Chapter 25 - Island of Messenger (part seven)

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Chapter 25: Island of Messenger (part seven)

Too much embarrassment, I broke away from the table where the royal family members sat.

I was in the midst of taking a plate of meat on one hand.

If you had a buddy to eat as much as you could, you could taste a little bit of everything without having to worry about various dishes.

With such a situation, while I was going around various tables and saying greetings hurriedly, I made some friends before I knew it.

One was Tricia, daughter of Baron Rails from Aurelia.

The other person was Marquia, daughter of Viscount Jonas from Ignitia.

They said they were eight years old just like me.

Tricia attached a wand to the band of the dress for decorative purpose, and Marquia had a dragon as small as a bird on her shoulder.

“Erica-sama, Erica-sama, please use my handkerchief so that your hands will not get dirty.”

“Erica-sama, please enjoy this sweet. This sugar confection is very popular among Ignitia’s aristocratic children.”

“Erica-sama is a princess from Aurelia, same as me. Ignitia’s aristocratic please leave.”

“What, on the contrary of the Baroness lady. This here is Ignitia. Isn’t it natural that people of Ignitia will show her around?”

“Both of you, if you make a lot of noises, you will disturb everyone.”

Tricia and Marquia, the two cute girls had grabbed me from both sides.

My current situation was like a captured alien.

If it was about this age, they would say ‘He/She will play with me!’ and compete for that friend.

Such aspect of tiny little girls was very charming.

Both Tricia and Marquia were caught up in the struggle and looking at this, Tirnanog came out from under the table.

I quickly exchanged the heap of dishes that I brought with the empty dish that Tirnanog had finished eating.


『Don’t worry. I ate something other than the dish I brought.』

“Be careful not to be found out, okay?”

『It should be fine. I’m still quick.』

Was the dispute over? The two ladies, Tricia and Marquia came closer.

Tirnanog quickly hid in the tablecloth.

“Thank you for waiting, Erica-sama. Marquia is a terribly indecisive person.”

“Oh my, I wonder if you forgot about the thing just a while ago. It was Tricia who was stupid, you know?”

“Yes, yes. I will not run away, so please feel at ease.”

However, this might make it difficult to move around.

Well, what should I do.

Just when I was in trouble from being caught by two lovely ladies, a girl who stood out from a group of Harvan noblemen appeared.

My eyes met with the girl, I smiled.

I knew her well.

She was Ann Harvan, it was a relationship where we were caught in a point between life and death about a month and a half ago.

Ann was dressed in a mature black dress.

At first glance it seemed to be somewhat plain, but when I looked closely it had elaborate laces and embroidery sewed on it.

She also wore a corsage that looked like a light-red flower that suited her well.

Every time Ann moved, the silver thread was sparkling with the light of the chandelier.

Her face looked a bit more mature than before and I could see a glimpse of cool and sharp beauty.

“Long time no see, Erica-oneesama. I have wanted to see you since forever.”

“Well, Ann-sama. I’m happy to meet you too.”

I smiled and welcomed her.

At that time, I felt Tricia and Marquia grabbed my sleeves tightly on both sides of me.

“Well, what an impudent little girl. We were talking to Erica-sama first, you know?”

“That’s such a poor dress, you don’t deserve to stand in front of Erica-sama. You can turnover and leave.”

Oops, did they see Ann as a rival?

I tried to open my mouth, but I was unable to interrupt their conversation and couldn’t make a word.

“By the way, I am a Baroness of Aurelia the same as Erica-sama. Same as Erica-sama!”

“By the way, I am the daughter of a Viscount of Ignitia. Daughter of a Viscount!”

The two who seemed to have set Ann as a common enemy cornered Ann who was one year younger.

While I was looking at the three of them in bewilderment in trying to mediate, my eyes met with Ann’s.

Ann smiled lightly and gestured for them to calm down by raising her hand.

“The crest of three ships sailing on the quadruple wave……You must be the daughter of Baron Rails of Aurelia, right?”

