Chapter 980 - Concern

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Chapter 980: Concern

“What are you talking about?” Ling Chuxi stopped in her tracks. If it was very beneficial to Lan Xinyu and Su Xiu’er, it should be related to cultivation.

“It’s getting late. Rest for the night. You’ll find out in the morning. I’ll give you a surprise then,” said Duan Feiyu mysteriously.

“Okay.” Ling Chuxi thought for a while and nodded. If it had something to do with her, she wouldn’t have taken it to heart. However, she didn’t want to miss the chance to improve Lan Xinyu and Su Xiu’er’s strength.

Duan Feiyu first arranged accommodations for everyone. Then, he asked someone to prepare dinner. After dinner, everyone went back to their rooms.

At night, the wind whistled at Celestial Peak. Looking out of the window, one could see clouds rolling up and down. Such a hypnotic scene made one’s mind feel incredibly open as if one was among the nine heavens.

Ling Chuxi could not help but sigh. No wonder the founder of Celestial Sect could comprehend the Celestial Cultivation Method here. In the entire Sacred Realm of the Sects, perhaps only Celestial Sect could attain such a state of mind.

Thinking of the Celestial Cultivation Method, Ling Chuxi suddenly thought of the Cang Yuan sword spirit. It seemed that he had not appeared for a long time.

“Senior Sword Spirit, Senior Sword Spirit?” Ling Chuxi called out a few times in her mind, but there was no response.

Could it be that he had fallen into a deep sleep again? Although the sword spirit had said that as long as he could condensed a spirit body, he would be able to cultivate on his own and would not fall into a deep sleep so easily, Ling chuxi was still a little worried when she thought of the potential for Cang Yuan to fall into a good sleep that lasted for fifty years, a hundred years, or even tens of thousands of years.

“What’s wrong? Why are you looking for me?” Cang Yuan’s figure appeared in her mind. He was as tall and imposing as before, but he seemed to have a more unrestrained and unruly aura this time.

Every time he fused with the other remnants of Cang Yuan, there would be some subtle changes in Cang Yuan. He had become more alive and was no longer just a simple sword spirit. The change this time was because he had fused with the heart of the Cang Yuan Sword.

“Nothing, I’m just concerned about you.” Ling Chuxi was relieved.

“You’re afraid that I won’t wake up again, right?” The Cang Yuan Sword spirit chuckled.

Ling Chuxi smiled, embarrassed as he had guessed what was on her mind.

“I’m fine. I’ve been cultivating diligently recently to prepare for the other remnants of Cang Yuan,” said Cang Yuan.

“Have you found the other remnants of Cang Yuan?” asked Ling Chuxi in surprise.

“No, but the sword spirit, sword soul, sword essence, and sword heart have all been found. I think the sword might, sword force, and sword path should have appeared by now. For tens of thousands of years, our seven remnants of Cang Yuan have never fused. Now, for the first time, the sword spirit, sword soul, sword essence, and sword heart have fused into one. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find the others and finally merge all the remnants. We cannot miss this opportunity,” said Cang Yuan with some anticipation yet nervousness.

“Senior Sword Spirit, don’t worry. We will definitely be able to fuse with the other remnants.” Ling Chuxi comforted him. Having gone through life and death together several times, Ling Chuxi had long regarded the Cang Yuan Sword spirit as an elder and a relative.

“Chuxi, you can imagine how strong the sword might sword force, and sword path are just by their name. These are the essence of Sword Master Cang Yuan’s martial arts, so you must not be careless. You must also cultivate diligently and work hard to increase your strength.” The Cang Yuan Sword spirit reminded her.

“Yes, I won’t slack off.” Ling Chuxi nodded and replied.

“Alright, I’ll go cultivate first.” With that, the Cang Yuan Sword spirit disappeared from her mind.

Since Ling Chuxi already knew that he was fine, she was relieved. She sat down cross-legged and began to cultivate.

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