Yeah, I Definitely Have Magic Cum

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Here we are again. With a grand total of one Slime killed, Sam and I are already back in the bedroom after a hard day's work. We're eager with lust, as we always are, but things are different this time. We both know we can't just jump into it without a care in the world. The situation at hand needs to be discussed in detail, and we need to develop a way to test things out and determine if what I believe to be true actually is- that my semen is somehow making Sam stronger.

We haven't actually decided if we're going to have fun right now or not, I'm leaning towards no, myself, but Sam makes herself comfortable. She strips out of her 'armor', then slaps on a pair of my boxers and one of my t-shirts. I told her we might still go back out and do quests today, but she's stubborn and wants to chill while we talk.

Right now, the girl is sitting on the edge of the bed, fumbling with her hair ties before letting her flowing mane breathe.

Sam looks me in the eyes and then huffs out a sigh. "I'm gonna ask ya one more time, Boss. It's not that I don't believe you, it's just... so, so, soooo stupid that I have to make sure. You're... not just fucking with me, right?"

"If I could make up shit like this, I'd be some sort of best-selling erotica author by now, Sam. No. What little data I have suggests that this is the only conclusion." I join her on the bed, stripping myself of my vest and pulling off my glasses to look at her face to face. I'm still getting used to being able to take them off around her. Almost feels like I'm naked, in a sense.

It's just unbelievable that I'm sitting here trying to actually figure out if I have magic semen or not.

On the off chance that my semen isn't the reason, then we'll be back at square one and have no clue why Sam received such an extreme power-up. But if it is the source of her power, that just raises even further questions. Is this related to the sudden size change I went through after meeting Sam? And what about that voice compelling me to cum inside of her, as if it wanted this to happen? Does this power-up only work on Sam? If things end up happening with Zutiria, will she also become more powerful?

There are just too many possibilities that I don't even know where to start.

Part of me feels like I should have taken my grandfather more seriously. He tried to tell me I was destined for some unbelievable destiny where I would do battle with the forces of darkness and defeat the Demon Lord as the official Hero of Light, but... unless I'm supposed to breed the strongest and most fertile women in the Realm, I don't see how having a magic cock and balls are going to help fight the good fight.

Gods, this is stupid.

It's not like I suddenly believe I have a grand, heroic fate in store, but I don't have any other rational reason for why all these things are happening to me. If this sexual awakening is supposed to be my grandiose call to action, though, I only have one question. Why in the hell did it wait till I was thirty-fucking-two? 

I need to stop thinking about my grandfather, and especially that Demon Lord nonsense...

I guess we'll just dive into things.

"This morning, you drank some of my semen after the handjob. Before that, we had sex last night... probably... six or seven hours prior. Does that sound right to you?"

"Well... yeah, I guess so..." Sam blushes, thinking about the romp we shared the night before, back when things were simpler, and there were no psychotic freakouts or magic sperm discussions.

Good times.

As she twiddles with her hair, Sam questions, "Why do you ask?"

"Just follow me here for a moment..." I organize my scattered thoughts as best I can, trying to parse out the best way to navigate this topic. "Have you felt any different at all ever since we first started having sex?"

The Princess predictably blushes. "What kinda stupid question is that?" She asks, blowing a small raspberry.

"One that I would like you to answer."

Sam frowns and looks to the side. "Well... I'm a lot happier than I used to be, I guess..."

"Is that because of the sex, or just because you're happy to be away from your parents?"

"Well, the sex doesn't hurt," She giggles, giving me an impish look of devilish delight.

Seeing her on my bed wearing so little brings out a bit of my playfulness, and I tease, "Not unless you want it to."

"Tempting, but you were the one who said we gotta focus!"

"Gods, you're right..." I sigh, somewhat ashamed of myself. "Sex is like a flood gate. Now that it's open, I can't stop..."

My partner groans, "Tell me about it..."

We share a brief laugh, and Sam gets to thinking. "Y'know, I guess I've also been eating a bit less. I usually gotta pretty healthy appetite, if you couldn't tell." The Princess mischievously bends over, rears back her hand, and then gives herself a spank on her meaty behind.

Ah yes, that's right...

I recall seeing Sam not finishing all of the food I made for her over the last couple of days. At the time, I chalked it up to her wanting to get straight back to the debauchery, but if there's a connection between her lack of an appetite and having sex with me, that just makes things even harder to understand.

Guess we really have no other choice, then. I knew we'd have to do this, and I'm sure Sam did as well, but neither of us is happy about it.

"You know what we have to do, right?"

With a severe expression on her cute face, she nods. "I think so, but I really, really don't wanna..."

"Sam, there's no other choice. For the first round of testing, we need to go a full day without having sex."

The spoiled brat flops backward onto the bed, groans, and starts kicking her feet into the air like a child throwing a tantrum. "This suuuucks-!" Sam whines.

