Chapter 41 - Burial Chamber of Angels (part seven)

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Chapter 41: Burial Chamber of Angels (part seven)

Silver sparkling magic circle was wrapping Klaus’ spell cards.

It was Harvan’s highest tier magic, which created the time delaying barrier that I had seen before.

I understood the intention of Klaus and nodded.

Simple attacks wouldn’t hit Palug.

Then, we should create a situation that made them unavoidable.

I held the Wand of Magic Missiles in my right hand, and pulled out another wand with my left hand.

The chosen wand was the Wand of Rain of Stone.

It was as cheap as Magic Missiles, but it contained an offensive magic suitable for group warfare.

When I shook the Wand of Rain of Stone, Palug quickly jumped backward a few meters.

On the place where she was before, countless pieces of small but sharp stone shards were raining incessantly.

It was a range attack that was difficult to avoid for ordinary people, but it didn’t seem to work due to the speed of the divine beast.

However, this was within my expectations.

While I shifted the effect range of the Rain of Stone, I continued to rain the stone shards intermittently.

The Wand of Rain of Stone created clouds of stone shards in the air and then descended, so it had a large time lag from its invocation to attack.

On that time lag, I shot the Magic Missiles.

One of the magical bullets that were fired at high speed grazed the arm of Palug.

『This is quite an underhanded attack.』

“As if I would care about my opponent’s situation.”

Physical attacks and magical attacks, low speed bullets from above and fast bullets from the side, Area of Effect and sniping.

Simultaneous attack of two types of magic with different properties.

Without any opening, the hail of bullets pressured Palug and snatched away her option to evade them, and forcing her to defend was a part of my plan.

Palug swept the stone shards away with her fur-covered forearms while just barely avoiding the Magic Missiles.

She wore a smile on her face as usual, but it was not the smile that was full of composure like few moments ago.

『I’m just a dying beast, you know? Please go easy on me a bit more.』

“A wounded beast is the most terrifying one.”

『That’s a pretty high evaluation. I’m glad.』

Without thinking of the consequences, the series of attacks continued to chase after Palug, but at the same time I was being caught up.

The evasion speed of Palug was faster than what I assumed.

It was inevitable that the consumption of the range attack increased since I was trying to cope with her high evasion ability.

Although the Wand of Rain of Stone was charged fifty times, right now the remaining bullets were ten.

(What should I do? I have prepared a spare Wand of Rain of Stone, but……there is no opportunity to pull out the wand.)

If the Rain of Stone stopped even for a moment, Palug would attack within that gap.

However, it was unwise to let go of the Wand of Magic Missile while the remaining bullets were still being released and pull out the spare Rain of Stone with my right hand.

It was better than stopping the Rain of Stone, but she definitely could shorten our distance.

And even if I survived right after transferring Magic Missile to my other hand, it would be hard for me to control it with my left hand.

Before I could decide, the rest of the bullets of Rain of Stone had ran out.

I withdrew my second Rain of Stone with my left hand naturally.

I saw the appearance of the approaching divine beast as if weaving her way between the arrows of magical power that I had shot randomly.

Palug brandished her claws—

Claws as sharp as a knife stopped right in front of me.

I myself also tangled my legs trying to escape and was stuck in the posture when I was about to collapse on my back.

The stone shards which were falling were stopped mid-air.

The only thing in sight that was moving was the silver spell cards.

(This magic is Klaus’……!)

The silver spell cards which were circling high-speed separated us from the normal time flow.

The magic of Time Delay changed the isolated area into a slow-flowing space like in slow-motion.

By the powerful time manipulation magic which was the closest to stopping time, even the divine beast’s movement was constrained without exception.

Klaus who was the caster was the only one who could move normally in this barrier.

Klaus had a spell card in his hand and enclosed it with a complex spell along with his magical power.

Klaus stuck it on me and it began to emit silver light similar to the time manipulation magic circle.

The feeling like being sewn in the air suddenly disappeared.

Klaus hugged and supported me who was about to fall down.

