Chapter 33 - Jousting Tournament (part four)

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Chapter 33: Jousting Tournament (part four)

Camellia put Louis on her back.

Louis raised his helmet and was shouting something with an angry expression, but I couldn’t hear the content.

Auguste who was dressed in black armor was preparing for the next match and it seemed that he didn’t view Louis as his opponent.

Next was the match of heavyweight weapons.

According to the setup, they supposed to return to their starting position, threw away their spear, pulled out the heavyweight weapons such as mace and flail, and bowed to each other.

The match was supposed to start after that.

Louis didn’t try to return to his starting position, instead as soon as he removed his own axe from the saddle, he struck the Black Knight who turned his back.

However, as if Auguste knew about it, he turned the body of his dragon around suddenly and knocked down the axe.

He threw away his spear at the same time and pulled out his mace, but he didn’t immediately move to attack.

When Auguste took a bowing posture while performing an acrobatic flight, the booing of the audience toward Louis turned into cheers for the Black Knight all at once.

“As expected, that Black Knight is similar to a flower that attracts people’s attention. It is a shame that he cannot be announced as victorious even if he won this match.”

“Since it is the Magic of Intoxication rather than illegal enhancement, isn’t it likely that the audience will forgive his circumstances?”

“Even if the audience and I are fine with it, those noisy elders wouldn’t tolerate it. Good grief. I didn’t think the day would come when dictatorship became attractive.”

King Ignitia shrugged his shoulders jokingly.

I knew that feeling.

Whether Auguste wins or loses in this match, I wanted to give him a lei in honor of his good fight.

At the moment, only I knew the identity of that Black Knight.

The flow of this match was leaning favorably to Louis again.

Camellia always flew as if anticipating Blackcurrant, she kept making a descent that obstructs her path.

Every time Blackcurrant tried to rise she would be held down, and if she tried to go down, she would be kicked further away.

Like that, at last Blackcurrant was staggering as she landed.

In fact, Auguste couldn’t avoid Louis’ attack, he was forced to ward off his attacks with his mace.

It was an overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation against Louis and Camellia who were still in the air.

But still, Auguste was defending tenaciously.

Louis who lost his temper, was starting his rough play once again.

He attacked the ground with Camellia’s tail and began to make cloud of dust.

“Hm, a smokescreen, huh.”

“So he’s going to do it again, that Louis.”

Otou-sama and the King seemed to be able to read the next move.

I recalled the previous match that Louis was in.

At that time, Louis dropped his opponent to the ground, set up dirt and smoke, then aimed at the helmet of the rider.

The rider who had lost his helmet to protect his face and was deprived of his sight by dust couldn’t avoid the following attack, and Louis would break his shield without mercy.

Louis repeated those attacks that could almost be said to be unfair three times before the semi-finals.

(Aah! If his helmet was taken off, not only he’s in danger of being blindsided, his identity will also be revealed!)

Auguste also knew that.

However, Auguste couldn’t do anything about it.

If he could fly again before his helmet was stolen, he might be able to do something.

But before that could happen, the tail of Camellia who moved unexpectedly hit Auguste’s helmet.

A partially crushed figure of a black helmet rolled to the ground.

Long blonde hair that was contained in the helmet was gently blown in the wind.

White skin like an alabaster statue.

A pretty boy who looked like a girl, who was disproportionate with the boorish black armor, appeared from underneath the helmet.

When Auguste, who had been dressed as a black knight, revealed his identity, Louis stopped attacking.

Louis lifted his lips sadistically and said something towards Auguste.

Auguste clenched his teeth and endured the words of Louis who probably would have been a verbal abuse.

The audience seemed to be unable to decide their reaction regarding the identity of the Black Knight.

Did they think Auguste was an excellent dragon knight different from the rumors, or did they think that the actions of the Black Knight were all deception?

I couldn’t predict which way people’s thoughts would fall over.

“No way, that is……Auguste? That Black Knight is my son?”

“Yes, there is no mistake. Dear……that is our Auguste.”

The Queen who had kept her silence and quietly smiled beside the King, clearly asserted.

She held the hand of King Ignitia with a trembling hand.

“Ooh……that Auguste……finally, he can ride……moreover, with such gallant, dancing in the sky brilliantly……”

“Of course. That child is the son of you and me……he is a legitimate successor of King Ignitia.”

“I have always believed in you. Of course I believe you. However, to actually see the proof, I didn’t think that my heart would tremble like this.”

“Yes……I feel the same.”

“But, God, what a cruel thing you are……to my child who is to be praised for this kind of rare capability, I must announce his rule violation and his defeat……”

While talking, King Ignitia hung his head.

“If that child didn’t fly in this sacred tournament venue……, or if the dragon that is with that child was not Blackcurrant with the magical stirrup……”

The Queen put a handkerchief on the cheek of the King and wiped away the tear that would have flowed there.

But, some tears were running down on the cheeks of the Queen.

That was good.

Auguste’s parents believed that he was riding a dragon with his own ability.

Surely, that would be more valuable to Auguste than if he was believed by anyone else.

But those who were familiar with Auguste, which was far from the true Auguste and believed the scandals, chose the opposite response.

The crowd talked about Auguste from one’s mouth to others, casting a gaze of contempt at him.

Louis raised the axe that he was holding as if he was boosted by the audience’s voice.

Turning around, the audience seemed to overflow with cheers calling for Louis.

Louis laughed and with a grin, he ordered Camellia to close in on Auguste.

At the same time as she was approaching, Camellia’s tail swept the ground and bombarded Auguste and Blackcurrant with sands.

The pair of a person and a dragon closed their eyes and diverted their faces.

Without missing that chance, Louis swung the axe that he had.

Auguste who couldn’t avoid the attack, received the attack bodily.

The shield that was hung on the chest of the dragon was destroyed with a blow from Louis’ axe and rolled to the ground of the match arena.

At the same time, it was the last fight of the tournament finale – the beginning of the match of swords.

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