Chapter 15 - Megalithic Altar (part three)

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Chapter 15: Megalithic Altar (part three)

As we escaped until a certain distance, the sound of destruction by Zaratan couldn’t be heard anymore from behind us.

Turning from the branch point many times, it was a place that was of a considerable distance from the cathedral.

We were totally lost, but in the end there was no problem because we planned to escape with Pass Wall and Levitation.

……There was no problem, right?

“In short, we had to earn more time.”

After a little while of quietness, Klaus broke the ice and immediately got to the point.

“When a big monster is your opponent, in many cases you couldn’t escape because of its legs’ length and strength. No matter how stupid they seem to be, you cannot underestimate them.”

“He certainly was rushing at an extremely high speed, that’s why we hurriedly created some distance from him…”

“Oh, yeah. It’s dangerous to face that monster in a place where there is no shielding even if we have some distance.”

“That speed was unexpected since he was in the state where he lost one of his legs, Klaus-sama.”

The rush at that time was really scary.

I felt a sudden fear, I knew that my body had solidified.

“But, why did you let Ann-sama attack……you told me not to attack him.”

“That couldn’t be helped.”

“Because Erica-sama, concentrating magical powers is my special quality.”

Ann talked with her hand raised to her chest in a windshield style.

By the way, I heard that personal qualities were heavily involved with the mages of Harvan.

“Ann can release a magic of higher power than ordinary mages against the amount of magical power used.”

“It takes time to do so, and I’m not good at wide area magic.”

“Because she is also good at precision manipulation, she’s perfect for range attacks.”

“I see……You’re amazing even though you’re still very young, Ann-sama.”

His sister Ann was good at concentrating her magical power instead of using wide area magic.

It was a focused, high-density precision magic, so it could have penetrated Zaratan’s body which couldn’t be penetrated by Aurelia’s wands or Klaus’ spell cards.

“That’s why, usually I wouldn’t use large firepower magic like Scorching Ray, instead used beginner offensive magic, Onii-sama.”

“Isn’t it seriously better than shooting low-power magic and failed to penetrate the shell?”

“Huh? Then why didn’t Klaus-sama attack with Scorching Ray?”

Klaus was a man who would become a versatile mage.

Then, shouldn’t he be able to use any type of magic to some extent?

“My hands were full with keeping up the Protective Circle. I couldn’t take on the pressure of that monster’s power unless I expanded the spell cards to the maximum.”

“I see……”

“By the way, Onii-sama. Before long, the Protective Circle would dispel, right? Let’s hurry and use the Pass Wall to escape.”

“That’s right……There are things I’m concerned about. Both of you had seen it too, right? The ability of that monster.”

“Yes, Onii-sama.”

“Eh? What ability, Klaus-sama, Ann-sama?”

I had known about the monster’s character, but I didn’t know the details of his ability.

What was it?

“You didn’t use the Glam Sight, huh. That said, the effect time of Glam Sight that I used from the wand was short.”

“Yes, during battle I didn’t have time to redo the Wand of Glam Sight.”

“Do you know that magic didn’t work on that monster?”

“Yes, I can deduce that much.”

“When the magic was erased, it seemed that his ability in controlling space slightly came into play. Since then I was suspicious, but when that monster blew fire, that suspicion turned into certainty when I saw that the Fire Bolt’s creator was Edward Aurelia.”

That flame, was a magic made by my older brother?

I thought that it certainly looked like Fire Bolt, but perhaps—

“Is it a monster that absorbs and reflects magic……?”

“Aah. I guess that’s the case.”

What a pesky ability.

It was hard enough that his defense was strong, and his power was strong, and now in addition that he was strong, magic didn’t work on him.

No, then, that attack after all was peculiar since it wasn’t absorbed.

“Why was Ann-sama’s Scorching Ray not reflected?”

“Probably because it isn’t an ability that activated automatically. He responds to attack manually by absorbing and reflecting, so it was probably an effective surprise attack.”

“It’s the same as Aurelia’s alchemists, huh. It seems to be a monster of ancient Aurelia.”

That means, that kind of shooting wouldn’t work for that monster the second time.

Based on the assumption that he would be shot, next time he would absorb the shooting magic itself.


“But Klaus-sama. So why did you postpone in using the Pass Wall?”

“The moment we touch that monster in the Pass Wall state, we may burn up and die.”


“That monster has absorbed one more Fire Bolt. In other words, there is a possibility that flames are burning inside of him.”

I see, the inside was the same as the acid hydrogel golem.

After passing through the object that was saving the flames inside of him, we would definitely burn to death.

It was extremely dangerous.

“What should we do, Klaus-sama?”

“I will put up a Protective Circle and prevent contact with the monster. Meanwhile, Ann, you will cast the Pass Wall on everyone.”

Klaus prevented contact with the monster, so that we wouldn’t pass through the monster’s body when we used the Pass Wall even in the unlikely event.

If we got to that point, we might not be able to successfully escape next time.

