What it Means to Be Her Daddy

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Though our kiss is long and intense, it doesn't last forever. Part of me wishes it did, but I want more things aside from Sam's lips, so I resign myself for now. After thoroughly exploring the incredible new sensations brought along by the sensual meeting of our mouths, Sam and I pull apart, a solitary strand of our combined saliva connecting our lips until it falls.

We stare deeply into one another's eyes as silence takes the room. There are a million things I want to say to Sam at this moment. I want to thank her, to tell her I'm sorry, to promise to be better, but I'm not going to wallow on any of these idle thoughts.

Instead, I ground myself in the moment by basking in her presence and feeling the warmth of her breath, the feeling of her naked shoulder blades on my hands, and the lingering taste of our sweet first kiss.

Like animals in heat, our bodies cling back to each other. The silence ends as we start grinding and pressing away during our exploration.

I start off by massaging Sam's nubile back, her skin so smooth that my hands glide across her like silk. She makes a few cute noises as I try out different things. Running down her spine, tracing the small of her back, running around to her hips, and feeling up her love handles all make the Princess whimper, twitch, and moan. Learning how she reacts to everything I do to her will be fun, I can already tell.

My hands travel across every inch of Sam's curves, the soft sensation surpassing every expectation I had about touching a naked woman and then some. I dreamed of this happening for so long, but reading about it in all of my many erotic novels didn't prepare me for just how stimulating the real thing actually is. 

Feeling up the real deal is much more potent than a book could possibly describe. Sam isn't just soft. She’s intoxicatingly so. Her body is richer than any drink I could ever mix, her smell is ripe yet womanly from fighting all those Slimes, and those sunshine-colored locks of hers are so fluffy that I want to bury my face in her mane and breathe.

Everything last little thing about this girl pulls me in so hard I can't even dream of pulling away. Gods, I want more of Sam. Nothing I do to her is enough.

At the same time, Sam thinks the same about me. With a teasing giggle, the warrior lifts up the hem of my sleeping shirt and lifts. Stripping me of it, the girl raises an eyebrow once she gets a good view of my naked chest. Judging by the hungry, surprised look in her eyes, I can only imagine that Her Highness likes what she sees.

"Damn," Sam gulps, running her fingers down my chest to verify her findings. "Ya got like, rock-hard abs and shit... dude... I shouldn't have written you off so soon, Daddy. Maybe you could make an adventurer out of yourself, after all!" She giggles.

After the initial shock wears off, Sam smiles ear to ear as she starts groping both my pecs and my firm abs, making herself somehow seem even pervier than I am right now. I feel the heat rising in my cheeks as the cute brat feels me up, coupled with pleasure whenever she brushes against my nipples.

"I keep in shape, but for whatever reason, I've never needed much exercise to maintain this body. I've always been fairly muscular."

"Ya don't say...?" Sam drools, her hands leaving my chest to inspect my shoulders and then my biceps. The girl's eyes become as wide as saucers as she beams at what she finds. "Oh, Goddesses, you're fucking ripped...!" She says after I flex for her benefit.

"I don't see what's so impressive," I laugh at the adorable display. "You're way stronger than I am, even if your body doesn't show it." I try and imagine the warrior Princess as anything but a curvy blonde brat, but the mental picture of a shredded Sam doesn't do much for me. I like myself some muscles on a woman, but Sam? I like her just the way she is, curves for days and all.

"I'm not saying I'm jealous, Daddy," Sam shakes her head, wiping some of her drool off. "I'm saying you're fucking hot. Besides, you look strong enough where it matters..." She teases, leaning into my neck and peppering it in tiny kisses. Right as I let my guard down, Sam goes in for a surprise attack. I roll my head back to let out a soft moan, and the Princess sucks down on her last kiss, all but certainly leaving me a massive love bite.

"I'm not the only one with a big sword, huh?" Sam looks down at my crotch, running her right hand down my chest toward the massive, tented bulge in my shorts. She snakes past the elastic band, and the moment of truth arrives. For the first time in my life, a girl is grabbing my cock.

Sam firmly grasps it from the get-go. Her hands aren't what I'd call big or small, really, but they're enough to fully wrap around my enhanced girth. "Fuck," I groan from feeling the warmth of another person. Desires pulses through me, and I throb against Sam's grip. "That's good..." 