Having already expected the less-than-stellar enthusiasm, I retort with a follow-up addendum. "Now, now. There are still plenty of options for us to have fun tonight. We just have to make sure you don't swallow or that I don't give you a creampie."

"But those are the best parts!" In her anger, Sam slams her fists into the bed. Her strength sends a concerning impact throughout the rickety building. My heart races from fear that the floor is about to crumble beneath us, but to my relief, it doesn’t happen.

"Er... sorry. Gotta be careful about that..."

"Yes," Sighing, I reach over to stroke my fingers through Sam's scalp, her soft, tousled locks flowing between my fingers. "Yes, you do."

Puffing out her pouty lips, the girl looks away from me and grumbles. "I was really looking forward to screwing around tonight, after how shitty this morning went..."

"It's not like I want to go a day without filling you up with my load, you know. I've got plenty of frustration stored up that I was looking to take out on your body long into the night."

Over her shoulder, Sam raises an eyebrow at me with great sarcasm. "Damn, you're good at this romance crap, Boss. Girls'll cream themselves if you say shit like that to 'em, mark my words."

"I'll be sure to try it out, then." I roll my eyes, letting the Princess have herself a cute little laugh.

"Do you think twenty-four hours will be long enough for your semen to fully leave my system or whatever?"

"Good question. Honestly, I don't know. But it feels like the right amount of time for a reasonable test period, don't you think?"

"I mean, reasonable ain’t exactly the word I would go with, but... I guess so..." She shrugs, still not thrilled about the lack of semen in her future. "You know, we could also wait a couple of days until Zuzu gets here. I already told ya she's an awesome Mage and all that, and she's really into alchemy, too. I bet she could do like... alchemy stuff on your jizz and find out if something's really up with it."

"Alchemy stuff?" This should be fun.

"Yeah, you know!" Sam raises her hands, making many different back-to-back gestures meant to mimic what she thinks alchemists do. "Put it in a bottle, and like... shake it like this, give it a twirl with the stick, add stuff to it... then they mix it around and then take notes or something...?"

I give her a bemused stare.

She's not having it and groans. "Do I look like an alchemist to you, dude? I don't know what the heck they do or how they do it!"

I laugh at just how flustered she gets, causing Sam to get even more riled up. She crosses her arms and sits up. "Yeah, yeah, laugh it up."

"I'm only teasing. You have a point, though-"

She immediately cuts me off like an excited puppy. "So we can have lots of creampie sex still, right? Right?!"

"But I still believe we should at least do the bare minimum of testing without her."

"UGH," Sam falls just as quickly as she rose, plopping down on the mattress for the second time. "But I'm telling you, Zuzu is awesome! She could figure this out in no time at all!"

Hearing her bring this up again makes me ask out of curiosity. "You really love this 'Zuzu', don't you?"

Sam blushes at the accusation, looking up to me with confusion. "Whazzat?"

"Nothing, nothing. It's just that every time you talk about Zutiria, your eyes get all sparkly, almost as if you're proud of the fact that you know her. It makes me excited to meet the girl for myself. Someone who you, of all people, hold in such high esteem surely has to be somebody special."

Her gaze shifts to look down at her feet, and her hands start playing with her hair like they always do when she's being bashful. "Why... damn it, why do you always gotta say such embarrassing crap, Boss?"

"Am I wrong?"

"No, you're like... never wrong," She scoffs. "And that's why you can be so damned annoying sometimes."

Sam looks like she has more to say, so I give her a moment of silence to collect her thoughts. The Princess in men's boxers eventually lifts her head to look me in the eyes, and with an emotional inflection apparent in her voice, she says, "Zuzu is special to me. You can probably guess from the whole daddy issues thing and the running away from home thing that... I, uh... I didn't have the best home life." She pauses as if waiting for me to make a sarcastic quip. The temptation is there, but I remain silent and let her speak.

"There's a lot of different things I could say about it. Shitty dad, strict mom, lots of siblings all over the place, including one really... really annoying one... and on top of all that, I had to do all sorts of junk I never wanted to do."


"Oh, Gods. I dunno... calligraphy... table manners... etiquette... fucking bridal training, of all things. Bridal training!" She snorts, throwing her head back. "Can you believe that shit? Look at me and tell me how well you think I could pull off being a blushing bride wearing a frilly white dress!"

I smirk, and Sam realizes her folly. "G-Gods damn you... on second thought, don't. You'll just make this weird again...!"

Deciding to cut her a break and not capitalize on that prime teasing opportunity, I say, "Sounds like you had quite a life back in Imperalis. What was it you said your parents did for a living?"

"...Wealthy merchants," Sam coughs. "I come from a long line of merchants who sell the things that merchants sell."

"Of course,"

"All I ever wanted to do was run around and have adventures. Kick some ass. Play with swords, you know?"