“……What about me?”

“Only mages can use the Harvan’s scrolls.”

“I’m sorry, Ann-sama, Klaus-sama……”

“N-no! Erica-sama doesn’t need to apologize.”

I was full of guilty feelings since I wasn’t useful.

Was there anything that I can do?

“First, let’s find a small room of reasonable size, or a corridor that leads to dead end. Because it’s impossible to protect an entire area against that monster.”

“But Onii-sama, if that monster approached us after turning back into his liquid form, doesn’t that mean he could attack us from anywhere?”

“No, he seems to need a space of a certain size to create the outer shell. If I cast a Protective Circle that specialized to the opposing body throughout the room, he wouldn’t be able to enter the room from the cracks between the stones.”

Somehow the visual was kind of like a Japanese horror or a house with an evil spirit that would come out.

Speaking of which, this was the ruins where an evil spirit came out……

When I was proceeding alone in this ruins, I thought that ghosts were scary, but the fear I felt right now was completely different from that time.

The evil spirit was not the exaggerated type either, since it was a monster.

I seemed to be in a panic movie1 right now.

“Anyway, why is it so detailed, have you grasped the power of Zaratan, Klaus-sama?”

“Huh? Onii-sama, you don’t understand that much from the Glam Sight?”

“Oh, in fact, I tried to seal a part of that monster.”

Klaus showed a bottle to us.

It was a bottle of magical recovery potion, but inside was a dubious-looking black liquid.

This, was this a part of that monster……?

“Klaus-sama, when did you get such things……”


“It was when Ann blew off the monster’s leg. The content of that monster have a composition similar to a wraith. I thought that the seal magic that works for a wraith would be effective.”

“You have that much free time, huh, Onii-sama……”

You had a considerable nerve to touch that thing, Klaus.

I didn’t want to touch it for a while. No, I didn’t want to ever touch it.

Even the bottle was a bit much.

“The shell of that monster seems to have been made by transforming the carcasses of the monsters that fell from the eighth layer. Seal didn’t work on the outer shell.”

“That’s why it’s only when he was in his liquid state that you can seal him in the bottle, huh.”

“That’s right. If we plan to seal him again, we need to destroy all of the outer shells once and for all. This information must be conveyed to the people of Aurelia.”

With Zaratan unleashed, not only us but other citizen of Aurelia would be attacked.

Even if we could escape from here safely, the battle would continue.

Especially the Duke of Aurelia, who was the lord, would fight at the forefront.

Ann glared at her older brother with sharp eyes.

“Hey, Onii-sama. What do you think about the reason why that monster could track us since forever?”

“Ah, that is……”

Did he sense where a part of him was and followed it with purpose?

Or it might be that the part was attracting the main body.

Because of how angry Zaratan was, I thought that it was strange that he would follow us forever even when he couldn’t see us.

“Onii-sama! Please hold it firmly! If it cracks it will be a catastrophe!”

“Erica…what should I do?”

“Why did you ask me! Please don’t pass it to me because it’s impossible!”

I was given the small bottle filled with the monster’s part and I truly thought that I should have never come to this Ruins of Visitor.

As I stood at a branch point, I shook the Wand of Mage Finger.

The invisible fingers grasped the bottle that sealed a part of Zaratan, floated and went to a dark passage smoothly.

Ann’s Alarm was also set on the bottle.

If the monster picked it up, the bell that she held would emit a sound.

“With this, if we move on to another passage, we will earn more time.”

“As expected your craftiness function well, Erica. Your mind and your face are an equal.”

This guy……

There were some things, do not despair.

“Oh my, I’m sorry that my mind and my face are inferior.”

“N-no, it’s different Erica, what I mean was……”

“Onii-sama, Erica-sama, there is no meaning in earning time if we don’t get out of here quickly.”

Ann kicked off Klaus’ back and urged him forward.

I would like for the sister to train her older brother more.

“Even so, Onii-sama, Erica-sama, the sense of direction has become ambiguous.”

“It can be said even if there is little to no magical power consumption of the guidepost Cantrip2, there is still the magical power trap in this layer. So yeah, I can’t use it frequently.”

Klaus and Ann’s complexions were dark with fatigue.

As expected, this ruins might be too harsh for mages.

“I am worried that we will go around and return to the monster. What should we do in that case, Klaus-sama?”

“……It’s alright. The passage is narrow. If that monster was approaching, you can tell by the sound of his claws digging the wall.”

“Before the monster came to us, he is supposed to go towards the bottle first. We are safe until the Alarm rings, Erica-sama.”

At that moment, there was a loud sound that seemed to make the ground trembled.

We stood up reflexively.

However, I immediately noticed it. This was not the sound of Zaratan digging.

Squeaking sound of gears, the sound of rubbing stones.

“This is the sound of the mechanical labyrinth, isn’t it? I thought it was that monster.”


“That said, the mechanical labyrinth has not changed as usually it would, Erica-sama.”

The mechanical labyrinth kept moving even after we threw off Zaratan.