“T-thank you very much, Klaus-sama.”

“No, I’m just barely saved you……the magic of Neutralization seems to be working well.”

“Neutralization……? H-huh, I can move?”

While being supported by Klaus, I got up and put my strength on my feet.

Since the surrounding time was still delayed, that means the barrier of the Time Delay had not been released.

The spell he put on me seemed to be preventing me from being included in the delayed time stream.

“How ingenious……”

“I did some trial and error ever since that battle.”

Klaus said as if it was natural.

I thought it was unfair that he could customize the highest tier magic in just a few months.

“Now then, we don’t have time to relax. Although it seems to be somewhat working, the effect time doesn’t extend much.”

“If we want to attack her, I guess right now is the best time for that.”

I shook the wands of Rain of Stone and Magic Missile toward Palug consecutively.

The countless stone shards created by the magic of Rain of Stone formed a cloud-like mass, and the magic bullets of the Magic Missile was created in front of Palug’s eyes.

However, they were caught by the time delay barrier and didn’t move any further.

“It seems that I wasn’t able to neutralize up to the magic you use. It will be a small task for the future……overcoming this seems to be difficult.”

“What should we do now?”

“It’s fine. I will be the one to attack.”

Klaus struck Palug who was suspending in the air by accelerating the spell cards that had create the Protective Circle.

However, the spell cards were ignited and burned out before they could touch Palug.

“Damn it……these spell cards are no good against this monster.”

“What should we do?”

“If I can’t hit that monster using these papers, I only have to hit her using other things. I will borrow the magic you have deployed.”

After saying that, Klaus cast even more magic toward my deployed Rain of Stone.

All of the stone shards were wrapped in a magic that was shining sparkling white.

On the surface of the stone shards, water vapor solidified into frost and then dry ice were formed.

In the aftermath of the magic, it seemed that the temperature of the whole room had fallen.

Apparently, what Klaus cast was a cooling magic.

Certainly, if the opponent was a monster made of light and heat, a cooling magic would be effective.

“Your Rain of Stone and my Cold Snap, the combined magic will be Hail of Stone, huh.”

“You said ‘combined magic’, but I didn’t do anything.”

“Whatever, the caster switched to me anyway. With this, the attack should be able to hit that monster.”

Finally, Klaus added an accelerating spell that was built in the spell cards.

In the time delay barrier, the Area of Effect attack became accelerated.

This time it was an unavoidable blow.

Klaus swung his arm with the completion of the chant.

The countless stone hails, due to the acceleration magic, drew a silver trajectory and poured down toward Palug.

After a momentary of fantastic sight, overwhelming destruction took place.

The hails hit the floor and broke it into pieces, and mist containing fragments of stones mixed with debris were whirled up.

The broken stone pieces and mist left Klaus’ control again and was suspended in the time delay barrier.

The mist containing sparkling debris was covering the battlefield.

The concentration of mist was not enough to completely obscure our field of vision.

And yet, there was no figure of Palug.

“……She disappeared? Where did that monster go?”

“It seems that she is made of light and heat, so maybe she has completely disappeared as she was a while ago.”

“No way. Although it’s a lower tier spell, this is the guy who can erase the spell cards on which a cooling spell was placed without even touching them, you know?”

“But, in the barrier where the time is delayed, she shouldn’t be able to escape……Klaus-sama!?”

The body of Klaus, who was focused on watching our surroundings, suddenly lurched forward.

At the same time, the barrier of time delay and the spell cards that were forming the Protective Circle were destroyed at once.

I rushed over to him in a panic.

He didn’t seem to have any trauma.

“Kuh……I see, if it’s the speed of light……”

Following Klaus’ line of sight, I also turned around.

A flash of red light crossed my field of vision.

Palug who materialized in the air, descended on the floor gently.

『Correct. It is so tiring that I didn’t want to use it if possible.

Although I am considerably slowed down, I am light.

From my point of view, the falling pebbles were the same as stopping.