“Uh!? Yes, I am Tricia Rails……why do you know the emblem of our house?”

“Emblem of sword crossing a sleeping white dragon……You must be the daughter or the Viscount Jonas of Ignitia, right?”

“Guh……Certainly, I am Marquia Jonas. But, that’s rude. We had introduced ourselves before you.”

Oh~, how amazing.

As expected of the younger sister of that diligent person Klaus, her preparation was perfect.

Ann smiled in full composure, casually removing her hand which was hiding the Harvan’s coat of arms.

“Excuse me for the late introduction. My name is Ann from Duke of Harvan. Tricia-sama, Marquia-sama, let’s get along from now on.”

Ann introduced herself with a carrying voice in spite of being a child, and bowed with a perfect manner.

Tricia and Marquia held their half-opened mouths and became rigid for a while.

Unexpectedly, the two of them went a step backward and bowed deeply.

“I didn’t know that you are the princess of the former royal family Harvan, please forgive my impoliteness!”

“Hii……! It’s an honor to meet someone of a high social standing such as you, I am extremely delighted!”

“After all you don’t need to be sorry, it’s not like the two of you were bullying me. Please, raise your heads.”

Ann turned her smile which was full of composure towards them.

“It is a fact that I have disturbed the two of you, we are even with each other now. The three of us like Erica-oneesama, so let bygones be bygones. Let’s get along well on equal terms, alright?”


“Excuse us!”

Although she said ‘on equal terms’, it seemed that the rank had been decided firmly.

Both Tricia and Marquia were totally obedient to Ann.

Ann-sama, what an amazing young lady.

I felt like I had been shown the skill of an artisan.

When Ann approached me calmly, Tricia and Marquia moved back one step further.

Ann looked up at me, leaning close to me.

“Erica-oneesama, I have wanted to talk to you all this time. I still cannot forget about that night, my heart will beat faster every time I remember it.”

“……Ann-sama, there are other people here.”

“Oh, yes, that thing is our secret, isn’t it?”

“……Ann-sama, the bad part about having an audience is not just that.”

At a glance, when I looked at Tricia and Marquia, they stealthily averted their eyes away.

Why were their cheeks red?

After all, was it getting misunderstood in such a way?

That was wrong, we were only exploring the underground ruins together and knocked down the evil spirit! It was painful that I couldn’t say that.

“By the way, Erica-oneesama, did you receive the gift properly?”

“Yes, I did. It was very delicious. Thank you very much.”

“Wasn’t it? I knew that Erica-oneesama will like it. If you come to Harvan, you can eat delicious meat everyday!”

“That is nice. If I had a business in Harvan, I will certainly take you up on that offer.”

Klaus aside, Ann seemed to welcome me properly so I was glad.

I was also interested in Harvan’s delicacies where food culture seemed to be progressing.

Let’s expect it when we go to Harvan for some occasion.

Oops, now that we were on that point, I would like to ask about Klaus’ letter.

“Excuse me……about Klaus-sama……”

“Yes! It’s about Onii-sama! Please ask me anything!”

“I got a strange letter……Did I do something to make Klaus-sama angry, did I do something like putting a fire on his fighting spirit?”

“Strange letter……? That, when did it arrive?”

Ann had a slight wrinkle between her eyebrows.

As usual, her attitude towards her brother seemed to be harsh.

“It was a letter enclosed with the gift from Ann-sama.”

“Enclosed……Eh, no way……No matter how stupid Onii-sama is……By the way, what is the content?”

“‘You are strong. I will become a man who will not lose to you.’”

“No way……Onii-sama……!?”

Ann-sama seemed to collapse backwards as if it caused anemia for a moment.

I tried to support her in a panic, but she picked herself up immediately and breathed deeply.

“Was it a letter of challenge as I expected?”

“No. That letter was supposed to convey another intention. It may seem like a letter of challenge with only few words, but it wasn’t. So please trust Onii-sama. Give my older brother another chance.”

