ranking quest I send you on until you’re ready to start doing them on your own. It'll be just like the other day, where I give you feedback and point out things you can improve on.”

“Wait, for real? Are Guild Masters even supposed to do that? I thought you guys were just nerds who sat behind a desk all day.”

“That's a large part of our duty, but nothing is saying I can’t leave my desk for a while. Besides, it’s not like I’m expecting anyone to show up looking to register a quest. I can’t even remember the last time someone came in and-”

“Boss,” Sam gives me a stiff expression, warning me not to let my negativity get the best of me.

“Right, right. Thank you. My point is that at least during these crucial early quests, you definitely need someone there with you to watch over you until you know what you're doing.”

The Princess grumbles to herself, narrowing her eyes. Sam’s level of poutiness increases significantly. “Ugh. I know that you’re trying to be all nice and supportive, but it still hurts to hear ya outright say that I suck at this...”

“That’s not at all what I’m saying, Sam.”

“Sure sounded like it...” The moody girl mumbles, crossing her arms.

“I’m only saying you suck at this so far.”

“Damn, you’re good at reassuring people...”

I sit up entirely from the bed, looking down at my lover before taking Sam’s hand in mine and squeezing it tight. “Think of it this way, I’m in the same camp as you. By all accounts, I suck as a Guild Master... so far. Just because you and I suck at this moment in time doesn't mean we always will. We'll do this together. I’ll be learning and growing alongside you as I oversee your training and put you to work. How does that sound?”

Sam’s cheeks burn up with a fearsome blush as she looks away, but not before a relieved smile forms on her lips. “That... uh... that sounds fine by me, I guess...”

Although she doesn’t say it, Sam is pleased to hear that the two of us will be supporting each other as true partners out in the field. As for me, well, I'll be damned if I'm not there to see her develop with my own two eyes.

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