Well, if you completely stopped the time, I supposed they would harm me.』

Strength faded from Klaus’ body.

I couldn’t support him with my power, and Klaus fell on his knees.

“Damn it……, if there were no mental interference, I would still……”


Even though he himself was unconscious, Auguste’s mental interference was still occurring.

Klaus who had lost his Protective Circle was exposed directly to strong mental interference.

Large drops of sweat were forming on his forehead.

While a large amount of magical power was being scraped away, it seemed that due to the Magic Resist he barely endured it.

『Oh my~, you still want to struggle? Those who give up and give in to my prince, will feel relieved, you know?』

“Who……will be doing what you want……! I will not lose……I have decided to become Erica’s shield!”

Even though he was riddled with wounds and was about to faint, Klaus tried to protect me.

Just maintaining his consciousness was already a miracle, so why was he able to do his best?

Palug was overlooking Klaus with a smile.

I felt that the shoulder of Auguste trembled at the edge of my sight.

“……What, you……are you the same as me?”

Unexpectedly Klaus looked away from Palug and looked around.

He was talking towards someone who couldn’t be seen in the empty sky.

“Eei, whoever you are, it’s fine……, if you can manipulate my body, do it……”

“Klaus-sama, what—!?”

“It’s fine even if I become a puppet. In exchange, protect this girl without fail……”

『Oh my, you can’t do that.』

Palug punched Klaus’ jaw with lightly.

Klaus couldn’t even raise his voice and his consciousness was robbed.

There was some pulse.

It seemed that he only fainted.

『I’m sorry. I cannot let Auguste to be burdened with such work.

But, that was very passionate and lovely. I have changed my opinion about that boy.

—That’s why I will spare him.

Please be grateful. It’s great to be alive……right? 』

Palug smiled gently at the fallen Klaus.

The divine beast which had been living as the Hero’s attendant, perhaps had seen a glimpse of the future Hero, not only in Auguste but also in Klaus.

『Now then, Erica Aurelia.

You are different. I will not let you go.』

The golden lion called me and stared.

I took a deep breath and raised my eyes.

In just a moment, the facial expression of Palug changed to a very young impression than the appearance suggested.

That smile was a smile of a cruel girl who stamped on insects innocently.

『My life can no longer be kept as long as it is.

Yes……unless I eat your blood, and your soul.

There is no other alternative.

I have to fulfil my contract with Auguste at all cost.』

Step by step, Palug slowly came closer.

I retreated several steps back.

My instinct raised the danger alarm to the limit.

Palug probably could burn us easily if she came at us seriously, now I know why she didn’t.

It was to get an intact sacrifice.

Yes, the dedicated offering for God had to be such a thing.

(Noooooo!! No matter how I think about it, this is progressing toward me being eaten alive!!)

What should I do?

What should I do to escape from this crisis?

Auguste didn’t wake up.

Tirnanog was hibernating, there was no sign of moving yet.

Klaus had been knocked down.

Both Otou-sama and Eduart-oniisama were struggling in their roles and didn’t even know about this place.

Nobody could help me anymore.

In the first place, in the face of the overwhelming fighting ability of Palug, my warfare was lost.

I didn’t give up on my survival, but I couldn’t even find a small chance to win.

Against such unreasonable beast, humans just couldn’t win.

(—if there is nothing like that, people cannot overcome such beast.)

Suddenly, I recalled my conversation with Auguste in my mind.

Inside my thoughts that were dyed in deep black with despair, there was a shiny light of hope.

(—this beast was cursed by God, and it seems that it had no choice but to accept it if a riddle match was set up.)

No way.

There was no doubt, if the fragments of the folklore were all true.

Finally found a small hope, I decided to take a risk.

“Palug-san! Please listen!”

『Ufufufufu, are you pleading for your life? It’s regretful, but the situation where we could talk with each other has long passed.』

Forcibly turning the gear inside my brain that did not turn due to fear and confusion, I recalled one question that was suitable for Palug.

“It, it walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening, what is it!?”

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