Chapter 49 - Sky Throne (part five)

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Chapter 49: Sky Throne (part five)

Louis’ dragon, Silvetica was speeding towards King Ignitia as if tearing up the sky.

The King and Queen immediately tried to call back their escort dragons.

With a moment’s delay, soldiers, knights, and the aristocrats moved to protect the King.

However, several people including me were already moving with different intentions.

At first I thought that it was just a bluff.

There were many mages of Harvan in this place.

The assassination of King Ignitia wouldn’t succeed.

In the first place, it was odd to take the trouble to shout the order because it was possible to manipulate the dragon just by thinking about it.

Louis’ skill with the dragons was a sham, but his competence in battle that he was on par with Auguste was genuine.

He wouldn’t make a mistake in judgement like I would.

I would make a conclusion first and added the reason later, I pulled out the Wand of Hold from the wand holder.

Louis ran towards me who was isolated from other people.

In his hand was a single sword taken from a soldier.


For certain, his means of survival was here.

Perhaps by making me a hostage.

Kicking my shoulder, Palug jumped out in front of Louis.

The former beast, which was only a kitten right now, was easily dismissed by Louis.

However, it gave me a chance to swing the wand.

At the same time with me shaking the wand, Louis stepped half a step diagonally.

As if avoiding the effect range of my released Hold.

I overlooked this.

Perhaps it was due to the dynamic vision of the dragon knights, or because he had seen Onii-sama’s Hold once.

While trembling, I was about to raise the wand once again.

A time less than one second felt like a long time.

Auguste and Eduart-oniisama seemed to notice Louis’ intention quickly.

However, it was still too late.

Silvetica who made a pretense to go to the King turned and broke Onii-sama’s wand and restrained Goldberry.

It was too late.

Louis grabbed my wrist and twisted it behind me.

I reflexively chewed my lip to stifle my cry of pain.

The wand fell down from my hand.

Louis kept twisting my arm and stuck the robbed sword against my neck.

“The situation has reversed, Eduart!

How do you feel like being robbed of your important things!?”

The purple dragon Silvetica landed on the shoulder of Louis’ who was raising a voice full of smug satisfaction.

I was struggling to extract my arm from his hold, but it was no use.

I stepped on his foot exactly with the heel of my shoes, but it was useless since he was wearing a hard armor.

How troublesome.

How did it come to this situation?

No, I wouldn’t be killed while I had my worth as a hostage, right?

“Oops, do not move, Eduart, and also Sir Ernst.

If this girl is important, take your hands off from your wands.

Both of you too, Henry and Auguste.

You should make your dragons as quiet as possible.”

Onii-sama and Otou-sama dropped the wands that had been pulled out, and Auguste also stopped the dragons.

King Ignitia ordered other soldiers and nobles to halt the attack.

My eyes met with Palug’s who was hiding under the wing of a lying dragon, but I shook my head.

She might be able to stop both Louis and Silvetica’s movements in the blink of an eye.

But the price was her life.

I had saved her life with great pains, so I couldn’t let such a thing happened.

While Louis was shouting for his requests, I took a deep breath.

Alright. What could I do?

I hadn’t been hurt yet.

I couldn’t move my right arm, but my left arm was free.

The only wands that I had were the dangerous ones to use against people, but I could pull them out.

My right arm was restrained by Louis, while my left arm was blocked by his sword.

His line of sight was looking towards the King and the others.

The problem was Silvetica.

Silvetica was glancing this way with the corner of her eyes repeatedly.

If I tried to pull out a wand I would definitely be attacked.

Perhaps, even if the hostage was injured in one arm, it didn’t matter to Louis.

Even if I got lucky and made Louis stumbles for a moment, I couldn’t stop Silvetica.

Silvetica seemed unable to be controlled under Auguste’s strong telepathic power.

By the way, Silvetica and Camellia were not joining the dance of the dragons.

Surely, the dragons that had been driven by the Cursed Nails would be outside the application of Ignitia’s ability.

“I understand. Let’s arrange for an oceanic ship to Karkinos in Aurelia.

I will be the navigator.”

“It’s useless if it’s you, Eduart.”

“Even if I’m unarmed? Louis, are you scared of me?”

“I’m not going to fall for that trick, Eduart.

Arrange for a female navigator.

If that is impossible, arrange for a navigator as old as a dead tree.”

“I understand. Give me some time.”

“The deadline is until sunset. If it passes even for a moment—”

While saying so, Louis pressed the blade against my neck.

Although the sword was sharp, the angle was not right, so the blade didn’t cut my skin.

The carotid artery would be cut if I moved even a little.

As long as I moved.

Aah, I should move, huh.

I grabbed the left wrist of Louis with my left hand, aiming at the moment when the feeling of pressure of the sword against my neck was relaxed.

