Chapter 26 - Island of Messenger (part eight)

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Chapter 26

Klaus aimed at the center of the hall, pulled my hand and walked a little .

Due to the relationship between the dukes’ children, I felt that we were gaining extra attention .

When I was conscious of the attention, my face somehow stiffened .

“What, are you nervous?”

“Well, I am inexperienced about this . Does Klaus-sama also feel nervous? Or feel embarrassed? Your face is bright red . ”

“Hm……it’s due to the lighting . ”

We conversed with each other in low voices while holding hand and facing each other .

At the timing when we tried to step, suddenly the melody became weirdly romantic .

Oops, even though I was unfamiliar with the music of Ignitia .

(Hii, court musicians! Don’t make this harder for me!)

I had a bad footstep, I moved to avoid stepping on Klaus or other people’s foot .

Klaus skilfully made an ad-lib and corrected my uncertain step to a good condition .

“Klaus-sama, perhaps, you are a good dancer?”

“I’ve got plenty of practice with Ann . Hey, don’t look at your feet too much . On the contrary, it will be easier for you to fall down . ”

“Eh, yes . ”

Apparently, Klaus would take the lead .

I was honestly saved .

I didn’t have experience in dancing, since until now I was always carried or piggybacked by Onii-sama .

“Look at me and don’t look down . ”

“Ah, yes, Klaus-sama . ”

“No, your face is too close like this . Don’t look at me after all . Look at some place over my shoulder . My rhythm becomes amiss . ”

Klaus continued to issue instructions that made it difficult to measure his intentions .

This aspect about him didn’t change that much, huh .

“Klaus-sama, your order is very detailed . ”

“For now, place your trust in me and rely on me . I cannot disgrace you . ”

As he said, Klaus was good at this .

While enjoying the music, I was able to dance a song without mistakes .

In this way, it would be safe for him to dance with other daughters .

I thought that my role would end here and bowed to leave, but Klaus grasped my arms and stopped me .

“Just a little bit longer, is it alright?”

The next song began as it was, and I was moving my body according to Klaus’ lead .

“Klaus-sama, don’t you have to dance with other people?”

“I came to see you . Why do I have to dance with other girls?”

“It will be the duty of a duke, right? You need to deepen your friendship with other people at work, right?”

“Harvan’s eldest son is on break . ”

Klaus brought his lips to my ears and spoke in a low voice .

“I can’t say it with a loud voice, but I’m investigating the case that is the imperial command of the royal family . The boss of the investigation team is an excessively nasty, harsh guy . I said to that inhuman boss that it was unreasonable and to let me go through, this is my precious free time . ”

“You are following a strict person, aren’t you? Oh, is that the case of the grave robbery?”

The investigation of the grave robbery should have been done at the initiative of the Duke of Harvan .

I thought that the word ‘inhuman’ didn’t suit the Harvan official .

“No, it’s different from the grave robbery . ”

“Then, what are you investigating?”

“It’s not something we can say here, in the first place I was threatened by my boss to ensure that you never thrust your neck into danger……I forgot to mention, that boss, is your older brother . ”

“Hii– . ”

“……Even now, I want to compensate a little . So that I don’t have to redraw the map of the Duchy of Harvan . 1”

As expected, Edward-oniisama .

He didn’t even forgive a 10-years-old child……

Aah, but, it might be an opportunity to add labor as a mean of repayment .

“In such precious free time, do not bother to dance with me……”

“……You, did you read my letter?”

“Yes, I read it……but what is that letter?”

According to what I heard from Ann, it should have been a mistake .

Would corrections come in? What kind of letter was that supposed to be?

Somehow, while I was thinking in a carefree way, he said something disturbing .

“About what I wrote in that letter, I’m serious . ”

“Ehh? What, you’re serious?”

“Very . ”

Umm, it was ‘You are strong . I will be a man who will not lose to you . ’

He was very serious about that—

As expected, was that a letter of challenge?

What did you mean, Ann-sama?

Shouldn’t it be a mistake?

I mean, was it really a challenge from the genius mage who could knock down such a monster?

School life would be in hard mode no matter how I thought about it .

Hah! Wait!

I might seem weak in my previous life, but this me was in fact not timid .

If I maxed the confident aspect of the villain specification, even if it was only appearance, there would never be a time when people make light of me .

If I showed a bit of courage and struck against him confidently, would I manage to do something?

Rather, it might be a matter of urgency to give the impression that I was a skilled person .

After worrying about it, I responded while choosing the words carefully .

“Klaus-sama . Um, honestly it was annoying . ”


“I am not a type like Klaus-sama . Could you please stop that brute force approach?”


“What Klaus-sama asking for is too heavy for me . But, it’s okay . Klaus-sama ought to find an opponent suitable for yourself . I will pray for Klaus-sama to have a good encounter . ”


“I’d like to be friends with Klaus-sama . ”


“Um, are you listening?”


“Klaus-sama? Klaus-sama?”


I was given no reply .

Klaus seemed to be in a state of emptiness .

With movements as if sleepwalking, he seemed to dance in an unconscious state, it was surreal……

I felt sorry for some reason, but with this Klaus wouldn’t be aiming me as a rival or suddenly challenging me to a battle .

Sorry, Klaus .

Choose Edward-oniisama or someone else who could be a formidable enemy while still being friends with you .

Maybe, I believed I beat him .

I bowed away from Klaus now that the song had switched .

Klaus remained in the center of the hall, still in the state of emptiness .

While I was worrying about what to do, girls of the same age surrounded Klaus and started competing for him .

(Sorry, Klaus, I don’t have the ability to fight with other ladies like Ann . )

It was dangerous to provoke someone who was jealous and wanted to monopolize you .

I had an over capacity of rough loves in my previous life, so I didn’t want to get involved anymore .

Giving a backward glance at the competition for Klaus, I sneakily escaped .

1 Referring to the situation when Klaus consumed many wands and magic recovery potions of Edward . To cover the deficit, it seems that Klaus had to sell a few forests of Harvan, so to avoid that, Klaus now is working for Edward .

Just when Ann resolved the misunderstanding, Klaus dug a grave for himself . Apparently, he thought what he sent is a love letter :”)

If he thought that was a romantic love letter, what would the actual letter of challenge look like?

…Also, can we have an ambulance for Klaus, please? I think he needs to be put in an emergency room . That was a critical strike if I ever see one . *wipe away tears*

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