Chapter 46 - Sky Throne (part two)

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Chapter 46: Sky Throne (part two)

While we were moving, Auguste woke a ground dragon for carrying load who was at the outset of the cathedral, and summoned them to us.

He placed Klaus Harvan and Erica’s bag on the back of the dragon and the small dragon Goldberry perched on the dragon’s horn.

The party aimed for the outside of the cathedral with Auguste and Erica in the lead.

“At times like this, it’s very helpful that the corridors are wide.”

“It seems to have worked right after its renovation as a cathedral. Many large exhibits, including the mural in the deepest part, had been carried in by dragons. Because there are many things that cannot be lifted by human power.”

“Originally this was a castle, right? I’ve heard that narrow and complicated structures are advantageous for defense.”

“It was so that a wide range of people can easily operate dragons inside the castle. The current royal castle, if you clean up the furniture, was also built so that people can easily move while riding on a dragon.”

Auguste talked with Erica, while he kept perceiving the spirits of the dragons who were falling asleep nearby or in a rampaging condition.

Occasionally, the feelings of fear and sadness of the rampaging dragons flowed back into him, but it was already not a big obstacle for him.

By keeping a balance between being a sensitive person who was easy to synchronize with the dragons and an observer who was overlooking it from afar, he was able to accept strong negative feelings without being swept away.

By the time they arrived at they arrived at the exit, almost all the ground dragons could be put under control.

Because the dragons which had blocked the street in the surroundings had calmed down, they could see a group of people raising the Ignitia’s flag approaching the main street extending from the front of the cathedral.

“What a relief, apparently they come to rescue us.”

“Auguste-sama, apparently, there seems to be His Majesty the King and my father.”

Erica seemed to have confirmed the group’s face with a wand that enhanced her eyesight.

Hearing her words, Auguste also borrowed the eyes of the dragon near the group.

Among them were not only the King and the Duke of Aurelia, but there were also the appearances of prestigious aristocrats such as the Queen and various families.

Auguste stroked his chest in relief as he looked at the figure of the King.

King Henry Ignitia was the most prominent in controlling dragons among the active dragon knights.

The confusion that had been going on would be settled as soon as he arrived.

He might be scolded sternly, and there would be even more malicious rumors but since he had caused this confusion, he had to accept it.

Auguste was thinking about such things when something happened.

Suddenly, one of the dragons that was circling overhead changed its trajectory and flew towards the group.

It was a silver dragon of 20-meters class.

It seemed to be terribly frenzied and might have instinctively turned hostile against the armed group.

The approaching King and his group were not yet aware of the dragon currently speeding towards them.

Calculated from the average flight speed of a 20-meters class dragon, it would take about 5 seconds to reach the group.

Even if they noticed it now, they wouldn’t be able to stop it in time.

Because the degree of frenzy was high, controlling them would be extremely difficult.

Auguste had avoided perceiving large winged dragons so far.

It was because of a light trauma after his failure in the jousting match.

(But, I cannot say such things like ‘I’m not confident’ or ‘It’s scary’……please, please stop!)

Auguste headed for the rampaging silver dragon, he released his telepathic power as if reaching out with his spirit.

While suppressing his feeling of impatient, he gently caught the spirit of the dragon with the amount of power as if lifting a chick.

The silver dragon, whose spirit was caught by Auguste, immediately hit the air with its wings and braked suddenly.

The silver dragon did a somersault in front of the King and his group and flew back to the sky again.

They seemed to have noticed their crisis at last, and seemed to cry something out.

“That was dangerous.”

“Aah, somehow I made it. The spirits of the other dragons are also frenzied. Before my father’s group arrives, I will make these rebellious children a bit more obedient.”

Auguste added the previous silver dragon into the ring of dragons who were circling over the cathedral.

And then he observed the other dragons through the eyes of the silver dragon.

Find the dragons whose emotion was unstable, and perceived them with his telepathic power one after another.

Auguste repeated the spiritual contact with all the dragons, and finally he finished his telepathy with every dragon in the vicinity of the cathedral.

From small escort dragons to large dragons of 20-meter class, from winged dragons to ground dragons.

Auguste felt almost no mental burden even though it would be close to three-digit number all at the same time.

Auguste believed with all of his heart that it was ‘the mighty power given by the contract beast’.

At the very least, he wanted to give that beast grateful words once before it left.

Auguste was disappointed that it would never come true.

(At least, if you are still near, will you be watching?)

When Auguste lifted his right hand straight, all the winged dragons rose at once.

As he ordered, the dragons crossed each other and rearranged their formation while somersaulting.

It looked like a piece of fabric, woven by multicolored dragons.


Erica, and all the people who had been led by the King raised admiring voices as they looked up at the dance of the dragons.

The herd of dragons changed into various formations and colored the sky.

The carpet of dragons spread in the sky and broke into a wave by somersaulting with time differences, when they expect the dragons to fly about furiously imitating a large tornado or a maelstrom, they made the vision of petals floating down with the wind that was caused by their gentle glides.