"Yeah...?" She teases, slowly starting to jerk it up and down. For someone who's only ever masturbated until now, having my cock massaged feels almost like an out-of-body experience. I would've never expected having someone else do it for me would make such a huge difference, but it does.

"Damn, you're even bigger than I thought you were. How'd ya get so massive?" Sam laughs, growing more comfortable as she strokes with increasing confidence.

I know her comment was little more than a joke to play toward my ego, but I decide now is as good a time as any to be honest with my new lover. "This might sound weird, but... my eyes weren't the only thing acting up today. Before, I was about half this length and not nearly as wide."

Sam suddenly stops jerking, looking at me with a confused expression. "So... what, you're saying I'm so hot that it made your dick twice as big?"

"I don't know what to think. After I looked at you without my glasses, my emotions went out of control, and then I had to relieve myself. That's when I discovered not only my size increase but that... the amount changed as well..." I'd been holding back all these strange things going on with my body until now, so saying them out loud to Sam makes me feel somewhat better about the whole situation.

Sam blinks at me, then looks away. "Uh. Okay then. Do you like... need to go see a healer or something? None of this shit sounds normal, Boss."

I knew she'd recommend that, but I have reasons for avoiding my physician that I don't feel like getting into. "Nothing about today has been normal, Sam, and I have you to thank for that."

In an attempt to distract her, I pull Sam back toward me and bury my lips into hers so that we can share yet another delightful kiss. It works. Sam returns the favor by kissing back and giving my cock a nice massage as a reward.

Once the kiss runs its course, Sam smiles playfully and asks me while giggling, "You said you jizzed more than usual? Is that why I could still smell it when I got home?" For a moment, she comes off as excited while imagining how much cum I produced.

"About that," I give Sam a teasing grin. "How do you even know what jizz smells like, young lady?"

"Don't be jealous, Daddy," Sam's innocent smile puts any doubts I might've had to rest and to further quell me, the girl delivers a series of quick, thorough tugs causing me to groan. "I only know because, uh... I didn't have very many good role models growing up. I was exposed to a... well, a loooot of shit thanks to my Father."

Mumbling under my breath, I utter, "So everything they say about the King is true..."

I didn't mean for Sam to hear it, but she does. The Princess releases my cock, a thick coat of sweat covering her forehead. She scoots further away from me and starts gesturing with her hands defensively, making her big breasts repeatedly bounce up and down. "W-Woah there, Boss, ya got one hell of an imagination over there! Who the heck said anything about the King?!"

Even now, I don't have much of a desire to try and out her 'secret identity' or anything. Honestly, she's cuter like this. But I can't help wanting to mess with Sam, just a little bit. "My mistake. It's just that a few minutes ago, when you were trying to get through to me, you dropped most of your slang and took on an almost royal, commanding persona. One could easily mistake you for a Princess when you behave like that, you know."

"Pft," Sam blows another raspberry while nudging my shoulder, rolling her eyes and wiping off some of her sweat. "That was... uh... y'know... just me being kinky! Yeah! Just a bit of roleplay to get you pumped up enough to actually man up and act on your own self-interests for once, ahaha...!"

"Of course," I smile at her desperate attempt to persuade me. That's enough for the teasing. I’m ready to get back to our growing intimacy.

I reach out and cup Sam's cheek with my hand, causing her to blush from the sudden contact. Her warmth soothes me as I soak up the comforting bliss of her youthful skin. I run my thumb along her cheekbone before sliding it up against the top of her juicy lips.

Sam shudders, and like a good girl, she reads my mind by opening up her mouth into an inviting 'o' shape so that I can push my thumb inside of her. She swallows the length of my thumb in one go until her lips are pressed against the base. Her cheeks cave in as Sam sucks on it, her emerald eyes trained straight up at mine as she sets about to give me a taste of what I'm in for.

Sam swirls her tongue against the underside, licking at the joint before curling it around and lapping at my nail. My eyes roll back as she slips it out of her mouth and chugs it right back down a couple of times in succession. Each time she leaves, Sam makes sure to lick the tip on its way out. Experiencing all the ways this girl worships my thumb sends a phantom pleasure through my dick, making my throbbing all the more robust and painful with need. 