This mechanism was kind of annoying, so it sounded somewhat ominous.

At the end of the passage we saw something.

On the wall on the right side of the end of the passage, there was an entrance to a room closed with an iron door.

“I hope it’s a small room this time.”

“Let’s open it first, Onii-sama.”

Klaus opened the door, which seemed to be a large room.

Should we search again?

However, the last branch point was the place where I put the bottle for Zaratan to earn us time.

If we turned back, that strategy would be wasted.

I hope there was another entrance in this room.


But as we entered the room, it seemed like another room I saw today.

“Wait! It’s bad here……Erica, Ann, get out of this room quick–”

I finally understood what Klaus said.

Decorative walls and pillars, countless of rubbles scattered around, ceiling which had crashed down.

This was the cathedral where Zaratan was sealed – we were on its side entrance.

At the moment we tried to retreat, something fell down before the entrance where we entered.

Black rigid scales, empty orbits like the abyss, sharp nails that could tear rocks easily like butter.

With his hind leg that was supposed to have been destroyed already regenerated, Zaratan in his full condition was there.

Did he climb the wall and ambush us?

Even though he had such a huge body, somehow he was really agile and shrewd.

I am tired of waiting, humans.

“What! No way, this must be a coincidence!”

It is not a coincidence, I am the one who brought you here.

I used the mechanism of the changing labyrinth.

This is the place where my body was. I understand the construction most intimately.

Looking at the direction shown by Zaratan, the walls and the others were destroyed, and there were places where the gears inside were exposed.

Did he directly interfere with the gears and manipulate our moving directions?

“Onii-sama, what about the scroll of Scorching Ray?”

“I don’t have another one. Before that, that monster would reflect whatever other magic we use.”

“Then, what should we do……”

“I don’t know……, we have come this far……”

After running away so far, we were now like cornered rats.

All of our escape paths were blocked for sure.

“Ann, Erica! His assault is dangerous! Disperse and hide in the shadow!”

Klaus scattered all his remaining spell cards and formed the Protective Circle to the maximum.

With little hesitation, he rushed towards the monster.

Ann and I dispersed in two directions and hid in the shadows of thick columns as he told us to.

However, as the huge monster sent Klaus flying with a blow, the air froze.

The monster’s arms had become even thicker, longer, and brutally distorted than how they were seen last time.

I also got tired of playing with brats like you.

Well, how should I kill you?

Hey, Golden Madness!?

That’s right, daughter of Aurelia.

First of all, let’s kill people other than you, in front of you, for you.

Zaratan declared with a voice full of pleasure while looking at me.

“What did you say!?”

Fu, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaa……wonderful.

Your pain is my bliss!

Now, I will season your soul with deep despair and loneliness!

Your soul and your tempting flesh and blood offering, dedicate them to me!

As he seemed happy, as if singing, the monster raised a shriek-like sound.

First of all, the smallest, most innocent and the strongest among you.

Who gave me the deepest wound—

Your hope, I will cut it off!

Zaratan crushed the pillar where Ann was hiding by swinging his two arms.

She was freezing from fear, but she was still trying to fight without giving up by shaking the staff towards the monster.

“Come, Monster! The one you’re really scared of is not Ann but me, right? If you want to kill my sister, fight me first!”

Klaus stood up with body full of wounds.

Along with the provocation, he attacked with spell cards, but Zaratan didn’t pay it any mind.

Kuhahahahahaha! I can feel it, little girl!

The smell of your noble and strong soul!

Your soul seems to be great next to the daughter of Aurelia’s!

The space in front of Zaratan became slightly distorted.

It was a magical phenomenon similar to spatial manipulation.

From there came something like a vast black shadow.

(He’s going to unleash the magic that would take in Ann’s body!)

More than that, what Zaratan chose was the magic of Death.

If he struck against the small Ann with this, it would certainly bring death.

“Stop it—–!!”


Was Ann going to be killed?

I had come so far, but couldn’t escape from the fate of her death!

In my mind, the memories of Ann would be gone.

I didn’t want that.

Did such thing have to happen?

Would such a small girl, who died before anyone else, forgive such unreasonableness?

At that moment, I moved.

Without thinking of the consequences, I waved the Wand of Castling3.

1 Panic movie or a disaster film is a genre of movies depicting people who confront sudden abnormal situations such as disasters and catastrophes.

2 Cantrip: is a category of spells that can be cast at will, without using magical power and without having to prepare in advance. Repeated practice has fixed the spells in the caster’s mind and infused the caster with the magic needed to produce the effect over and over. (source)

3 Wand of Castling: If you forget, this wand can trade the user’s place with the target, just like a move in chess where the King was swapped with one of the Rook. (I edited the explanation in chapter 5 since this makes more sense)

The magic of Death that Zaratan used was the one he absorbed from Erica’s attack earlier in the previous chapter.

Poor Klaus was trying to compliment Erica but got misunderstood. *wipe tear*

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