"It's a shame they never let you. You'd be so strong right now if you were trained properly from a young age."

Sam is quiet as her gaze lingers on me. Hearing someone say that to her brings touches the Princess considerably. "...You really think so?" She asks, sounding almost like she can't believe it.

"Yes. I’ll admit. When you came back the other day without having killed a Slime, I was frustrated. That all changed when I took you out myself and saw firsthand just how much you wanted to learn. I found out that being an adventurer isn’t a game to you. It made me look at you in an entirely new light, and I felt shame over having written you off so quickly. You’ve really got something, Sam. I think it's an unspeakable shame you weren’t given the attention you needed to flourish until now."

Sam sits there in silence for a moment, and then what I said actually hits her.

Cheeks blazing red and eyes open wide, the descendant of merchants who sell merchant things reflexively sits up and pushes me down with her palms, stuttering, "W-What the hell did I JUST say about you saying embarrassing crap!? Gods, you're the worst! The WORST!"

On the way down, I catch Sam turning away with the most scrunched-up, repressed smile I've ever seen. She's over the moon to be complimented on her abilities. It really speaks volumes on how much it means for Sam to have someone who believes in her. 

I fall back on the bed, laughing, closing my eyes to avoid pain as she leaves my line of sight. "And you're the best, Sam. The best. Never change."

"Yeah, sure... whatever..." She mumbles, a squeak of happiness managing to escape between her defiant noises.

I let her take all the time she needs to come down from her adorable little high and file away for later the fact that Sam loves being praised.

Once she gets over it, she continues on. "Anyway... before you interrupted me like a total jerk, I was trying to say how Zuzu is the only person back home who's always been there for me. She always did her own thing and never bought into all that crap about how I should act. She didn't ever treat me differently or ask me to be someone I'm not... nah. Whenever I was with Zuzu, she just let me be... me."

"This sounds a bit like what you were saying earlier today,"

"Yeah. When I say I'm sure Zuzu'll like you, it's because of that. You two are a lot alike.”

“What, just because we both see you for who you really are?”

“More than that. You two are both smart, a little weird, sarcastic, and you even both wear glasses.”

“Oh my, sounds like you might have found my long-lost sister.”

“Shut the fuck up,” She laughs, feeling the urge to punch my arm in the side. It stings, but not in a bad way.

“It’s more than just superficial crap like that, I promise. You both ‘feel’ similar, get it? Like, even though we just met, I feel I can rely on you the same way I've always relied on Zuzu... or something... gah- I'm sick of talking about all this emotional crap." Sam groans, reaching behind her head to frazzle her hair.

"I think I get the picture.” She’s clearly at her limits with all the touchy-feely stuff, so I offer her an easy out. “If you'd like, we can go back to discussing the topic of temporary abstinence and magic semen."

"Please," She snorts. "Do you got a plan for any of this testing crap beyond no creampies or swallowing for a day?"

"Sort of. Let me explain," Sam follows along as I detail my thoughts.

Tomorrow, we'll test out her strength again in the training yard first thing in the morning. Two distinct outcomes are possible.

The first scenario is that Sam can successfully replicate the massive attack she pulled off earlier today. This would prove that Sam’s new strength is permanent and potentially unrelated to my semen.

On the contrary, If Sam cannot replicate the attack, we'll potentially know it was my semen that powered her up and that she needs continual ‘doses’ to maintain this bonus strength.

In the case of the latter scenario, we'll have sex a single time right after the test, where I’ll give her a single creampie. We’ll also have a little mirror handy to show Sam what I mean as far as the whole glowing vagina thing goes.

Once the semen is inside her body, we'll wait a bit and test her strength again. If Sam suddenly has access to the reserves of power that she drew from today, then that will be enough to prove my semen is the cause of her surge.

But from there, we have two different variables to test out further.

We’ll need to verify if there's any difference in the power granted depending on where the ‘intake’ is or if it even works non-vaginally at all. To figure this out, we'll go another twenty-four hours without internal ejaculation, and then on the following day, Sam will perform oral sex on me and swallow the resulting load.

Depending on whether Zutiria is here by then or not, we may or may not have enough time to test things out with anal sex, too. I still can't believe that a sweeping, logical plan like this is even necessary to determine such an absurd thing, but I'm proud of how I've structured our experiments.

After a little bit more grumbling, I manage to convince Sam to put back on her bikini armor. She got ahead of herself, assuming we would have sex, so now she'll pay the price. Admittedly, I'm going to miss the 'boyfriend's clothes' aesthetic, but I'm sure it's not the last I'll see of it on her.

We had ourselves a nice detour back home to discuss this bizarre circumstance in comfort and away from the threat of monsters, but now it's time to head back out and finally get some real adventuring stuff done. The second time’s the charm.

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