I start panting as the desire welling up within me nearly boils over, my body shivering. Right as I try and pull out, the girl takes both of her hands, and they clamp down tight as a vice around my wrist and my forearm. Sam holds me in place, sucking harder and harder until the strange stimulation drives me mad.

"Sam, I... holy hell... would you please just- AH!" Sam bites down on my thumb, and I cry out in pain.

Looking to her eyes to figure out why she would do this, I see her brows furrowed in frustration. Sam reminds me, using only her expression, that the time for asking is over. If I want something, I need to take it for myself or tell her to do it. I deserved that bite, and I'm thankful she gave it to me.

After that, Sam figures out I got the message, so the pretty, young thing relaxes her sucking enough for me to slide my thumb from between her lips. While staring straight at her, I take the freed thumb into my own mouth and clean it of her saliva. I savor the taste before commanding her, "Suck my cock, Sam."

"There ya go," She fills with pride over my confidence. "Anything you want, Daddy..." Sam says in a voice dripping in sultriness and coated in allure, sending a shiver running down my spine. Knowing neither of us wants to wait much longer, the girl uses her brute strength to grab both sides of my boxers and rip them in half.

Somehow, it was a tighter fit than I even thought. My cock springs forward from its confinement, literally slapping the Princess across her face. "Fuck-" Sam yelps as it hits her. It wasn't painful, but it was surprising. She must like the sensation because she grabs it by the base and slaps it across her face a few more times of her own volition while smiling and laughing like a perverted imp.

"This size is fucking unreal..." Sam breathes in the scent of my cock and exhales a lewd sigh of yearning. "It's almost scary."

"Having second thoughts?" I look down at the girl, and it finally registers that my cock is bigger than her face. Hell, I wouldn't even blame her for being intimidated.

"No way," Sam puffs her cheeks out as she gets defensive. I should've figured that this competitive girl would take my teasing as a challenge.

As sympathetic as I might be for her, Sam just got done hammering home how I should live my life caring primarily for my own desires and nothing else. That would conflict with me hesitating because I worry for Sam's poor jaw or her throat, so I grab her by her hair and pull Sam's face right up against my length while moving my hips forward, grinding my cock against her cheek.

"Prove it then, and suck my cock."

Sam looks back into my eyes, flashing me a sharp grin. "You're getting good at this, huh? Fuck, I might've created a monster..." She giggles before licking her lips. Then, Sam opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out. Drawing forward, the brat stops just short of my engorged, swollen cockhead.

She doesn't say a word. She just stares at me wantingly. It's not hard to figure out what she wants me to do. Now is the time for me to do whatever I want, and what I want is simple. I want Sam to suck my cock until I can't hold back my release any longer, and I'm forced to cum down the tight throat of this tomboyish Princess.

Holding Sam steady by her hair, I pull her steaming mouth down on my erect hard-on like she were my toy. Upon entering a woman's wet hole for the first time, I open my jaw and reel back from the ecstasy. Gods, Have I really lived until now?

I've always been a very sexual person, even from a young age. My only form of stress relief has come from reading any form of erotic fiction I could get my hands on, and Goddesses know I've had a lot of stress to relieve. This sensation, though, is something on an entirely new level. The warmth, the wetness, the feeling of power I feel from holding Sam by her hair... all of it adds up to pure pleasure.

And then Sam actually starts to suck.

Sam closes her eyes tight, and a moan escapes her throat as inch by inch her lips are stretched open by my width. She's obviously not about to go deep throating me from the get-go, so she grips the base of my manhood with her right hand. Right as she starts bobbing her head up and down, she starts working the shaft and earning more throbs of pleasure from me.

Far from struggling with my size, Sam seems totally in her element. I can tell she's never done this before, though. Her eyes may be determined, but the more she sucks, the more little cracks in her confidence appear. Sometimes she takes a little too much and gets my cock caught, or she accidentally brushes it against her teeth, but she's quick to make up for it by giving me loud kisses or dirty licks with her eager tongue.

Soon, her left hand reaches down to my heavy balls, and she spreads the pleasure down there, too, by squeezing them and rubbing them.