As it was, I pressed my cheek against the blade.

Hot pain ran on my cheek, and lukewarm liquid dripped down my skin.

“This woman will come with me……you bastard, what——kuh!?”

Triggered by my injury, the spell against kidnapping performed by Otou-sama were activated.

The range type Hold was released from the plain decoration buttons attached on my dress.

The bodies of Louis and Silvetica who were enfolded by the spell became petrified for a moment.

I couldn’t use it against Palug, since she could avoid it during the time lag of its activation, nor Tirnanog who could reflect magic, but it was effective for ordinary humans and dragons.

Kicking his whole body as a spring, I rolled out of Louis’ arms.

Auguste rushed out towards this direction.

Onii-sama and Otou-sama had already pulled out a wand and shook it towards Louis and Silvetica.


“Ice Coffin!”

The sword was blown off from Louis’ hand and Silvetica who became covered with ice fell down.

Goldberg restrained Silvetica that had fallen to the ground.

I was trying to get away from Louis, but my legs got entangled with my dress.

I lost my balance and fell down with my hands against the ground.

Louis who recovered from the petrification was reaching out for me.

Louis’ hands grabbed the air a few centimeters from me.

Louis’ arms were surrounded by familiar a magic circle.

Spell cards that were emitting light bound him.

“W-who the heck are you! You’re being a nuisance……!”


Klaus was standing behind Louis.

He glared at Louis with an exceptionally displeased expression, and struck his face with a fist wrapped in spell cards.

Auguste who jumped in at the same time matched the punch and punched him from the opposite side.

Receiving the two fists perfectly, Louis’ eyes rolled to the back of his head.

He crumbled down on the spot like a puppet with its threads cut, and fainted with foam forming in his mouth.

While remaining on the pavement, I finally felt relieved.

Palug who was hiding also became limp in exhaustion.

“This guy, how dare he scratched Erica’s face. Who is he.”

“Are you alright? Press your wound with this.”

“T-thank you very much.”

I received a handkerchief from Auguste and pressed it on my wound.

Klaus looked down on Louis with a demon-like expression and spat abusive language at him.

Wah~, what a best timing.

It was good that we brought him to the exit of the cathedral for the time being.

“Ow……my head is still throbbing.

Why. I don’t understand the situation. Explain it, Erica.

Why are you in danger again.”

“Ah—……Klaus-sama, if I speak, it will be too long.”

“Wait. She is injured right now. Shouldn’t you ask her later?”

Auguste stood up in front of Klaus who looked awfully scary with a challenging smile.

By the way, in the original game these two people never got involved with each other.

Their characters were like water and oil, would this turn out alright?

“You……you are being over-familiar with Erica.

……Well, but, your punch is good even if you look like a girl.”

“Heeh? I look like a girl?

Does that mean I’m beautiful?”

“Whatever you say.”

It seemed that they got along fine unexpectedly.

Good, good.

But, Klaus. Because that person was the prince of this country, please stop being rude towards him.

“Erica, are you alright? Show me your wound.”

“Onii-sama, thank you for your concern.”

“Don’t worry.

I’m sorry that I cannot protect you more.

Yeah, let’s wash and disinfect it. It will sting but be patient for a bit.

Now, father has arranged for a doctor, so please wait.”

With distilled water and alcohol taken from the bag, Onii-sama finished the first aid quickly.

As expected, Onii-sama.

Cheat characters could do everything.

After inspecting whether there were other injuries or not, Onii-sama stood up and walked towards Louis.

While thrusting the tip of the wand at him, Onii-sama took Louis’ pulse and confirmed his consciousness.

“Even so, how barbaric.

Since my opponent was vicious, I should work a bit harder, yes?”

“No, Eduart, I understand, but please put away the Wand of Merciful Death, it’s dangerous.”

“Hih! Please hold down your anger, Onii-sama.”

“Hahaha……you’re exaggerating.

I’m not mad at all.

I’m not angry. Rather, my heart is cold like ice.”

Eduart-oniisama smiled gently outwardly and said so.

However, no matter how I saw it, he was wearing an aura as if madness was rising from the bottom of the abyss.

“Oi, someone stop this guy!”

“Klaus, is it? You’re not really going to stop me, are you?”

“I am sorry once again for not being able to protect her!”


Palug who came back to me suddenly cried out in a happy voice because she was surrounded by handsome guys.

While everyone was making noise one after another, a doctor came by with Otou-sama.

While being watched by a lot of people, I was carried to the clinic on a stretcher.

With this, I was finally able to rest.

Erica Fan Club, unite!


Oh by the way, the anti-kidnapping spells and magic from Otou-sama were given in chapter 20, if you forget.

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