Chapter 9 - Ruins of Visitor (part three)

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Chapter 9

“‘Passed under the crescent moon gate and look for the twin half-moon’…?”

“This is……it’s the handwriting of Edward-oniisama . ”

“It’s that guy’s handwriting!?”

I found a trace of Edward-oniisama in the Ruins of Visitor and I felt relieved .

It was the feeling of finding Buddha in hell .

Onii-sama, who was wearing an archaic smile in my mind, was waving his hand sweetly .

“It might be some hint that Onii-sama left when he explored this ruins . ”

“Now then, let’s follow this . ”

“I agree . ”

I packed up my box of wands that was spread on the floor and other tools in my bag and stood up .

According to the message, we needed to go through the exit where the mark of the crescent moon was drawn in the arch part .

As we went through a dark passage for about 30 meters, the light of Moonlight Gallnut Ink came into our sight .

Two semicircular signs were arranged side by side .

This had to be the twin half-moon .


“Wait, something is also written on it . ”

“‘When the full moon rises high in the sky, the road will open’…”

“Full moon? But, I don’t see a circle mark anywhere……?”

“Wait . There is ‘when the full moon rises’ in the message . That means—”

Again, the heavy machine sound resonated .

The shape of the room had changed nearby .

“This hint, is it supposed to be written assuming that the labyrinth will move?”

“That means, that sound means that the full moon has risen some time ago – in other words, it was a sound that leads to the room where the next hint was written . ”

“Ah . That’s right . ‘If the moon has risen to the highest position, the direction to go is south . ’”

“Oh no . I didn’t bring a compass with me . ”

“Leave it to me . While it is impossible to use high tier magic and large area magic due to the consumption of magical power, I can still use magic of this degree .

Klaus was singing wholeheartedly while holding the wand perpendicular to the floor .

The language he used was the same ancient language of Harvan, but unlike the magical chant he normally used, it was a nursery rhythm .

When he released his hand from the wand as he finished his song, the wand turned around and fell down towards the direction where we just came from .

“This direction is south . ”

“It’s somewhat plain . ”

“Because it is . But it’s unexpectedly convenient to remember this kind of thing . ”

Certainly, it was of great use .

Without this strange thing, I seriously thought of whether I should extract a magnet from the core material or not .

Because of Klaus’ knowledge, the wallet of Edward-oniisama was saved .

My older brother’s hint implicitly told us that in addition to the passage of time, our moving weight was also a condition for the labyrinth’s mechanism to change its shape .

If at first we searched with two groups, I might not be able to rejoin with Klaus .

Holding hands with Klaus so that we wouldn’t get separated, we moved toward the south through the dimly lit ruins .

While checking with our lamps at some places, we searched carefully .

After a while, I saw a glowing round light emerging in the darkness .

“A circular mark…that is the full moon!”

“Looking at the distance, is there any message?”

“Is this the end point?”

“What was your brother doing in this place?”

At the entrance where the sign of the full moon was drawn, a brand new wooden door was set up .

Fortunately, the door was not locked .

While slowly watching for signs of movement beyond this door, we slowly opened the door .

“This is……”

“A box…is it?”

In the room with the full moon mark, five large storage boxes were placed .

Each storage box was made to be sturdy by being reinforced with a metal frame and they were supposed to be locked .

If they were placed in a ruin like this, they looked like treasure boxes .

Each storage box was carved with a crest of Aurelia .

On the attached labels, there were notes with Onii-sama’s handwriting .

Apparently, the inside of the boxes seemed to be items that Onii-sama kept for exploring the labyrinth .

There were two rolls of blankets on the side of the boxes, and there were traces of fire as well .

“Is this a simple base camp?”

“Thoroughly prepared, huh . It sounds like my older brother . ”

“There may be items that can be used . ”

“If so, it can’t be helped . ”

I tried to open the storage box, but all of them were locked tightly .

It was really carefully prepared, it certainly seemed to be Edward-oniisama .

“Klaus-sama, unfortunately, I didn’t bring a Wand of Skeleton Key1……”

“Don’t worry . Somehow, my magical power has recovered enough to use the magic of Unlock . ”

“Well then, please . ”

“Oh, leave it to me . ”

Klaus put his staff on the box and casted a spell .

Unlike our wands, the staffs used by the eastern mages served as a magical amplifier .

But, for a mage of Klaus’ degree to use a staff for a basic spell, wasn’t that a little excessive?

Light-red light magic circle appeared as if wrapping the storage box .

The magic circle slowly rotated and shrunk down, converging on the lock part .

Click, and with that sound, the lock opened .

“Okay, I guess you can open it now . ”

“Let’s open it, Klaus-sama . ”

“Ah . ”

Klaus opened the heavy lid of the clothing box .