Auguste was able to precisely control all of it while sharing the vision, auditory sense, and tactile, etc. of the dragons.

It was as easy as connecting hands, and as hard as a chain wheel, their spirits were tied together.

It seemed like a lie that he was refused when he tried to perceive them until several hours ago.

Auguste now felt like he would be able to communicate with any dragon freely.

It was a feeling as if he was accepted by the world.

Until now he thought that there was no place for him in this world.

But from now on, all of the sky would be his.

So it was like this, the feeling of receiving blessings from the dragons—Auguste realized that.

Already, the sky felt close enough to reach.

Through the dragons’ visions, he was wrapped in the transparent blue sky anywhere.

After grasping all the dragons around the cathedral, Auguste continued to use his telepathic power in the order of distance as it was.

There were dragons that were strangely far away, it was unnatural.

Auguste tilted his head at that sense of incongruity, but invited them as well as other dragons near him.

“Ah, this is……it this okay……?”

“What did you do, Auguste-sama?”

“No, just a bit of miscalculation……you will be able to see a rare sight.”

Auguste who noticed the identities of the dragons earlier than anyone smiled bitterly.

The royalty and aristocrats of Ignitia noticed them next.

Looking up, the shadows of a gigantic white dragon and a gigantic golden dragon with their wings spread covered them.

“They are bigger than the 20-meter class……? No way, are those Thrones?”

“Don’t be foolish! Thrones would only response and serve their King!”

“However, the figure of those dragons were exactly like the rides of Founder King!”

“Ooh, how wonderful! To be able to see such miracles while I am still alive!”

The nobles of Ignitia were crying out such things.

It was Auguste’s first time seeing the real ones, but he knew of their characteristics.

It was thanks to some religious paintings and sculptures.

Following Urthona and Tharmas, the successive generations of Thrones also appeared in front of the people one after another.

Auguste’s telepathic power reached even the Thrones who were in such high altitudes that they absolutely weren’t supposed to be able to receive his contact.

“Aah, they are the colossus dragons at the entrance of the island. To be exact, they were the dragons of King Guillaume.”

“The white dragon is Urthona, while the golden dragon is Tharmas. I want to meet them once but I didn’t know that it will come true.”

“Is this unusual?”

“Aah, it is said that it’s rare. Erica is lucky. It was said that, with the exception of the Founder King’s generation, Urthona and Tharmas appeared only when the Severe King Jean, who had not yet made the throne, saved this country.”

At that time, Ignitia was driven to the corner in the war with Gigantia, and the enemy fleets surrounded the Island of Messenger.

It was said that Jean, who was once a soldier, gained divine revelation at the daybreak and succeeded in attracting the previous generation’s Thrones, Urthona and Tharmas.

The overwhelming strength of the ancient gigantic dragons made the fleets of Gigantia fell back, and Jean, who became a Hero, wed the princess of that time and became the next King.

He became one of the famous Heroes that most of Ignitian boys memorized.

Even more intense commotion was stirred as the figures of the Thrones of the Severe King also showed up.

Black Dragon Urizen, Red Dragon Luvah1.

It was the first time since the Severe King’s reign that they showed up in front of people.

“Is this really happening……?”

“It’s the return of the victory and glory of the King……”

“Who in the world did this?”

Auguste moved to the center of the square.

Then, the Thrones descended to surround Auguste first, followed by the other dragons.

The dragons lined up orderly in the square to make way, and they lowered their heads all at the same time.

Everybody looked towards Auguste at once.

While gathering everyone’s attention, he walked before the people dignifiedly.

“Ooh! The Child of Destiny who is blessed by the dragons more profoundly than anybody else!”

“Loyalty to the King among Kings.”

“King……he is the real King.”

At first, the archbishop shouted, taking off the bishop crown and kneeled towards Auguste.

The clerics followed the archbishop and in succession, Ignitia’s aristocrats and knights also bent their knees as if praying.

Soldiers and the citizens, and people from other lands were pushed by their enthusiasm and adopted the same posture.

Only the King approached while everyone didn’t move and watched.

“Father, my ability has caused a lot of chaos. I am prepared to receive any kind of scolding.”

“Say no more.”

The King held Auguste in his arms.

To the gesture that treated him as though he was a little child, Auguste’s cheeks were dyed red.

However, the face of the King was more impressive, his cheeks were red and tears were flowing down his cheeks.

“Auguste! My son!

If these things happened because your blood is thicker than anyone, stronger than anyone else, who will be able to criticize you!

You see, all the people, all the dragons, they are yours!”

Auguste looked around dumbfounded.

There was no longer anyone who looked towards him in contempt.

When the King released Auguste and dropped him to the ground, the Queen hugged him this time.

Auguste was embarrassed, but a smile seemed to gradually show on his face.

Shouts of joy resounded, and those gathered in the square glorified the blessed prince and the royal family.

From a little far away, Erica and the cat were staring at the happy family in satisfaction.

1 You have known Urthona, Tharmas, and Urizen. And yes, Luvah also one of the Zoa from William Blake’s mythological writings. He is the Zoa of love, passion, and rebellious energy. (source)

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