Everything Sam does to me adds up. The sucking, the stroking, the fondling, the licking... it's all so much pleasure riveting through my body- more than I've ever felt. I don't want it to end. No, I want it to go on and on because I can't get enough of watching this young blonde making a slutty mess of herself solely to pleasure me.

Having a girl between my legs sucking and moaning on my fat cock as she forces it even deeper down her throat is addicting. If I could get away with it, I would sit here for hours just basking in Sam's growing mastery of cock-sucking.

Proving even more how perfect she is, Sam senses my desire to stretch this out, and she starts letting up a bit to relieve my building pleasure. Sam stops forcing it as far as it will go, and she eases up with the pleasurable strokes she's been giving me. Her soft hands transition into a slow and sensual tempo rather than steady and strong tugs meant to milk me.

As for her powerful and persistent sucking, she replaces it with tender, drawn-out licks from the tip of my head down the length. The only thing that breaks Sam out of her delightful little tongue rhythm is the delicious, sultry moans she mixes into her routine.

"Mmmn," Sam shudders, pulling herself away from my cock. "I dunno if it's just you, or whatever, but Gods... you taste so good..." The girl lets out a gasp, teasing me with a purposeful stroke as she says, "How do you like it? Am I a good girl, Daddy...?"

"You bet you are. You're a good girl, a very good girl, um... Sam?" I stutter as something occurs to me.

"What's wrong, Daddy?" The Princess tilts her head but smiles as she fills the awkward silence with her surprisingly skilled hands. Like this, she keeps me nice and hard while ensuring I'm not so distracted that I can't answer her.

"Ahhh... sorry, I was just thinking how I don't have a cute little nickname to call you back when you call me daddy."

Sam tilts her head, then blushes. "That's what you're upset about?"

"It's just that in this sort of dynamic, the man usually refers to his woman as his little girl, his baby, his kitten, or something of that ilk."

"Those are all pretty cute, but..." Sam thinks to herself, casually jerking my dick to help her concentrate. "None of 'em really fit me, y'know?"

"Agreed. I don't have to call you anything if you wish, I- Ah, fuck..." The bratty girl wants a nickname after all, it seems. She frowns and jerks me even harder to get my attention.

"It's not like I want a cute nickname or anything," Sam averts her eyes. "But you can't just bring it up without giving me one!"

Adorable. Such a spoiled Princess she is, I... wait, that just might work... and even if she isn't down for it, it'll still grant me a cute reaction out of her most likely.

I reach out with my hand and cup Sam's cheek, looking down on her with a playful smile. "How about you be Daddy's cute little Princess, hm?"

Sam stops rubbing my cock long enough for her cheeks to turn bright red and for her eyes to open wide and sparkle. "Wuh... why would you... uh... not that I don't like it, I mean... um... P-Princess is fine if that's what you want, Daddy..." Her smile becomes crooked as she pretends she doesn't like the moniker, even if it's obvious she’s all-in.

"Sounds like my Princess loves her nickname,"

"M-Maybe I do. What’s it to you?!" Sam frowns, starting to stroke my cock harder and more vigorously like she's trying to punish me. As I groan, Sam goes on a defensive rant. "I-It's just roleplay, nothing more!! Besides, if by some chance I was a Princess, then... it'd be, y'know... kinda hot to be reminded of that fact while I'm being used by a commoner..."

"Of course, Princess," I raise my eyebrow, not knowing what to do with this poor and confused girl. Sam knows what she likes, at least. She perks up as soon as the p-word rolls off my tongue.

Now that I'm aware Sam wants to be defiled by someone 'below' her social standing, it makes it a lot easier to justify being rough with her. If she can't handle it, I'll back off, but we won't know until I try. Pulling her by the hair, I guide Sam's head back to my cock. She looks up at me with watery eyes and seems to know where I'm going with this.

Like a good girl, my little Princess opens her mouth up for my re-entrance.

This time around, I'm going in hard. I grab the back of Sam's head and push the back of her skull as I thrust forward with my hips. Four inches get shoved in right away, and Sam gags as I soon hit the back of her throat soon after that. Giving her a moment to adjust to the sensation, Sam wraps her hands around my hips and looks up at me with an angry glare.