I shone it with a lamp, I saw a number of items .

“Some scrolls and food, yeah, this is nice, we’re saved . ”

“Does it have something that looks useful?”

“Look, it’s a magical recovery potion . ”

Small bottles of candy colored glasses that contained potions were arranged in order .

As expected of Edward-oniisama!

“If we have these, I don’t have to depend on your wand . I will be able to do more in our search . ”

“Sounds helpful . ”

Huh? Alchemists shouldn’t have to worry about running out of magical power .

Why did Edward-oniisama keep so many potions for magical recovery?

For the companion who accompanied him……?

Onii-sama’s friend, I wondered if he was from Harvan or Lucanrant .

Oops, now was the time to confirm the rest of the items .

After he opened one with the potions, Klaus was unlocking the rest of the boxes one after another .

He had recovered his magical power, and now he was in a perfect condition, like a fish that got water .

Aah! Four boxes had been opened while I was day dreaming!

“I will open this box . ”

I was going to open the last box .


The light protection pattern that had been embroidered on the hem of my older brother’s clothes enveloped every thread with special magical power .

At the same time as opening the lid, a vast purple magic circle was spreading .

Hii! This was obviously a kind of curse .

I tried to avoid it quickly, but faster than I reacted, the light of the magic circle broke like a chain and entangled me .


“……!! This is bad! A trap!”

(Why does it—-?)

That’s right~~!

If you left behind a baggage full of items in a dungeon, you would take measures against thieves!

This, the death flag was quite serious and dangerous!?

This was painful…!

Klaus casted Glam Sight and stared at me .

He was confirming the details of the curse that I was given .

His eyes shook, and blood drained from his head as he stared at me .

When Klaus finished analysing the curse, he turned down his eyes as if mourning .

Uwa! That was a reaction like a doctor who would announce an incurable disease!

“……Sorry, Erica . This is…the curse of death . ”

Hii, as expected!

Many of Aurelia’s people had a strong pride in their craftsmanship .

So, most alchemists were strict toward thieves…

“……This is the work of Edward-oniisama, right?”

“Ah . The creator is Edward Aurelia, your older brother, it was made about a month ago . ”

Klaus’ facial expression was dark, he wouldn’t look into my eyes and his eyebrows were furrowed .

Anyway, was I going to die, right now!?

“Curse of Merciful Death……After a certain period of time, even without suffering, it will bring death promptly . ”

“Eh, after a certain amount of time…?”

“Estimated to be a little more than eight hours and less than twelve hours . ”


“It is to give some moral suffering to the victim, huh . Or maybe there is an intention of trying to dispel it if the victim was begging for forgiveness . ”

You were a devil, Edward-oniisama .

As expected from someone with the infamous dark smile among the seven capture targets, the retribution was very dark ……!!

I was always feeling refreshed by looking at my friendly older brother’s gentle and sweet side .

It was too regrettable that I hadn’t played Onii-sama’s scenario yet—

“……Erica, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m okay . ”

For a moment, it seemed that I had been escaping reality, but I returned to see Klaus’ worried face .

“Erica, let’s return . There is still time to go to the palace . Your father would be able to resolve it . ”

“No, let’s give priority to your sister now . ”

I decided to bear it .

Even if it didn’t have monsters or ghosts, this Ruins of Visitor was dangerous enough .

There was no guarantee that Onii-sama and other explorers hadn’t set any other deadly traps .

I couldn’t leave the young Ann in such a place .

Generally, I was accustomed to severe experiences .

I didn’t want to get used to it at all .

In the first place, it was not merely death, but the mercy itself was that I could spare eight hours .

I took out the silver pocket watch out of my coat pocket .

The current time was past 21 o’clock .

“It’s still fine to escape by 5 o’clock tomorrow morning and solve it . ”

“What are you talking about! How much can we postpone it, if something happened to you, I—”

“I’m more concerned about your sister . ”


“Let’s stroll around the garden of Spring Palace tomorrow, this time it will be the three of us . Promise me, Klaus-sama . ”

It was rude to interrupt other people’s speech, but I had to interrupt him .

If I was seriously worried about it, it would be rather hard for myself .

I smiled at Klaus .

A smile was important .

Even if Erica Aurelia was a villainous lady, would her smile be enough to relieve anxiety?


“If there is such a grace, if I don’t have a bad luck, I won’t die . ”

“I don’t know, Erica……you look like you have a very bad luck . ”

I know, right~ .

In the one out of five Russian Roulette treasure chest just a moment ago, I magnificently caught the jackpot!

1 Wand of Skeleton Key was written with the kanji for ‘universal key’, so it is a wand that can unlock everything .

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