Well, I didn’t know the details, but I guessed that letter was a mistake?

That was good, it wasn’t a letter of challenge.

I was really relieved.

“I’m glad. I want to be friends with Klaus-sama. He’s welcome to rewrite it.”

“Thank you very much. Erica-oneesama is not only beautiful like a goddess, but also kind like a goddess.”

“You’re exaggerating, Ann-sama……It’s embarrassing……”

Shortly after I said such a thing, high-pitched cheers shouted from nearby.

Those were the voices of the two young ladies who accompanied me just a few moments earlier.

“Kya~! Who is that? That one over there!”

“Kya~! Kya~! He looks like the prince from fairy tales!”

Tricia and Marquia were screaming excitedly.

It seemed that not only them but also a few older sisters were enchanted by one boy.

The black haired boy turned over.

Oh, what. Is that Klaus?

Klaus, like his sister, seemed to grow in this short period we didn’t see each other.

The refreshing feeling that didn’t have any cloudiness of that time was hidden, his blue eyes that were tinged with sadness were impressive.

At first sight, he was wearing elaborate clothing.

The gray-almost-black robe was not the practical clothing I saw a month ago, but it was a luxurious clothing with silver embroidery on the glossy luxurious woollen fabric.

The chest brooch and cuffs were silver moon, similar to the pattern of Harvan’s coat of arms.

Beside that, refined craftsmanship was applied on various places.

As expected of Klaus, when he came to the feast organized by the royal family, he was smartly dressed.

Even though it was a fancy costume, it didn’t feel frivolous.

Rather, the costume kept to a modest color tone while still felt fresh, which complemented Klaus himself.

If I didn’t know the contents, I might have shouted ‘Kya~!’

“He didn’t seem to be too far apart from our age, I didn’t think there is such a beautiful gentleman!”

“Hee–……, sounds good–……”

“W-what should we do now, Erica-sama! That gentleman, he is coming over here!”

“Hee–……, I see–……”

“I am excited, my heart is beating fast! Aah, I wonder if this is a dream!”

“Hee–……, it might be so–……”

Although I could answer in a vague manner appropriately, my heart was breaking inside of me.

Yet, as Tricia and Marquia held down both sides of me, I couldn’t escape.

While I was worrying about it, Klaus came in front of me.

He was a little awkward, but still smiling towards me.

“Lady Erica.”

“Ah, yes. Klaus-sama.”

“While we haven’t see each other for a while, it looks like you got even more beautiful. It is worth the journey here all the way to Ignitia.”

“Klaus-sama’s character has collapsed……oops, I mean, your personality has changed.”

“That is harsh. Does it not suit me?”

Klaus laughed naturally this time, and I was lured into smiling too.

Yeah, the good vibes from this situation warmed me up.

As I thought so, Klaus behaved unexpectedly.

Like a knight to a lady, he kneeled in front of me and took my hand.

(W-what are you doing—!)

Instead of my silent scream, Tricia and Marquia’s happy ‘KYA~!!’ echoed in the hall.

“Erica Aurelia. Please, will you give me the honor to do the first dance with you?”


While looking around in confusion, my eyes met with Ann’s proud gaze.

(Ah, I understand. This is a report on the results of Ann’s training. Good job.)

Because the contents were those of a ramping horse, it seemed that it was dangerous to display in front of an unknown person.

As it was, I was supposed to serve as a poison tester.

“Excuse me, Klaus-sama. I will be pleased to accept your offer.”

I took up a lady-like gesture, bowed down while holding my dress’ skirt.

Again, Tricia and Marquia’s high-pitched cheers resounded and entered the ears of the surrounding adults.

Oops, this was embarrassing.

However, if I was to do my society debut, I had to endure this and try hard.

It seemed that Klaus also felt embarrassed of being seen, he was looking at me with his ears turning red.

“Let’s go, Erica.”

“Your real character is showing, Klaus-sama.”

“Shut up.”

Klaus quickly pulled my hand and went into the circle of dancers.

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