She can't talk because of my fat cock shoved down her tight, wet throat, but she gives me an angry glare that seems to ask who told me to stop. This naughty little slut is too much. I love it, so I'll give Sam precisely what she wants.

“You like this, you bratty Princess? You like getting used by your Daddy?” I ask as I push her head down on my cock and thrust even more forward.

“Mmm-mhmmgh...!” Sam groans into my hardness, her arousal evident. Whether or not Sam can handle it doesn't matter, as her eyes fill up with bliss.

The walls of her throat convulse around me, which feels totally different from the first half of her blowjob when coupled with her continuous suction. Tears of joy flow down my Princess's cheeks, and soon enough, she doesn't even need me to guide her. Sam starts picking up her pace and throats my cock to the best of her abilities.

Soon enough, she has to surface for air, and I take advantage of it by grabbing her hair even rougher when she gasps. "You like choking on my dick, Princess?"

"Mmmm, I sure fucking do, Daddy..." She winces from the pain, but the ecstasy on her face is unmistakable. After she breaths in a sharp breath of air, she sighs dreamily with pleasure. "How about you? Getting any closer?"

"You wish," I lie. I'm admittedly getting pretty damn close thanks to Sam's tenacity and the amount of passion she puts into worshipping my cock. She's a natural at this. There’s no way a girl can deep throat like this for her first time without being some sort of penile prodigy.

Sam, still as competitive as ever, raises an eyebrow and smiles dangerously. "That so? Sounds like a challenge..." My Princess takes in a massive lungful of air and swallows half of my cock in one go. Then, she grabs on tight with her right hand and milks me while using her thumb to apply pressure on and off on my throbbing underside.

I show her a moment of weakness, gasping, "Oh, Gods, Sam..." as I reach down with both of my hands to grab onto both sides of her skull for some measure of stability. It doesn't work all that well, as Sam's amazing blowjob puts me in my place after barely another minute of pleasure.

She alternates between milking me, deep throating, and sucking in a rhythm that's more than I can be expected to hold myself back from. I lose control of my cock right as she shoves it the furthest it's ever gotten until now, her tight throat constricting around me with a powerful gag the sets me off.

What follows is a massive load that somehow outdoes the literal explosion I experienced earlier in the day. The orgasm is achingly powerful, and it tears through my body so hard that I almost fall over. I grab Sam's huge fluffy locks like they were handlebars, lodging myself firmly down her throat as far as I can while cumming an absolute torrent of semen.

To Sam's credit, she doesn't struggle. Instead, she voluntarily keeps me lodged there even as my climax stretches out further and further into a shocking duration. The amount of semen leaving my body is obscene, and it isn't until my stream finally starts to die down where things prove to be too much for my little Princess. Sam slides my cock out of her spasming throat, coughing and letting drops of my seed escape with every hack.

Even then, she's not done. Ramping up her non-stop jerking, Sam stares at me with lusty eyes and says, "Don't stop... c'mon, Daddy, shoot it all out for your cute little Princess...!"

"Sam, oh, Gods... Sam...!" Faster and faster she goes, forcing my orgasm to last just a little bit longer until my dick launches out one last furious blast of cum. The naughty girl aims it straight at her face, and the wave paints Sam white with the proof of my lust.

As soon as I stop throbbing, Sam slows down her movements to a crawl and smiles up at me. "How'd that feel?" She asks, eager to learn how she did.

"Never before have I ever experienced such immeasurable heights of pleasure..." I respond, doing my best to avoid drooling.

"Geez," Sam scratches behind her ear, smiling awkwardly. "Ya sure know how to praise a girl..."

"Only because you've earned it. I didn't know it was possible to feel so satisfied. Then again, seeing a beautiful girl covered in copious amounts of his own semen is sure to do that to a man."

"Hold up, satisfied?" The Princess furrows her brow with worry. "Don't tell me you're done already?"

"Don't count on it, Princess." Sam's concern makes me laugh, seeing as how there's no way I'm stopping early. I've yet to pay her back for the pleasure she's just kindly gifted me and as good as a blowjob was, I still want to lose my virginity more than anything else.

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