Chapter 432 Kenichi World Tournament 19

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“Sakaki, you… bastard, you were always complaining about me saying“ perverted brat ”or things like that, but… fuck, you a middle-aged man in his 40s was going after a girl of about 15! You are a fucking sick!

You are-"

"" ... ""

After hearing the shocking revelation, I can't help but have to complain to Sakaki about it! While I didn't care much about his love life, the guy was always bugging me for having multiple girls by my side! And now… and now when I found out that it was an old cow trying to eat young grass, I felt that something in me exploded and I wanted to hit this guy a little!!

…I was going to say those same words out loud, but… catching Kushinada's gaze on me, I managed to swallow them before they left my mouth. It was good that my anger was not so much as to lose sight of my surroundings... the consequences of saying that could be devastating! If I think about it, I think most of the girls I have a relationship with, fit on that kind of description perfectly.

…Although the age difference between me and some girls can be ignored, there are some like her with whom it is quite large.

Even though Kushinada didn't show any signs that she cared much about this, surely hearing those words from my mouth would not be a very good thing...

Well, going back to the person who earned my resentment right now… no, it seems like it wasn't just me, now several of the people here had their eyes on him. Also... in the same way, they were ones that varied between surprise, disbelief, and even ... contempt.

Due to those eyes that were on him and judging him, Sakaki can no longer just try to look away and ignore this and ends up trying to defend himself...

"I-It's not like that! S-She's just saying things by herself!!

B-Besides ... damn Alexander, what do you mean by "a middle-aged man in his 40s"? I'm not even 30, damn it !! And this girl is also in her 20s!! "

"Kyaa~! Do I really look so young? Fufufu, you are a little boy with a sweet mouth~ Sakaki, you have a pretty good little friend ~! "

"That damn brat is not my friend! It is rather my enemy!! "

"Hehehe... you've always been a Tsundere, Sakai ~"

"" ... ""

…Right, sometimes I forget that this guy is younger than he seems… even so, the truth was that it was their problems the things about the age difference between the two of them. I only mentioned it because I wanted to emphasize that he also could not consider himself a totally "honest" man and full of principles by having someone who appears to be half his age or less by his side.

On the other hand... this girl was a person with a quite energetic and cheerful personality. Even though I practically indirectly call her a little girl, she only sees the silver lining about it. Well, if she wasn't like that, then maybe it would be difficult to get close to Sakaki and form some kind of relationship… as she put it, this “middle-aged man” was a Tsundere and everyone knows that except for him! Well, it's more that he just refuses to accept it.

Yes, even though he seems to deny what this girl says, it was easy to see that there was a bit of history between the two of them and they both knew each other quite well. 

By the way, this girl even though she seems quite innocent cannot be underestimated! Above her head, I can see that she has a level of [106] and her ability [Gun-man-B].

"To think that our Sakaki has grown so much now..."

"Yes, this is quite unexpected... that cranky and Tsundere boy has grown up while we weren't seeing him."

"Apapa~ Now will we have another member of the Ruozanpaku?"

"A-A new partner"

"Please take care of me from now on~"

“F * Fuck you, Ma and Akisame, stop taking this for fun! Damn… I will remember your teasing from now, I swear!

Also, you two don't decide things for yourselves !! And you Jennifer don't accept that as if it were natural!! "

Well… certainly seeing him have such a big reaction, it was hard not to make fun of this so I can understand why those two do it. As for Apa and Shigure, they were probably taking the girl's words and attitude seriously... that girl named Jennifer, after introducing herself, takes a seiza position, places her hands in a triangle in front of her, and downs the head.

Although… I don't know if she was simply following the joke of others or was doing it seriously. The only thing that is obvious is that she definitely has positive feelings towards Sakaki.

"D-Damn it… not is time for this! Now we should get out of here, remember!! "

“Fufufu… well, that's true, things here could get a little dangerous now. It's better normal people ... civilians evacuate this place "

Probably unable to bear this anymore, Sakaki tries to change the subject. Well, certainly his words were quite right… the gunshots and small explosions were getting more and more intense and getting closer to this place as we were wasting our time here.

...that must be one of the reasons why surely this girl changed from "normal people" to "civilians" to address us. It seems that Ryozanpaku's reputation was higher than I had thought… even this girl can easily tell that these Masters couldn't be considered normal people!

"T-This ... will Jennifer-san come with us?"

Well, I and other guys were asking the same question in our minds as Miu-chan… given her attitude, it was obvious that she had some different plans than us.

"I have to meet my team~ Even though I look young, I'm part of the FBI~!"


T-This… all the girls I've been with were of legal age! Or what happened between us was totally agreed between us!! "

“…I-I was just taking some photos! T-They don't have anything inappropriate!! "

Hearing that she was a member of such an organization, unexpectedly the people with the biggest reaction among us are Master Ma and… myself!

