Chapter 579 - Heading Towards The Spirit Pagoda

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Chapter 579 – Heading Towards The Spirit Pagoda

“Ah!” The burly man screamed and felt a chill on his face. The ice-cold sensation caused his entire body to tremble.

When the ice cones got close to his face, they shattered into ice fragments and were pressed onto his face by Lan Xuanyu.

He stood up and patted away the ice on his hand. Lan Xuanyu leaned against the front desk and looked at the man twitching on the ground. He sighed softly. “Why bother?”

The reason why he suddenly made a move was naturally because this was Heaven Planet. Deng Bo had already told them that in this place, strength was the only thing that mattered. Powerful strength was equivalent to the right to speak. This was not a place where one would respect the old and love the young or be polite to the civilized.

That was why he made a sudden move when the other party displayed malicious intent. One was to achieve his goal and the other was to intimidate.

The brawny man took a long time to recover. He touched his eyes and realized that he hadn’t become blind. The ice shards on his face completely woke him up. He turned over and stood up. When he realized that the implant on his right arm had become crippled, he immediately scowled miserably. He had saved up money for years to buy this and it had just undergone an upgrade. He didn’t even have the chance to display the power of his implant before it was destroyed.

But most of all, he was still afraid. He was very clear about the toughness of his suit—it was a strong arm specialized in close-range blows! It was made of extremely hard alloy, and the other party actually twisted the metal into a fried dough twist with his bare hands. How strong was that? It was completely incomparable to that tiny figure.

When he looked at Lan Xuanyu again, he didn’t find him childish at all. He only felt that his smile was absolutely terrifying.

Lan Xuanyu raised his chin at him and the burly man looked around. At this moment, there were already a few attendants surrounding him but when they saw that he didn’t get killed by the other party, they actually stopped and didn’t go forward.

Lan Xuanyu said indifferently, “Do you want me to invite my father over for a chat?”

The burly man quickly shook his head. If the son was already so strong, how strong would his father be?

“Our hotel can accept such exchanges. According to the ratio of Black Horn City, a kilogram of rare metals can be exchanged for 20 Heaven coins. If it is a relatively rare metal, the price will increase.” The burly man became well-behaved at this moment as he bent down and spoke with fear.

Killing people on Heaven Planet wasn’t as troublesome as killing people in Douluo Federation. If one was truly strong, killing a person here was no different from killing a chicken. When Lan Xuanyu’s ice cone fell, he really felt the danger of death!

Lan Xuanyu nodded and said, “Give me 100 Heaven coins.” As he spoke, a silver light flashed in his hand and pieces of rare metals appeared on the stage. They were all relatively ordinary metals that had not been forged.

Seeing the silver ring on his finger, a flash of greed appeared in the eyes of the man at the front desk. That was a space storage soul device! It was definitely a good item.

But from Lan Xuanyu’s display of strength and ruthlessness, coupled with the possibility of having a powerful elder behind him, the big man at the front desk suppressed his greed. After checking the rare metals, he gave Lan Xuanyu 100 Heaven coins.

Lan Xuanyu kept the Heaven coins and said, “Where is the Spirit Pagoda in Black Horn City? Give me an accurate location.”

The big-sized man at the front desk replied, “It’s, it’s at the east side of the city…” He gave Lan Xuanyu a soul communication device that could locate it.

Lan Xuanyu wasn’t in a rush to leave. Instead, he extended his hand towards him and said, “My compensation for mental trauma.”

“Ah?” The burly man stared at him in shock.

Lan Xuanyu said indifferently, “Didn’t you take advantage of me by calling yourself my father just now?”

An ominous glint flashed in the eyes of the man at the front desk as he gritted his teeth. “What do you want?”

“10 Heaven coins, and I can forget it,” Lan Xuanyu said indifferently. Of course, he wasn’t doing this to rob the other party, but to test the bottom line of these guys here. There were four to five hotel staff members surrounding them. In such a situation, he had to appear stronger. Otherwise, he would definitely become targeted by the other party after revealing his spatial item.

As expected, the moment he said that, a few staff members surrounded him.

“Kid, do you know whose territory this is?” A short but very strong staff member said fiercely.

Lan Xuanyu replied indifferently, “That’s not important. I’m just asking, are you giving or not?”

Just as he was speaking, the short staff member let out a low roar and four soul rings appeared beneath his feet. His implant was his arms and two gigantic metal blades shot out from his arms at the same time. A soul ring lit up and flames curled around it as it attached itself to the metal blades and charged towards Lan Xuanyu.

“Hmph!” Lan Xuanyu scoffed. In an instant, a rainbow light rippled in his eyes. If anyone could see inside his clothes, they would notice that the five Dragon God scales on his chest suddenly lit up and the bloodline vortex burst forth with an aura.

Immediately, an indescribable pressure burst forth from his body. The short staff member that had already charged forward felt his entire body go limp as the four soul rings that he had released instantly dissipated. There was only intense fear and shock in his heart. He no longer cared about attacking Lan Xuanyu and instead crossed his sharp blades in front of him.

Lan Xuanyu kicked the side of the blade and immediately sent him flying. As for the others, the moment he let out that cold snort, all of them turned pale. The weakest one even sat on the ground.

Spiritual Shock combined with Dragon God bloodline aura.

In terms of soul power cultivation, Lan Xuanyu wasn’t much stronger than the few people in front of him. Of course, he had Twin Martial Soul and his total amount of soul power couldn’t be calculated by the standards of an ordinary three-ring Soul Elder.

However, his spiritual power was truly strong! His spiritual power was close to the Spirit Abyss realm and even an ordinary six-ring or seven-ring soul master might not be able to achieve such a feat. Combined with the Dragon God’s aura, it immediately shocked the entire place.

The next step was naturally easy. The strong were respected, and he got 10 Heaven coins.

After Lan Xuanyu returned to his room, he didn’t stop and quickly brought his teammates out of the hotel and back onto the street.

From the process of exchanging Heaven coins, he had gained a new understanding of this place. It was different from how everyone in the Federation would try their best to keep a low profile. Here, it seemed like they had to display their strengths. Only by being strong could they intimidate everyone and it was much easier to do anything. Otherwise, with their group of teenagers, they would be bullied wherever they went.

Hence, after walking out of the hotel, he immediately gestured for Qian Lei to release Fatty Jin.

After evolving, Fatty Jin was already close to three meters tall, and his shoulders were extremely broad. He had thick golden hair and was no longer as frail as when he was rescued by Lan Xuanyu and Qian Lei.

A pair of incomparably thick arms hung by the sides of his body, and his sharp claws were faintly discernible. He didn’t have to do anything and would naturally emit an extremely strong and ferocious aura.

As expected, after releasing the Golden Behemoth Fatty Jin, Lan Xuanyu’s team immediately had someone make way for them.

Fatty Jin followed behind the seven of them. With every step he took, there would be a low rumble on the ground and the people around them would naturally keep their distance.

As though he served as a good deterrent, it was also quite conspicuous, but they didn’t have time to care about that. From the navigation position, it was about 10 kilometers away and was also in the city center. From this, it could be seen how big this Black Horn City was.

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