[Fufufu… do you feel guilty about something, Alexander?]

N-No… well… I think it was just a natural reaction to hearing those three letters together, Aurora. Perhaps for some psychological reason, when you hear words related to the law, the first thing that happens in your mind are some bad things that you have done! Surely it is human nature!!

While Kurisu, Saeko, and Kushinada are of legal age to do that kind of thing, Renka-chan was in a gray area! Although not very strong, I cannot deny that there was a feeling that I was doing something wrong when I had sex with her... a part of me does not forget that mentally I was over 28 years old and she was about 16!

…Yes, maybe it was not very appropriate of me to complain to Sakaki about him having some kind of relationship with a girl much younger than him. In my defense, I can only say that at least my physical age is even younger than all the girls with whom I have had physical sexual contact.

Putting my problem aside, it seems that I was not the only one who felt uncomfortable knowing that she was part of a judicial organization… Master Ma's face was full of sweat right now! The photos he has taken recently may not be as innocent as I thought!

“O-Okay… th-that doesn't matter. We came here to catch several ringleaders of some major criminal organizations working around the world. Mainly to the owner of this island… Fortuna. "

“Oh, so that was the name of the guy who put up the money for all of this? Kukuku… I didn't remember it"

"Glup... Glup... not that it was important either"

"...You are?"

"Don't worry girl, now we are with this boy"

"Yes, we better go now!"

"A-Ah? Y-Yes ... "

…I hope the names of these three Ex-Yami Masters are not on the list of people that she and the others from the FBI had to capture. That would be quite troublesome… that's why when her gaze falls on them, I quickly intervene to try to get out of here!

I'll have to find another time to try to talk to some Masters to convince them to go to Gaia, haaa~.

"Don't worry, Miu! I'll protect you!!"


"By the way, boy ... shouldn't you be by your master's side now?"

Interestingly, the guy of Yomi that Kenichi fought and defeated before was now together with us and it seemed like he kept bothering Miu-chan… well, it wasn't just him. Several other participants who were also in the waiting area of the tournament had also approached us.

I think it was because our group was the only one that seemed calm despite everything that was happening right now… if I were in their shoes, I would do the same as well. Instead of following some guys who were running madly to get away, I'd rather stay with someone who was calm and that what was going on around didn't seem to care much.

…Yes, now even some people who were surely bodyguards, mercenaries, or men in charge of the security of this island, were facing each other not far from us. While the participants knew quite a bit about martial arts, facing a weapon for them should be quite scary!

Even I or the other Masters here couldn't help but be more serious seeing this! No one here was totally immune to bullets!!

Also, that Yomi boy made me a little tense… while it was annoying to see him trying to flirt with Miu-chan, the reason for my uneasiness wasn't because of this. It was something much more serious!

Thanks to seeing this boy and everything that was happening now, some important memories of what should happen according to the history of this world that I knew suddenly appeared in my mind. If I remember correctly... this Yomi member dies trying to save Miu-chan!

So while it was a bit annoying having him here, it was better that he played his role as a meat shield! Do you think I'm heartless? Well, maybe. I can't totally deny it, but… honestly, and perhaps cruelly… I'd rather prefer that than have to watch something bad happening to Miu-chan!

Besides… if I could, I might as well help the boy. His death for Miu-chan's welfare would only be a last resort. Although… I can't deny that I was quite hesitant to change that if it were to happen!

While it may be possible to prevent someone from having to die here in this place, there is still a chance that things are not so easy!

... if we pose it as in Kurisu's world, maybe trying to save him this ends up making the damn fate or the world itself cling to trying to kill Miu-chan who was the person for whom this boy died!!

"Well… it seems like my instructions are to help you get out of this place~ So let's all get out of here now!"


"A-alexander-kun? T-This… m-me and him have nothing to do with the other… ”


After Jennifer communicates with someone through a communicator, she says that, and then we all start walking towards the dock.

And thanks to all those thoughts in my head from before, I could only get closer to Miu-chan and try to prevent something bad from happening to her while we tried to get out of this place now. She seems to think this was because I was jealous of the boy… well, if I tell her the real reason, that will only make her nervous. Let's leave it that way.

Of course, I also don't lose sight of Renka-chan who was also close to me, Shigure, and Kushinada. I can't rule out the possibility that it is one of these girls who end up in a bad situation! Besides, I should also keep an eye on the other cute girls like Chikage-chan and Jennifer.

…As for the boys, I can only say that I will do my best to try to help them as well. But… they shouldn't expect much from me either! I'm just one person, you know? It is very difficult to have to watch over so many people at the same time to prevent something bad from happening to them!

…fuck! Now I was even more nervous than when I fought with the old man! Speaking of him... where the hell is he now? His presence here at this time would be very helpful!!

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